Black Lives Matter . . . But White Lives Are Nazis – Go Figure


I was finishing a Follow-Up on the Last Editorial about Religious Hypocrisy, and the Ugliness that is Building around North Korea, and the Options President Trump has with which to keep the World safe from a North Korean MADMAN, when all of a sudden I looked up at the Television which was tuned to FOX News, which was also MUTED, when I saw what appeared to be some Real Street Violence, thinking this must be something happening in Venezuela . . .


LET ME BE AS CLEAR – AS CLEAR CAN BE . . . I Hate the Idea that the Media, Including Leland Vittert of FOX News, WHO ARE FORCING ME TO TAKE SIDES WITH MEMBERS OF THE KKK, WHITE SUPREMACISTS, NEO NAZIS and those who don’t fall into those categories being described as WHITE NATIONALISTS.

BEFORE I CONTINUE . . . If people who stand up for their RIGHT to be White Americans without GUILT, are Described as WHITE NATIONALISTS, why have we NEVER heard the Media, INCLUDING FOX NEWS, define people who Stand for BLACK LIVES MATTER . . . AS BLACK NATIONALISTS?


YOU CANNOT CONTINUE DISPARAGING . . . an entire Community of White People throughout the South, and their Proud History, by REMOVING Statues and Memorial Plaques of their HEROES and ANCESTORS who Fought for the South and State’s Rights against the NORTH, more than 150-Years Ago without serious Blowback.

AND BEFORE YOU START LECTURING ME ON THE SLAVE ISSUE . . . Very Few Southerners Owned Slaves, while no shortage of Northerners were Happy to show their INDIGNATION to the South, while NORTHERN Businesses Profited in one way or another by the way the North Treated Black People on the Northern Side of the Mason Dixon Line.

It’s Not As If The NORTH Had A Stellar History Of Welcoming Black People.

AND DON’T FOOL YOURSELF . . . The American Civil War WASN’T as much about Slavery, which was on its Way Out No Matter What The Slave Owners Wanted, as much as it was about STATE’S RIGHTS . . .


This is all about the LEFT CRUSHING THE FIRST AMENDMENT, which Encompasses FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION, the Right To Associate, and the Right to Assemble, which has become the HALLMARK of the LEFT throughout the Free World, where FREE SPEECH THE LEFT DOESN’T LIKE IS NO SPEECH AT ALL THROUGH LEFTIST INTIMIDATION.


I supported the RIGHT of the Neo Nazis to March in Skokie Illinois, because if I allow OPPONENTS of the Nazis to take away their RIGHT to Freedom of Expression, Association, & Assembly, what can I expect when someone will Justify the REMOVAL of my Rights?


To the best of my knowledge, the Men and Women who wanted to DEMONSTRATE TO PRESERVE THE STATUE OF ROBERT E LEE IN CHARLOTTESVILLE HAD A PERMIT . . . FULL STOP!

The Counter Demonstrators . . . THE LEFT, came without Permits, were BUSSED-IN from Hundreds of Miles Away, ARMED FOR STREET VIOLENCE with Clubs, Shields, Pepper Spray, Signs, Shirts & Banners, many of whom Promoted BLACK LIVES MATTER.


I don’t even know how to define ALT-RIGHT, other than to say it’s the LEFTISTS who are Marketing this Definition as a CATCHALL for Nazi-Like Fascists.

So, why are the Media . . . INCLUDING FOX NEWS . . . Pigeonholing me, and People like me, with a Manufactured Description that makes me appear to be Contemptible, BECAUSE I STRONGLY OPPOSE THE LEFT AND THEIR SURGE TO SOCIALISM, WHICH IS TAKING AWAY OUR FREEDOMS?

FROM EVERYTHING I KNOW & FROM WHAT I SAW . . . This Pro-Confederacy Demonstration WITH PERMIT had nothing whatsoever to do with STARTING A RIOT, but had everything to do with Protecting & Promoting the History, Culture and Legacy of the SOUTH, and the Fact . . . THAT “WHITE” LIVES MATTER TOO.

THE MEDIA WILL TRY TO MAKE THIS ALL ABOUT TRUMP . . . which as I’m writing this, is already happening, with the LEFTIST Media Blaming President Trump for the VIOLENCE, which couldn’t be FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH.

I’m Writing This As It’s Unfolding . . . BEFORE the Media has a chance to Murky the Waters and CREATE THEIR OWN NARRATIVE, which they are wont to do.

