I Didn’t Like McCain Before . . .


I Am A Cancer Survivor, Which Does NOT Make Me A Hero.

While Enduring Cancer Treatment, for my own Sanity, I made the very CLEAR Decision to wake up early in the morning to start my day, no matter how tired and sick I felt.

If I Was Strong Enough To Force Myself Out Of Bed . . . That’s What I Did.

The First thing I did after getting out of bed, was throw on some grungy clothing, and head-out with Anne to Care for the Horses. I then went back into the House, took my Medications, had whatever I could digest for Breakfast, drank down my Coffee, then hit the shower, shaved, brushed my teeth, AND THEN PUT ON BUSINESS CLOTHING.

I WAS ABSOLUTELY DETERMINED . . . That no matter how badly I felt, I was NOT going to allow this Cancer and Treatment to Take Over My Life anymore than absolutely necessary. I knew that if I wanted to feel as good as I could, I should look as Presentable as I could.

I Remember One Late Morning . . . because I was feeling a bit woozy, I Walked from the Barn to the House, which was just a 75-Foot Distance, when after perhaps 35-Feet, I started to go down.

I CRAWLED the rest of the distance on my Hands and Knees, made my way into the House, Literally Crawled-Up to the Refrigerator, took a HIGH PROTEIN DRINK (Ensure), and made it to the bed before I Passed-Out.

As soon as I regained my strength . . . I WALKED Back to the Barn and Finished my Chores. THIS DIDN’T MAKE ME A HERO . . . It made me HUMAN, no less than so many other People whom I met while dealing with Cancer, who were also dealing with Cancer and Cancer Treatment in the Most Positive Ways They Could.


I feel NO SORRIER for John McCain’s Battle with Cancer, than I do for everyone who has to Battle this Horrid Disease, but John McCain is different than most Cancer Sufferers.

McCain is a VERY WEALTHY MAN, with the Full Force of the United States Government Standing with him, who has Forever lived a Charmed Life, with the exception of his Vietnam Days, which ALSO didn’t make him any MORE A HERO than the other 2.7-MILLION Americans who also served in Active Duty in Vietnam.

Being a POW in Vietnam, and surviving to tell the Tale, does NOT MAKE John McCain any more of a HERO than the 58,148-Americans who didn’t SURVIVE the war, who were killed in Vietnam . . . or the MORE than 300,000-Americans who were Physically Wounded in Vietnam, or the MILLIONS of American Service Men and Women who suffered Non Physical Wounds, also from being on Active Duty in Vietnam.



John McCain was a War Hero, NO MORE AND NO LESS than all the other Millions Of American Vietnam War Heroes – EXCEPT . . . John McCain has been TRADING on his War Hero Status ever since he returned from Vietnam . . . which to me, being the SON OF A CANADIAN WWII WAR HERO, who came back home after 5-Years of Hell in Europe, MY DAD NEVER TRADED . . . NOT ONCE ON WHAT HE DID & WHAT HE SACRIFICED WHILE FIGHTING FOR FREEDOM AGAINST THE NAZIS.


If you can REALLY & HONESTLY ANSWER THAT QUESTION . . . You’ll be the Only One. John McCain went straight from the Navy in 1981 to the House in Congress in 1982. And in 1986, McCain went to the Senate . . .


For The Past 36-Years Of John McCain’s Life . . . he enjoyed all the Benefits, Prestige, and Special Privileges one could ever imagine receiving while “serving” in the US Government . . . AND WITH THE EXCEPTION OF HANDING THE PRESIDENCY TO BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA IN 2008, what the Hell can John McCain point to, as him doing something extraordinary for his country, beyond his Service in Vietnam, which was no different than the other 2.7-Million Americans who served nonetheless?


I listened to the ROARING, CHEERING & STANDING CROWD in the Senate, as McCain Arrived to Cast his Vote, as if America’s GREATEST EVER . . . FAVORITE-SON had stepped into the room to SAVE America . . . which ONLY Reinforced my Belief . . . THAT THE SWAMP IS AS PERVASIVE AS CANCER ITSELF.


“TO HELL WITH THEM!” . . . McCain Shouted with Disdain about People like me, Demeaning the things People like me say, write and do . . .

“Stop listening to the Bombastic Loudmouths on the Radio and Television and the Internet. TO HELL WITH THEM! They Don’t want Anything Done for the Public Good. OUR INCAPACITY IS THEIR LIVELIHOOD”.

AND THEN MCCAIN WENT ON TO SAY . . . About his own Government:



After Speaking of the Senate, TO THE SENATE, as if it were a USELESS GOVERNMENT PARIAH (which it is), the very people McCain was CRAPPING-ON, gave McCain YET Another Standing Ovation after his Speech was Done . . . You Can’t Even Begin To Explain Or Define This Level Of STUPID.


