Not The SMARTEST – And Hopefully NEVER The Dumbest


When I step into a Room, I NEVER assume that I’m the Smartest Person in the Room. But I always HOPE . . . that I’m NOT the Dumbest Either.

So . . . When I Write these Editorials – I am Extremely Careful to be as Accurate as Possible, and as Informational as I can be, by Researching, Researching & Researching Over & Over Again what I write, BECAUSE I don’t think I’m the Smartest Person in the Room – WHO IS INFALLIBLE OF MAKING MISTAKES.

From Time To Time . . . I will make Typographical Errors, and I will perhaps Mix Up Dates and Screw-Up some Extraneous Information, but overall, I am EXTREMELY Careful to get all the SALIENT POINTS 100% BANG-ON.

BUT . . . When I do make an Extraneous Error, there are several Readers to this BLOG who are QUICK to point out my Mistake with Pleasure . . . Delighting in a GOTCHA Moment, which happens ONLY Once per Reader, and then they are Removed from the Directory in Perpetuity.

That Said . . . I am Thrilled when Readers of this BLOG Politely and in Good Faith Point out Errors, to whom I always Express my Gratitude in Writing.

I have only had a FEW such Negative Experiences over the Years, and only a Few JERKS who RELISHED in Pointing these things out to me with the kind of Smugness that is both Unfair and Reprehensible, especially when Considering the Effort I put into this BLOG AT NO CHARGE, to anyone who isn’t willing or able to Support it Financially.


SO . . . Before I continue – Please Be Aware . . . That I Invite Honest Opinions – BUT NO RUDE CONSTERNATION.

AS YOU ALL PROBABLY KNOW . . . With perhaps the Exception of Newcomers to, I was NOT PRO-TRUMP During The Republican Primary, and wrote AGAINST the Choice of Donald Trump to Represent the Republican Party Against Hillary Clinton, BEFORE Candidate Trump began calling her CROOKED HILLARY.

BUT . . . As soon as Donald Trump became Presidential Candidate Donald Trump, I Pledged 100% of my Support, and the Support of this BLOG for what it is Worth, to Donald Trump AGAINST Crooked Hillary.

And as the Crowds Grew EXPEDITIOUSLY for Trump Rallies into the Many Tens Of Thousands, where Crooked Hillary was able to get crowds into the Tens Of Hundreds . . . I knew that President Trump was going to WIN, since the Media and the FIXED Pollsters were no Match for the Reality Demonstrated by the SIZE & ENTHUSIASM of the Pro Trump Crowds.


After all the NON-STOP Media Attacks, and the Libelous Statements, and outright LIES Disseminated against President Donald Trump, and the FACT that his Own Party of RINOS is Against Him, willing to Undermine his Presidency, No Matter How Much Harm It Could Cause To The Country . . . Donald Trump’s BASE of Support is even Stronger Today, than it was on November 8th 2016.


Since President Donald Trump CANNOT Rely on any Positive News or Promotion from the Mainstream Media, or even his own Party, President Trump NEEDS People Like Me.

BUT FAR MORE THAN ME . . . President Donald Trump NEEDS the Conservative Internet News Powerhouses in the likes of BREITBART & DRUDGE, both of which COMBINED, Trash the Mainstream Media in Numbers, INCLUDING Fox News, Many Times Over.

I started Writing this on Friday, August 18, 2017 . . . when the Big Steve Bannon Announcement Hit The News, while the Media was going Nuts trying to Decide which is the More Important Story, the TERROR Attacks in Spain, Finland and Wherever Else, or the fact that Steve Bannon was either Booted from the White House, or left on his own Volition.

I’M NOT INTERESTED IN WRITING ABOUT THE TERROR ATTACKS . . . Since like all other Islamo/Fascist Terror Attacks, there will be Blurred Out Hand Held Videos all over the News, with People Crying, Running, Lining Up to Tell their Harrowing Stories to the Media – and on and on and on.


I’m really NOT interested in seeing the same VIDEO FOOTAGES, shown over and over again Ad Nauseam; all of it ending with Strident Declarations of Faux Courage, such as: We Are Broken But Not Defeated, as the Perfunctory Memorial Becomes Established, where People will Gather to SYMBOLICALLY Sing Kumbaya, Light Candles, Lay Wreaths & Flowers, & Place Teddy Bears Amidst The Crocodile Tears . . . until the next TERROR ATTACK COMES, because that’s the LEFTIST Way.

