IF IT MEANS DESTROYING THE USA . . . just to keep the SOCIALIST/COMMUNIST Agenda Alive within Congress (the House and the Senate) – BUT ESPECIALLY THE SENATE, these Bastards on the LEFT WILL DESTROY AMERICA to get their way.

And That’s The Bottom Line.


I fully Understand Why and How Civil Wars and Revolutions Come to Pass, because we’re living it here and now, as we are all bearing WITNESS to the outright ASSAULT on the Freedoms the US Bill of Rights & Constitution were both created to Prevent.

I won’t ARGUE with People on the LEFT, because arguing with IDIOT IDEOLOGUES, who are IGNORANT of their Country’s History, Sacrifices, and Generosity, who passionately believe they have the RIGHT to tell others how to live their lives, and how to share the Hard Earned Wealth the MAKERS HAVE ACTUALLY EARNED, is akin to Kicking a LUMP OF TURD ON THE STREET with a Brand New Shoe.

The TURD Doesn’t Care, And The Shoe Will Never Stop Stinking.

I CAN EASILY LIST DOZENS OF THINGS . . . I didn’t Like About President Trump BEFORE he became President Trump, BEFORE he became a Reality TV Star, and BEFORE we learned about some of his Shaky Business Dealings Like “TRUMP U” . . .

BUT I CAN JUST AS EASILY LIST SEVERAL MORE IMPORTANT THINGS . . . Why I Think President Donald Trump is the DESPERATE ANSWER America and the World Needs to SURVIVE the Next Few Years.

AND ANY AMERICAN . . . who thinks America should not be Great Again – who thinks America is doing fine the way that it is, OR HAS BEEN UNDER OBAMA . . . who thinks Socialism is Akin to Capitalism, is either an IDIOT, a TRAITOR, or most likely BOTH.


We are Watching the Most Despicable Republicans In Name Only (RINOS), doing all they can to USURP the Presidency of the United States of America, showing that their LOYALTY stands with THEMSELVES and the SWAMP, opposed to the American People who Elected Them.

I AM “NOT” BEWILDERED . . . Why the LEFT for example are against, not just Apathetic, but OPPOSED to real VOTING ID Cards where Illegals CAN’T VOTE.

I should also be AGHAST as to why most Republicans are NOT UP-IN-ARMS to GUARANTEE Fair and Equitable Elections through Certifiable Voter ID’S . . .

I am Neither BEWILDERED – Nor am I AGHAST, because I am UTTERLY Convinced that the SWAMP does NOT want Fair and Honest Elections. The SWAMP does not want Controlled Borders. And whether you are a Republican or a Democrat, the only difference is:

Where In The SWAMP Do You Reside?

This Is The Same Reason The Swamp Doesn’t Want To Repeal Obamacare:


WHO THE HELL . . . who cares about their Rights and Freedoms could possibly give a FLYING FRIG whether “OJ” gets out on Parole or Not, when their country is Cascading into Oblivion, and the Nation’s Leader is under a Relentless Assault from all sides, INCLUDING FROM WITHIN?

I would like to say that I never saw anything like this before . . . or ever HEARD of anything like this before, but that wouldn’t be True, because before the FALL of The Roman Empire, they too had their own SWAMP, and DEFLECTED the Truth and Reality away from the People by use of Gladiators and Chariot Races in the COLISEUM.

And Look How Well That Worked-Out For The Roman Empire.

Our New COLISEUM is the Mainstream Media . . . Leftist Television, The Movies, Social Media & DEPRAVITY – All Of It Served-Up As Normal.

What we are in fact IGNORING, because the SWAMP wants us to IGNORE it . . . is a COUP D’ÉTAT IN THE MAKING, and like ALL COUP D’ÉTATS – IT WILL NOT END WELL.


IT’S NOT ABOUT THE RUSSIANS . . . It’s Not About The Budget, It’s Not About Healthcare, It’s Not About Immigration & The Wall, It’s Not About The IDIOCY Of Climate Change, Or All The Other Stupid Distractions . . .


With the Ever-Expanding Part Of The Special Prosecution against Donald Trump and the Trump Family, and an Attorney General & Deputy Attorney General President Trump CANNOT TRUST, and a Speaker of the House and the Senate Leader who seem NOT to be able to get the JOB DONE, when in all reality, they can get the JOB DONE if they really wanted to, but just aren’t doing it . . .

This is the time to decide if you are a Patriot, an Enemy From Within, or a Bystander Watching The World Unfold, Content To Watch Reality TV And Focus On OJ.

IF YOU WANT TO SAVE AMERICA – You Better Save Your President.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I’m writing this at the risk of being labeled an intolerant “racist”, I’m sure. But, I was curious if there might be any mention today about the murdered Muslim family in Chapel Hill that the news media is currently obsessing over. They scream “hate crime” while they are painting them as wonderful, innocent people gunned down in the prime of their lives (front page on Yahoo today). What about the wonderful, innocent Israelis and Christians that have been gunned down in the primes of their lives?

  2. Howard, you are right on target. If the people of this United or divided United States don’t get behind President Trump and let him lead our country, we are down the tube! You may not like some of the tweets etc. and some of his “stupid” comments but he is a brilliant man and his proof is in the pudding in what he has accomplished in his life time. With a little encouragment, he could change some of these things and make America great again. We must trust him as he is our President!

  3. Yes, “President Donald Trump is the DESPERATE ANSWER America and the World Needs to SURVIVE the Next Few Years.” It’s not hard to BRAINWASH the UNEDUCATED, due our present SCHOOL SYSTEM.In our State, the first 2 yrs. of college is a REFRESHER COURSE of 4 yrs. of HIGH SCHOOL!Maybe we should RENAME Washington–HOLLYWOOD, as they’re all GREAT ACTORS and do receive all the extra PERKS/AWARDS.The FALL of the ROMAN EMPIRE is a GREAT EXAMPLE of AMERICA’S CRITICAL STATUS! PRAY for Trump’s SUCCESS! AMEN!

