Who, What, Where, When & Why?



When I was still in High School, during a Civics Lesson in my Second Year, one of my Teachers lectured the Class on the ABSOLUTE RULE OF JOURNALISM, which were the 5-W’S . . . Who, What, Where, When & Why – and not particularly in that Order.

AND IF YOU CAN’T ANSWER ALL THE 5-W’S . . . You Don’t Have A Story Worth Reporting, NOT only because it will be Incomplete . . . But more likely than NOT, it will be INACCURATE.

And in those days . . . in the Mid-1960’s – Accuracy, Honesty & Integrity in Journalism were Akin to experiencing the Ultimate in PERSONAL PRIDE & ACHIEVEMENT.

When I was a younger man, it never mattered who got the Story First, it was all about who got the Story RIGHT . . . & TOLD IT THE BEST.

ALSO . . . In those days, up until a couple of Decades ago – News, Editorial, and Advertising Sales were as SEPARATED in the Media, whether Radio, Television and/or Print . . . As Were Boys & Girls In A Clerical Dormitory . . . As In Never The Twain Shall Meet.


TODAY . . . Journalism . . . and I use that word LOOSELY – is all about REALITY TV, BIASED RADIO, & ALL THE PRINTED NEWS THAT WILL TITILLATE – but almost NOTHING about AccuracyWITH ALL THE FACTS ANSWERING THE 5-W’S.


IF IT WAS JUST THE PATHOS & INCOMPETENCE OF THE NEWS MEDIA . . . that would be bad enough, but it’s FAR WORSE than that, since the News Media has BECOME the Enemy From Within, with Slanted, Dishonest and Incomplete Reporting, while PROMOTING The Narrative of the LEFT . . . And Don’t Give Me The Crap of FOX News with their Fair & Balanced BS. FOX News started off Great, but they’ve MORPHED into being No Better Than The Others, with the exception of Just a Few Shows Including Fox & Friends.


I can ONLY Guess what the Media Means about  ALT-RIGHT . . . so what about ALT-LEFT?


If Members Of White Lives Matter Are Domestic Terrorists & Racists . . . What About Black Lives Matter?

What about the White-Hating, Jew-Hating, Israel-Hating, Conservative-Hating, and Self-Hating American Chicago Black Liberationist Church, Overseen by a Racist of the Highest Order (Jeremiah Wright), where Barack Hussein Obama and his America-Hating Wife Attended for DECADES . . . before Obama became President of the United States?

IF THE CAR COLLISION IN CHARLOTTESVILLE – that killed one woman . . . was an Act of TERRORISM, even though there is ZERO Proof that it was an Intentional Act of Murder or TERROR . . . what about the Pro-Trump Activists who were BEATEN-UP at Pro-Trump Rallies?

AND WHAT ABOUT THE ARMED BLACK THUGS . . . Wearing Black Panther Regalia, who stood with Clubs in front of Polling Booths for the purpose of Intimidating White Voters in the 2012 & 2014 American Elections?

AND WHY DOES PRESIDENT TRUMP HAVE TO CONDEMN . . . Just the White Demonstrators WHO HAD A PERMIT TO DEMONSTRATE – But NOT the BLACK and LEFTIST Demonstrators who came without a Permit . . . Armed To The Teeth, LOOKING FOR A FIGHT?

AND BEFORE I FORGET . . . “What Do We Want? DEAD COPS! When Do We Want Them? NOW!”

ARE YOU . . . who Read this BLOG amongst other Civilized Conservative BLOGS and Conservative Radio Broadcasts . . . THE ONLY SANE PEOPLE on the Planet who see this REAL EVIL OF THE LEFT FOR WHAT IT IS?


LET ME MAKE THIS 100% CLEAR . . . as far as I’m concerned, the MEDIA PRAY FOR, AND THRIVE on this Type of Violence and Social Division.

The MORE Violent The Better.

And the Fact that a Young Woman was Killed by a Car, Driven by a Neo Nazi, even though she was a Participant of the LEFTIST Counter Protest Group, must have given the News Media an ORGASM . . . FOX NEWS INCLUDED!

I MEAN . . . To Reality TV News – The Death of this Young Woman, Somewhat Caught on Camera, had to be like Manna-From-Heaven – With All the Gory News All The Time, Focused ON & ON & ON NON STOP . . . Attracting the Biggest Audience Possible, with which to Sell the Most Amount of Advertising Possible, at the Highest Rates Possible . . . “CAUSE THAT’S WHAT IT’S ALL ABOUT”.


THE MEDIA EXECUTIVES . . . Have to be KVELLING over this HATE-FEST ON THE FAR RIGHT AND THE FAR LEFT, for the FREE Programming they can MILK For All That It’s Worth . . .

And What’s the Big Deal of a Little Blood & Guts Caught On Camera, when so much can be Squeezed from such a Sorrowful Event, where the OSTENTATIOUS, Lying & Phony Media Hypocrites can FEIGN SORROW, CONTEMPT & CRY CROCODILE TEARS as they Rake in the Audience Numbers & The Revenue?

