A Mish Mash Of Events


Last Friday (July 28, 2017), a good friend of mine (John), who lives somewhat North West of Kingston Ontario, and I met by Motorcycle in a Small Vacation Town on the St Lawrence River, called Gananoque, made famous as a 1000 Islands Resort Town, where only the River Separates Canada from the USA (Ontario and New York State).

I live about 150-Miles to the East of Gananoque, my Friend John lives about an away Hour in the Opposite Direction. So for me, this is a Nice Ride on a Beautiful Day, following the River all the way, where once we meet at our destination, we enjoy each other’s company, speaking about some past Adventures, Travel, RV’s, BIKES and Politics.

AS IT TURNED OUT . . . In keeping with the last Editorial About Italians and the “MOOCH”, we made-up to meet in Gananoque at a Restaurant called MILANO’S, which used to be the BEST Italian Pizza, Chicken and Hamburger Joint EVER, which unfortunately was sold by the Family a couple of years ago.

We didn’t go to Milano’s often, more like a few times a year every year, when we met by BIKE at Gananoque, but every time John and I went, we had a wonderful Experience with the FAMILY, who Loved that we both came from a substantial Distance to Eat their Food, which also INCLUDED the Treatment we ENJOYED just from being there.


I say UNFORTUNATELY, because the new owners, who weren’t Italian, couldn’t hold a candle to the Flair and Taste of the Milano’s. So I wasn’t interested in eating there, since my experience with the food served by the new owners, who were nice enough and tried hard, simply didn’t merit a second visit.

But, since this restaurant is so well positioned, John and I agreed to meet at Milano’s, and from there we’d find a different place to eat.

When I arrived at the Restaurant a few minutes before John, I really needed to use the bathroom, so I shut down the BIKE, and ran inside, ONLY to see the Original Owners behind the Counter . . . AND THEN IT BEGAN!

AND I YELLED OUT IN THEIR CROWDED GREASY SPOON . . . “The Band’s Back Together”. And from behind the counter someone YELLED-OUT in that Distinctive English/Italian Way Of Speaking . . . “Where’ve you been, and where’s your friend”?

There Were Plenty Of Handshakes & Banter . . . But I really had to go to the Bathroom. And while coming out of the bathroom a moment later, I heard more Happy Screaming, recognizing my Friend John’s Voice . . . “YOU’RE BACK”! And the Great Hellos Started all over again.

John and I had an incredible meal amongst Famiglia, for a Fraction of what the cost would be for an INFERIOR Meal anywhere else, and promised each other and the Family, that we will be Back before the Riding Season comes to an end.

FROM MILANO’S . . . We Rode A Few Miles East To A Restaurant That Makes It’s Own Pies:

While Sitting At This Hole-In-The-Wall Restaurant, also near the St Lawrence River in the Heart of one of Ontario’s Great Tourist Areas, we were speaking about many things, which included the Political Mess Canada finds itself in today, when we heard a woman’s voice, who was seated behind me, who said . . . “WE LOVE YOUR COUNTRY”.

So I turned around to see a Retired Couple, older than John and I (who is my age given a few months apart), smiling at our conversation. So I asked where they were from, to which they answered Connecticut, which should have already told me everything I needed to know about them.

AND THE WOMAN WITHOUT PROVOCATION SAID . . . “And we LOVE your Prime Minister”, to which I replied . . .

“Even though our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau PAID a Moslem Terrorist, who MURDERED an American Serviceman, and Partially Blinded another American Serviceman in Afghanistan, who was Fighting for the Taliban, whose Father was a Key Financier for Bin Laden . . . a Cool $10.5-Million Tax Free Dollars, because Canada didn’t do enough to help him while he was Imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay”?


“Trudeau Issued An Official Apology To The Terrorist”.

“HE DIDN’T DO THAT SHE SAID”. To which I added . . . “Oh Yes He Did, & It Happened Just Within The Past Week & A Bit”.

