They Can Dish It Out . . . But They Certainly Can’t Take It

AND THE MORE TRUMP GIVES . . . The More The Media Can't Take.

As I spent so much of my Adult LIFE Advocating for Decent Things . . . But Mostly For FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION, much like President Trump is doing now, that I too took a Beating at the Hands of the Media, much like Donald Trump, without his Money and Position. But I certainly did everything I could TO GIVE AS GOOD AS I RECEIVED, to which there are Plenty of People who were in Montreal at that time, to attest to the Veracity of what I just wrote.


I REMEMBER A DAY . . . When the Executive Vice President (Lee Hambleton) of the CHOM Montreal Radio Group, part of Canada’s Largest Radio Broadcast Group, invited me to Lunch, Because He Wanted To “CHAT”.

The CHOM Group, which included CKGM and CHOM FM were Montreal Radio Powerhouse Stations, with which my Advertising Agency did substantial business. And from time to time, I would speak with Lee Hambleton when our paths would cross in the Office Hallways at the Station, when I was there to do some business.

SO I FOUND IT STRANGE . . . That Lee Hambleton wanted to meet me for Lunch, to “CHAT” – just like that, since we NEVER had more than a casual 60-Second Conversation.

It should also be Mentioned, that Lee Hambleton, in those days, carried an ENORMOUS amount of Prestige & Respect amongst the ENTIRE Radio & Television Broadcasting Industry, both in Montreal and at the CRTC (the Canadian equivalent to the FCC). So, for Lee Hambleton to ask me out to Lunch just to “CHAT”, it was Quite Extraordinary.


TO DESCRIBE LEE HAMBLETON . . . he was a man of average height and weight, who could look as if he came off the Cover of GQ Magazine, even if he was wearing Grungy Jeans.

And if Lee Hambleton was in the same Room as Presidents, Kings and Queens, he would fit into this Group like a Fine Glove fits a Cultured Hand. And it should also be Noted, that if Lee Hambleton had a Political Thought and/or Preference, I don’t believe he ever made it known. At least not to me.

SO WE MET AT THE RADIO STATION . . . and walked to a small Sandwich, Soup, & Coffee Joint down the street, where we sat together, almost as the Philosopher King . . . Schooling a Disciple.

AT THE TIME LEE HAMBLETON . . . and I had that lunch, I was Leading the Fight for Equality in the Province of Quebec, TAKING A VICIOUS BEATING FROM ALL SIDES, from the Quebec Separatists who HATED ME with a Passion, and Actually Put a Price On My Head, because I was RAINING ON THEIR PARADE, showing them to be the Racist BASTARDS they really were, and from the ANGLO LEFTIST SELL-OUTS, because I wouldn’t Take a Knee, which very much INCLUDED the English LEFTIST Media, who REPORTED & COMMENTED that I was TOO AGGRESSIVE in my Battle for Equal Rights & Respect . . . and from the Quebec Provincial Government and the Federal Government, for Upsetting Their Political Applecart.

IT SEEMED AT THE TIME . . . that the ONLY People I was able to Please, who gave me their Generous Support, were the Working Class, who had More than Enough of Being Treated like Second Class Citizens in their own City, Province & Country.

THIS WAS UNDOUBTEDLY . . . the Shortest, and the most Media/Political Comprehensive Lunch I ever had, which was spoken in very Few Words.

We Sat . . . Lee Hambleton Spoke, I Listened, and within 10-15-Minutes, we had Finished Eating, I Finished Listening, we Shook Hands . . . I Thanked Mr Hambleton, & Drove Home Deep In Thought.


I Will Paraphrase This Conversation As Close To What Was Said As Possible.

As We Sat Down & Began To Eat . . . Lee Hambleton said to me, that he PRETTY MUCH KNOWS how much Pressure I must be under, and how all the Criticism that was Flying My Way from every Direction, must be Getting To Me . . . BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY THAN THAT – HE ALSO SAID:

“The Media are Cowards, who watch the Battle in the Valley from the Safety of a Hill, and after the Battle is Done, they leave the Hill, go to the Valley, and MURDER the Wounded, so as to Curry Favor with the Victors. The Media Doesn’t think You Are Going To Win . . . PROVE THEM WRONG!”

I Never Spoke With Lee Hambleton Again . . . And not Long After that Lunch, Lee Hambleton Passed Away.


THE MEDIA IS BESIDE ITSELF, because someone like Donald Trump, a Political Outsider, who came from virtually Nowhere, somehow has the TEMERITY to Challenge the Media’s Narrative, Accuracy, Honesty, Integrity, Morality, Intent, Bias and EVEN THEIR LOYALTY . . . To The Point, where THEY CAN’T HANDLE IT, and are seeing their Ivory Towers beginning to Crumble before their very own Eyes.

