I AM APPALLED BY FOX NEWS . . . above and beyond all the others, since I would have thought that at LEAST Fox News, or just some of the FOX News Pundits, would have had a SMIDGEN of Journalistic INTEGRITY and a Modicum of COURAGE to Report on the RIOT Yesterday in Charlottesville Virginia with a Semblance of Balance . . . BUT THAT’S NOT WHAT THEY DID.


I HATE NAZIS, THE KKK, & THE FAR LEFT . . . Whom Are Altogether Different Sides Of The SAME PUTRID COIN. But, as I am watching FOX News, ALL OF FOX NEWS, it seems that the ONLY AGGRESSORS and the ONLY CRIMINALS of this RIOT was this “FALLACIOUS” ALT-RIGHT . . . whom amongst all the People there, were then ONLY People who had a PERMIT TO BE THERE.


I AM THOROUGHLY DISGUSTED WITH ALL THE MEDIA . . . So what’s New There? But I am More-So With FOX News, because FOX News is the Media, which “used to” Claim to be “FAIR & BALANCED” (which I haven’t heard in a while) above and beyond all the others. So where’s the Fair & Balance in their Reporting and Opinions of this RIOT?


IN A FREE SOCIETY . . . Which is the HALLMARK of the USA, neither the Media Nor the Government should have the RIGHT to Determine who should be allowed to EXPRESS Themselves as they WISH . . . Short Of Instigating Violence Or Defamation.

And In Cases Of Violence Or Defamation . . . That’s What The Judiciary Is For.


I’ve mentioned North Korea several times in the Last While, because North Korea is a Real Problem . . . but, just Mentioning the Sickness of North Korea isn’t nearly enough. However, because the Problem with North Korea is such a HUGE Issue, and is being covered NON-STOP by all the Media, by those who think they know something . . . and those who think they know more – but actually know even less, I figured I would wait until we REALLY did know more.

BUT . . . Before Writing about North Korea and the very Possible Reality of a Swift and Horrific War, I NEED TO THANK . . . IF NOT ALL OF YOU – THEN CERTAINLY MOST OF YOU.

I Wrote the Second To Last Editorial (August 11, 2017) about the Most Sensitive and OFF-LIMITS Issue known to Humanity – RELIGION. I wrote about some Comparative Religions, because over the years, I felt like a Hypocrite, because there has been no subject that I was NOT Prepared to write Negatively about, other than Religion . . .

But – I couldn’t take it anymore, since I really was feeling like a Coward and a Hypocrite, because I didn’t want to Open Pandora’s Box with no Idea of how to Shut it once Opened. But if I can’t be TRUE TO MYSELF – How Can I Be True To You?


INSTEAD OF THE BLOWBACK I EXPECTED . . . I was Extremely & Pleasantly Surprised at the number of REALLY Intelligent and Well Thought-Out Comments and Private Emails I received from People who gave an INCREDIBLE “APPROBATION” TO THIS BLOG.

I’ve been around Media in one-way or another for most of my Life. I’ve been a Purchaser of Media Ideas and a Vendor as well. I understand fully, that any PURVEYOR & DISSEMINATOR of Information is ONLY AS GOOD AS HIS OR HER AUDIENCE, whether the Pundit is “CONVEYING” his or her Ideas through the Internet, Print, Radio or Television . . . IS ALL BUT IRRELEVANT, if the Intellectual Quality of the Recipients is Lacking.

THROUGH THE INCREDIBLY MEASURED RESPONSES . . . I’ve received from so many Readers of Galganov.com on this Issue of Religion, I am simply Overwhelmed with the QUALITY of the People who have taken the Time to Read what I Wrote, and have made the Effort to Comment in one way or another.

SELFISHLY . . . I TAKE ALL OF THIS AS A PERSONAL TRIBUTE TO ME, since your Intellectual Ability to Read, Understand & Comment on what I Write, and TRY to Write as Articulately as Possible, is APPROBATION to me for Attracting such a QUALITY Audience.


I’m Going To Tell You What I Think Should Be Done About North Korea & Why.

EVERYTHING IS ABOUT HISTORY . . . Because LIKE IT OR NOT, if you don’t know the Past, how can you possibly Forecast the Future, since History always Repeats Itself?

In 1095 . . . Slightly Less than 1000-Years Ago, the Christian World of Europe went to War Against the Relatively Newly Formed Moslem World – AND IT NEVER ENDED.

In 1801 . . . The Relatively New Nation of America went to War against the Moslem World to Fight the Barbary Pirates, who were Raiding American Ships amongst others, on the Behalf of their Moslem Masters – AND THAT TOO NEVER ENDED.

