Are You . . . Or Are You NOT A Patriot?


I’m not a Fan of Michael Savage, the Syndicated Conservative Radio Talk Show Host of the ”Savage Nation”. I used to listen to him quite a while ago, but always thought of him as being considerably Over-The-Top, and far too Full-Of-Himself to be taken Real Seriously . . .


I NEVER Questioned Michael Savage’s RIGHT to Say and Write the things he writes and says. And even though I’m was not impressed with the way Savage occasionally expressed himself when I listened – I CANNOT recall anything he said, wrote, or has been attributed to him, which could in any way be a Call to Incite, Lie, or be Racist. So Why The UK Ban?


The Reason why I’m writing somewhat about Michael Savage . . . has nothing to do with Michael Savage Per Se . . . but has a great deal to do with something he very recently said on his Radio Show, which was reported on the Internet, which is important, because whatever I think of Savage and his approach to Talk-Radio is Irrelevant, especially when taking into Consideration the Size and Scope of his Audience . . . which is Substantial at around FIVE MILLION PEOPLE.

TO PARAPHRASE MICHEL SAVAGE . . . What he said was – If the Deep State, through Former FBI Director Comey, Special Prosecutor Mueller, the Pro Clinton Democrat Lawyers Mueller Appointed, the LEFT-CENTRIC Grand Jury & RINOS Take Down President Trump – THERE WILL BE CIVIL WAR IN AMERICA.


There is nothing Extraordinary about Michael Savage believing that the United States of America could be TEETERING on Civil War if the LEFT Persists in Destroying America, since I and some others like me, have for quite some time been SAYING OR WRITING THE SAME THING.

WHAT IS EXTRAORDINARY . . . is that 75-Year Old Michael Savage, who has been around the Block More Often Than Most, has PUBLICLY SAID THIS TO HIS 5-MILLION LISTENER BASE AUDIENCE, which MOST Writers and Talk-Show Hosts of Serious Repute . . . ONLY WHISPER OR HINT AT.


Thomas Jefferson, some 250-Years Ago, warned that for America to Defend and Preserve its Freedoms, there will be Times when Patriots will have to Rise-Up and Shed Life, Liberty and Treasure . . . in the Battle to Keep What Cost So Many So Dearly, which ultimately led to the Greatness of the United States of America.

I THINK . . . That because of the Brashness and Courage of Michael Savage, who so publicly said what others were only thinking, OTHERS MIGHT ALSO NOW SAY & WRITE THE SAME TRUTH PUBLICLY AS WELL.


Larry Lehrman Of Aventura Florida Said . . . Its OK with me for NSA to listen to my phone or computer and every one in the U.S and every country” . . .

Lehrman wrote this in Response to the US Government SPYING on Americans in order to keep Americans Safe . . . to which I responded with a Quote from Benjamin Franklin . . .

“Those Who Give Up Liberty For Security Deserve Neither”.

This Is The Dumbest Comment Ever Posted On

If Americans like Lehrman believe their FREEDOMS are best Protected by BIG BROTHER, then America is Doomed, and People like Lehrman will RUE THE DAY they took their Individual Freedoms for Granted, knowing NOTHING of the Sacrifices by the Framers and Patriots, who gave everything they had . . . INCLUDING Treasure, Blood and Death for FREEDOM FROM GOVERNMENT.


BUT I AM CERTAIN – THAT THE PEOPLE . . . who read, essentially are NOTHING Like Larry Lehrman, who is willing to Trade the Freedoms of the People for False Security at the Hand of Government.

I Don’t Care For Savage . . . But On This – I’ll Stand With Him To The Bitter End!

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Benjamin Franklin’s words were never truer, nor were they ever a more valuable resource than they are now as they are so clearly true…

    “Those Who Give Up Liberty For Security Deserve Neither”

    Thank You for reminding us at this critical time….

  2. All this mess is coming out of the “Obama Basement War Room” well funded and supervised by Valerie Jarrett, I am sure it will get worse. They want “Hurricane Hussein” to finish the job. I said this from the beginning all Obama had was a mouth.

  3. We the People lacked a LEADER; history has provided leaders from unlikely sources to restore the balance of reason. We the American People, ALL OF US, have our LEADER. Stay strong and stay the course…we WILL overcome the EVIL which has invaded our United States of America. May our Creator once again bless the true patriots among us.

  4. It’s sad to say, but in order to protect our RIGHTS, we often must FIGHT for them! Many of our RIGHTS were almost DESTROYED during Obama’s presidency. The HARM he did in 8 years now has to be RECTIFIED by Pres. Trump. Thanks to Obama’s extensive BRAINWASHING of many individuals [including the RINOS], it is NOT an EASY TASK for Trump, et al, to perform–thus the possibility of a Civil War! The TRUE REPUBLICANS must “PUT THEIR BIG-BOY PANTS ON” and ACT as REPUBLICANS by ALL WORKING TOGETHER! AMEN

  5. “Those Who Give Up Liberty For Security Deserve Neither”. Nothing could be truer. Mr. Lehrman, how many amendments to our constitution are you willing to sacrifice for a temporary peace? At the end of the day, it will be all of them that you will have sacrificed, AND YOUR COUNTRY.

