Call It What You Like – Swamp, Cesspool . . . Sewer



Think about this for a Nanosecond . . . How many Hundreds of Millions of Dollars were Spent and Wasted on this RUSSIA – RUSSIA – RUSSIA, Claptrap looking for any Political Reason why an ABSOLUTELY HORRIFIC CANDIDATE . . . in the name of Crooked Hillary took a Kicking in the Last Presidential Election except for the obvious?

Was it the Fault of the Russians, and “SUPPOSED” Trump Russian Collusion that caused Crooked Hillary and the whole MESS of Democrats to have been More or Less SHUNNED by the Electorate in the Senate, the House, and Gubernatorial and Mayoral Elections by Hard Working & Thinking American Voters?


Think about this for a Nanosecond as well . . . With all this CRAP about Russian Collusion, which after 9-Months of Investigating, not one Trace of Evidence was found to Corroborate any of the Innuendos – MILLIONS OF EXPENSIVE MAN-HOURS were WASTED as Members of the House and the Senate focused their time and energy looking for Witches where none existed, instead of making America a Better country for Everyone.

But it’s NOT just the Politicians who SQUANDERED THEIR TIME & THE PEOPLE’S MONEY. Try to imagine the Army of Investigators, Lawyers, Bureaucrats, Secretaries, Assistants . . . ETC, who should have been using Their Time and the People’s Money providing necessary Services, Instead of Political Witch Hunting.


HERE’S A SIMPLE QUESTION . . . If HUNDREDS of Millions of Dollars went to NOTHING, and MILLIONS of Man-Hours were dedicated to NOTHING – Shouldn’t these people who the HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS WERE SPENT ON . . . BE LET GO, since they did nothing Productive with the Money Spent on Them – By Them, Yet The Government Still Functioned Nonetheless?

And for the People who WASTED MILLIONS of Hours on NOTHING, who were paid with the Hundreds of Millions of Dollars which accomplished NOTHING, should they also NOT BE LET GO, since they did NOTHING, and the Country still managed to run with them contributing DIDDLY SQUAT?

AS I SEE IT . . . these People themselves proved their USELESS VALUE to the American people, and just how Inconsequential they are (were) to the Good Governance of the Country.


I THINK . . . the American People should DEMAND that an INDEPENDENT Inquiry should be set-up to Learn how THOUSANDS of Members of Congress, past and present, became MILLIONAIRES while serving in the House & Senate.

I THINK . . . Congress OWES IT TO THE PEOPLE, to explain how someone like Harry Reid for example, could become a MILLIONAIRE, while he was in Government. Or how a Communist like Bernie Sanders owns not just One, not just Two, but THREE Homes, and has as much as a Million Dollars in Assets, when he never had a job outside of Government?

I THINK . . . Crooked Hillary, and Crooked Hillary’s Sexually Predacious Husband, and Crooked Hillary’s Ne’er-Do-Well Daughter should explain to the People, how they’ve Become Millionaires, and possibly (PROBABLY) BILLIONAIRES, while Crooked Hillary Served the Government as Secretary of State, earning what could be described as a very Decent . . . BUT HARDLY A RICH PERSON’S INCOME.

But then again, I’m not asking anything you personally haven’t questioned yourselves. But, if the LEFT are so KEEN as to Open the Door as Wide as Possible for a Special Council to Investigate GOVERNMENT WRONGDOING . . . let them have a Field-Day with EASY PICKINGS, such as . . . How Do THOUSANDS of Men & Women Collecting Good Salaries in the House and Senate Become MILLIONAIRES?


WITH VERY “FEW” EXCEPTIONS THEY’RE ALL DIRTY . . . and how can you expect one Swamp Dweller to Push for an Inquiry into a Fellow Swamp Dweller, Regardless of Party Affiliation, when they’re all Feeding from the SAME SEWER FOOD?

IN OTHER WORDS . . . “You Bring Me Down – And I’ll Bring You Down With Me”.

REMEMBER . . . Before becoming America’s 45th President, Donald Trump FED THE SWAMP. He made 100% Certain, to make sure the SWAMP Creatures always had all the “FOOD” they could handle, while he ran his businesses. So he knows exactly who they are and how they operate.

IT WASN’T LIKE CROOKED HILLARY . . . was always on the other side of the Great Divide with Trump, since Trump made sure to take good care of her and others just like her, when he needed close “Friends” in positions of Power and Influence, just in case he ever needed help with the Government or a name he could drop.


So why isn’t Jeff Sessions going after Crooked Hillary? You would think that he would, given the FACT that Crooked Hillary and her Family are BIGGER RACKETEERS than any Gangsters we know of.


I keep on hearing how Jeff Sessions is one of the MOST DECENT & HONEST MEN WE CAN EVER HOPE FOR IN GOVERNMENT . . . Says Who? – The same people who said the same about Former FBI Director James Comey?


I very recently watched Newt Gingrich LAUDING Jeff Sessions on Television, Singing Session’s Praises, as one of the MOST Honorable Men Ever, coming from a man (Gingrich), who himself, MASTERED THE SWAMP not all that long ago.

THE SICKENING REALITY . . . At least to me – is that it really ISN’T Just the Reborn Trump Against The Swamp . . . as much as it is the Entire Government save a Few, WHO ARE AGAINST THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

KEEP ON SWINGING . . . “Cause if we in Canada and the USA don’t keep on Fighting for all We’re Worth, not only will we lose – But The Price We Will All Pay Will Be UNTHINKABLE.

There Really Are Enough Of Us To Make A Difference.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. If you have to make friends of a thief, relax. You can always lock up your valuables. If you have to make friends of a liar, you are finished as there is no such defense. Think about it!

