World History Is Replete With Hate, Violence & Destruction


The reason why you haven’t received more Editorials from me recently, is because Anne, Stryker, April the Cat and I took off a couple of days to travel to Watertown NY, where we are currently wrapping up as I write this Editorial.


I’M LOOKING AT THIS QUITE DIFFERENTLY . . . Pretty much as a Forced Opportunity Caused by SUCCESSIVE Weak Presidents and an Inconsequential NATO. If it wasn’t for PUSSIES like the Bush’s in spite of their Wars against Hussein, Al Qaeda in Iraq and Afghanistan, and then with Clinton and Obama, who TALKED, TALKED, TALKED we would be looking at a different world.

What’s Happening Today . . . Right Here & Now with North Korea, Iran, Islamists, Syria, Hezbollah, Hamas and MORE – is NOT the fault of President Trump, nor his Cabinet, since they REALLY did Inherit this Global Mess from Previous Presidents, beginning after Ronald Reagan, with DO NOTHING CONGRESSES in the House and the Senate.


As Presidents and Congressional Grifters did NOTHING to Stop the Nightmare of the aforementioned before we had to Wake-Up and Face the Reality, the Media were too busy pushing their KUMBAYA NARRATIVE that this is a Wonderful World, where the greatest threat to mankind were the way “STRAIGHTS” looked at Gays, Lesbians, and whatever other Flavor of Sexual Preference there is out there.

The Media Pressed the NARRATIVE that we needed SAFE SPACES, that Boys should use the Bathrooms of Girls, and that everyone should have a University Education, so when the Graduates Serve Coffee at Second Cup, they could do it with an Intellectual Flair, as they seemed not to worry about the School Debt that could be in the Tens of Thousands . . . to a Hundred Thousands Dollars or More.

THE MEDIA FOCUSED ON GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS . . . while they Ignored the Murderous Gangs, many of whom were in America ILLEGALLY, reaping MAYHEM throughout the USA.

AND SPEAKING OF ILLEGALS . . . What can anyone say that would be the LEAST BIT GOOD about a Media, Government and LEFTIST Establishment that does EVERYTHING it can NOT to Protect its own Borders?

AND THEN THERE’S THE MOSLEM TERRORISTS . . . who would LOVE US only if we loved them. And in the Final Analysis – IT’S ALL ISRAEL’S FAULT ANYWAY.


PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP . . . has been given a very hard problem, with which he could do one of three things to hopefully resolve:

1 – Bribe the North Koreans like Bush, Clinton and Obama did. BUT THAT DIDN’T WORK.

2 – Threaten and Sabre Rattle with OR ELSE SCENARIOS, and when push comes to shove do nothing . . . BUT THAT DIDN’T WORK EITHER.

3 – Or Beat the HOLY CRAP out of the North Koreans with the FULL MIGHT of the Greatest Military that ever Inhabited the Earth . . . Eliminating a Real Threat, while sending a CLEAR MESSAGE to all the other Nations and People who think they could do their Dirty Deeds with IMPUNITY.


We can all Wish for World Peace, for a Chicken in every Pot, and for Eternal Life . . . but as the Age Old Proverb goes from the 1600’s “IF WISHES WERE HORSES – BEGGARS WOULD RIDE”.


There will always be a Caligula, Hitler, Stalin, Mao Zedong, Pol Pot, Bin Laden, FAT NORTH KOREAN SCHMUCK WITH THE FUNNY HAIR . . . and someone Else to Challenge FREEDOM and Human Decency, and there will always be a NEED for Men like Donald Trump TO STOP THEM.


Let the North Korean Fat Boy Schmuck With The Funny Hair PUSH HIS LUCK, and let President Donald Trump “CRY HAVOC & LET SLIP THE DOGS OF WAR” . . . and Literally Wipe-Out all of North Korea’s Offensive Weapons and Offensive Military in one MASSIVE Operation . . . WITH REAL SHOCK & AWE!

