To Call All Confederates Racists – Is Akin To Calling All Germans Nazis


THE FACT . . . that the LEFT, with no shortage of Approbation from the Mainstream Media, INCLUDING FOX NEWS, seem to believe, and if NOT actually Believe, but more SUCCINCTLY want the STUPID People to Believe . . . that all Southerners during the Civil War were SLAVERS OR PRO-SLAVERY – IS NO LESS AKIN . . . than to say that 80-Million WWII Germans were Nazis and Murderers of Jews.

BY ALL HISTORICAL MEASURE . . . SUBSTANTIALLY LESS THAN 10%, of German Nationals were Nazis. By the Historically Registered VOTE-COUNT IN 1932, LESS THAN 40% of the German Population Voted for Adolf Hitler, in SPITE of the fact that Germany was suffering from a SEVERE Fiscal and Psychological Depression, attributed to the Global Economy and Germany’s Loss after WWI.

YET . . . Virtually all able bodied German Men Fought For Their Nation . . . WHICH DID NOT MAKE THEM NAZIS.

Remarkably, as was recorded in the Most Comprehensive HISTORICAL Account of the German People during the Second World War, which focused Primarily on the Holocaust, is the IMPECCABLE 1996 WORK of Professor Daniel Jonah Goldhagen’s Masterful TREATISE, Called “HITLER’S WILLING EXECUTIONERS”, where in Goldhagen’s Account, very Few Germans out of the 80-Million Took Direct Part in the Holocaust.

That’s NOT to say the German People were not without Guilt, since many other Serious Holocaust Historians also made Clear, that it wasn’t just the Germans, because even amongst the Compliant and Silent German Population, there was NO SHORTAGE OF GLOBAL BLAME TO GO AROUND . . . Right up to, and INCLUDING the FDR White House.

SO . . . PLEASE ASK YOURSELF – Because of a Few Really Bad Apples, no matter how many that Few Represented out of the Grand Number 80-Million Germans, should we do all that we can to OBLITERATE all German History, CONDEMNING those who fought as German Patriots, OPPOSED TO THOSE WHO FOUGHT AS GERMAN NAZIS?

And What About All The Other Europeans . . . who also had their Hands Dripping in Jewish Blood, whether they Struck a Jew or Not, like the Swiss, who stole Jewish Wealth, or the French (Vichy Government), where the First Death Camp was Established, or the Poles who Profited Big Time from Supplying Camps like Auschwitz?

What Should We Obliterate That Is Swiss, French or Polish For What They Did?


HERE ARE SOME REAL FACTS . . . Which are 100% Guaranteed to Upset the LEFT, and MORE Probably the Jewish LEFT, who would rather CONSUME HISTORICAL LIES AND REVISIONISM . . . than to Hear and Learn the Truth.

AS A YOUNG MAN . . . Growing Up With LEFTIST Propaganda, most of it through LEFTIST American & Canadian Media, & Schools, especially through Hollywood Movies, where the South was ALWAYS PORTRAYED AS BEING BACKWARD, Ignorant, Mean-Spirited, Racist, & Violent . . . WHICH ALSO DEPICTED THE SOUTH AS BEING VIRULENTLY ANTI-SEMITIC, significantly affected my way of thinking.

SOME TWO DECADES AGO . . . Anne and I decided to take a Driving Vacation through the Deep South, mostly along the Eastern Coast, with plenty of Trepidation, since we had no idea what to expect, other than from the Propaganda we were Spoon Fed literally from Birth.

SO IMAGINE OUR SURPRISE . . . when we discovered that the Southerners were the NICEST & MOST POLITE PEOPLE WE HAD EVER MET. And then came the Shocker . . .


Anne and I were staying at the GORGEOUS JEFFERSON HOTEL in Richmond Virginia, where we were looking at Historical Photos and Newspaper Articles displayed on their Opulent Second Floor Indoor Balcony Walls, when a Newspaper Article Caught my Attention, which portrayed the Story of a Social Event during the Civil War, of a Jewish Wedding, where the Commanding Confederate Officer Allowed his Jewish Captain the Time Off necessary from the War to get Married.