  2. Another great editorial for any newspaper. Let’s spread the word….

  3. The political game is the political game. Greed, corruption and personal agendas will always infest any system. The media only shows their incapacity to be anything relevant because they refuse to take their intended tasks seriously. Regarding Trump, they will obsessively spend and spend to dig and dig to find the smallest iota of anything insignificant that might possibly resemble a scandal so they can nail him. They are doing nothing else.

  4. I’m sure Sessions doesn’t want to be added to the long list of bodies from the Clintons!

  5. I take exception. A SWAMP is a living, vital part of our natural ecosystem, and very important to ourselves and wildlife day to day living. A much better choice would be a SEPTIC TANK. Its contents are dead, of no value, smell and are removed from time to and discarded. Now is time to empty the Washington Tank.

  6. The fact remains that most politicians are crooked and money talks and bull shit walks. You have to ask your self how did these people have so mush money in office when most did not have a pot to piss in.ts time to force one term in office with no benefits ,no lobbyist jobs,

  7. The one thing which would help to DRAIN THE SWAMP would be TERM LIMITS. Also, many of the PRESENT, LONG-TERM Congressmen should, somehow, be ELIMINATED, i. e., create some type of RULING/PLAN to get rid of them. They have ALL enriched themselves enough via our TAX DOLLARS! Agree with Mr. Branch about the SEPTIC TANK and renaming the SWAMP as the WASHINGTON TANK. It won’t take long for SCARAMUCCI to REMOVE its contents. AMEN!

  8. Paul Branch is correct! “Septic tank” is more appropriate than “Swamp” which is a living environment, containing a lot of interesting living creatures. Howard has the right idea – dig into the background of all the people who have become millionaires while spending their entire lives as public servants. Some may have invested wisely – that’s legitimate. But ALL of them?? Some like Soros have used their skills in the international financial markets to destroy governments while enriching them

  9. The democrats have been driving this Russia thing. Now that it has become obvious to all that that it is going no where, except to waste money. On Monday they turned 180 deg in that news conference by annoucing a new set of objectives which absolutely parallel Trump.

  10. Howard, I agree!! We need to do this in Canada as well. Look how much money “Sunny Ways” is giving to the Clintons’.

  11. All of this discussion about Trump, Clinton, Russia, the media, etc, is an excuse for not dealing with the root of the problem which is an electorate that keeps voting the scoundrels back into office time and again and keep watching the main stream media. The citizens get the government you deserve. If they want something better then vote out every sitting member of every level of government as a matter of principal and stop watching the main stream media. Otherwise they should stop complaining

  12. Insider trading is not against the law for members of Congress AND THEIR FAMILIES. Also, Ryan’s wife is a Big Pharma lobbyist which is why he loves Obamacare. Here’s the math: Required insurance +Required Rx benny=Higher Rx prices=higher premium=higher subsidies=higher taxes and Big Pharma rapes the taxpayer as drug Prices skyrocket. What do you think they pay THE WIFE OF THE SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES for access to THE SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE? I bet it’s millions per year.

  13. The answer is the Constitutional convention or Convention of States that is in the process of experiment in this country as we speak. I would hope it’s purpose would be limited to requiring a balanced budget (last one was in 2001) & term limits for Congress. Problem is that once one convenes, it seems there are no limits & result in a free-for-all. Wonder if those two ‘demands’ could be made ballot initiatives for all states–but then lib judges would stop it even if unanimously passed(ie CA).

  14. Future politicians ought to be paid a sufficient salary which would encourage current non-politicians to seek this as a career, together with appropriate laws that would totally discourage any sort of questionable conduct – and I mean jail.

  15. Howard, You hit the nail right on the head…you are 100% correct….Now if only someone with national coverage had the guts to call it as you have, maybe the American people would see the light. Fat chance of that happening…

  16. PLEASE – Fellow Patriots, research info on a Convention of States, according to Article V of our Constitution. The Co-ordinator Mark Meckler, Eric O’Keefe, Chairman of the Board. Congress won’t propose amendments that limit its own power. We need the states to do that, to call a convention for a particular subject! i.e. -” Reducing the power of the Federal Government.” (Supported by Mark Levin)

  17. Howard, another “home run” editorial! I also loved reading the comments from your followers, on BOTH SIDES of the border. I don’t know if this swamp can ever be drained?!! Term limits would definitely help put a stop to this D.C, corruption!! ALL WE CAN REALY DO is DO NOT STOP B-4 THE MIRACLE, & PRAY, PRAY, PRAY!!!! Just remember, GOD IS IN CHARGE!!!!!!!

  18. Howard, there are lots of Republicans who are in the same swamp and will do everything to stay there. As far as I am concerned they should all be fired. The problem is, where can you find a decent and honest person to run in their place?
    I only hope that Trump will stop with his tweeting and concentrate more on making America Great. Steve Acre, Canada

  19. One of my “comments” got “nixed” when I used the word to describe what’s in a cesspool or sewer! (Should I have said: “feces”, not used other word?) Congress today is more like a Giant Septic Tank (that occasionally needs to get cleaned out or eventually backs up- you know all about this from living in a travel trailer)! For all the “Russian Roulette” being played by the media, there never ever was a bullet in the gun? (Thank God!) Trump (much like myself), lacks “patience”, but has persistence!

  20. I don’t believe I will live long enough to see term limits ever become a reality. In fact, I’m not sure the US of A will live long enough to see them enacted either. Why? Because to get all 50 states to agree to them by Constitutional Convention will be all but impossible. Why? Because firstly the political bodies of each state’s legislature – which is made up of a whole lotta lawyers & political types – will insist on writing it & will be confusing & full of junk we don’t need.

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