Former President Barack Hussein Obama and Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton PUSHED & PUSHED this Horrible Narrative of this inferred WHITE RACIST AMERICA, with the Help of the Media and Intellectual ELITISTS at all Levels, and certainly in the Schools and Universities, that Black Americans are DISCRIMINATED AGAINST and Treated like Second Class Citizens, just as these HORRIBLE Politicians GINNED-UP the same Narrative about the GROSS UNFAIRNESS & DISCRIMINATION AGAINST WOMEN.

HOLLYWOODERS Pushed this Narrative. Professional Athletes and Music Performers Pressed this Narrative. And Members of Congress Held their Hands in the Air Pushing this LIE about “Hands Up Don’t Shoot”.

REMEMBER THIS . . . It wasn’t this So-Called Alt-Right Group that Boarded Busses Armed to the Teeth to Drive Hundreds of Miles to New York City, to RIOT AGAINST A GAY PRIDE PARADE & A WOMEN’S RIGHTS MARCH.

ALSO . . . Back To FOX News, and to Particularly Julie Banderas . . . who couldn’t be MORE Accusatory and Judgmental about just One Side, which was the Side that DIDN’T Bus-In Armed Thugs and DID have the permit to Demonstrate.


And as for Terry McAuliffe, the Former BAG-MAN and close Friend of Crooked Hillary, who is the Governor of Virginia, who PROCLAIMED the Guilt for all to Hear about the so-called “Alt-Right” . . . and even Before The Dust Settled, He once again Proclaimed to Know All The Facts – Perhaps McAuliffe & His LEFTIST One World Government ILK, Should Look In The Mirror Before Casting Judgment.

McAuliffe & People Like Him Are No Less Culpable . . . Than The Other Side.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I had the honor of attending a Flyers playoff game more years ago than I am prepared to admit. Ms. Smith was an owner of that team and she came out at the beginning of the game to sing this song. The crowd joined her in singing but what I managed to see through tear filled eyes was that almost everyone, men, women, old and young, around me had the same tears in their eyes. Too many think this is old fashioned. Too bad because Patriotism is never old fashioned. Thanks. Flyers won too.

  2. Hillary’s America

    The Secret History of the Democratic Party

    Dinesh D’Souza

    The Book and the video show that the democrats supported Slavery, Stole land from the Indians, Anti Civil rights and much more. Then they lie about it and blame the Republicans for it.

    Check the book’s references then educate the public and the Republican Party. Create posters, film and anything else you can think of. Ask Dinesh D’Souza to help you. He is very nice.

  3. Fox News had me fuming! Nothing mentioned of AntiFa causing the furer. Not one shot was fired by the gun wielding white people. Yet clear as day a black man was using a spray can as a flame thrower toward a man wielding a real American flag.The news is aweful quiet about the car driver. Would not surprise me one bit if he was AntiFa. We wll find out the truth. NO, this is not Donald Trump’s fault.

  4. Thank you for saying exactly what I’m sensing and believe!!!! So darn sad…I called my representatives this week
    And told them this was coming, I didn’t know how soon 😢

  5. I saw the movie by Dinesh and there were only a handful of people there for the showing because it was not advertised and only played for one or 2 days. Terrible that more did not know about it until it was too late. The people that really needed to see it were not even there. It is a crime. It was excellently done and had info that most have not known as it has been kept from the public because of PC.

  6. I’m hoping that you will address this issue when you come to our event on August 19th. For those who are Howard’s fans, Canadians for Language Fairness will be presenting an award to Howard for his fight for Free Speech. If you are within travelling distance of Embrun in Eastern Ontario, ask Howard for details. There will be three other people accepting awards from us. Anyone is welcomed but please let us know if you’re coming.

  7. Thank you Howard. Once again you have said everything most of the right has been wanting to say. Sadly all you have written today is so true.

    Hope Wozniak, I had no idea Dinesh had another movie out. Please, what is the name of it? Sad that the (so called) media did not even talk about it.

  8. Civilization to survive against the monstrous Islamic and allies bestial hordes must learn to react harshly to any and all attacks. So far only the Western world has endured the onslaught of those base creatures.
    ALL LIVES MATTER, including the unborn.
    A new Martel must arise or many Martels…
    Every time the Islamic beasts and Soros Obamatoids and clintonites invade, rampage, burn, steal, rape, their areas must suffer sanctioned fate identical to the fate of the monsters victims.

  9. When it comes to bigotry the North and the West may have been far worse than the South. Indiana, Ohio, Illinois and other Northern states had a greater number of KKK members than the South in the 1940’s, 50’s and 60’s. In the West it was anti-Semitism and anti-Asian. In the Coachella Valley of California there were restrictive policies against Jews, Blacks and Mexicans; these things went well into the 1960’s. It is hypocritical for lib Yankees to call white Southerners bigots.