THE MEDIA IS ALL ABOUT COVERING A GREAT FIGHT . . . But obviously, NOT a Fight where the Media is Taking The Blows . . .

AND THE MORE TRUMP GIVES . . . The More They Can’t Take.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Austin is so liberal….as far as I am concerned, it is an embarrassment to Texas. I think, for some reason that only a liberal would understand, they are trying to turn Austin into another Boulder CO….like that’s something to aspire to.

  2. Why are the police afraid to arrest ANTIFA members? They are terrorists.

  3. Robin, do not ever consider moving from California….you are right where you belong.

  4. Mr. Black, I really wish I could shake your hand, or perhaps, even slap you on the back!!!

  5. Trump isn’t one to simply”ignore” what others do- he likes to “fight fire with fire”! His mentality (IQ) is way above most people, so they don’t understand his “logic” (which makes them feel “stupid”). Their only alternative is to “cut him down” (to make themselves look good)! Too many today refuse to “speak up”/”speak out” for what they truly believe, so Howard thanks for doing this! Forget “Forward”, we are going “backwards”, thanks to Obama! Those intent on another “Civil War” may get this!

  6. Howard I really liked ths “story”….Hambleton’s comment was worth remembering and worth repeating. The MSM are like vultures….they go down to the valley after the fighting and pick the bones of the LIVING !!!!

  7. As always Howard.. your blog is awesome.. thank you for all your wisdom and well researched comments!!
    May God Bless you ALWAYS.. I look forward to your comments every day.. they keep me positive.. for North America.. which includes the USA and Canada..

  8. Back North from 3 days in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria. Reports will be made later.
    As to the pretend Democratic Party chaff, a mild label at that and its arms BLM & Antifa. The two Soros financed Obamatoid gangs violent trash started arson, police murderers justification, flag burning, merchandise theft and wanton destruction right after the swamp creature was crushed in elections. And later on four more elections as well.
    Nah! No slavery “justification” slavery is in Islam, themselves.

  9. If you agree or not Pres.Trump has said and acted less then presidential several times, and sounds like the Trump the
    big business man before elected..You get more with honey then with vinegar. No matter what the Donald says the media
    will turn it against him. Many of his supports have backed away. Making America great again is a hard road to follow.

  10. A yokel news anchor shakes her head every time she mentions the name “Trump”. Her lack of journalistic integrity is apparent throughout the national networks in Canada and most of the USA. But, the saps keep lapping it up, don’t they?

  11. Thanks for the comments. I’ve been trying to remember the other group, ANTIFA, which march with BLM, somewhere. And as I saw the video on Facebook an argument started between them and ended up in a brawl. Hopefully this just might be the beginning to the end for those who are just on the band-wagon, paid or don’t even know what is going on, (EMOTIONS). What goes around comes around. And Soros, for every action, there is an equal and opposite re-action. I’ll hope it’s soon with you behind bars.

  12. Don’t lock them up just shut them down. Don’t we still have a law in this country that covers smut on the air waves?

  13. Plain to see there are some leftist creeps-ing in and enunciating hate speech today. Your meeting with Lee Hamilton must have been most inspiring and encouraging, his wisdom sums up the media behaviour of today 100%. Keep up the good work HG, the swamp is slowly draining and the alligators will eventually have nowhere else to go. Looks like your Trailer Campsite is about to take a beating.

  14. I noticed in a news report that head of WSJ sent a late night e-mail to his staff. He told them to be fair when reporting on President Trump. He told them to report the news and not to mingle it with their opinions. Wouldn’t it be nice if the MSM reported “Just the facts, maam, just the facts”? Must be nice to be paid so high to give your bias political opinion instead of reporting the news. CBC takes 1st. prize. I only check it out to see what they are bashing the POTUS about.

  15. Just like the school or neighborhood bully, until you beat their ass into the ground will they then leave you alone.

  16. If it weren’t for President Trump, we would have never found out how DECEITFUL the MAINSTREAM MEDIA is [part of the swamp]. He’s EXPOSED them which is the reason WHY they’re against him. Some people view his “TWITTERING” as a NEGATIVE factor, but if it weren’t for that TOOL, his message would not be HEARD PROPERLY, and as often as it is. This way, the MSM CANNOT SPIN his message. The MSM FAVORS the LIBERALS. Hence, they TRY to DESTROY Pres. Trump by TWISTING his AGENDA GOALS. GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  17. It is not only the media, it is Congress. They hire consultants/advisors at $4-500,000 a year who never show up at the office. When asked about them, you are told “They do outside work”. These people are their donors, lobbyists, family members sucking the taxpayers money. We need a strong limit as to how many “consultants/advisors” a Congressman can have – no more.

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