More Than Just Assaults In & On The USA


What’s happening in the USA vis a vis the Presidency, and the NON-STOP Assault on the American Constitution by the American LEFT, and far too many American People who are TOO Stupid to know which Side-Is-Up, is Absolutely Incredible, and is Without Question the MOST Important Issue facing the “FREE WORLD” as we know it.


During Periods of Great Political Uncertainty, Especially throughout the World, as History Demonstrates Without Fail . . . Is A Time When Jews Suffer The Most.

AS A NON APOLOGETIC CANADIAN CONSERVATIVE JEWISH ZIONIST . . . I am always Cognizant of the NEVER-ENDING Threats and Insults against Israel and the Jewish People, especially throughout Europe . . . But at Home in North America as well.

THE HISTORY OF VIOLENT ANTI-SEMITISM . . . Didn’t happen in a Bottle, it isn’t Anecdotal, and it didn’t just happen ONCE. Hatred for Jews extends throughout the History of Mankind, from the very beginning . . . to the writing of the TORAH (Old Testament) . . . to the Ceaseless Attacks on the Jewish State of Israel.

FOR ITS SIZE . . . Israel is an Extremely Powerful Military Country, but so were many other countries, which were also Powerful and Fell to their Enemies. And in the case of Israel, which is in fact just slightly larger than Lake Ontario, which is 7,500-Square Miles, Israel being ONLY 8,000-Square Miles – makes Israel Diminutive in Land Mass Stature.

The Longest Distance between Israel’s North, where the Jordan River Begins (Lebanon & Syria) to Israel’s South (Egypt) at Eilat at the Red Sea, is just 263-Miles, just 27-Miles more than the Distance between Orlando and Miami Florida, which I have driven in under 4-Hours.

The Shortest Distance in Israel from the East (West Bank) to the West (Mediterranean) is just 9-Miles . . . and from the Widest Point (Jordan to the Mediterranean), is all of just 71-Miles, which to Anne and myself being Country People, is nothing more than a One Hour Drive to Downtown Montreal or Ottawa from where we live, for a Restaurant Meal or some Shopping.


WHEN FACING AS MANY AS A HALF BILLION PEOPLE . . . who surround you, and who want you DEAD, DEAD & GONE – Only because you’re Jewish, those Distances provide ZERO Protection in this ERA of High-Tech Warfare, where a Missile, a Fighter-Jet and a Modern Tank can RESPECTIVELY Cross the County in Seconds, Minutes and Just Hours.

AND IT’S NOT AS IF THE REST OF THE WORLD . . . would come Running to Defend Israel, if Israel was about to Go Down for the Count, which we Witnessed in 1973 (Yom Kippur War), when it seemed all but Certain that Israel was about to be Defeated by the Combined Armies of Egypt, Syria and Jordan, while Israel’s “Friends” Debated Israel’s Future at the United Nations.


WHILE IT IS TRUE, that America (Nixon) sent an Enormous Emergency Shipment of Weaponry through the Biggest Military Airlift since, and perhaps even greater than during WWII . . . it is also TRUE – that Israel was either going to Live or Die on its Own Ability to Fight and Survive.


Defending Israel isn’t anything like Defending South Korea, Kuwait, Iraq, Syria or Afghanistan. It isn’t at all similar to the USA Stationing Permanent Troops, Ships, and the Full Force of American Air Power in Europe and Japan. THERE IS NO ONE STATIONED IN ISRAEL TO DEFEND ISRAEL.

THERE IS NO QUESTION . . . That the USA is VERY Generous to Israel in helping to Finance Israel’s War Readiness – BUT IT’S NOT FOR NOTHING.

If it WASN’T for Israel Defeating the Best the Soviet Union (Russia) could throw at Israel through its Arab Proxies . . . it would be the Russians who would be the Dominant Force in the Middle East Opposed to the USA.

If it wasn’t for Israeli Pilots and Tank Commanders, who Beat the CRAP out of Russian Fighter Jets and Tank Crews manned by Arab Nationals . . . the USA and subsequently NATO could NEVER have proven their Weapons’ Superiority without going to War against the Russians Themselves.