TO SAY THAT I WAS STUNNED . . . Couldn’t properly describe my reaction to reading that a JEWISH man, especially an Officer, Actually Fought for the Confederate Army AGAINST the North.

HOW COULD A JEWISH MAN . . . Opposed to everything I KNEW, which was Taught to me by the LEFTIST Media, Educators and Hollywood . . . possibly FIGHT for Slavery against his own Country? Certainly I thought, THIS JEWISH CAPTAIN MUST HAVE BEEN A ONE OF.

This Southern Vacation, which brought Anne and Myself to several Civil War Battle Fields and Museums was akin to an Historical Rebirth, since everything I had Learned about the Deep South and the Civil War, was turning Upside Down, especially upon learning that a Jewish Captain fought for what I was LED TO BELIEVE was the MOST ANTI-SEMITIC Part of America . . . that had ever been.


SO LET ME MAKE THIS CLEAR FOR THE UMPTEENTH TIME . . . The Civil War was NOT FOUGHT because of slavery! Slavery was the Casus-Belli. The Civil War was Fought for the RIGHT of the South to keep Northern Carpetbaggers From Imposing their Politics, Businesses and Values upon the South.

One Way Or Another . . . Civil War Or Not – Slavery Was On The Way Out.

AS I DUG DEEPER . . . into the History of the Jews in the Deep South, I learned more than I could have ever imagined.

1 – The Jewish Population in all of the United States of America, at the time of the Civil War was Greater in the Deep South than anywhere else.

2 – Jewish History in the Deep South Dates Back to the Late 1600’s.

3 – Jewish Southerners were Accorded far MORE Respect and Tolerance than were Jews in the more Prevalent Anti-Semitic North.


4 – The FIRST American Synagogue was Built & Established in Charleston South Carolina (Beth Elohim), which at that time had the Largest Jewish Community in America, and by 1861, as many as ONE THIRD of all American Jews lived in Louisiana.

5 – While it was estimated that perhaps 6,000-Northern Jews Fought for the Union, it is more widely Estimated that as few as 10,000-Southern Jews . . . to as many as 12,000-Southern Jews Fought for the Confederacy.

And The Jewish Confederates Weren’t Fighting For Slavery.

6 – The Record Shows that Robert E Lee was an Extremely Open, Understanding and Respectful Leader to His Jewish Troops.


7 – The Record also Shows that Union General Ulysses S Grant was an Anti-Semite, WHO THROUGHOUT THE CIVIL WAR OPENLY CAMPAIGNED AGAINST JEWS . . . Ordering the Absolute Expulsion of all Jews from Various Southern States.


8 – The ONLY All Jewish Military Cemetery OUTSIDE of Israel, is Located in Richmond Virginia, called The Cemetery for Hebrew Confederate Soldiers, where Jewish Confederate Soldiers Who Fell In Battle Fighting For The South Are Buried with Full Honors.


And while we’re at it, should we also Destroy all Semblances to Ulysses S Grant and FDR, because in their own ways, they too have much to be ashamed of?

THE PROBLEM WITH HISTORY . . . Is When Told Honestly, It Has A Way Of Changing Lies Into The TRUTH, Upsetting The LEFTIST Agenda, Which Survives By Feeding On Lies.

SO . . . Before so many Jewish American LEFTISTS decide to take to the Streets or the Polling Booths Chanting and Supporting Despicable FASCIST Movements Like Black Lives Matter, Antifa, & Pro Nazi Founder Margaret Sanger of Planned Parenthood, which was Created to MURDER Black Babies in the North . . . They Would Do Well To Study-Up Some, On The History Of Those They Support, In Comparison To The History Of Those They Condemn.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov


  • amen howard…it’s the pop culture living up to the old saying ‘if you dont believe in something you will fall for anything’.,in the secular pop culture everything is a joke,no standards for behavior or dress or language, everyone has a different opinion of what’s right and what’s wrong…explains the present occupant in the white house and the type of people he has around him….speaking of falling for anything john hosemann rising sun wisconsin

    John K Hosemann, Ferryville, Wisconsin, United States
  • Excellent Howard!! As a southerner, it always bothers me that people do not know the true reasons behind the Civil War, which was States Rights and infringement on the 10th Amendment. We can only learn from the past when we know the true history. Otherwise, we are doomed to make the same mistakes. And we are on track for the same mistakes with the Federal Government usurping States Rights again.

