What you’re about to read ISN’T COMPLICATED, because Life Really Isn’t All That Complicated. Liars & BS-Artists make simple things seem complicated, because that’s their Stock-In-Trade, and how they’re able to WORM their way into our Trust.

FROM THE TIME I WAS A YOUNG MAN . . . Child actually – I believed that Teachers, Journalists and Politicians were amongst the MOST Special People in the World. And some 67-Years Ago, I might have been somewhat right then – BUT CERTAINLY NOT HERE AND NOW.

It is Nothing Less than a TRAGEDY, that the THREE Groups, as listed in the aforementioned, in whom we Place our Trust, Safety and Future, are in all reality NOTHING short of being Exceptional Liars, Cheats, Incompetents and MODERN DAY GRIFTERS.


IT IS ALSO AN INCREDIBLE ACHIEVEMENT . . . Even though this is an Achievement we should all be Morally Ashamed Of . . . that with our Own Hard Earned Money Paid Through Taxes – we have KNOWINGLY participated in the National DUMBING-DOWN of our Children in Canada and the USA, through Greedy, Incompetent, Lazy and Socialist Agenda School Systems and Teachers.


Seven Republican Senators VOTED AGAINST A STRAIGHT REPEAL of Obamacare, even after SIX OF THEM Campaigned Vigorously over a Seven Year Period to do just that, when they knew, that BEFORE Donald Trump became PRESIDENT Donald Trump, that their REPEAL Votes would go nowhere under Obama while he was President, so the SHOW WENT ON – and Six out of the Seven VOTED REPEATEDLY FOR THE REPEAL.

AND NOW . . . when their Vote really Meant Something, and they were within Reach of HONORING their Pledge – THEY SCREWED THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WHO ELECTED THEM, Which To Me Is Absolutely Reprehensible.

I WROTE SEVERAL DAYS AGO . . . That the People have a Voice, no matter how Poor, Rich, Young, Old, Man, Woman or Whatever . . . that all Americans can make a difference, simply by letting the Politicians know . . . by Telephoning, Writing, Emailing, Tweeting, and Texting that the FUTURE of the Politicians LIES Entirely with the People who VOTE, and if the politicians DECIDE NOT TO ANSWER TO THE PEOPLE – They Will Nonetheless Indeed Answer To The People on Election Day – LIKE IT OR NOT!


DO NOT ACCEPT ANY APOLOGIES OR EXCUSES . . . It’s in your POWER from Coast to Coast, throughout the United States, Including Alaska and Hawaii, to PUNISH the SIX who Broke their Promise . . . and the SEVENTH (Susan Collins from Maine), who Votes far more like a Liberal, than she does like a Conservative.


You Don’t Have To Wait For The Actual Election To Get The Ball Rolling.


It’s Interesting . . . that NONE of the following Republicans who VOTED NOT TO REPEAL Obamacare, are NOT up for Reelection until 2020 or 2022 – like . . . Lamar Alexander of Tennessee, Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia, Susan Collins of Maine, Dean Heller of Nevada, John McCain of Arizona, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, and Rob Portman of Ohio.

DO YOU THINK ANY OF THESE GRIFTERS WOULD HAVE SCREWED YOU OVER, if they were up for reelection in 2018?

But in this case, THEY’RE BETTING AS USUAL . . . that the American People are TOO STUPID TO REMEMBER THEIR DECEIT in 4 to 6 Years from now, when they come-up for Reelection.

AS AMERICANS . . . You are all GIFTED with the Freedoms and Ability to Campaign AGAINST any National American Politician anywhere in the United States of America at any time, which to me says . . . GET GOING NOW!


Don’t Expect President Trump To Drain The Swamp All On His Own . . . IT’S YOUR SWAMP TOO, and ONLY YOU can put the Fear Of God Into The Heart & Soul of these Despicable Politicians. And ONLY YOU can Claim your Government Back.


