America Is Really Under Attack – From All Sides


BEFORE ANOTHER WORD . . . My Heart goes out to all the People of Texas who are Taking such an Incredible Beating at the Hands of Nature.

If I could Write anything that could make this HORRID Situation Better – I WOULD. BUT, unlike so many Really Bad Things, where Words can make a difference, This Nightmare Supersedes Words.

NONETHELESS – WORDS OF COMFORT FOR WHAT THEY’RE WORTH . . . Let God Give The Texans The Strength, Wisdom & Resolve To Restore The Great State Of Texas – MUCH SOONER RATHER THAN LATER!


THERE’S ANOTHER STORM STRIKING ALL OF AMERICA, and unlike Hurricane Harvey, which is more or less Localized in the Gulf – Virtually Targeting Texas Alone . . . This Storm Of Which I Write . . . whose Outer Ring is coming HARD & FAST, is coming at the Whole of the USA . . . is named ANTIFA, which is the ACRONYM for what is SUPPOSEDLY an Anti-Fascist Movement – BUT IN ALL REALITY . . . IS AS FASCIST AS THEY COME.


AS MUCH AS I HATE . . . The KKK, Nazis, White Supremacists, Black Liberationists (Black Lives Matter & the Black Panthers), & Sharia Moslems – I HATE THE ANTIFA MOVEMENT NO LESS . . . Perhaps even MORE-SO, Because They Are American WOLVES HIDING IN SHEEP’S CLOTHING.

The ONLY Weapon that could ever be used to Defeat the Freedoms of The United States of America . . . ARE THE FREEDOMS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.


1 – The Nazis literally came out of nowhere. So Did ANTIFA.

2 – The Nazis had their Intimidating Brown Shirts. ANTIFA Intimidates In Black.

3 – The Nazis Attacked Free Speech. ANTIFA Attacks Free Speech.

4 – The Nazis Burned Books. ANTIFA Destroys Historical Monuments.

5 – The Nazis were Violent. ANTIFA Is Violent.

6 – The Nazis used Lies & Propaganda. ANTIFA Uses Lies & Propaganda.

7 – The Nazis Singled-Out Groups For Special Treatment. ANTIFA Singles-Out Groups For Special Treatment.

8 – The Nazis Terrorized all who spoke out Against Them. ANTIFA TERRORIZES All Who Dare Speak Out Against Them.

9 – The Nazis Attacked Legitimate Law Enforcement. ANTIFA Attacks Legitimate Law Enforcement.

10 – The Nazis Created Straw-Men To Hate, ANTIFA Created Straw-Men To Hate.



ABOVE AND BEYOND BULLETS . . . Our First Line Of Defense – Is The Use Of Aggressive WORDS, since the IDIOTS who CANNOT see the TRUTH for what the TRUTH Really is, because they have no Concept of History . . . World History, Their Own History, And/Or Constitutional or Conservative Judicial History . . . THEY ARE BUYING INTO THE BIG LIE, yet another Archive of the Nazi Past, which this Generation Also Knows NOTHING About.


WILSON/FDR – STARTED THE WHEEL TURNING . . . And Some 70-Plus Years Ago, LEFTIST Teachers Taught that Generation’s Children. A Generation later, those Children Taught the next Generation’s Children. And then that Generation’s Children . . . WHO WERE EVEN FURTHER TO THE LEFT & ON & ON . . .

YOU GET THE POINT . . . Why We’re Here – Where We’re Now At!


The same LEFTIST BAD ACTORS, who Brainwashed our Children, are Brainwashing our Grandchildren, & Great Grandchildren, WHO ALSO HAD NO LESS OF A GO AT THE MEDIA, Who Today Spew Their Ignorance & Misinformation Over . . . The Radio, Television, Print & Internet.


IT’S EASY . . . ANTIFA are the SHOCK TROOPS, much like the Nazi Brown Shirts were to the Puppet Masters Behind Hitler. And they want the same thing. But In A Different Manner. THEY WANT CONTROL!


AND WHAT DO WE DO ABOUT IT? . . . We either Submit & Hope for the Best. We Surrender. Or We Fight.

1 – I do NOT Submit to anyone. And I do NOT Plan my Life upon Hope.

