This might REALLY Bother some of the Readers of this BLOG, enough for them to Remove themselves from the Galganov.com Directory, but I’ve remained Silent out of Respect for the Assortment of many Religious Beliefs that are held by Readers of Galganov.com.


THE FRAMERS OF THE US CONSTITUTION HAD IT RIGHT . . . There MUST be Absolute Separation between CHURCH & STATE – But . . . the Question of Why . . . seems not to Matter to far too many, as to the Reality of Why.

I DON’T BELIEVE . . . the Framers were Atheists, any more than I believe they weren’t to some degree Religious Men. What I do believe however, is that the Framers understood that ORGANIZED RELIGION IS AS POLITICAL AS IT GETS, and there can only be one Political Class in a FREE REPUBLICAN SOCIETY, where Religion is anything but Democratic.

AS A VERY YOUNG MAN . . . Attending a Rabbinical College in Montreal after Public (Protestant) Secular School, I was severely Chastised and Slapped in the Face by one of the Teachers, because I had the Temerity to ask this simple Question – WHY? . . . about a Passage we had just been forced to recite by ROTE.

I DON’T REMEMBER . . . what the Passage was, since it is insignificant to this Editorial, but what was SIGNIFICANT, was that I didn’t ask the Question in Malice, or any form of DISRESPECT to the Teacher, or to the Passage, or to the Religion.

What I asked . . . was out of Pure Interest to Understand something I knew nothing about.

BUT NONETHELESS, I was Physically Assaulted and Emotionally Embarrassed in front of the entire Class, and was YELLED at for daring to “QUESTION” the “DOGMA” of the Scripture.

NEEDLESS TO SAY . . . This incident was a Major event that made me RETHINK Religious Dogmatism to the point that it changed my life. I held back Tears, said NOTHING to my Parents, and continued to attend the Yeshiva.

Time went by, and another altercation took place, because I forgot to come to the Yeshiva from Secular School . . . wearing a Religious Undergarment, which you might have seen worn amongst Very Religious Jews, as Tassels by their sides along their hips.

In Hebrew and Yiddish . . . they’re called Tzitzit . . . worn 2-On The Left Side and 2-On the Right Side, which is to Remind All Male Jews of their CONSTANT Obligation to God and the Torah.

And again . . . I WAS YELLED AT AND SLAPPED – But this time, I Struck-Back, and Punched the Teacher in the chest as hard as a 10-Year Old Could, and ran out of the Yeshiva.

I told my Parents about what happened, and what had happened the first time. And as Angry as my Father was that I was struck by a Teacher, my Mother made his Anger look Mild, and she took me by the hand, marching me to the Yeshiva, where she literally went to DEFCON-ONE.

My Mother would NOT allow my Father to come with her, because she knew that my Father would have TORN the Yeshiva Apart, especially since he wasn’t all that keen that I attended, and much rather preferred that I would have gone to a more Secular Religious Studies School.

And upon entering the Yeshiva, the Teachers Literally Threatened my Mother for having the Chutzpah of even entering the Yeshiva, because Women were BANNED from entering this ALL MALE DOMAIN.

But my Mother’s Reaction was NOTHING like these Religious Bullies ever expected, because even though my Mother was Born and Raised in Montreal, her Capacity to speak Yiddish was Flawless, and she LIT into these Religious Zealots like a Nuclear Explosion . . . “TOUCH ME LIKE YOU TOUCHED MY SON & I’LL HAVE THE POLICE HERE IN SECONDS”, to which these vermin COWERED like the Rats they were.

I LEFT THE YESHIVA NEVER TO RETURN . . . But I didn’t leave Judaism or my Religious Studies. In fact, I was almost immediately enrolled in a relatively Orthodox After-School Jewish Class, which taught the History, Traditions, and Meaning of the Torah with Conservative Secular Values.

AND UNTIL I WAS OUT OF HIGH SCHOOL . . . I attended an Orthodox Synagogue every Sabbath on Friday Nights, and Saturday Morning Services, BUT MY YESHIVA EXPERIENCES NEVER LEFT ME.