    Karen Smith, Casselberry, FL USA
  • NOT all Germans were Nazis…
    yet all Nazis were German

    Martin Lemish, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
  • One of the most informative, straight-forward and thought-provoking essays I’ve read on the subject of uncivil unrest.

    Victor Redlick, Toronto ON
  • Great “Southern Jewish History Lesson”! (Last “Civil War” wasn’t about “slavery”, but next one might be!) We must “learn from our past” (not destroy any reminders or forget it)! Both “good” and “bad” people exist, so things about American History are that way, depending on your “values”. BTW, North is still “imposing their politics, businesses and values on the South” (things “twisted” in the past are still “twisted” today)! People who don’t delight in lies and “rudeness” usually tell the truth!

    Mollie Hejl, Austin TX
  • Thank you for an excellent history lesson and coming from you, I know it’s accurate!

    Dave Amsel, St. Laurent, Quebec
  • The CSA secretary of state was a former LA senator and a Jew, Judah Benjamin

    John Floyd, Sandy Springs, Georgia, United States
  • Howard, one of the best articles on the subject and one of your best! I so appreciate the facts, totally contrary to the mass media. It is difficult living in a world of fake news and lies – from all sides. There is so few that stays steady in the political storm, really, I have not seen any. Please know I am working, riding, as hard as I know to fight the ‘sins’ of USA. We were w/Native Americans, another abused group of USA this past weekend. We served meals, picked up trash and gave a horse!

    Gary Burd, Amarillo, TX
  • What I don’t understand is why people today want to hold people of yesterday to todays standards? Yes, I believe right and wrong does not change through the ages because God sets that standard. However, we are all greatly influenced by the culture we live and grew up in. If extreme animal rights people gain ascendancy sometime in our future society should we castigate all our ancestors who ever ate a hamburger. Should we desecrate their graves and blot their names from our memories. It’s Stupid.

    Richard Arnone, Mount Vernon, Washington, United States
  • U.S. Grant was also a slave holder. His slave’s name was Jim who followed him into battle and eventually as a free man, into the White House. So should be tear down Grant’s Tomb, or the White House who’s corner stone was laid by Washington, a slave holder; or tear up the Virginia Plan by Madison who was also a slave holder? The list is endless.

    Paul Wachter, Albuquerque, NM
  • You are right on, but could go on, there is much that was not pointed out on the war. One thing”money” point this out. The then President told some one who as”why don’t you just let the South go, his response was how would we fund the Government?” My Great, great, great grand father was a Captian in the 15th Arkansas and I am very proud of him!

    Mickey Purifoy, Lovelady, Texas, United States
  • The TRUTH will set you free. Quite often the Truth hurts and is hard to admit. May we all seek the truth, speak the truth and honor the truth where ever it may be found.

    Chris Hildebrand, Charleston,WV.
  • Mickey Purifoy is right. The South had much industry, ports for trade and all the plantations producing cotton which was a huge source of income for the North when they collected their taxes. Letting the South go would have been financially disastrous for the North. As such, when the South wanted to secede the North had to step in and disallow it. Slavery needed to be ended but that was not the intent of the Civil War, it was only a side benefit of the North winning.

    Joe Eliott, Montreal, QC
  • My HO was in Grenville SC for 15 yrs . Nice people , nice safe place Period I also worked in Chicago Il a lot and I need not mention how safe and welcoming that place was after dark. A very important part of “1984” is the belief that History was rewritten based on whatever needed to be sold to the general population . Seems to be working . Writing from home of the newest Tent City in Canada , just beautiful in so many ways .

    Bruce Caskenette, Cornwall Ontario
  • In future blogs please don’t forget that the Red Cross new about the death camps a year before they said anything

    Lawrence Alexander, Vaughan, Ontario, Canada
  • Judge Thomas Brennan just wrote these words: “The current spate of tearing down statues stems from a desire to re-write history. Judging our forbears on the basis of current opinion of right and wrong is a form of censorship unworthy of a free and educated people.