But Canada Is Such A MISERABLE EXAMPLE Of A LACK Of Government ELECTORAL FREEDOM . . . that it is all but IMPOSSIBLE for Canadians to do anything to PUNISH our Political Parties with the exception of Voting Them out Of Power once every 4-Years. And in the meantime, we have ZERO Influence over our Members of Parliament.

ELECTION RULES IN CANADA . . . are so Convoluted, Top-Heavy, One-Sided and PRO-PARTY, which makes it so ANTI-ELECTOR, that making a Difference in who we Chose to Represent us in Parliament . . . IS ALL BUT A LEFTIST SHAM, even amongst the Canadian Conservative Party.

The way Canada’s Election and Party System is Established . . . makes it all but Impossible for Canadians to Organize an Effective “TEA PARTY” Type of Organization.

And even if we Canadians could establish a Tea Party Type Political Activist Group, it would make No Difference, since ALL ELECTED MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT answer ONLY to the Party. SO WHAT’S THE POINT?

BUT YOU AMERICANS . . . Don’t have this Problem, since whether your Politicians like it or not . . . THEY STILL ANSWER TO YOU!

SO DON’T BE A CANADIAN & WASTE THAT FREEDOM . . . go after all the Politicians you VOTED for, or DIDN’T Vote for, who are NOT Fulfilling their Promises which got them Elected.


Use Your Freedoms . . . Or Lose Your Freedoms!

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, I know that you want like-minded people to post on your website. If my following comment means that I will be banned from your site, so be it. I do not consider the police to be such heroes. In my city, a police officer pumped four bullets into and killed a mentally-ill man. He had plenty of back-up! This cop was a BULLY with a license to kill. When a police officer gets murdered, he gets a funeral with thousands of unknown colleagues attending. I find this an obscene aggrandizing event.

  2. Right on Howard! We all need to make this term their last. Traitors all. Rob Portman here in Ohio has disappointed me too often.

  3. Howard your last sentence says it all and couldn’t be more true. It’s well in progress now and I hope not too late to turn this around even with an extraordinary effort by those of us who are aware of what is happening. 30 or more years ago if you contacted your Congressman or Senator you would at least get a prompt response, even if not what you wanted to hear. Now, you are likely to get an emailed response thanking you for your concern…a month later…what a joke.

  4. The voters just gave Trudeau and his Liberals a 49 percent approval rating after the Khadr terrorist gift of 10.5 Million dollars, wonder how much of that was donated to the Liberal Party?

  5. 1st Shelly Capito is from WV, not VA. 2nd the first was for total repeal & replace-NO; next a partial repeal-NO (seemed individual battles over Medicaid, etc.). Now it is one intended to get things started known as a “skinny” repeal of the mandates that most individuals have health insurance & that large employers cover their employees. If the ‘skinny’ one is a NO as well, then those GOP No’s are real obvious RINOs and need to change sides. I agree TEA PARTY needs to rise again.

  6. Trump should ignore the small stuff and stick to business of the people.Schumer should be run out of town among others.

    No wonder north Koreans are starving, fat boy leader is eating more than his share, just look at his fat ass and his stupid hair cut. He nukes us and we nuke him and we end up two radioactive countries of no use to either one. With millions dead.

  7. All I can say. The devil takes care of his own for now but there will come a time of reckoning.They calls us deployables but they are despicables to say the least.

  8. Right on, Howard! But McCain KEEPS getting re-elected here….election after election by the bleeding hearts. I am also concerned about the “investigation” and the unbelievable power Mueller has. Have never seen anything this evil in my life by an enemy within. Hannity discussed it today with Pat Buchanan, and it doesn’t sound good…in the least.

  9. Until a sense of MORALITY is RE-ESTABLISHED in this Country, NOTHING can/will be ACCOMPLISHED in a POSITIVE manner. The POLITICIANS only care about themselves and how much MONEY they can make while in office.Also, the U.S. has become another SODOM & GOMORRHA–as proven by the NEWS re: the various SEXUAL crimes which are occurring.AMERICA can, however, be encouraged that TRUMP was elected vs. HILLARIOUS because then, we REALLY would have been DOOMED! We ALL need to PRAY to get rid of SATAN! AMEN!