“Well . . . I Have To Check That For Myself She Retorted”. And then she went on to LAMBASTE President Trump for a Myriad of Things . . . INCLUDING – Selling 20% of America’s Uranium Mining Stockpile to the Russians, to which I quickly said . . .

“I think you’re somewhat confused – Because 20% of America’s Uranium Stockpile was indeed SOLD to the Russians, but it wasn’t because of President Trump, but rather, it was through Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who was serving under Barrack Obama, whose Husband (Bill Clinton) was later Rewarded with a HUGE Speaking Fee in Russia, and only God Knows How Much Money Was Sent To The Clinton Foundation As A Result”?


HER RESPONSE TO ME WAS CLASSIC . . . “I don’t Know Where You Get Your News From . . . ” – and before she could finish her Statement, I said – “NOT FROM THE SAME PLACE YOU GET YOUR NEWS”.

John and I were well dressed-enough, but we were Wearing BIKER Stuff, which I guess Diminished us somewhat in her eyes . . . so I said to her – “Please Let Me Introduce Ourselves Properly”.

“My Friend John & I are somewhat Retired, except . . . more or less, I still write Professionally. John, up until recently, used to be a Senior Vice President of Canada’s LARGEST Radio and Television Broadcast Network, known in the USA as Mainstream Media, akin to your ABC, NBC and CBS”.

“I on the Other Hand, was one of Canada’s Newsmakers of the Year, one of Montreal’s Most Listened to, and most Successful Radio Talk Show Hosts in English Montreal, and the UNDISPUTED Leader for Freedom of Expression in Canada, vis a vis the Fight for English Language Rights in the Separatist Province of Quebec – And Amongst Other Things . . . I Write A VERY Popular Socio/Political Blog, Read Mostly By Americans”.


“Before Retiring and spending a great Deal of your Summers, Vacationing in Canada, what did you do for a Living”? To which she responded . . . “TEACHING”.

Enough said.

Last Friday Was A Really Good Day.

Some people who have Commented on the last Editorial seem to think that I am really down on Jeff Sessions. I have no idea where they got that information, because I’m NOT.

I do think that Sessions should have NEVER RECUSED HIMSELF from the Russia Investigation, especially WITHOUT First Informing his Boss, the President, which would have been the right thing to have done, SPECIFICALLY before he was Sworn-In as President Trump’s Attorney General.

That doesn’t mean Sessions should be ousted from the Cabinet. But I do believe that Jeff Sessions should be moved to another Cabinet Post, such as Homeland Security, where I’m certain he would do a great job, as did General Kelly, which is being Bandied-About in the Media.


President Trump Is Surrounding Himself With Street-Fighters . . . Which Is What He Also Needs In Justice – Jeff Sessions Is Not A Street Fighter.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Your amazing encounter with liberals from Connecticut reminds of a neighbor I met with for lunch the other day. Where do they get their information? It was like I was talking to a guy who was 2 tacos short of a combination plate. After 1year he could not tell me where the crime was with Trump-Russia connection; other than he colluded. He said that what the investigation is about. I said they have have been investigating this for a year. They should check out Hillary and her collusion.

  2. Well said, Howard.

    I laughed out load as soon as I read “teaching,” because that immediately came to mind when I read that you asked, “Before Retiring and spending a great Deal of your Summers, Vacationing in Canada, what did you do for a Living”?

  3. Well said Howard!!! LOL!!!
    I have a brother whose a Cornel PHD of Chemistry graduate..been in the university system ever since.. from 1965 till still active now.. he is 78 years old.. He voted for Crooked Hilliary!!! I asked my other brother, “how could Bill do that?” My other brother said to me “what do you expect Barry? He has been brainwashed for many years in the University system!!” Anyway.. just wanted to share that with you.. after your conversation with the lady being a educator, LOL

  4. Really interesting when a Canadian has to school an American on their own government. I know plenty of American liberals who envy us True-dope, and I tell them they can have him if they’ll send us Trump!