  10. Excellent Howard! Who needs to interpret the MSM, trying to find a shred of honest to goodness truth…nowadays we just wait for your factual observations to get an accurate picture of what is really taking place. Thanks!

  11. “So, why are the Media . . . INCLUDING FOX NEWS . . . Pigeonholing me, and People like me, with a Manufactured Description that makes me appear to be Contemptible”…because that’s how they’re going to demonize you before the fascist lefty apparatchiks shut you down – and non-lefties like you – that have the temerity to challenge the lefty/globalist status quo with facts and reason and moral absolutes and whatnot…

  12. We all knew this had to come but we didn’t know when.
    Matthew 24:10~And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another.
    Verse 12~And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.
    Sermon on the Mount (The Olivet discourse: the course of this age). KJV Bible.

  13. Howard, as much as I love what you have to say, because it needs to be said, but your 100% wrong about supporting the concept of “blanket” free speech. Reference to support nazis in skokie, screaming at the top of their lungs “GAS JEWISH CHILDREN!!”, is NOT free speech, but the spreading of vile garbage. PERIOD!. Free speech should NEVER BE A SHEILD with which to defend such atrocities!

  14. KKK. White racist groups are all garbage ,they not only hate blacks but Jews and Catholics. The educated and non racist
    black Americans don’t march or protest with violence. Whom are the largest recipients of welfare, largest percentage in prisons, and children born with out fathers ,who are in second place? The answer to that question is african Americans frist and latinos second.then I am called a raciest ,not true just stating facts that will not be seen in the news

  15. Howard, thank you so much for all you do and congrats on the award. I live less than a hour from there and would have been there if I had known about this. I am NOT a racist! But one thing I know for sure is I’m sick of every time we want to stand up for our rights as well we get labeled as racist bigots. This is Ed Gillespie’s fault. He was the one stood in front of statue few months back saying was going to tear down. Nobody else’s and definitely no POTUS.

  16. WOW! You’ve every nail on the head. However I must bring the forefront facts that are rarely mentioned in our current lexicon or history books: blacks bought and sold slaves and brought them to America. American blacks bought and sold slaves.

  17. Just love SHmuel’s description of “Islamic beasts and Soros, Obamatoids and clintonites”–which describes those who CREATED “another America” during the past 8 yrs., i. e., one which we no longer RECOGNIZE.Can ANYONE truly IMAGINE what this Country would be like had HILARIOUS been elected vs. Trump?Truthfully, there are MORE than ONE SWAMP to be DRAINED–mentioned in the description.These 4 GROUPS continue to try to DESTROY America in every which way they can! Keep PRAYING and GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  18. It shows the insanity of so many on the left. Immediately there were protests against NRA and getting rid of gun ownership. That was a car that killed one (possibly more) and injured about 20. Should we ban cars? Yes, this is an overflow from all the priivledges given the blacks, minorities, and looking the other way when a black commits a crime or violence. It started many yers ago with quotas for minorities, capable, or not. had to be hired. Then they got in college without proper grades

  19. What the HELL is going on?? If Jesus Christ were in a grave, he’d be rolling in it.

  20. The Governor knew the facts because he is part of the problem. He was likely informed before it happened.

  21. Thanks Howard, That is what I told my Wife #1 they had a permit to protest the Left did not. #2 the American and Canadian News took the Lefts side and not the Right Side. If “Black Lives Matters” then sorry to tell the News World then ” WHITE LIVES MATTERS” I feel like joining an Alt Right group.

  22. Those Counter Demonstrators . . . THE LEFT, came without Permits, were BUSSED-IN from Hundreds of Miles Away,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, many of whom Promoted BLACK LIVES MATTER. Same pattern and manner. when are the authorties going to take note and stop them before they get off the bus? And Gov McAuliffe (D) just as Gov Nixon (D) did nothing to stop the rioting from even starting. Oh, and let me remind you, George Soros is funding “B-L-M” along with manny othe anti-American org’s to bring America down.

  23. With the majority of black deaths coming at the hands of other members of the black community, isn’t it odd that black lives only seem to matter when a white person or a white policeman can be attached in some way? Of course it has nothing to do with whether or not said black ‘victim’ was perpetrating a crime or not. In addition, the majority of prison inmates per capita are black because the majority of major crimes seem to be committed by black people. Bias has nothing to do with these stats.

  24. Howard, I totally agree with Free speech – but when it comes to Hate speech, I am totally against it. There is a limit to Free speech and democracy. Say what you like, its free country, but i don’t support Hate speech in any manner. Period
    Steve Acre, Canada

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