2 – SURRENDER is NOT a Word in my Vocabulary.

3 – Fighting Is What I Do & Understand BEST.


FIRST WITH WORDS . . . Lots & Lots of Meaningful, Truthful & Dynamic Words. And if that doesn’t work – IT BECOMES A WHOLE DIFFERENT DYNAMIC.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. American do sometimes forget to pay homage to the proper things, kids especially have to be taught by parents to respech the country’s flag. I respect the US Flag, The Canadian Flag, The Israeli flag and maybe a few lesser ones.

  2. The parallel is revealing, and the evil goes even deeper. The media is also pushing lies and deception, as are the Democrats and other elitists. Most alarmingly, the RINO’s and other supposedly sensible politicians are lining up with the Left as they work to defeat and destroy Trump. It may not be our decision how we fight if we get pushed into a corner, pushed into violence by the violent Left.

  3. As always, you put truth in words anyone can understand. I watch OAN, and they showed those folks getting off the charter bus with their helmets and bats at Charlottesville. There have been mercenary soldiers, many lacking loyalty to the country they fight for. These people are only loyal as long as the money holds out. It would be nice to see them self destruct

  4. It will come to a showdown when the decent people in this country have had enough! We are getting close!

  5. There are three stages to counter this menace. 1. The soap box. 2. The ballot box. 3. The cartridge box. It’s my fondest hope that the first two will be sufficient, but thank our Founders for the Second Amendment.

  6. A petition has been going around urging that Antifa be labeled as a terrorist organization. In order to force the White House to respond, 100,000 signatures are required. Last time I checked it was approaching 300,000 signatures including mine. And yes Howard, the dynamic is changing, exactly as President Jefferson meant when he talked about the tree of liberty needing refreshing. That time is hurtling toward us at warp speed. God Bless America, please. We will need it.

  7. How do you get to the petition urging that Antifa be labeled as a terrorist org.? I have not seen or heard of it, but would love to sign and pass it on.

  8. Antifa anarchists are transported to rallies and meetings for the single purpose of disrupting free speech, and causing vandalism an destruction. They must be stopped! These are the goons at the Universities!

  9. God bless Texas. The vile MSM gives BLM & Antifa a pass in VA but viciously attacks Trump as a racist. The MSM doesn’t hide its hate of Trump & his voters (those that cling to their guns & religion). Hollywood’s hate is more clever (or think they are). Shows like Lucifer & Preacher are attacking religion, especial Preacher’s recent show that is so full of blasphemy it’s beyond disgusting. The left wants to destroy the Constitution, Bill of Rights & religion (except Islam),we must fight back!

  10. When/IF–and it’s a big IF because I don’t think they will dare–but I am convinced that IF they try to remove President Trump from office; it will be the Fort Sumpter of Civil War II. I wouldn’t have this conviction if I didn’t see ALL my family, friends, neighbors and acquaintances stockpiling food, medication, ammunition and water. The class on home canning offered by the local county extension service has a WAITING LIST for a class they were going to cancel 6 years ago. Bad Sign.

  11. 1. I rebuilt after IKE. I’m nothing special. Texans will rebuild after this too. It may take a couple of years, but we’ll come back.
    2. Antifa IS a terrorist organization. Soon Texans will fight back with every means at our disposal. If that means guns and bullets, swords, whatever. We will fight back.

  12. I pray for Texas,…may they survive, and thrive! I love your points on ANTIFA, ….but I wonder does the United States have a “Internal National Terrorist Organization” INTO List? And if NOT one should be established by Congress immediately, and should have Treason, and Seditionous acts as specifically part of it’s definitions, AND penalties to suit the crime against “WE THE PEOPLE”, and rigorous, and expedited action with all terms served in Guantanamo Bay, or it’s DEATH penalties in 30 days!

  13. I have strong impression that Antifa is on George Soros payroll.
    thanks for your writing .

  14. If we look at events of last 2-3 years, what started as justified shooting of criminals being called racist action by police in a short time tied police hands for fear of racist label, has blown into insurrection on part of well-known people to paid-for criminals given a pass, to rise of even worse violent groups all of which is splitting society, bombarding law enforcement, etc. Someone’s financing all-out war on US & Prez. Sad to say but Trump is being undermined from within WH (incl family).