AFTERWARDS . . . I am 99.9% Certain, without DOUBT, that China, Russia and all the other Bad Actors will THINK LONG & HARD before Pushing their Luck Too.

WHAT SEEMS ABOUT TO HAPPEN IS NOT GOOD . . . But at the End of every Storm there are Blue Skies. And because of very Weak Presidents, the Inevitable has Arrived.


And as a Bonus for what might happen – The American LEFTIST Media and RINOS might Rethink where they Stand and what they Stand for.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Regarding truth, how important is it? Standing in front of Pilate at His hour of condemnation to die, Jesus said, “I have come to testify to the truth.” Pilate retorted, “What is truth?” Truth is the least common denominator of the universe. Physics, philosophy, economics, politics or religion, it’s all about the pursuit of truth – absolute truth. So when the media, government, education . . . lies, what would Jesus do? He would testify to the truth – the absolute truth. Veritas.

  2. I agree 100% Howard. I always thought that if we were to strike, we should have done it with shock and awe during their big celebration earlier this year. One huge “mother of all bombs” dropped on that celebration would have knocked out the leaders as well as soldiers and one heck of a lot of military hardware. What a missed opportunity!

  3. Standing prominently – and vulnerably – in the stands reviewing a military parade, Stubby Pudgy Bowl Cut presents an inviting target for a sneak drone attack. It speaks volumes of the utter spinelessness of the world’s leaders that the bloodstained villain’s crime family has been allowed to persecute, oppress and terrorize millions of innocent citizens for decades. And now the West willl impose sanctions that will serve only to further impoverish the hapless victims. It is madness.

  4. As far as the world has come in six thousand plus years of growth, evolution and culture, it is still grounded in an anchor of evil, ill-begotten gains, and losing it’s religious principles and tenents even faster. The latest Demorat thinking about the Presidential spot, Corey Booker, wants to legalize Marajuana, and “Zippy” Zuckerman wants a weekly check to everyone, and “The Burn” says free University educations for everyone.
    Trump simply says “Common sense for all, and earn your own $$$

  5. Amen. The buck stops here. Then Trump needs to clean the scum out of DC, and the scum will know he means business…..RESET.

  6. I like Mike Huckabee’s thoughts on NK he said “tell China go in and take over and annex the area we (US) will look the other way and if not we are going in and cc Russia on the deal.”
    China although we have differences we can manage to get along.

  7. I rarely agree with our PM Trudeau ( actually I never do ) but he seems to have come up with the perfect solution to ALL this madness and mayhem . July 18 2018 Dope For All = Tax Dollars for his World Dreams ,and dumbing down the remainder of the population that have not been exposed to Education in the past 25 years . What you do not see , hear or comprehend cannot hurt you . On a similar path Canada is now building Syrian Style Tent villages for Boarder Jumpers from US . Dope Anyone ?

  8. Approx. 75k years ago a Indonesian super volcano erupted and the results may have left a few thousand humans fighting for survival. Those survivors I would suggest were the meanest and most ruthless of men. That DNA was concentrated in the survivors and we see the results today. We don’t appear to have the heart or resolve to deal with this evil in men.

  9. Howard, you are so right. N.Korea has been working on a bomb for probably 20 years. Yet the world is up in arms when Trumps give them a verbal pushback (as all politicians and media worth their salt should). And the masses follow blindly to allow N.Korea reign and to condemn Trump. Huh? They did the same with Iran (made arguments why they should have a bomb). What more can anyone say when the supposed intelligent West permits tyrants to go nuclear.

  10. The fat kid with a lousy haircut can be dealt with. I think the $5.00 solution might be in order. That’s the approximate cost of one match grade .50 caliber cartridge. Handling and delivery charges will be extra. Our elite snipers have the equipment and and have the ability to place fatal shots accurately at over a mile from the target. Develop a plan, fund it, train for it, get into position, and send it. This may prompt existing insurgents in North Korea to step up for an internal revolution.