  5. Howard, what did you expect from that American lady from Connecticut? Most Americans have no clue whatsoever about us in Canada, but they see Trudeau’s photo and they like what they see on the outside. Did she know that our Prime Minister used to be a Bouncer in a night club? As for a profession, he was a Drama teacher. I am hoping that he will leave after his first tenure ends. We need someone like Trump to shake things up. Steve Acre, Canada

  6. Totally agree with what you wrote about JEFF SESSIONS! It’s too bad that LIBERALS don’t get their facts STRAIGHT–as proven by your ‘couple encounter’. Your responses were PERFECT! Now that GEN. KELLY & SCARAMUCCI are IN PLACE, the upcoming weeks should prove to be QUITE INTERESTING because FINALLY, the LIBERALS will meet THEIR MATCH—“the Street-Fighters”! It also appears that PRES. TRUMP will soon ACT upon trying to RESOLVE the HEALTHCARE debacle. GO TRUMP GO! MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! AMEN!

  7. How lucky can you get, Howard? Excellent Italian food followed up with HOME MADE PIE????? OMG….I’m beginning to hate you. 🙂 You won the lottery of food!!! In AZ it is all just feah when it comes to food. That poor teacher is so dumb, she is not even suspicious that she is. Don’t know if it is true, but the pres of one of the national teacher’s unions here is so overwhelmed by Betsy DeVos, she is leaving that position. Love to hear it.

  8. I agree with your position on Sessions, he is a good honest capable person. I think his lack of diplomacy in good order, is from his many years in Congress where he did not have a “boss” and shot from the hip. Put him in Kelly’s old spot, put Ray Kelly (NYC) in as Attorney General, certainly experienced and well educated.

  9. Seems to me that Canada is in need of some good “street fighters” to drain their swamp as well. Have anyone in particular in mind????? Not only did I vote for Pres. Trump, he is in my daily prayers to once again make us “One nation under God with liberty and justice for all!!!!

  10. I recently visited an old friend who asked me why Trump was doing bad things for Americans. I asked her (already knowing the answer) where she heard this. CBS, NBC, ABC, etc. I said you are listening to the wrong people Try Fox news and see what happens. It is amazing! Talk about indoctrination.
    Thanks, Howard, for a good read.

  11. Howard please don’t judge ( I know you won’t ) people from CT by the loosers you met during your dinner. I spent most of my life in CT and am on your side.

  12. Th American school system (and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos) must thank their lucky stars ‘Ms Connecticut’ has been erased from the classroom. Let it be retirement, or anything else for that matter, as long as she’s the hell out o’ there.

  13. I hope that looney couple from Connecticut renounces their USA citizenship and gives it to you and Mrs.G. I don’t know if that’s possible, but wouldn’t it be wonderful. By the way, Ted Cruz had dual citizenship – why not you? As for Ray Kelly he would be superb as AG, but we need him to be Mayor of NYC.

  14. Can we pass an Executive Order to suspend Connecticut from the United States of America, or combine it with New York and California, into a state called “Warmfuzzie” (they won’t make it more than a year before they are filing Chapter 11 and trying to reorganize and apply for Federal Aid and “bailouts”, and the right to have a flag with Obama’s image and an open wallet as State Symbols!
    WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE??? AND I have first hand knowledge as a recovering Bostonian!!

  15. Last Saturday evening while attending my friend’s annual BBQ, I got into an argument with a guest who’s Jewish. He ran the whole gamut of Islamo b.s.: Israel is the destabilizing factor in the mideast, there should be only one “democratic state” that includes all people, terrorism is an exaggerated issue, not a problem, there are only a few thousand muslim extremists, & actually are more fanatic jews percentage wise, those opposing immigration are Nazis.
    No hope for this sick leftie & his ilk.

  16. OMG Howard………. I loved it! Now you know what it’s like for us here in CT! Isn’t it just awful? But I laughed out loud and loved your response!