  15. Great comparison with ANTIFA to what happened in Nazi Germany! Texans are dealing with Harvey, but most Texans are “tough”! (Glad we live in Austin now- no longer in greater Houston area!) Much like what’s going on with this hurricane, many people are totally unprepared for all the “chaos”/”unrest” planned by those intent on overthrowing/disrupting our Government! Lotsa lies being told (seems they are “acceptable” today, particularly from “Leftist Media)! “Freedom of Speech” has gone too far!

  16. How do we get the word out? We don’t have a soapbox anymore. Those that try are beaten with untruths,discussing behavior, their way or the highway mentality. Mindless robots in my opinion.

  17. Prayers for all the folks in Texas . The left has thoughts ,but the wrong thoughts , we the people that love America shall not be denied .

  18. Two things come to mind about ANTIFA. It is 1984 and that great line from the comic strip Pogo: “the enemy is us.” Don’t become an enabler of the Left, write to your newspapers, TV and Radio stations about what the “MORAL MAJORITY” is about. Hit the Left hard in the pocket, don’t watch their entertainment, buy their magazines or go to their concerts. Even to the LEFT, MONEY speaks.

  19. You bet Soros is not only behind ANTIFA but, also supports, from an article I read, about, ‘187 organizations that George Soros supports to destroy America.’ And if is way-time-over, that he should be arrested and his ENTIRE, financial system should be frozen!

  20. Recommended reading, folks. Dinesh D’Souza’s latest book “The Big Lie – Exposing The Nazi Roots Of The American Left”. He clearly identifies where the fascism is coming from, despite the efforts of the Left to paint it as a Conservative movement.

  21. Yes, let’s all PRAY for Texas! It is such a SAD situation. GOD only knows how long it will take them to recoup from that HURRICANE! HG, you have very well defined what’s happening in our Country. Our First Amendment RIGHTS denote that people can express themselves PEACEABLY, so how can ANTIFA be ALLOWED to carry out the type of TERRORIST activities that they are CREATING? WHY doesn’t our Government INTERVENE and PROTECT its people? Getting RID of SOROS would be a very EFFECTIVE FIRST STEP! AMEN!

  22. Personally Howard the time for talk has long been over. These groups aren’t talking…they’re attacking. Sad as it is there comes a point in time where all the talk you can muster won’t deter your enemy. It goes without saying don’t bring a stick to a gun fight. From what I can see most of these are young fools that are in dire need of having their diapers changed. And to go along with that a good old fashioned butt whoopin’ out behind the barn just might do the trick !

  23. Thanks, again, Howard…..You just “hit it out of the park”, with your message about ANTIFA! I’ve enjoyed what the other bloggers have said!! You can bet your last $$s on it that the EVIL George SOROS is behind the movement. He needs to be labeled as a real TERRORIST, along with the CROOKED CLINTON CLAN!!!! God Bless you, Howard,& this piece is definitely receiving a “post” on my FB sight!!!!!

  24. I never make comments here but I have one tonight there are 100s of thousands or maybe millions who are ready to kill these sonofbitches on sight but we are waiting on the ones who do the talking to say let us go after these bastards the time is now I am afraid you will keep relying on words until it is to late they are at the door of the republic.You would think the police and the military would handle this but I’m afraid that is wishful thinking they all feed at the same trought.

  25. It’s happening in Canada, removing statues, changing School names e.g eliminate Sir John A. MacDonald. Unlimited so called refugee access to Canada from USA, just walk in, Trudeau loves you. Push me too far and then watch out, my patience and tolerance is wearing thin. God bless America and Canada.

  26. Send in the feds! It is a sad day when American citizens cannot depend upon the law enforcement they pay taxes for to defend their constitutional rights and protect them from violence! We are guaranteed security from the constitution! There is no difference, to me, between Berkely violence and the southern states in the civil rights era allowing KKK violence toward blacks! Antifa is worse now than the KKK is currently!

  27. The 17 amendment – The founders set up as three legged stool. The house was to represent the citizens, the president the country as a whole and the senate the states. Keep in mind that the USA is a country made up of states. The name of it should be “States United in America” But the progressives of 1880 could not control the many states so they sold the idea of direct voting by the people. You have pointed out how that has worked out..

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