Time For A Reality Check


As the LEFTIST Elitists, The Democrats, RINOS, and just about everyone else we can think of who Resides-In or Feeds-Off the SWAMP, are FOCUSED on the Russian BS – The Inquisitions of the Trump Fortune and Family, The Failure thus far to Repeal and Replace Obamacare, the Never Ending Attacks on President Trump’s TWEETS, Comments & Statements by the Media . . . President Trump Is RAPIDLY Changing The World.


1 – President Trump has all but OBLITERATED most of Obama’s Suffocating, Debilitating, and ANTI-AMERICAN Regulations.

2 – President Trump has Significantly CURTAILED Illegal Immigration into the USA.

3 – President Trump is SINGLE HANDEDLY Responsible for the Meteoritic Rise of the US Stock Market.

4 – President Trump Approved . . . which thus began the Completion of the Keystone & Dakota Pipelines, leading towards Making America 100% Energy Self-Reliant.

5 – President Trump has REVITALIZED the Coal Industry, giving Miners, their Families, Communities, Associated and NON-ASSOCIATED Industries . . . like Restaurants. Movie Houses, the Retail Auto Industry, Housing, Furniture Sales, and whatever else you can think of that comes with Prosperity . . . A WHOLE NEW LEASE ON LIFE.

6 – President Trump has given Rebirth to the Steel Industry, the Manufacturing Industry, AND ALL INDUSTRIES THAT USED TO BE AMERICAN.

7 – President Trump has already begun to LEVEL the Free-Trade Playing Field.


1 – President Trump has almost OVERNIGHT RESTORED America’s International EXCEPTIONALISM.

2 – President Trump has put the FEAR OF GOD INTO THE HEARTS of America’s Foes, which also acts as a Safety Umbrella for the Rest of the Free World.

3 – President Donald Trump . . . after Decades of International NATO Freeloaders, Finally put NATO on Notice, that the FREE RIDE is Over, and showed just how NAKED all those Self Important Little European Emperors Really Were.


President Donald Trump – even though he might be a Whole Lot of Narcissism, and a Whole Lot of Braggadocio, and a Whole Lot of Embellishment . . . HAS DONE MORE IN 6-MONTHS to Improve the United States of America, from the Lowest American on the Socio/Political Ladder . . . Right To The American On Top.

President Trump has given Americans a Whole New Bounce In Their Step, and a Whole New Reason to get out of Bed in the Morning, looking Forward to a Bright New Day.

AND WHETHER YOU LOVE HIM OR HATE HIM . . . Everyone benefits from the THINGS Already Accomplished by a President, while the LYING Media and Anti-American Democrat LEFTISTS keep asking . . . “WHERE ARE HIS ACCOMPLISHMENTS”? And “What Congressional Successes Can Donald Trump Point To”?


So . . . because of my last Editorial, many people have written to me, asking – “What Can We Do to Help President Trump, since we don’t have a loud voice, money or the kind of Connections to make a Difference”? The Answer Is Simple.

CALL . . . WRITE . . . TWEET . . . EMAIL . . . TEXT . . . MAIL . . . & VISIT your Representative, whether that Representative is in the House or the Senate. AND REMIND HIM OR HER . . . Clearly and Forcefully – Whose Vote Put Him Or Her In Government . . . & Whose Vote Could Easily Take Him or Her Out Of Government.


As President Abraham Lincoln so Magnificently Stated at his Gettysburg Address: The American Government Is . . . “Of The People, By The People, & For The People”.

Do not let them forget that . . . YOU ARE THE PEOPLE!

And remind them, that PRIMARY SEASON is Fast Approaching, and your Loyalty to them, is Based EXCLUSIVELY on Their Loyalty to You and The Promises they Make, and the Promises they KEEP.

SO . . . When you Constantly Read, Hear and See from the Media and Jerks who have no idea which side is up, or are so Brainwashed from Generations of Mental Child Abuse in the School System, ABOUT HOW LITTLE President Trump has Done in his First Six Months of his Presidency, and you Read just the few things I’ve Listed in the Preceding, and then Measure what you just Read, In Comparison to 8-Years of George W Bush and 8-Years of Barack HUSSEIN Obama – Where’s The Comparison?