In a Strange way, I was extremely Fortunate that my Parents didn’t have the Money to Live in a Nice Jewish Community, so we had to live where my Parents could afford, which were predominantly in Christian Communities, and because of WWII, when both of my Parents Served, they served almost Entirely Amongst Christian Fellow Soldiers, with whom my Parents found Comfort and Friendship, which was passed-on to me.

SO . . . From a very early age, I was NEVER ANY LESS Jewish, because I participated with Fervor, with all of our Christian Friends and Neighbors to Celebrate Christmas, Easter, Weddings, Baptismals and Funerals . . . which gave me an INSIGHT into a Christian World very few Jews could ever experience by living only in Jewish Ghettos.


I have written all of this . . . to give Credibility to the Following Statement, since I do NOT want anyone thinking that I am against his or her Religious Beliefs:

The Framers were BRILLIANT in their Understanding of the SEVERE DANGERS OF INCLUDING Religion in a Secular Free-Thinking Society, where RELIGIOUS DOGMA Would & Could Play No Part In The Governance Of A Free People.


FOR EXAMPLE . . . The Catholic Religion has approximately 1.2-Billion Global Adherents, whose Unopposed Leader is the Elected Pope, who is elected by Cardinals through a Very Political Process. Yet, once the Pope is CHOSEN by the Cardinals, somehow, all of a Sudden, he is given the Respect and Authority as the Direct Representative of God, as if he was Chosen by God Himself, or Herself, however you Picture God, where Criticism of the Pope is akin to near Blasphemy.

SO HOW SHOULD I DEAL . . . with a Pope, whose Ideas and Policies I am DIAMETRICALLY Opposed to, because he is a Socialist who believes in Social Engineering, which is FAR REMOVED from JUST Teaching the History of the Values of the Bible, BUT INSTEAD – uses HIS Interpretation of the Bible, and the belief held by many in his INFALLIBILITY, with which to Promote his own Personal Socio/Political Agenda?

ULTRA ORTHODOX RABBIS . . . Are TERRORIZING and Tearing Israel Apart from the Inside-Out, who believe they are acting as the VOICE OF GOD, while RESTRICTING the Freedom of Women to be Equal to Men in all Walks of Life, while Paralyzing and Forcing Israel’s Secular Government to do their Bidding in many ways, because even though the Ultra Orthodox Status is significantly in the Minority . . . it is Substantial Enough to be King-Makers in the Knesset (Israeli Parliament), because of the Ridiculous LEFTIST Parliamentary System (Proportional Representation) Israel Created for Itself at the time of Israel’s Re-Constitution from 1948 until now.

ACCORDING TO THE ULTRA RELIGIOUS . . . Their Jewish Members should NOT have to serve in the Israeli Military. So they get a Free Ride under the Pretext that Studying the Torah TRUMPS National Duty.

And to some Sects like the Satmars, they don’t even believe Israel should Exist at all, since the Messiah has not yet returned. And believe it or not, they support Israel’s most Vicious Enemies like Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas, in the HOPE that Israel will be CRUSHED until the Messiah Arrives.

AND IN ISRAEL . . . Which is amongst the MOST Open, Democratic, Best Educated and Progressive Societies on the Planet . . . Women are NOT permitted to Pray alongside Men at the Western (Wailing) Wall. They CANNOT walk in Ultra-Religious Neighborhoods wearing any kind of GARB the Ultra Religious think are inappropriate, which could be a Skirt that is above the Shin, or a Shirt that shows too much Arm.

AND BECAUSE OF THESE ULTRA RELIGIOUS “CHARACTERS” . . . Israel is literally CLOSED on the Sabbath, as most Major Services such as Public Travel, many Tourist Areas, and Restaurants – ETC, are more or less BANNED so as not to Offend the “Religious Police”.

AND IF YOU WERE TO DRIVE THROUGH – an Ultra-Religious Community on a PUBLIC Road during the Sabbath or Religious Holiday, the chances are better than not that your car will be Stoned, and you could and probably will be attacked.