If the Governments of the Victims of TERROR REALLY want to do something, let them SURVEY the Mosques, Listen to all the Sermons, OUTLAW all semblances of Sharia, INCLUDING Hijabs, THROW ANYONE OUT of our Countries who could be at the Very Least a Threat to our Freedoms & Way of Life . . . AND THEN I WILL CARE.

But Onto MORE Important Things . . . Which Threaten Us Right Here & Now.


Just the other day, while listening to Fox News playing in the Background, I was STUNNED to hear the Fox Reporter say how it didn’t do President Trump any Good, when he said “THERE WERE GOOD NAZIS AT THE RALLY”.

TO SAY THAT I WAS FLABBERGASTED . . . At this OUTRIGHT LIE on Fox News, which went Unchallenged and Uncorrected by the Studio Host, is an Understatement. I heard what President Trump Said, and he NEVER said ANYTHING ABOUT GOOD NAZIS.

What President Trump Said . . . There were also “GOOD PEOPLE” at the Pro Confederacy Rally, WHICH IS FAR REMOVED FROM SUPPORTING NAZIS & THE KKK, which to me says . . . with the exception of just a few Fox Shows – DON’T COUNT ON FOX NEWS.


To me . . . What is Relevant, is that in the Battle Between the Conservative RIGHT, as was Represented by Steve Bannon, and the Liberal LEFT, which is Represented by President Trump’s Son-In-Law Jared Kushner and Diva Daughter Ivanka Trump Kushner – THE LEFT HAS WON.


If Bannon, with or without Breitbart, and Matt Drudge Decides to go after ALL OF THE INSIDERS & RINOS in the House, the Senate and the White House . . . there will be an entirely new Dynamic that will inevitably TEAR the USA Apart from the Inside Out . . . giving the LEFT THE COMEUPPANCE THEY SO BADLY DESERVE. But it won’t be pretty.

And if this happens, President Donald Trump will have his CRITICAL MOMENT OF DECISION, having to decide between a Real Conservative USA, which will return to the Values of the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution, or his Liberal Daughter & Son-In-Law.


IF STEVE BANNON GOES BACK TO BREITBART . . . and if Breitbart and Drudge Decide NOT to Continue to Support President Donald Trump, because President Donald Trump is Convinced NOT to Support his Original Agenda, which seems now, that he is either REMOVING or RENEGING on some Keynote Promises, from all the Promises made by Candidate Trump during the Election, such as REALLY Draining The Swamp, Locking Her Up, The Tel Aviv Embassy to Jerusalem, Building the Wall, Simplifying the Tax Code, REPEALING OBAMACARE instead of Tinkering with it & Others – This Could Be The Straw That Will Break The Trump Camel’s Back.

I have NEVER hid the Truth about my NEGATIVE Feelings for Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump, and I won’t start now. No one ever Voted for either of them, and no one I know thinks either of them should be in the White House in Positions of Power & Influence. SO WHY ARE THEY THERE?


PS – For all the JERKS who Accuse Breitbart News of being a Pro Nazi Web Site, they should know, that the very Idea of Breitbart News was CONCEIVED in Israel (Jerusalem), and that Breitbart was an UNABASHED PRO-ISRAEL JEW, who as a Child was Adopted into a Jewish Family, where he learned all about Judaism, Prayers and was Bar Mitzvahed.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Thank you for so precisely saying the truth. Let’s keep praying for our country, USA.

  2. Mr. President, You really DO need to become acquainted with Howard Galganov. At least HE will tell you the truth. Well said Howard.

  3. Howard.. As always, you are right on target with today’s blog!! Thank You!!!

  4. Thank you for explaining the truth. The media falsely represented that ALL those protesting the removal of confederate statues were alt-right and neo-nazis. Clearly, that was not the case. Even as reprehensible as white supremacists are, the 1st amendment to the constitution guarantees the right to free speech. No one has the right to beat the snot out of someone for stating their opinion despite how repugnant it may be. Clearly, there was hatred and violence coming from the left.

  5. This is what I get when I try posting to Facebook yesterday and today, URL Not Found: We had trouble using the URL you provided. Please try again later.
    What is going on with Facebook, are they keeping your blog from being posted on their pages? I am not happy about this.

  6. I have written numerous editorials copied from your blog and up until lately they have all been printed. Unfortunately our local newspaper has taken the majority of the editorial space to put syndicated authors instead of locals. Any editorial they do accept written by locals are meaningless.. This blog would make another great editorial and I will submit it but imagine they won’t have room for it. I have no other ideas on how to reach the people, but thankfully you are doing well.

  7. Many people accept what they hear and what is written as fact and truth. Its taken as the least lines of resentence and
    the easy way to not finding the truth..