  6. Quoting Lee Kwan Yew-“If a people have lost faith completely in their institutions because they cannot find people of caliber to run them, however good the system, it perishes. Ultimately, it is the people who run the system who make it come to life”.

  7. Savage is correct- “Liberals” want Civil War to happen here! (Things going on to literally “divide”, not “unite” this nation!) Many different types of people living in USA today (who lack self-respect, respect for others, or “ethics”). Dishonesty is the “disease” destroying USA! Time we face (sad/bad) reality about “Deep State”! Media “brainwashed” Lehrman (along with “millions” of others)! Savage speaks from “older/wiser voice of experience”, so perhaps he’s like a “prophet” sent to warn us?

  8. I am getting old and I am tired of all the BS has put out over the last sixty years. “As for give me liberty or give death”.
    Keep your powder dry, lock and load let the games begin. Freedom is not free.

  9. I wish Larry Lehrman would read “The 5000 Year Leap”. I wish every high school student and every voter would have to read it before graduating or voting. Everyone would benefit from discovering the 28 Principals of Freedom our Founding Fathers said must be understood and PERPETUATED by everyone who desired peace and freedom.

  10. Great editorial today Howard, short but sweet or as my favorite talk show host (Rush Limbaugh) often says: “Brevity is the soul of wit”. If our DOJ doesn’t start indicting people in Hillary’s circle of friends like Susan “Blabbermouth” Schultz very soon among many others I will be sorely disappointed. Edgar Sellers

  11. I was telling my daughter and son-in-law this morning that a war of some kind was on its way. If libs get anywhere near impeachment they better have damn provable high crimes and misdemeanors not just some innuendo !!!

  12. Howard,since you have not been a member of the U.S. military or for that matter the Canadian military you do not know
    what war is like. I have spent 7 years in the Navy and 1 war and with out intelligence by any means (phone, computer) today we are at the mercy of issi and any other group out to destroy us. NSA only records conversation by computers when key words are used or coded messages. . I am not giving up my freedom I want to protect it.

  13. I stand with you Howard. “Give me liberty or give me death”….We have already given up too much of our liberty…It’s time to make a stand…

  14. I wish it were true but I do not believe it will happen. Based on the Rights reaction to other things that have happened if Trump falls Conservatives will go home, complain to their wives, accept it and go to bed. The next morning they will have accepted it all. They will do nothing because they cannot even throw a good march or throw a good riot.
    I have yet to see any cars burning or downtown areas ablaze. To think they will start a civil war is a pure dream.
    They will do nothing.

  15. Excellent editorial today, Howard. Thank you. I often listen to Michael Savage – for short bursts. He is usually way too off-on-a-tangential-rant for me! That said, I believe he is right about our country’s being so divided that it feels as if we are headed toward another civil type of war. Not north against south this time, but those who believe in the Constitution and Law vs. those who don’t. It’s frightening to think this could happen here, but we’re ready to fight, if needs be.

  16. While I believe we have come to far for a “blood ‘n guts” revolution, which I would be in support of, BUT that said, as Pogo has said, “We have met the enemy and them is US!”. Our problems are firmly rooted in the total ignorance of our educators, the “feel good”demands of our youth, and the creation of a new CLASS of people, the POLITICAL ELITE, who live to profit on the backs of the other American People.
    Screw Tax Reform, Health Care reform, etc.!! WE NEED SEVERE CONGRESSIONAL REFORM!!


  18. You have said the same thing before. The problem is that there are two countries in the Un-United States of America, the
    one that consists of the East and West and the second comprised of the Heartland of the US. All the money is located in the coastal states. As long as the DEMOS and RINOS from those places with their give away mentality we are going to loose. Lets make sure that NON of the present members of Congress that are running in 2018 come back.

  19. In May 2009, then–British Home Secretary Jacqui Smith announced that “Savage was on a list of 16 people banned from entry because the government believed their views might provoke violence.” Britain apparently does not believe in freedom of speech. And they seem to be protecting Muslims at all costs. I do believe M. Savage is correct in that the USA is on the brink of civil war.

  20. Vince is spot on. Nothing will happen. We were peppered with Obama/Clinton lies and treasonous acts and…nothing. I could go on and on. But, why waste my time, why do I even bother reading your articles…..nothing will change. The elites will continue to be in charge, and the sheeple will still think we have a two-party political system.

  21. Seems like too many Americans (Canadian and US) have the Stockholm Syndrome. Hard for them to arise above that malady and fight all the injustices incurred. They are beginning to get only crumbs of freedom and love their abusers for that. We are in BIG trouble.

  22. As others have said, I have seen another civil war coming for the last 10 years. Government overreach, NSA spying on innocent American Citizens, the ability to indefinitely detain an American Citizen, all are the first shots of the coming bloody war. The Deep State has pushed us too far and the fuse has been lit. The question is, how long will the fuse burn before the explosion occurs.

  23. The picture of Obama and Trudeau sitting ALONE in a quaint restaurant back a month or two ago gave me goose bumps. When I read Trudeau gave the Clinton Foundation $20 million shortly after that, I wondered if there was a connection. George Soros’ name has been used in Canada quite a bit lately and now we have all these refugees streaming across our boarders with Trudeau telling us he has things under control. Could there be a connection or am I just imagining things?

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