By John McCain’s Own Definition . . . “THAT THE GOVERNMENT GETS NOTING DONE”, not that I need the approval of men like John McCain, it Nonetheless gives ABSOLUTE Approbation for People like me, WHO PUT THE FEET OF THE GOVERNMENT TO THE FIRE, as perhaps the Last Sharp-End Of The First Amendment Spear.


BUT IF THE PEOPLE . . . Really want to PRESERVE their Rights and Freedoms, all of us NEED those who are in the Words of John McCain . . . “The Bombastic Loudmouths On The Radio And Television And The Internet”.


Ted Kennedy, who was a Drunk, Philanderer, Womanizer, and MURDERER, who ABANDONED a Young Woman while she was Drowning in the Senator’s Car after a Night of God Only Knows What, because Kennedy DID NOTHING TO HELP SAVE Mary Jo Kopechne, so he could preserve his PUBLIC RELATIONS REPUTATION AS A KENNEDY & SENATOR HEADING FOR THE WHITE HOUSE.

THIS PIECE OF WALKING & BREATHING LEFTIST EXCREMENT . . . known to his Senate Ass-Kisser Buddies as . . . “The Lion Of The Senate”, was also Given A Standing Ovation When He Too Was Confirmed As A Victim Of Cancer Before He Finally Succumbed, when in July of 2008, Kennedy . . . Weakened by Brain Cancer, just like McCain, came to the Senate to Deliver a Crucial Vote on Senior Healthcare.

Afterwards . . . None Other Than Harry Reid Said Of Kennedy – “Senator Kennedy Showed again Today why he is so Beloved in our Senate Family, Why he is the Model of Public Service and an American Icon”.

Not Bad About A Drunk, Philandering, Womanizing, Murderer . . .

Make No Mistake About It . . . Think Government – Think Swamp.

Best Regards . . . The Bombastic Loudmouth – Howard Galganov

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  1. I’d hoped by now you would have rounded up some cowboys to launch your own conservative network..anchored in Dallas..no loons allowed..ck’s in the mail

  2. The medical examiner estimated that Mary Jo struggled in an air pocket for 4 hours while Teddy frantically searched for an alibi. Some lion. The swamp that Trump vowed to drain is more like a cesspool. A pox on all their houses.

  3. My brother in law did time in the jungles while McCain was jetting about overhead. He tells me McCain was well known then by the troops and no one really cared much for him. An elitist, self serving, pompous flyer. Yes, he was shot down and brought to reality for a bit. But the man is not a hero from what Dave tells me.
    I’ll admit I could not endure the Hanoi Hilton, but this worship fest of McCain is a little tiresome.
    Then he has the gall to bombast talk radio as instigators and loudmouths?

  4. Thank you Howard for this. I am sharing it on my facebook page. I am just about finished my reading of Michael Savage’s Trumps war and note that you and Mr. Savage have similar views on the Washington swamp. I find this very enlightening. I have often felt that something was amis, but you both explain it perfectly. Then there is Ottawa and Queen’s park. No different methinks.

  5. Agreed. I haven’t cared for John McCain since the early days of the Clinton presidency. He’s always seemed to interested in pursuing and supporting whatever glorifies John McCain and not much on principle or philosophy or values.

    I thank him for his service. I know he went thru hell and back as a POW but that was 40 years ago or so. It’s what you’ve done for or against us lately that matters.

  6. Amen. John McCain has never been trustworthy on conservative issues. He has always taken care of John McCain first and foremost. Ted Kennedy is not to be emulated. He was not made of the “stuff of heroes.”
    So out of touch with reality are most of these “public servants” who separate themselves away from the public and excell at self-service. To encourage integrity, they should serve for one or two terms and then return to their homes sans the “bennies” they have voted for themselves.

  7. Right on, dear Howard! For a long time, I have felt like you do about McCain, and Ted Kennedy of course.
    Trump should hire you to clean up the swamp/sewer/stables, whatever you call the Beltway…
    Have a great summer.

  8. What an amazing blast of reality for all to consider. Many people have found ways within themselves to overcome an enormous fight against cancer. It take a fair degree of fortitude and determination. It is a personal battle within for sure, and none succeed expecting to be designated heroes. Just imagine how far we have fallen in our belief systems when we choose mere interlopers as our heroes today. Ted Kennedy and John McCain were and are disrespectful adult brats of the highest order.

  9. Thank you again Howard. You speak for so many of us. I too was furious when I heard this pompous person blasting YOU
    and so many other great minds that we thinking people appreciate. Long live the First Amendment. To HELL with him!!!

  10. No doubt about it Howard, you once again “Hit the Nail on the Head” about mccain! he is not even a war hero from the vietnam era. From all I have read from other captured soldiers, he was a “TRAITOR” & A “SONG BIRD”. I couldn’t stand him then and I CAN’T STAND HIM NOW, as you.

    Gerry Quinlan
    Missouri, USA

  11. My husband used to know John McCain when they were in the Navy and rented a house together in Virginia Beach! If he were alive today, he’d probably have another heart attack just hearing about McCain! He’d be so disappointed in him!