How can I in Good Conscience SLAM Sharia and the EXCESSES of Islam as a Political Tool More-So than just a Religion, if I CLOSE my EYES and OPINIONS to other Religious Excesses by Rabbis, who have any Political Power WHATSOEVER in Israel, even those Rabbis who are not necessarily OVER-THE-TOP Religious-Nut-Jobs?

AND HOW CAN I CLOSE MY EYES & OPINIONS . . . About the Pope, who “ASSUMES” his Authority from God, who Stands for MOST of the LEFTIST Things I Oppose, which the Pope Supports through his ELECTED Position, while at the same time, I have no INHIBITIONS OF LEGITIMATELY SLAMMING ISLAM?


I STRONGLY BELIEVE . . . in the History of Religion, which is Told Through the Torah & The New Testament. And I believe in the Positive Nature of Christianity and the Messages of Peace, Love and Commitment attributed to Christ.

I ALSO Believe in the Value of the Ten Commandments and the Virtue of the Talmud. And I have a great deal of Respect for the Ideals and Concepts of Hinduism & Buddhism . . . because Far Be It From Me to tell you or anyone else who is Right and Wrong in their Personal Beliefs, when it doesn’t come to Religion and Politics Together, other than for the Founding Principles of the USA, which is Based on Judeo/Christian Values, which Encompasses Everyone’s Secular Rights To Freedom.

AS THE CLIMAX IS APPROACHING . . . with North Korea, China, Russia, Iran, Iraq, Syria – the INVASION of Islam into the Western Secular World . . . and within our own Midst with a Treacherous and Significant Number of North American Self-Hating LEFTISTS . . .

We have to Focus . . . not on the Religious Delusions and Power Plays of Far Too Many, who use Religious Beliefs for their own Selfish Means and Ends, but on our own “SECULAR” JUDEO/CHRISTIAN BELIEFS, which have Created the Societies, which have given Birth to our own Precious Freedoms & Successes.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Keep up your good work. Yours is one of the best columns I get to read.

    Kindest Regards

    Solette N. Gelberg
    King City, Ontario

  2. The Founding Fathers and writers of the US Constitution DID NOT write anything into our governing documents about separation of Church and State. They did not want a Government established religion like England, but they believed whole heartedly in Judeo/Christian religious beliefs as part of daily life and governing one’s actions. They never intended for separation of Church and State; that was a personal comment from a personal letter Jefferson wrote to the Danbury Baptist Church.

  3. Brilliant in its timeliness. Thank you again for expressing THE TRUTH with stunning moral clarity. I was born and raised Anglican, then converted to Catholicism when Anglican doctrine went wishy-washy over the LGBTQ nonsense. Now I have serious misgivings about Pope Francis, who, incredibly, seems to draw a moral equivalence between ISIS and Christianity. I suspect that Francis, who advocates “interfaith dialogue” with radical Islam, may be the long foretold Anti-Christ. Please prove me wrong.

  4. I thought I could never be MORE impressed with you, Mr. Galganov, but today…I AM! (In fact, so impressed that I am using upper case letters to it.) When I see the world around me, there is no doubt in my mind that there is a “Master Plan”. The doubt lies in who or what is the master of that plan. Thank you for an article that is “a cut above”.

  5. I went to a catholic high school for girls many, many years ago. While studying civics and the structure of communism, I compared it to the cathollic church. BINGO. The only difference is the catholic church has a Pope and communism has an exhalted leader. They are both about complete rule and redistributing the wealth.

  6. Well stated Howard. Too much of anything is simply….too much. Religion has its place as does all things…but it belongs in ITS place. I have never seen a place for it in politics….except maybe in treating one another as we wish to be treated.

  7. Howard, Koodos to you on this wonderful essay. Originally religion started to get people together and not run a mock and to have some order as a community. Unfortunately all heads of religions took advantage of this and became dictators. I am so sick of the situation of the Ultra Orthodox in Israel and the hold they have over the Government and Natanyahu. I hope one day that situation will change by having just 3-4 political parties rather than the 21 they have now. Steve Acre, Canada

  8. “…One Nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.” May God continue to bless America! Excellent article as usual Howard!