  10. Howard. You are “Right On” once again. Thanks for keeping us reminded of how despicable these RINOS are. I heard on Fox News today that someone in the USA asked, “Why can’t we have Trudeau (spelling?) be OUR PRESIDENT? (needless to say that person must be a snowflake) Oh my God.. He is a muslim to start with. He is another despicable so-called leader. I’m sorry for Canada having him to lead. He is as bad as obama. I pray for America & Canada’s safety and I thank God for President Trump.

  11. “Righteousness exalteth a nation: but SIN is a reproach to any people”. Proverbs 14:34. Lawlessness, hypocrosy and lies are the norm for today. Yes, Howard, those we looked up to in our day, including Police Officers have failed us miserably. A good part of the swamp that President Trump has to drain is in his own party!

  12. Howard, I wish the American people will listen to your advice and start the crusade to oust these politicians that do not honor their pledges. I am trying with others to make our Prime Minister a one time spot in history. He is taking us down the road to an abyss. Steve Acre, Canada

  13. I am 86 and have been out behind the barn without a flashlight.
    America has a two party system. Under current conditions, a vote for any other slate (Tea Party) is a wasted vote. Just look at the success of the Tea Party during the last election. We are therefore limited to voting for whoever is chosen by either Democrats or Republicans.

  14. If they don’t do repeal and replace, the Republicans will have a big surprise for the mid-term elections.

  15. Spot on Howard. I’m very concerned about Canada 🇨🇦 now. Might leave Ontario for Alberta after the Dippers there get destroyed and buy a place in WARM climate maybe Arizona for winter. So sad a life long Ontarian is thinking this way but I’m just so fed up.

  16. Van: The Tea Party in the northeast panhandle of West Virginia has made a big impact on WV politics. We have elected conservative representatives and Attorney General, and are making waves. Now our AG is running for the Congress. We just kept meeting and meeting and pushing. It took several years but changes are being made. It CAN be done.

  17. We, in the USA, need to repeal the 17th amendent to the constitution to make these senators accountable to the state legislatures again. This nonsense can only happen when they cannot be recalled or held accountable for being traitors to their constituants. They feed us a bunch of bull, but the one thing I know is ACA did not fail. It did EXACTLY what it was idesigned to do, destroy private insurance and destroy our healthcare and create a larger government dependant class.

  18. Americans must face the (sad) reality that our two political parties simply aren’t the same as in the past! One party desperately wants to “progress” towards Communism (under the guise of “socialism”, where a preponderance of people exist off welfare). Other party wants to protect and preserve “American traditions” by supporting corporations and those who want to “work for a living”! “Millions” of “illegals” are being allowed to come “live the American dream” at taxpayers’ expense! Why is this?

  19. I was hoping to see a BUNCH of folks from the traitors’ states jump in here. But no. I live and vote in Tennessee and have seen this side of Lamar on several occasions. I didn’t vote for him…I voted for Joe Carr and will again. Lamar is a liberal in sheep’s clothing…he will be campaigned against AGAIN but his machine will counter.

  20. Spot On, Howard!!! I pray that I do live long enough to see The Swamp drained!!! The draining is for both Demo-rats and RINOs will take time, especially for the US Senate!!! The Senators are elected every 6 years. So the Senate right now will be electing 1/3rd of the Senate in 2018. My Senators are up for election in 2020 and the other one in 2022. However, they voted YES or YEA. Sometimes they vote “RINO” but are pretty conservative on most of their votes.

  21. We are now a nation of dependents, weak minded ill informed weak kneed dilettantes who have allowed the indoctrination of our children to look upon socialism and communism as the equal of our republic. Why? because it required no sacrifice no commitment all we had to do was ignore an let it happen while going about our lives. Now the piper will be paid, make no mistake about it.

  22. Rob Portman (“Rob” = robber) is a liar and a turncoat. Says one thing then does another. Not worthy or honest!!!

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