  12. Howard, 100% spot on, you said it all. I thought it was a fine day when Teddy got his ticket punched !!!

  13. It could be even worse…you could live and vote in Arizona and STILL not do enough to overcome the Republican money machine. Thanks for confirming being elected to congress gives a person the ability to make good investments.

  14. There isn’t another person that can tell it so honestly like it is! Thank you, my friend.

  15. Many of us Vietnam Veterans absolutely hate McCain for what he did after the war. It is well-documented that he squelched the investigation into those POWs held by the North who were still there after the war ended. They were never returned. We left them there thanks to McCain.

    This action over-comes all of the other terrible things he’s accomplished in his life.

  16. Howard, you “hit the nail on the head”!!!! I personally can’t stand McCain, & dear old drunken Teddy, was ANOTHER creep! Seems like Washington, D.C. if full of them!! Pompous old CREEPS !!!!! I’m going to post your blog on my facebook page. God bless you for saying what a lot of others are saying, but don’t have the guts to post!

  17. Wow! This is a tough one to comment on. When Trump ran for the presidency and talked against McCain, he was CHASTISED; however, when reading the above comments, it appears that McCain was not liked, etc…while serving. No doubt, Trump was aware of his military reputation–thus the reason for his negative comments. We don’t have to EXTOL McCain, but we CAN have a little EMPATHY for him, especially regarding his future medical status—-which is SEPARATE from POLITICS. LET’S FOCUS ON TRUMP! AMEN!

  18. WOW Howard you hit the nail on the head.Keep it up, your editorials keep getting better and better.

  19. Howard, I always wondered why they called John McCain a Hero, when all he did was to fly over Vietnam, got shot down and was a prisoner for 8 years. How about all the other thousands of American soldiers who fought in the jungle? The whole hoola hoop stinks, as in the swamp. Steve Acre, Canada

  20. Our son earned the Medal of Military Valour for actions in Kandahar that saved about 25 of our soldiers’ lives. He tells me that a higher officer saw what he did and reported it. Lots of other soldiers did equally brave things but had no one to officially report their actions so they did not get rewarded. Dave earned the medal for all of his fellow soldiers. He didn’t look at what he did as heroic as we do. Just doing his job. McCain is just another politician milking his situation.

  21. I’ve come to the belief that those lifers in Congress have little other purpose than to exalt & aggrandize others like them to reap same for themselves later. That aggrandizement includes their monetary worth. Only the newbies (or relatively so) are working for the people who voted them in office. That lasts until their 3rd or so term. By that time, they’ve been cajoled or forced into the good-ole-boys club, or ostracized & ignored on all fronts.

  22. My respect for McCain has lessen ever since his outburst on water-boarding enemies. Just for starters, there is definitely evidence he made 30 anti-American propaganda broadcasts for the Communists. Why did the Navy not give him his promotions he should have had (and other POWs got) for his time in captivity Why did he: have the POW/MIA records including his own, sealed, stop the search for POWs/MIAs, he the one to press for trade relations with North Vietnam?
    Why was McCain pardoned by Nixon?

  23. I am with you all the way. I agree 100%. Want to thank you for inspiring me to fight even harder with my Diabetes. Your perseverance inspires me to work harder at being as normal as possible when I do not feel well. Thank you for that testimony of your facing cancer and dealing with it. Kol HaCavod, Howard! Bless you!

  24. I didn’t much like McCain in the past but gave him some space, it turns out to hang himself, which he did in his condemation of free speech and conservative speakers. He needs to shuffle off this mortal coil and make room for someone useful.

  25. I have been told time and time again “What is perceived as truth will win out over what the truth really is” Scary but seems to be so true.I have watched and stood by 3 close friends who had cancer. One died, the other two went through a hell that I could not come close to understand.They endured, suffered unimaginable burns & pain, and by the Mercy and Grace of God survived.Happy for you Howard.Define Hero! I think I just did! Re: McCain, it’s already been said. Like I stated Perspective Truth!

  26. Right on Mr.G! I’ve been wondering why HE (McCain) is so worshiped as a hero when so many others came home wounded both mentally and physically! And I have been wondering why so many in the GOP seem to be against Mr. Trump. Is it because they have something to hide and are part of the swamp?
    I really didn’t have an opinion one way or another about the US President but the more the left, etc. go after him and his family the better I like him!!!

  27. Howard the Democrats in McCain’s State laugh at the republicans for voting him in. How ignorant can those people be .After watching that rhino all these years. The same to be said for Paul Ryan. He is a slimy as McCain ever thought to be. It is time the Republican Party as a whole joined forces in the Congress and Senate. As a team effort to “WEED” the “Garden”. that is the only way the Conservative movement and Trump’s efforts, will prevail for us.

  28. The diver that pulled Mary Jo and the tests afterward indicated that there was ample time to save her from drowning. All he did was to run off to find an alibi. He was you say and more. I agree on McCain a real phone, in the class as Kerry.

  29. Bases loaded home run, Howard! Thank you.

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