AND WHATEVER HAPPENED TO SEDITION . . . as the Media and their Cohorts try to overthrow a Duly Elected Sitting President?


In The Final Analysis . . . IT REALLY IS COMING DOWN TO THEM OR US. Freedom or Serfdom? Rights or Privileges? The American Dream or a Global Nightmare – EVIL VERSUS GOOD?


I don’t have to tell you that we are living in extraordinarily TROUBLING TIMES, where Real Information and FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION is the Greatest Weapon we have in our Arsenal, and MORE than anything, if we LOSE Freedom of Expression . . . WE WILL LOSE IT ALL.

I HAVE WRITTEN A GAZILLION TIMES . . . that whether I receive Ample Financial Support or NOT for this Galganov.com BLOGI WILL NOT STOP WRITING, even if it comes to my last Dollar, because in a Significant Way, I see Myself and others like Me as Warriors in this Social Civil War . . .

MY BULLETS ARE WORDS . . . And You Can Help Supply The Ammunition.

SO AS I ASK ONCE A MONTH . . . If you REALLY Think Galganov.com has VALUE and is WORTH what I Write and for what I Advocate – and if you think that what I WRITE & ADVOCATE CAN HELP MAKE A DIFFERENCE . . . I Ask You For Your Support.

Outside of PYLINSKI ARMS GUNSMITHING & CHIC FOREVER 29, who have been Advertising on Galganov.com for a considerable amount of time, for them to show their support, I have no Sponsors and no Blog Revenue . . . OTHER THAN WHAT THE PEOPLE WHO READ THIS BLOG CONTRIBUTE.

There Are Several Readers Who Contribute Every Month, to whom I am EXTREMELY Grateful, but it’s NOT FAIR to them that the Whole Load should be Carried by Just a Few.


As Always . . . Thank You to the People who have already Sent Support to Galganov.com, and to the People who Will Send Their Support to Galganov.com, AND TO THE PEOPLE Who Can’t Afford To Help Support This BLOG Financially . . . But Can HELP By Making A REAL Difference By Spreading The Word To Help Grow This BLOG.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov.

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  1. Amen, Howard. Decency is a thing of the past; it’s been done on purpose, I think. We will become a nation that once was if it continues.

  2. Today’s journalists are by and large lazy. Its a lot easier to see what the other journalists are doing and join the herd

  3. The Left has done enormous damage to our society over the last 50 years especially. The early over permissiveness has led to loss of our moral compass and lack of education. The dummies lapped it up and almost took us over the cliff. We are still not safe, and few know we are at war within our own borders. Yes, indeed….good vs evil. It is that elementary, and we can only hope our small majority for a time prevails, then gathers some dominance again. Thanks, Howard!

  4. You “hit the nail on the head” w/this one. I too believe sedition gets a pass for the one-world advocates (progressives). Hopefully more people of conscience are seeing the truth of the left’s habit of creating new ‘titles’ & lies about conservatives, patriots, anyone who does not agree with their ideology & continually push that narrative. Yes, MSM is the propaganda tool of those who are pushing one-world order; their slant advocates/pushes for hate & riots perhaps for martial law to OWO.

  5. Today’s journalists are propagandists more than anything. And they dance to the leftist tune. All that stupidness in VA over the weekend had nothing to do with racism, bigotry or anything else. What it instead had to do with was protesting revisionist history.

    And how come racism is only a 1-way street? Why aren’t the NAACP, the United Negro College Fund and groups like Black Lives Matter considered racist, supremists, etc? They’re always bashing on whites for being racist, but….

  6. I can see it now in the near future with two news headlines: “Fake journalist calls media domestic terrorists” and “Fake journalist claims media is not accurate nor honest and fail to take pride in their work!” Well-said, Howard. We love the truth as you say it.

  7. Enlightening Editorial! One must ‘admit’ that the LEFTIST HUSSEIN OBAMA’S COMMUNITY ORGANIZING SKILLS & his UNION with “Money Bags” GEORGE SOROS succeeded in CREATING the DOWNFALL of AMERICA! Yes, THEY ARE THE REAL EVIL OF THE LEFT! Also agree that “IF THEY OVERTHROW TRUMP – THE WORLD’S GOING WITH HIM!” “PROPAGANDA doesn’t work when the TRUTH is ALLOWED to get out”, which is EXACTLY what TRUMP has been trying to do by–TRYING TO DRAIN THE SWAMP! WAKE UP PEOPLE before it’s TOO LATE! AMEN!

  8. “Journalism” has been totally “changed” to: “Creative writing”! You are correct about “getting facts straight”, but since everything today is about being “crooked”, who cares if what people write is true or not! Fact: Good news doesn’t sell- bad news does! (“Most minds are already made up- don’t confuse them with facts”?) What does this tell us about our society or “value system” today? (“Sex, Lies, and Videotape” was years ago!) We never hear “Rest of the story” (like Paul Harvey used to say)!