As I see it . . . Let The LEFTIST Jerks Have their Fun with their Inquisitions, Russia, Russia, Russia – ALL THE WHILE that President Trump is busy Making America Great Again, while Hopefully, President Trump’s ENTHUSIASM will Carry a Country like Mine (Canada) along with him in America’s Wake.


CALL, WRITE, TWEET, EMAIL, TEXT, MAIL & VISIT your Representatives OFTEN, and I really do mean OFTEN! Using all of the Above as many times as you can.

AND PLEASE REMEMBER THIS . . . You don’t have to become the person who Organizes Community Meetings, Town Halls, or Rallies – ALL YOU NEED TO DO . . . is go to the ones that are Already Organized. AND BRING YOUR FRIENDS, FAMILY, AND NEIGHBORS!

President Trump CANNOT Carry The Load Himself . . . and he shouldn’t have to, since America is as much YOURS as it is HIS. And if he’s willing to take on all Comers from the Deplorable SWAMP to Make America Great Again for you and yours, the least you can do is help him in any way you can.


If You Have A Voice . . . USE IT, ‘Cause You’re Neither Too Old Nor Too Young To Be A Patriot!

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Maybe people should have voted for Ron Paul and he’d have cut all foreign aide. Get rid of welfare and have the troops on the southern border to keep out the unwanted or to build a fence a secure fortress blocking out Mexico. It worked for the Israelis along the West Bank, didn’t it? Maybe being an isolationist is the way to go? Whatever we’re doing now as he’ll isn’t working.

  2. I’ve been on board with President Trump from Day One since he came down the elevator at Trump Tower. I knew he’d do a great job–but we MUST support him. Deep State scum will not go quietly!

  3. Howard,
    What an absolutely wonderful editorial! Today, as always, you have brought to the FOREFRONT all the things President Trump is accomplishing while the idiotic LEFT and RINOS are griping about things that do not amount to a “hill of beans.” So, I, for one, will happily and gladly let my reps know where I stand! Often. Thank you again!

  4. Right on Howard my thought precisely!! Wake up AMERICAN PEOPLE….your voice is needed! Get rid of the people in office that don’t support your thoughts and wishes!

  5. (Applause & cheers). Thanks for encouragement to move forward with gusto.

  6. HG, your best comment is #2-–”President Trump has put the FEAR OF GOD INTO THE HEARTS of America’s Foes, which also acts as a Safety Umbrella for the Rest of the Free World.” Trump does NOT fear to use GOD’S name! Finally, Trump has appointed a NEW Communications Director, ANTHONY SCARAMUCCI, who will be better able to COUNTER the FAKE-NEWS MEDIA. There is NO DOUBT that the MSM realizes that they are in for a RUDE AWAKENING re: their FAKE NEWS! The ROLES are reversing and for the BETTER! AMEN!

  7. Howard, thanks for reminding people of the importance of emailing and using all other methods to contact govt. officials. In the days when I was active on behalf of Soviet Jewry, we knew that one or two or even three letters were sufficient to let the officials know that people were concerned. Govt officials often reminded us that receiving ten letters meant the issue was an emergency. I think that we forget that it really how few letters are needed to express our concerns.

  8. Very good and uplfting, Howard. That, FEAR OF GOD INTO THE HEARTS of America’s Foes, needs to be put the foes that are FROM WITH-IN! The anti-God media, the anti-Christian-Jewish organizations and movements funded or not by George Soros are hell-bent on taking this country down and have down an over-whelming job of removing God from our society and changing our history and they need to be made accountable for it and brought to justice for these acts of treason. Including the Clinton’s & Obama.

  9. It is so very reassuring to see a list of President Trump’s accomplishments instead of the usual “failures”~~which I chose to think of as “not yet accomplished ” goals, And, as far as his demeanor, I remember a while back when I had some orthopedic surgery done, and the nurses asked my opinion of my surgeon, suggesting that he has been perceived as “arrogant”. I replied that I thought of him as “CONFIDENT”. .

  10. From Vancouver, to Lilian, Nova Scotia, Canada
    Traitor Trudeau is doing zilch for the world at large (and certainly for Canada) by collaborating (and financing) with the present Nazi Jihadists. He reminds me of Pierre and the Castros.