  11. When your neighbour keeps threatening to murder you, believe him. The MSM are outraged at Trump for promising a military response if attacked; same with the UN. My theory: Kim will target Israel to provoke Trump and to thank Iran for all its help. Guam is distraction. Wait for the generals and Kim watching a military parade then nuke Pyongyang. Trudeau: “I don’t read the newspapers, I don’t watch the news. I figure, if something importtant happens, someone will tell me.” Our idiot; wake him up.

  12. Other pundits have pretty much provided some the same comments as yours. However, yours was over-the-top. It put our current situation with both historical and with proper context. It was one of your best and I will include the link to your editorial in my newsletter.

  13. Howard, I wish they were more people like you that can stand and tell the truth. I think it was Bill Clinton who made the deal with North Korea, where they were supposed not to continue with their nuclear ambitions? Then one sunny day we wake up to find out that they exploded an atomic bomb. Same will happen with Iran. Now is the time to stop North Korea once and for all. Steve Acre, Canada

  14. I listened to Bill Richardson give a statement on n,korea and said what they wont is respect and be reorganized as a peaceful country. I have some words for Bill since he had a past relationship with kim un go see him and take that traitor basketball player with you ,you may wind up his prisoner. N,korea is a hell hole and kim un is a not job .Its really up to china to take action ands cut them off from their support.

  15. Howard, you “hit the nail on the head” regarding America’s present crisis situation! HOW Pres. Trump and his administration HANDLE NORTH KOREA, et al, will have a HUGE IMPACT on his Presidency. He INHERITED a REAL MESS! Trump is NOT a “TALKER”…he’s a “DOER”, so everyone had better be prepared for whatever is going to happen! The LEFTIST Media and RINOS WON’T RETHINK where they stand. They will manage to TWIST and USE whatever OUTCOME to ATTACK Trump. LET’S ALL PRAY FOR THE BEST OUTCOME! AMEN!

  16. There are many things I like and admire about Mr. Trump. One of which is he doesn’t go around posturing about things he intends to do. If I am correct in my recollection NONE of the leaders during WW2 broadcast their battle plans or their intentions. They just implemented them. I see that quality in Mr. Trump. Ideally I’d like to see Seal Team Six go into NK and remove the fat penguin and put him in Gitmo. Then waterboard the hell out of him. And I volunteer to hold the water pitcher.

  17. Howard, I opt for Number 3 and while they are it include Iran. This sabre rattling has gone on long enough. Donald Trunmp inherited a tremendous mess, and as said here he is a doer not a talker. Good luck to him. About our recent refugee crisis I would assume that as our lame brained PM invited them in that he should foot the bill for their care. Use the funds donated to the Trudeau Foundation for same. You nailed it with this report Howrard.

  18. I certainly agree with the sentiment but I remember a very wise saying about the military — ” young officers talk about tactics but old ones speak about logistics”. We do not know the state of the inventory for bombs, shells, fuel, aircraft parts etc. We do know that the US military was weakened by the Obama administration. This weakening was not just manpower but undoubtedly included every item from airplanes to toilet paper. Best not act too soon.

  19. I’m sure glad Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton solved the North Korea problem back in the 90’s with 5 billion dollars.
    I’m with you. President Trump, use option 3

  20. So Right: but as long as I’ve been aware,, USA will wait till they Korea strike first, meaning, wipe out a state or two, Alaska.
    San Diego, where the ships are.. Like nothing said about the insult from “prim Trudeau” to America and a slap in the face for apologize and giving $$millions to that terrorist that killed us soldiers, and the Trader Oboom ma.. set free because he is one of their kind. WHERE IS THE MEDIA? tearing down Pres, Trump the man that loves his country. ETC.

  21. Oh how I loathed those Carter, Clinton, Obama, years of talk, talk, talk, & the millions of air miles abroad by their emissaries. SOMEBODY please with the president Trump ear – tell him – TO GET THIS SHOW ON THE ROAD in taking out the little shit N. Korean kid with the bad haircut – & ASAP!

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