  9. Excellent article! I enjoy your writing so very much. Thank you! Semper Fidelis, Pat Dugan USMC (Ret.) Del Rio, Texas

  10. I was baptized as a Lutheran in Norway 82 years ago. After immigrating with my family to the USA after WWII, I explored many other faiths, by studying several and attending a few churches. In 2010 I became a Roman Catholic by choice, and have not regretted it. I am, however, disturbed by the pronouncements of Pope Francis and his socialist leaning. Suspect it stems from his life in Argentina, and am not surprised. Many conservative Catholics are expressing the same concerns.

  11. You made my day Howard. I wish I had the ability and the courage to write like this.

  12. ANY group that PUSHES and forces its way on you religiously or otherwise is a cult. Christ never advocated this kind of behavior. Tell the truth and walk away, shaking the dust off your feet, if it is not accepted. God will take care of the rest. Satan perverts EVERYTHING even religion. Cannot throw out the baby with the water. God is Love and we’re the recipients of that love. He desires us to share with others. Free will is given to do that because of love. Justice will prevail later!

  13. As a “cradle Catholic”, (i.e. Born into a Catholic family) I was required to forge ahead, and hold my tongue with regards “inconsistencies” in thought and logic as I grew up. The standard “bottom line”I believe, …or leave!” I believe in God, but one of mercy and FAR MORE understanding than us mere mortals. That said, I am far from a “Pope Francis” fan cult leader. a) he is a Jesuit, , a left wing thinker. BUT,…
    But there is a SUPREME BEING, An all powerful entity, and it’s not ME!

  14. Karen Smith is exactly correct. Nowhere in our Declaration of Independence, Constitution, or Bill of Rights is there any referral or indication of the word “separation” of church and state, only that there should no “establishment” of any particular religion. The current Pope, Francis, was raised in a socialist country, knows very little about Capitalism. His pronouncements
    are infallible only in matters of Faith and Morals, not politics, thank goodness.

  15. Religious groups today are in big business, they hold large amounts of property, buy and sell and pay not one penny of tax.
    Example of the catholic church owns many hospitals in the USA.no tax payments. Religion has more or less has become a scam and most leader live like kings and demand more alms to continue there lavish life .The biggest racket of all is TV
    preachers ,have no church just send money and God will save you.

  16. At last count, there are more than 4,300 religions/cults in the world, the vast majority of which were formed before before 1543, when Copernicus lent substance to the idea that we were not the center of the universe, there was not “up or down”, and there was not necessarily a supernational “god” or an “afterlife”. Since then, opportunists and/or “believers” have preached “the truths” to people, promising a road to “heaven” for “believers” (and a road to “hell” for infidels). We’ll see!

  17. Separation of church and state in the first amendment was only meant to apply to the federal government, not the individual 13 states, many of which DID have “state religions.” Indeed, if the separation was meant to apply to them, they never would have joined the union. Separation as a constitutional doctrine for the individual states only came about in the 20th century as the result of a Supreme Court case.

  18. In response to Merv’s comment I’m assuming you mean a world without God,you should just be patient.The book of Revelation says there is such a place but I as for myself I don’t want any part of it. As for the Korea situation Ronald Reagan said the worst way to get into a war is to “back your way into it”.

  19. At age 7 I was sent to religious school at the local temple. At age 7.5 I refused to ever return. Horribly uninteresting! In not too long a period I decided what would be best for me…born a Jew, but established my own relationship with God for the rest of my life. Kept it simple. It was the only way for me. God gave me a brain and it ain’t rocket surgery! 🙂 Over my lifetime I have heard about too many experiences like yours, Howard.

  20. Merv sounds like an Atheist, but that’s HIS privilege! I, too, am a Catholic, but my views about this Religion have, somewhat, changed in past years for many reasons. Pope Francis IS very LIBERAL—too Liberal for me and should keep out of POLITICS! The TEN COMMANDMENTS are a great GUIDELINE as to HOW people should LEAD THEIR LIVES to try to assure a CIVIL SOCIETY! BUT, these days, no doubt that there are many, many people who don’t even know what the TEN COMMANDMENTS encompass! AMEN!