  8. I am of average intelligence and I did NOT misunderstand what TRUMP said or meant. He spoke the truth, violence on both sides, R & L. The LEFT are determined to deny freedom of speech & expression to anyone other than themselves. There were good people on both sides and not all protester’s were KKK or white supremacist’s! I saw it and I saw how instantly MSM delighted in misinterpreting him. Dem City Mayors are engineering this mayhem by instructing police to stand down !

  9. I’m becoming more and more disenchanted with Fox. They are no different than the MSM. I’m down to The Five and Hannity. Dana Perino hasn’t been on two nights. Hope she’s gone for good.
    President Trump has to know who the enemy is and sadly, that might include his own family.

  10. I’m glad to see you set the record straight! Our President, Donald Trump, said it like it should have been said. The left wingers read into what he said what they wanted him to have said. It really messes people up when they can’t condemn someone and it reflects back upon them. The truth always hurts. Keep on writing Howard.

  11. Howard…..Few people get it like you get it. Just keep speaking out as you do. I think you are read more widely than you think after most of us forward your editorials. If you think we conservatives were fed up on Nov. 8, 2016 “you ain’t seen nothin’ yet”. Trump needs to keep it all positive and be proud of his accomplishments so far. I do hope he maintains a good working relationship with Kelly. And Jared can talk peace with Abbas until their clothes go out of style.

  12. I am reminded of an old ‘saying’ from many many moons ago: “People hear what they want to hear, and disregard the rest.” It apparently still rings true today.

  13. Steve Bannon was also the most staunchly pro-Israel member of the White House. I fear that with Bannon’s departure, Israel support will suffer. Trump hasn’t got a clue what his own foreign policy is. He has outsourced it to McMaster, Mattis, & Tillerson. Not to mention his liberal family… Friday was a sad day and the future is very uncertain.

  14. Wow! Everything you’ve written is sooo TRUE! Personally, I believe that Bannon will be more of an ASSET to Pres. Trump outside of the White House. Of course, only TIME will tell. The SWAMP will get a GOOD DRAINAGE in the next few months. It also appears that a new CONSERVATIVE MEDIA is being CREATED, which is EXACTLY what Trump needs. We’ll just hope and pray that it works out that way! Keep up the good work…people look forward to your viewpoints and SINCERE opinions. AMEN!

  15. I knew about Brietbart News being born in Jerusalem but, not about Breitbart himself being a Yid. Thanks. Always like to hear about another successful Yid like you and me.

  16. Sounds as if the First? Bannon Crusade is about to start. We can only hope. GO STEVE!

    Fire and brimstone to those who deserve same.

  17. I do not understand the Bannon situation at all. But what I do know is the biggest sanctuary city in the USA is Washington DC. It is a SAFE PLACE the most powerful crime organization that has ever been established. What is obvious this past week is how entrenched it is.

  18. President Trump is methodical and tough. He will go on because he loves his country. He is not one to give up. He is a fighter and that’s what this country needs. We have to stand behind him 100%. Bannon will become a bulldog on the outside of the WH. His hands are no longer tied. He will give the left what they deserve! MAGA

  19. Howard, I enjoy your articles so much and learn from them. That you are a Canadian means nothing…..our country has been fortunate from time to time having patriot-foreigners play an important role in the history of our country and I include you as one of them as you influence so many. Thanks for being here.

    Curt Smith

  20. Totally agree. Jared and Ivanka have to go. If they prevail in any way, Trump will be a one term president with no legislative accomplishments.

  21. A short time ago I was a Hillary Clinton “deplorable”, and now, I am afraid I am a “white supremacist” since I totally object to the destruction of our country’s history with the removal of the Confederate flag and statuary. Is this any different than the attempt to eliminate the Holocaust – pretend it never happened? This Country and Constitution were established by a group of exceptional white males. THANK GOD!!!!

  22. Howard, you always put thing is perspective for me and many others. Please stay the course with us, my dear friend in Canada. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you many times over. God Bless Canada and the United States of America!

  23. Howard, you hit it out of the park, again! for those who were having trouble posting to FB,(Face Book), I just posted this “blog”, & it posted OK…..none of the “can’t find URL” stuff!! FB may have had this website “blocked”, temporarily for a day or so. Anyway, I’m going to try & go back & post the days where I found the “blocked” problem! I really enjoyed the comments from my “Howard followers FAMILY”, about Jared & Ivanka Trump Krushner….SO VERY TRUE!! God bless you, Howard, & Anne!

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