And if it WASN’T for the Supreme Spy Network of Mossad and Israeli Intelligence, there is no KNOWING how Europe, the Middle East, and the USA would have . . . and could have Fared in the Undercover Wars, which still Rage-On Today.

AND AS FAR AS MILITARY TECHNOLOGY GOES . . . The Free World Sleeps more Soundly at night because of more Israeli Military Technologies, than 99% of the World will ever know and or appreciate.

BUT IN THE FINAL ANALYSIS . . . Israel is very much on its own, given the Nature of how much the Europeans, the Arab/Moslems, the United Nations and so many others Hate Israel . . . ESPECIALLY WHEN ONE CONSIDERS HOW MUCH THE LEFT & THE WORLD OF ACADEMIA DESPISE THE JEWISH STATE.


EVERY NUANCE AGAINST ISRAEL . . . Is a DIRECT Statement and THREAT Against Jews Everywhere, which I take very Personally for Obvious Reasons.

When the Nazis and Nazi Supporters throughout Europe were SLAUGHTERING Jews, as if Jews were nothing more than Roaches, where Jewish Babies were thrown against Rocks and Brick Walls, Jewish Girls and Women were Raped, Beaten and Mutilated, Jewish Boys and Men were Beaten, Spat Upon, Ridiculed, Humiliated, Tortured, and Set to Hard Labor – and no matter what the Jew Did Before the Holocaust . . . whether the Jew was Man, Woman, New Born, Child, Elderly, Doctor, Lawyer, Baker or Candle-Stick-Maker – THEY WERE ALL MURDERED FOR THEIR “ONLY” CRIME . . . WHICH WAS BEING JEWISH.


If I were Alive during any Period of Accelerated Anti-Semitism, I would be amongst the AFOREMENTIONED . . . during the Babylonian Period the First Temple was Sacked – Jews Were Slaughtered. During the Hellenic Period – Jews Were Slaughtered. During the Roman Era the Second Temple was Sacked – Jews Were Slaughtered. During the Crusades – Jews Were Slaughtered. During the Multi-Inquisitions in France, Spain and Portugal, Jews were Disenfranchised and FORCED to FLEE or DIE. During the Pogroms throughout Eastern Europe, leading to the Holocaust, whole Jewish Villages were Wiped-Out. And during the HOLOCAUST, where and when an entire World Sat on its Hands, Bearing Witness to Jews being Tortured and Slaughtered in Unimaginable Ways and Numbers . . . THERE WAS ONLY SILENCE.


NOTHING HAS CHANGED . . . The World Still HATES Jews, and no matter how many LEFTIST Jews there are in Europe, North America, and even in Israel, who Criticize Israel, because it’s the World’s Fashionable thing to do, just as it was to Self Criticize Jews amongst LEFTIST Jews in Pre-Holocaust Europe and North America – JEWS ARE IN MANY WAYS NO LESS INVULNERABLE TODAY, THAN WE WERE FROM THE VERY “BEGINNING”.

IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT WE JEWS CONTRIBUTE . . . Since we have ALWAYS Given Far More than whatever we’ve Taken wherever we called Home, whether it was in the ARTS, ENTERTAINMENT, SCIENCES, MEDICINE, MATHEMATICS, PHYSICS, CONSTRUCTION . . . ETC – We made life better for our being wherever we were than worse . . . BUT IT NEVER MATTERED, Because we are Jews – PERIOD . . . FULL STOP!


The ONLY Reason Israel SURVIVES Today, or at least has “SOME” Significant International Support, is predominantly because of the HUGE Number of Evangelical Christians, which account for roughly 25% of all Christian Americans, who are almost ENTIRELY Responsible for the Election of President Trump.

AND DURING THE GEORGE W BUSH PRESIDENCY . . . If it wasn’t for American Evangelicals, when George W Bush had Serious Words with Israeli Prime Minister Arial Sharon, I am not convinced that George W Bush wasn’t about to throw Israel to the Wolves.

I’M WRITING THIS . . . Because History ALWAYS REPEATS ITSELF, and the Vast Majority of People are TOO Stupid and Lazy to know what happened just Yesterday, let alone Thousands and Hundreds of Years – and Just Decades Ago . . . And What Goes Around Comes Around.