  11. AMEN, H.G., we as Americans need to rise to the cause!! Hopefully, we each will do our small little bit! The Soros-types are determined to take us ALL DOWN…..along with the RINOs, Clintons, Obama & those other the evil-doers. We have been given a 2nd. chance, thanks to Pres. Donald J. Trump!!! I just hope & pray we will NOT SQUANDER IT!!!!!! I also pray that a miracle will happen for our Canadian brothers & sisters, in that Trudeau will be gone, somehow.

  12. Very well put, Howard! Unfortunately we will never get the sycophantic brain washed liberal left to see the light as they continue to produce more mentally deficient miscreants every day!Hope for the best!

  13. He gets my vote, but I am a Canadian, yet I believe in him. We need a person like him to get rid of our Naive Prime Minister, who thinks that by printing more dollars and give people more goodies is going to make the country great. He just doesn’t realize he is putting the country into a huge debt for generations to come. Steve Acre, Canada

  14. As you say, when the USA becomes great again, I want Canada to be pulled along. We’ve been under the Liberals & Socialism for most of the last 50 years & it will take a lot to turn us around. Even the Conservatives have not really been real conservatives during the 2 terms under Harper; more like Liberal Light. But, when Trump is able to beat back the encroachment of Socialism in America, we will be pulled along, kicking & screaming, but we will be pulled along. So, GO, TRUMP, GO!!

  15. AMEN, HOWARD! The Marxists would like to keep it ALL a secret.

  16. Beyond that of writing to congress folks and Senators, I am a skeptic. To fundamentally “drain the ENTIRE swamp”, and obtain the government”of the people, by the people, and for the people” we need to do more. The RINO’s and Demorats and even the Liberterians and Socialists know, there are only TWO real solutions to achieve the objective! #1 A Constituional Convention” to make them ALL irrelevant to controlling us, and/or #2 a NEW THIRD Party based on Trumps principles and let us go FREE!

  17. Obama showed up at the “office” at 10:00 and left at 4:00 when he was not on Vacation. Trump is like most Americans, he works and that is why he is a success in personal life. We had 8 years of a joker that never worked a day in his life.

  18. Were Canada and Canadians so fortunate to have a man like President Trump to lead us and Country….but alas, we do not have a population where the majority understands the many and varied, negative effects of liberalism….and so, we are unlikely ever to have the honour of being led by a leader, such as Americans chose last November.

  19. Thank you for putting all of this in perspective! Good job. President Trump is intelligent and sometime says and tweets things to make room for what he wants to accomplish. He has accomplished a great deal of things that the complainers are to busy complaining to even see. Keep on keeping on President Trump! You truly are my kind of President and you Howard are to be commended for seeing this. Open your eyes and ears people America is on the move toward better times ahead.

  20. Having been born & raised in English Montreal for the first 25 years of my life, I watched as “Papa” Trudeau did his best to divide & socialize the country of my birth. The next nail in Canada’s coffin… Hammered home when the separatist PQ won the Nov.’76 election. The very next day, I applied for residency in the United States & soon thereafter, received my green card & subsequently citizenship. Donald Trump is making the best country in the world great again. Canadians should support that!

  21. Excellent! Our local newspaper reported on a couple from Texas who moved here to get away from Trump style politics. If I had the money, I would buy their house to get rid of Trudeau style politics. Americans are so blessed to have a President who is not afraid to say the name of God and “GOD bless America”! If it ever comes that God is left out, America will never be great again! Sadly, I truly believe that God has removed His blessings from Canada, at least for a season.

  22. I really like your last editorial and printed it out. I would like to use the first part of it in a letter to the Ledger newspaper out of Lakeland Florida but only with your permission. If you would like to be acknowledged in the letter I will but if not I won’t. Thank you.

  23. Howard: Your are right on the money. That is exactly what I have been doing. Calling, emailing and writing letters. It seems that Senators Nelson and Rubio from Florida do not want to have their townhall meetings. If they do, it the meetings are keep secret from their constituents. I have already put them on notice that if they do not support this President, then I will do anything I can vote them out of office.

  24. Schumer is such a waste but I will contact our Congressman and other Senator. Thanks, Howard, for encouraging us to contact our representatives.

  25. Excellent blog with great reminders of Trump’s progress. People must realize that draining The Swamp will take time and possibly another 4 years in office for Trump! He is learning and is a fast learner. I am glad that many of the EPA regulations have been “turned” around – This is good.

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