In 1914 . . . The World went to All-Out War, which we refer to as WWI, where the Absolute Defeat of the Ottoman Empire was a Significant Result, and remarkably, that too had a Moslem Twist – HOWEVER, THAT DEFEAT TO ISLAM HAS ALSO PROVEN TO BE SHORT LIVED.

In 1939 . . . The World went once again to All-Out War, which we refer to as WWII, which resulted in the Holocaust amongst many other Horrors – AND WE STILL DON’T FULLY KNOW HOW THAT WILL FINALLY BE PLAYED-OUT.

IN 1947 . . . We Witnessed the Beginning of the COLD WAR, which brought us to the Korean War and the Vietnam War in the 1950’s, amongst a Litany of many other Wars, until President Reagan Defeated, or so we thought, the Evil Empire, as Gorbachev “Tore Down That Wall”. BUT, WITH THE RESURGENCE OF RUSSIA UNDER PUTIN, WHO KNOWS WHAT’S GOING TO BE?


But . . . What makes all of the Preceding Common to Each Other – is that at the End Of The Day, whole Countries, Infrastructures and HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF PEOPLE were Destroyed and Slaughtered.

Hundreds of Millions More were made Homeless, Orphaned, Widowed, Widowered, Disenfranchised and Destitute . . . all in the Space of less than 1000-Years, but MORE PRECISELY, from the Early 1800’s when the First US Marines Hit The Shores of Tripoli.

Whether We Want To Admit It, Face It, Or Pretend Otherwise – War Is Inevitable.

SO BASED ON WHAT I JUST WROTE . . . There used to be a Great Television Ad for Fram Filters in the early 1970’s, where an Auto Mechanic with Greasy Hands would show an Engine Part Destroyed by Bad Oil, costing the Owner of the Car a Hundred Dollars or more, while holding a Fram Oil Filter Costing just a Few Bucks, the Grungy Mechanic Said – “YOU CAN PAY ME NOW OR YOU CAN PAY ME LATER”.



Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. What you did in Austin reminds me of how Canadian fans at a Toronto-Nashville hockey match on 23 November 2014 sang the “Star Spangled Banner” a cappella after the sound system failed. I’m ashamed to admit that I couldn’t sing “O Canada” that way. It seems that Canadians are more respectful of our traditions than we are. Thank you, sir. And I echo — Keep up your good work.

  2. Yes, Howard, war seems inevitable. “The Dominant Race”, Homo sapien, humanity, still has much to learn. We’re still in “kindergarden”. We’re still encumbered with religious superstitions, superstitions that cause friction among various “believers” and infidels. And immoral (and ignorant) opportunists are taking advantage of the gullible among us. What is needed, but not yet widely available, is “basic education”; education regarding the facts of life.

  3. You are so right and I’ve been sick watching this the past 24 hours!!! May God have mercy on all of us….

  4. Great editorial Howard. If I remember right Clinton along with Carter made an agreement with North Korea in 1994 that they wouldn’t use nuclear to make weapons and we gave them 5 billion dollars. Clinton,Bush and Obama did nothing so here we are with the mess today. I believe Trump was on meet the press in 1999 and said something should be done about North Korea. If I am wrong on what I have written please correct me.

  5. You are correct, Bud Brown. And Howard, thank you again for telling it like it is. The truth hurts…but I still wanna hear it !!! More power to you, Mr. G.

    – The Brucester, Montreal, Canada

  6. Isn’t Fox partially owned by the same people who own the rest of the media? The ONLY way we are going to get accurate news, is from blogs like yours. The reason we have so many ignorant people is because they listen to the news, and truly think they are informed. May you never stop writing the truth. We all need your insight and ability to so plainly inform us.
    Bless you, Anne, and your dog and cat…..

  7. You are so right, Howard! I feel the same way about Fox News. I guess they are showing their true colors. Looking forward to seeing what Sean Hannity has to say about this in his monolog Monday night. Very few Conservatives left on FNN. Maybe they will hire Jeffery Lord.😊

  8. Awesome blog Howard! I agree with all your blogs and 99.9 percent of the comments you sha re with all of your subscribers. We know we can count on well researched content from you!!! Thank you! And I look foward to your next blog.

  9. if you had a large company and were looking for a new president for it, who would you want for president for it that is in congress? (probably no one would qualify, yet we let these people make laws and most do not have a clue, but somehow leave very wealthy. I wonder how and why. Aaron Berkowitz Phoenix Az.