OF THE LESS THAN 15-MILLION JEWS WORLDWIDE . . . I doubt if as many as 25% Understand how Vulnerable (they) Jews are in this Highly Anti-Israel/Anti-Semitic World.

IMAGINE THIS . . . Taking-In The Entire Global Population, Jews Account for LESS than 0.2% of the ENTIRE Planet of people, which is LESS THAN TWO-TENTHS OF ONE PERCENT . . . and Israel, in terms of Land Mass – which is the ONLY Jewish Country on the Entire Planet, represents in comparison to Israel’s Arab Moslem Neighbors . . . ALSO LESS than 0.2% (LESS THAN TWO-TENTHS OF ONE PERCENT), and on a Global Scale, the Land Mass of Israel Hardly Measures at all.

BUT FOR THE INDEFENSIBLE REASON OF ANTI-SEMITISM . . . as Canada’s WWII Prime Minister, Liberal Leader – William Lyon Mackenzie King said so Succinctly about the Number of Jews who should be permitted to Immigrate to Canada . . . before, during and after the War . . . NONE IS TOO MANY.

And That Represents The View Point Of Most Of The World – Like It Or Not!

I Don’t Like It . . . And I Can’t Change It . . .


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. From one birthdat boy (Feb. 12 1943)to another….HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOWARD…. and keep up the good work…Thanks

  2. When dealing with anti-Semitism, Canada should not be left out. Back in the 17th century, the French firm that was the purveyor to the French Military and others in NA was the Monsanto Company, a Jewish firm. When the French imported the Inquisition to Canada, the Monsanto Company was forced to flee and give up its business. Also, we know about the St. Louis pre-WWII. As in many cases under Liberal, leftist governments nations have not been friendly to Israel.

  3. Well said Howard. I don’t know what to say, except what you say is true. I do know (as a retired US military person), that if the USA goes to war, I WANT THE JEWS ON OUR SIDE !!

  4. How right you are Howard, I always look forward to your editorials.

  5. I, a one-time Christian evangelical and now a continuing thinking human being, have the upmost respect for Jews. And I’m thankful for all that they have done for us all. As for the pandemic hatred of Jews, I put it down to simply ENVY. Jews, generally, are super human. The Jew-haters are SUB-humans.

  6. Howard, I am proud to be a Jew like you. We survived the second world war in the Middle East, thanks to the Brits who stopped Rommel from capturing Egypt. In Iraq where I come from, the Nazi party was already preparing concentration camps to put the Jews in. No matter what we do to help mankind in science and medicine, it does not matter, we are hated. Is is jealousy? The main reason that the Arabs will never have a real peace with Israel is because its a Jewish State. Steve Acre, Canada

  7. I can only say, “Do not go gentle in that dark night…” Arm yourselves. Learn to use your weapons and don’t let them pack you off to the death chambers.
    Last time we lost a big portion of our family in Russia and Poland. They just disappeared.
    Never again. Not there. Not here. Nowhere.
    We can be killed, but I will take as many of them with me as I can. We all should.

  8. As I have said for decades: the world wrings its hands with woe when Jews are murdered, but is outraged when Jews dare to defend themselves.

  9. Never Again, was invoked by the Survivors (the eye witnesses) and adopted by my generation. The nazis were the biggest bullies in history. Sadly, today the bullying is happening again and a lot of the young Jewish people in North America are loosing their bearings. Never Again seems to have lost its significance to the leftist liberal idiots, including a lot of young Jews. Human nature dictates to fight or flight. I will fight as long as I can breath. I am a child Holocaust Survivor. NEVER AGAIN

  10. How wonderful God keeps His promises. God chose the Jewish people for Himself and has promised to redeem them. Nothing can completely destroy the Jewish people. The Jew haters are not sub-human, they are merely wrong, evil and extremely sinful. May all our words, deeds and thoughts be loving. Only two possibilities, loving or not, sinful or not. Jesus Himself was and is a Jew.

  11. We will slowly work on the Pallies’ resolve and they will come to realize that they(and the Arab nations) have lost the war and if they want to lead good lives they will have to accept us. In the meantime we become stronger daily, and hopefully wiser. I am a Jew living in Canada but when it comes to Israel I consider myself an endogenous person, because we ere there eons ago. I am thankful that they didn’t have to resort to nukes during the Yom Kippur war.