  9. This is my 3rd try @posting something on your blog, Howard! THANKS for your post, today: “you definitely hit it out of the park, friend”! I also LOVE the comments of fellow bloggers! You each are like family to me, in this crazy world we live in! I appreciated the mid-month reminder to contribute to your “funding”. I love your blogs, & post them on my FB page. May God continue to bless you, in your writing…ALSO, our Pres. Trump, his staff, the USA + Canada, + Israel! Also, Anne,+ pets!

  10. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a “Rally” and nobody came! The so called Neo Nazi’s should never have been given a permit, but with so called “Freedom of Speech”, they were. Wouldn’t it have been wonderful if no one had come to watch? No cameras, no newsmen , no bystanders. Just the marchers, all alone. It would’ve been, like they say, a “Nothing Burger” Instead social media invited all who disagree to come, no permit, armed and ready to fight. And with 24 hour news coverage, 3 people are dead.

  11. Spot on as usual Howard! This was a hate crime, pure and simple. Why are they trying to classify it as domestic terrorism? Is this some mechanism to come after all conservatives since the leftists keep lumping conservatives in with the “alt-right” Neo-Nazis and other racists? God have mercy on us all!

  12. Hi Howard
    You gloss over several facts: Someone lost their life in this incident. Furthermore; Attorney General Sessions said that this qualifies as domestic terrorism – not the media, and lastly several months ago when a Somali moslem man plowed into a crowd, Trump classified that act as domestic terrorism. So is the definition of terrorism based on race or intent.

  13. How ’bout Obama’s tweet? Third most-liked of all time. What a guy! “We must learn hate” says he. You mean like, all the little innocent muslim children who are brain-washed and taught hate?

  14. Right on!

    Maybe if the media would back off about these sad terror events, domestic or whatever, they wouldn’t be happening. I believe it just puts more ideas into too many troublemaker’s heads.

    Jan Clement
    North Chelmsford, MA

  15. I can honestly say, your blog today presented the untold problem AND it’s solution. Journalism has been so bastardized, that it no longer is JOURNALISM! In the old days the gatekeeper used to be the “EDITOR”, whose job was the last bastion, and final Judge of the 5W’s being answered, and the writing of his/her reporters. I set no faith in today’s editors, they have become part of the problem, or they are unemployed, and eventually editing school lunch articles, in a remote village “rag”.

  16. This article is so right on point. I am proud to be able to read your editorials every time they come out and know that there is someone out there who is telling it like it is!

  17. Right on Howard about the add revenue. I am beyond sick of “My PILLOW” adds. I guess a lot of folks are wasting their hard earned money on just a pillow. I applauded the man, MIKE, for all the folks he has put to work, but damn sick and tired of his add. Fox is racking in add money, as they join the rest of the jokers, with their slanted news, slowly becoming FAKE NEWS! They need to FIRE, Shepard Smith!! Total a left winged loon!!

  18. All this is being fueled from the Obama/Jarrett War Room in Obama’s Washington Home. Plenty of funds, and expert direction. Rent-a-Thug, $$$, meals and transport provided. The Police have got to stop the patsy effort, step into them like we did in the Service, when blood flows, riots stop. They are all big stuff until a few heads get cracked.

  19. Fox Business station was just now condemning Trump for waiting 2 days to blast the white protestors (but not the BLM, ANTIFA group). Remember when the Dallas policemen were killed? obama took 4 days to comment, and then he did not castigate BLM, but racists cops. I would just like one news network to say that the blame should be on the 2nd group, who came armed for battle. Were the white guys supposed to stand there and be beaten without any defense? Groups should protest in separate spaces

  20. I am disgusted by the left wing protests that are to begin on Nov. 4th, 2017 their goal to bring down the Trump/Pence Regime. They proclaim they will protest day after day, night after night until their demands are met. See RefuseFascism.org. I hope that Law Enforcement are allowed to stop the violence before it starts! The hatred is out of hand! We need to pray for America and our President and Vice President.

  21. Where art thou, Walter Cronikite ??? Once again, Howard, you wrote another terrific Editorial. You know, as a fellow Canadian, I have always looked upon our neighbours to the south, the United States of America, as my “second country”….I even know all the words to “The Star Spangled Banner” !!! To me, Americans are like family, and I am oh so sad to see what is going on in the great U. S. of A. Even sadder that Heather Heyer was killed for no reason. ~ Peace ~
    – The Brucester (Canada)

  22. Howard, yes we are the only sane ones left. Not to be full of myself, but I just heard a liberal regular commentator on Fox Business state that if the government fails to act in tearing down statues, the people must act and completely condoned the violent tearing down of a statue in NC! Their logic is, if they don’t like your speech – shout it down. If they don’t like your statues, tear them down. If they don’t like police, kill them. If they don’t like… results in endless mayhem and violence.

  23. Howard I agree with you completely except my understanding that the women that was killed was not a part of either side in this protest.

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