  17. Just for the record: I too am a graduate of Cornell University, Class of 1967, but received my BS Degree in June 1968. I will grant that I do not have a Master’s or PhD from Cornell (or anywhere else for that matter), but I managed to resist all the left-wing nonsense that we were regularly exposed to during my 5 years there and pretty much as far to the right as one can get on nearly every possible issue. Underneath it all, I am probably mostly a Libertarian. I voted Trump proudly.

  18. Connecticut is just as awful as Canada with one exception = Connecticut seems determined to get rid of their rights as granted int he US Constitution in favor of Canada’s relentless pursuit of Fascism.

  19. Another great editorial Howard!
    Btw, FB is not letting me share this one on my page, any idea why not when I have posted all your editorals before?

  20. “Millions” of “misinformed” (brainwashed) liberals live in our nation (particularly in Northeast) who are so used to “Fabricated Facts”/”Twisted Truths” that almost everything in their minds is “bassackwards”! Last Friday, your “encounters” were a lesson in: “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover!” (Sometimes, things turn out like we don’t expect!) Trump won’t get captured, comply with Communists, or give away uranium! Today we need respect and loyalty towards POTUS (no matter how people voted)!

  21. You can’t change people who are stupid,the teacher from Conn.is a goods example. Trump changing members of his cabinet
    is like playing cards ,you really don’t know what will be a wining hand till the other players show their hand.
    Will Trump make America great again ?

  22. I absolutely love this story. I do this kind of thing all the time much to the chagrin of my kids when they were growing up. Speaking up and attempting to educate her was fantastic. Not hard to see what is wrong with a lot of the millennial Sys with teachers like her. I rode on a plane today with a young man who just finished his 1st year at West Point – what a wonderful charactered young man educated and brought up in very red Oklahoma. We need more like him.

  23. I too laughed out loud when I read “teaching.” Just classic. Great editorial, Howard.

  24. Well done! And just another excellent editioral out of so many! So many Anericans are soooooo misguided and mis-informed! You make my heart sing! Thank you again … and again! I will be sharing!

  25. Howard, ANOTHER GREAT blog, with many-many wonderful comments by your “family of readers”! I just loved how you handled the CT “educator”!! Absolutely priceless!!! Keep up the great job, Howard…..and FRIENDS!!!!

  26. Even way down here I know what a dud troodoe is and I’ve never been to Canada or the U.S. That woman may have been a teacher but she was still dumb and uneducated!

  27. GREAT blog today!!! LOVED the whole story & the final hit – Teaching LOLOLOL!!! Yep, way too many of our educators are in reality – Dumb and dumber. They may know the theory but they honestly don’t know how to fight their way out of a wet paper bag, if their life depended on it. I am so glad that yours and John’s favorite restaurant has its old owners back & what a reunion that was for both of you! In the scheme of things – Life is good. I pray that politics will get better, too.

  28. Howard, had to laugh. Am retired and coming from a position of between a brother and sister-in-law(both educators) and a minister on the other hand I admired your moxie. I have the drivel before having been in similar conversations with them. I consider politicians and educators the same as the squirrels I feed on a daily basis, welfare rodents. LOL my friend. Woke up at 4am for coffee and Howard, good start, life is great.

  29. Most people have no idea where news stories come from. They only see distorted headlines and hear chatter (from others who read the same headlines). The media then goes to work filling in whatever nonsense they like and the people follow, without ever knowing the real stories. Soon this “news” becomes so entrenched, even though it is riddled with holes, that it becomes the believed truth.

  30. Mr. Sessions is either and idiot or a fool or both. Nice guy most likely. Unschooled in Washington politics? Hardly. So he must have known the outcome of opening the front door of the Whitehouse to the number two at Justice, a known leftwing ideologue Obama appointee. Mr. Sessions is a politician, a scum-sucking low life swamp dweller. Either that or a foolish unimaginative dolt.

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