  12. I enjoyed your column today, especially when you touched on what the Jews have contributed to our world. I received an email years ago that listed all of the Nobel Prizes won compared to other countries as well as all of the awards in Science, Medicine, Physics, etc. All of these were shown in comparison with other countries. I was amazed at how such a small country could produce so many geniuses. If you happen to have the list I’m speaking of, I wish you would include it in one of your blogs.ES

  13. I have been fortunate enough to have Jewish friends who were the best friends I ever had. I’m sure there are many people who have had the same experience. I know my father did.
    I send love and blessings to all Jewish people and hope they understand that ordinary people like myself have all sorts of stresses….e.g I was born on the wrong side of the track, but I learned to be strong…it wasn’t easy and now in my nineties I look back and wonder how I survived.

  14. As to your comment about American stupidity, I respectfully disagree. It is ignorance, not stupidity, brought about by a couple of generations exposure to the hopeless American educational system. As to anti-Semitism, that will never go away. This time, however, the Jews have no place else to go and will defend Israel to the death, which could be the beginning of WW III. Hopefully, cooler heads will prevail, but don’t look to the pathetic UN for any help.

  15. I lived in Israel during the Yom Kippur War(1973). I was living near Talpiot near Jordan where there was MUCH fighting during the 1967 Six Day War. Jordan did not attack Israel during the Yom Kippur War. If it had, I would have been in much danger but I wasn’t. The Yom Kippur War was VERY bad and every family in Israel was hurt by the death of a relative. It would have been far worse IF Jordan had entered the war. However, I WAS personally attacked by 2 Arabs the DAY BEFORE! They KNEW!

  16. I am not a born Jew but, I very much believe in the Torah. The Jews always have been the apple of God’s eye. When they sinned according to the bible, they were punished. I don’t pretend to know if that is the case now, but I do feel from the bottom of my heart they will WIN as the Bible says because God WILL fight for them. They should have NEVER given up part of THEIR land in my opinion. Evil is fighting against the Jews, but they WILL WIN in the end.

  17. Howard, thank you as usual a spot on article. Can I just reinforce how small Israel really is. From our building we can see the sea and Ramallah and, If you open Google Earth and zoom in on Israel, then adjust it to show the River Jordan and the top of the Dead Sea in the RH side, and the Mediterranean in the upper LH corner; there is a triangle 8 miles in and pointing towards the sea. This is Ben Gurion Airport’s runways. This is also visible on a tourist satellite map showing all of Israel!

  18. WOW, Howard…..another absolutely WONDERFUL article! I had the pleasure of visiting Israel, in 1995, & I’m so very grateful/thankful for that opportunity!! It did change my outlook on that part of the world, for sure. I came back with a different view of what it means to have peace in that part of the world. I definitely believe God has His hand on the Jewish people, & He will never give up when it comes to saving the Jewish people & their beloved homeland!!! God Bless Israel & the USA!!!!

  19. Yahweh calls only Jewish Israel “My people” (of His own stock). Like your other devoted readers I’ll be counted as a friend to the nation of Israel. God will continue to bless His own. Thanks for this message.

  20. Well stated! History will repeat it’s self, unless we smarten up.

  21. I am not Jewish; nor Christian; nor a disciple of any formal religion,..but the universal hatred of Jews has always been an anomaly to me. My grandparents and their children (including my mother) emigrated from Germany to the US in the early 1900’s…well before the Hitler regime. My grandfather hated Jews, but religion was never the object of his contempt. He considered them thieves and money grubbers…I know not why. Thankfully, my mother did not share his belief, nor do I or my children.

  22. History shows us that good deeds, generosity and even compliance are no protection from hatred. Israel has developed the means to protect itself or to make conquest extremely expensive. It is sad that Israel cannot count on other nations to come to its aid should the Arabs attack. I pray its defenses will always be far better than the attackers. As the forces of evil gather strength here and in Canada, may the Jews be better armed and better prepared and always vigilant. May God Protect You.

  23. I agree with every word you have said. However, the “stupid” people to whom you refer are much worse than stupid. They are DENIERS.

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