    History is the story of the human race. It is full of good deeds and wisdom. It is also full of bad deeds and stupidity. All of it needs to be remembered and studied.” You’ve gone over the top today, Howard. Thanks much.

    Chuck Yarling, Austin, Texas, United States
  • “the Poles who Profited Big Time from Supplying Camps like Auschwitz?”. Three million Poles were killed off by those camps, many cities were literally destroyed and huge amounts of Poles were ship to Germany to be slave labour. Not to mention almost if of their intelligencia were wiped out in the Katyn massacres.

    Ben Vadeboncoeur, Hermosa Beach, L.A. County
  • Howard I am a born and bred Southerner and extremely proud of that. I, like you, am sick and tired of telling people the true reason for the Civil War. It was fought over states rights and NOT slavery. Lincoln used slavery to justify him trying to control the South. The Northern economy was in shambles while the Southern economy was very robust. Lincoln decided to make them more equal but to do that he had to gain control of the states right. I am happy to learn about the Jewish soldiers.

    Eddie Reynolds, Huntersville, North Carolina
  • Judah Benjamin was the Confederacy’s Secretary of War, a Jew. The first land deed in the State of Georgia was to a Jew. Unfortunately, Jews also played a part in the slave trade. Overall, Jews played a role at every level in the South in the Antebellum period. I had a friend in Columbus, Ohio, a Jew, whose great uncle was an officer in the Confederacy. He had his hat and sword.

    Jeffrey Zucker, Bellingham, WA
  • Great editorial today, Howard. You’re the best history teacher I ever had, Thanks, Edgar

    Edgar Sellers, Amarillo TX
  • There have been recent battles over changing school history books from rewriting to cutting out some altogether. Seems more progressives are composing contemporary class books & other educators & parents are up in arms over the changes. Progressives/libs/dems are persistent (if nothing else) but hopefully so are those fighting them. Erased & rewritten historical facts allows the perpetrated lies to become adopted as truth/fact. There is no end or letting up. More&more I believe Soros is at core.

    Patricia Robinson, Waynesboro, VA
  • A WONDERFUL-WONDERFUL history lesson, Howard, & this is being posted on my FB timeline. Thank you so very much for sharing this with we “H.G. followers”! I loved how you, & your lovely Anne, got to the bottom of this very tangled web of lies, that has been foisted off on we Americans. I’m so very grateful for my friend who introduced me to your column, & yes, she was/is a very lovely Jewish woman! Thank you Marilyn Parmet!!

    Geri Lyons, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, United States
  • Thank you Howard. You’ve just enlightened a great number of people.

    John Ross, Ancaster ON
  • Someone points out that slavery in America was in a different era. But slavery still exists in many parts of the world, why can’t the PC zealots channel their energy to eliminate the present slavery? As a Brit I’m quite proud that it was William Wilberforce who started abolishment, firstly in Britain. I grew up in Hull, his birthplace, where his house is a museum, and there is a statue with an outstretched hand welcoming freed slaves. (as students we always joked it was to see if it was raining)

    Bob Knight, Modiin, Central, Israel
  • Well it makes sense that Jews settled along the coast. We were traders and a Jewish Pirate helped fund the Revolutionary War. The rest about the Civil War and populations…. Is there a specific source where this info is gathered that I may read more about it? Finally, I cringe a little… given the tendency as of late for logical fallacies, I can see the leap to Anti-Semitic racist accusation following as soon as self hating leftest Jews hone in to this information.

    L. Brien, Los Angeles, CA
  • “In 1945, Yugoslavia sought to indict the Mufti as a war criminal for his role in recruiting 20,000 Muslim volunteers for the SS, who participated in the killing of Jews in Croatia and Hungary.” Jewish Virtual Library .org Not all Nazi’s were German.

    Mary Johnson, West Plains MO
  • There would have been fears of economic consequences if slavery were abolished, so I am inclined to accept that abolition’s economic impact was indeed an important cause of the Civil War. Just as now, I am sure plain old “politics” too was a cause. On the carpetbaggers, did they not come after the war?

    Gordon D Miller, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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