  10. This morning I watched on several different stations video of the demonstrations. Shouldn’t the police have kept the two sides a block apart? i saw the “peaceful” attacking KKK, Nazis, and supremests. Apparently many were just protesting the removal of confederate statues, but mostly interviews with KKK Trump supporters. The media were also outraged because Trump didn’t comment faster and suggested both sides were extremest. Then there was the kid who drove his car into the crowd. Again, Trump.

  11. Seems “Threats and Bribes” mentality is only way to “solve” most problems in the world today? Few people in our society think “rationally” anymore- most think irrationally (or emotionally)! Is anybody who “sides with the right” (or Trump) now wrong (crazy)? In “Liberal minds”, there is “only one side” to the story yesterday! (Alex Jones is correct- there is a “war” on for our minds!) We shouldn’t tolerate or support those who don’t “cherish” our U.S. history or nations that “threaten” USA!

  12. I live 30 minutes from Charlottesville but was in NC & east-coast VA for a week+ & missed the fracas, thank goodness, tho heard about the plan & figured trouble would follow. Wars of small to large groups have been waged since Cain killed Abel; it has to do with man’s sin of greed, malice, etc. Rather than following the voice of good in us, we choose to follow the voice of the bad that resides within; so good gets smaller/softer & bad gets larger/louder. I appreciated your editorial on faith.

  13. I do not like or agree with the LEFT’s removing monuments of the Civil War. The LEFT want to remove American History. Common core has removed the study of American History in 5th (?) grade and replaced it with the study of the Five Pillars of Islam in many schools. Jeb Bush was for Common Core. I am NOT a white suprematist, just a conservative patriot who DOES “cherish” the U.S. and Howard’s writings.

  14. I believe the USA is already at civil war, but smaller seemingly isolated & disconnected events that form part of an overall fabric of discontent, anger, frustration and everything else you have observed, commented on and otherwise written about Howard. I try to understand what you mean with everything you say; almost always, if in fact not always, I agree with you point for point. God, however one defines & worships, or not, the deity, help us one and all for what’s coming at us.

  15. It all began with the Obama administration which incited and provoked racism that had dwindled to insignificance prior to his election.
    I do not support the The “Unite the Right rally” or those associated with it in any way, but the riots and violence that happened in Virginia was not totally their fault.
    They were lawfully exercising their right to free speech, to protest against the removal of the statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee from Emancipation Park.
    Then the counter-prot

  16. Thank you, Howard, for addressing the gorilla. I was watching the fiasco on OAN, before the fine folks got off the buses, wearing helmets. I have no use for radical groups of any basis. Within a short time, the whole thing was out of hand, although the ones the cameras showed leaving, had no identifying allegiance. OAN did show a business card from a bus rider, advertising protest organization.
    All of a sudden, the other folks were called “white nationalists”. The gorilla has gas!
    Thank you!!

  17. Excellent as usual Howard. How much blood and treasure has to be given before we finally learn from history?! Appeasement NEVER gains anything except to force a full blown conflict sometime in the near future. And here we are, in the future has arrived, facing all out nuclear war because we as Americans did not do what was necessary 60 years ago and put an end to the North Korean problem. That Fram add was true, we are paying the price now.

  18. In 1801 we found out what their intentions were and instead of talk talk, kicked but!
    In 1914 we talked an talked and talked and when it was real bad then kicked but!,.
    In 1940 it was the same thing, and when are we going to learn that a bully will do it over and over until his but gets kicked!

  19. I will touch on Charlottesville for just a moment Howard. All news source’s, including all those on Fox, are attacking the groups at Charlottesville. Surprised it’s not all Bush’s fault. Trump’s not saying all the right words. If Politicians and Governors and the totally un-educated, would stop trying to erase history, none of this would have ever happened. Those that hate the bars and stars, for the un-informed that’s the battle flag of the Confederacy. Many, Blacks died under that flag, many!

  20. Trump’s “Working Vacation?” They are doing major renovations to the WH and he had to get out. Rather than an Obama many B$$ vacation in Martha’s Vinyard sucking ice cream, Trump is staying in his own digs, like the Bush’s did not whooping it up on the Govt. purse like Clinton and Obama. They just won’t leave him alone.

  21. Howard, you’re always “spot on” + “tell it like it is”! I really love what your other readers have to say, as well!! I agree with what our other Florida friend just said, as well!!! & I agree 1000%!!!!!!!!

  22. This editorial should be required reading in government schools, but of course, that will never happen! Dick Bouchard, WNRI.

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