  21. Your teacher was intimidated by your “Why.”
    It was Pharisees with whom the Messiah was most angry, for they drove people away from faith & focused on works. All religions have pharisaical egotists. Judaism, &, therefore, Christianity has always been about a relationship w/ the God of Abraham, Isaac, & Jacob. Humility before God & others is key & is a characteristic of heroes; our founding fathers among the world’s greatest. Faith is not about what we do but about who God is & what He has done.

  22. Hi Howard, I agree with Karen Smith above that no where in the founding documents are any references to “Separation of Church and State” and also correct was the comment that it was a personal letter to the Danbury Baptist Church. It is all very well and good that we have become a secular society which leads to modernity but we also need the faith that brought us to this modernity. I think your friend Pastor Gary Burd is a fine example someone who walks the walk.

  23. Omitted one salient point . All led by “Old Guys” , most of whom have lost touch with reality . Control mechanism for some , crutches for others when failure takes over their lives .

  24. Thank you Howard for such eloquent words. I too believe in the Bible, Old and NewTestaments. Unfortunately many people pervert what the Word says and so many others don’t go to the source (the Bible) to find out if what they say is actually the truth.
    Jonell Loeffler,
    Prescott Valley, AZ

  25. I grew up in the Catholic Church, attended Catholic school from Gr. 5 through 12. My father was a very staunch Catholic, and we were often at loggerheads as I became an adult. I finally left the church, and figured if the ‘truth’ wasn’t in the ‘one true church’, it must be in the world. Of course, I didn’t find truth in the world either!! It was after I joined AA that I began to pray again after many years. I finally found truth in Jesus.

  26. Wow! If we all believe in God/Jesus and whatever in our own way we have to realize that all the evil that is happening is NOT because of God/Jesus or whoever but it comes straight from the pits of hell. All the changes to our worlds have started with taking God out of schools. Then they took parenting away from parents and allowed in every vile thing that God in His word spoke against. I truly believe this is a battle between God and the enemy (satan) and we are in the midst of it. Pray!

  27. Thank you Howard for your comments today.. I am a cradle Catholic and go to Mass almost every day for my spiritual up-lifting.. but, you made some very good points and I respect your opinion..
    And I will continue to read your blogs every time I get one.. you are one of the few people I can trust in what you have to say about all of our current events and you are really educating me on the Jewish beliefs etc.. I forward most all of your blogs to my very close Jewish friend.. have a Blessed day.

  28. I thought our founding fathers said “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion” due to King Henry VIII and his split with the Catholic Church over marriage so Henry, more or less, created the C of E. To this end, the US government has never created a religion and if I understand correctly – they support religion for those that want to worship and do not MAKE anyone worship anything or anyone if they don’t want. I don’t understand whyothers want to force their beliefs.

  29. The whole point of government is to legislate morality. The most powerful or the majority set the rules. I would rather have the Judeo Christian ethos rule than any constantly changing morality based on what is popular or accaptable. Sorry you were abused by a religious zealot.

  30. True, here in Israel the Ultra Orthodox have a stranglehold on the Israeli Parliament and try forcing their version of religion on everyone else. But, it’s not only here, years back in the UK, my elder brother wanted to attend Bible College, but the elders of the Plymouth Brethren chapel we attended would not sign his forms because it was a different demonetization. Human nature is the same all over the world, You can worship God in your way, but I’ll worship Him in His.

  31. Bob: I don’t know much about religion and the government in Israel, but isn’t it really a religious country and founded by Orthodox people….if Orthodoxy was good in the beginning why isn’t it good now? Thanks.

  32. I’m convert catholic & have a strong faith. But I’m seeing SJW’s taking over the church, right from the top. The church is about Jesus, not leftist political views. I think the root cause is evil has wormed it’s way into most religions. In addition, it has polluted the media, Hollywood, universities, schools, sports, etc. And if you don’t buy into their liberalism, your a racist or one of the many _phobics. There is no middle ground anymore and violence will only get worse. Lord help us!

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