  4. Oh Howard you are so right on the mark! Am so very discouraged we re watching the demise of or president and of our country. All I see ad infinatim o j . I do believe Sessions was a loyal supporter,but don’t understand why no investigations Hillarys foundation and uUranium deal St all!!!

  5. I agree with your observations. President Trump needs to hold a press conference and clearly state it is capitalism/liberty/freedom vs socialism/communism/tyranny. However when our President accepts the corrupt republican healthcare bill, his hands are soiled. He has compromised with the swamp on too many occasions, therefore cannot be the beacon for liberty and freedom. In fact his entire career has been enmeshed thoroughly with the swamp. President Trump has admitted this with his own words.

  6. Howard,
    You are 100% correct…I’m with you, so how do we save the President?

  7. How in the world can I get this into 350 word editorial? Perhaps do two or three of them out of this accurate blog.
    Because of what I am reading, I wonder if maybe Trump did get the majority of votes. They are coming up with so many dead people that voted, so many illegals that voted, and so many who voted in several states. I’ve said it before and will say it again, if every one who reads your blog would write editorials from it maybe that is all we as private citizens can do.

  8. Howard, The first thing that Trump has to do is to find out who is the Deep Throat in his entourage that is spilling the beans to the Democrats. Trump cannot clean the Swamp because half of it is full of Republicans, they have a great life, fantastic salaries and goodies, they don’t want to change that. However they are all good orators and speak with a fork tongue. Trump should be more assertive and should stop tweeting on every little thing. Steve Acre, Montreal, Canada

  9. YOU’VE GOT IT!! We have witnessed it since the late 50’s. Plain as the nose on your face….tyranny. Kruschev banging his shoe on the table at the UN and young Communist thugs rioting at universities. Didn’t know how it would end or when but this looks like it. Even Trump seems blind to the evil insanity with the phony investigation. Only Reagan brought it to a halt temporarily. So-called leaders with no balls…only apathy and greed. Newt said long ago we are a country in decline! HOT WAR?

  10. Thankyou for the awesome blog, Howard!!
    What can we expect, our children have been brainwashed for the past 50 years..
    Kruschef.. ” can’t spell his name.. haha, but you know who he was” said at the UN.. pounding his shoes on the counter.. they would take over the USA with no war..
    And they are, and have just about done it.
    All we can do is PRAY for GOD to intervene… at this point.

  11. I have always been an eternal optimist, but I FEAR for our great country. Even though we own the House, the Senate, and the Whitehouse, the BOZO’s (all of them) can’t get a thing done for the country. They ALL reek of me, me, me. It’s truly time we vote any of those bums out, regardless of party, that have been there more than one term!!!!! Maybe, just maybe, they will get the message!! It is either that or have a revolution. Any ideas? How about make “payola” illegal??

  12. Perhaps Donald Trump is “too smart for his own good”? “Dumbed down” Americans accept leaders who might not be “qualified”, but who get them whatever they want at the time! Lies prevail over truth and fornication now has priority over education, so just what do we expect? Trump expects a lot as POTUS, but all this “opposition” in Congress for his policies shouldn’t be happening! (Socialism/Communism is what “Globalists”/”Elitists” expect, plus no “patriotism”.) Are we “reaping” what we have sown?

  13. Howard,
    I have been following your blog for about a month and find it very refreshing in a blunt “in your face” format.
    Todays editorial nails something few want to believe…every empire will fall! Due to it own absurdities and atrocities together with blatant disrespect for its citizens, the US and most of the Western world wlll fall with it. What’s on the other side; take a look at Venezuala…very scary thought!
    Edmonton, Alberta

  14. I think it is prime time for a new party. One not deep in the elites but more just in the middle like the Trump Voter. We could call it the Patriot Party or the National party.

  15. Regarding o j for 5 days on every news broadcast in including cnn and fox repeateds all day long they talked the same rubbish regarding his parole herring. Did he murder Nicole and Ron ,I think so, When you have 2 of the best criminal lawyers defending you and a poor district attorney and a judge who seemed unqualified it was a slam dunk for o j.
    It proves if you are poor and incent you are guilty.

  16. I agree with everything you say, however as I haven’t noticed any negative comments I assume all your readers also already agree. If your intention is to support those who are continually bombarded by a biased media, them you are doing a grand job, unfortunately not so good if you are trying to reach those who want to impeach Trump. Supporting Israel is a bit different, where pro-Israeli sites quite often get very vitriolic comments, but at least they have read the original pro-Israeli comments.

  17. You are so right, its scary and sad. I cannot watch any oj. makes me ill. I hope Pres, Trump does not forget WHY he wanted to run this country. I believed he knew what would come, and wanted a USA safe for his Children/grandchildren.
    They could live in America that he grew up in. His love for country and family. Yet;; satins helpers at work to block any progress.

  18. I come up on the “Patriot” side of the ledger,…but who do we look to for OUR LEADERSHIP? That is the real conundrum! As a kid growing up I always “read the political pages”, because I had a “bad feeling” something sinister was beginning (back in the 60’s and 70’s). It was partly portrayed as the “growth of the American business engine” as we left WWII as history, and got back to the business and manufacturing that MADE America the country it “was” before the war.
    Alas, it was a ploy!!!

  19. Great editorial today Howard. I saw something on TV this morning that we can do to help the POTUS It is an 800 number you can call, give your zip code and then tell him or her your opinion on the health care bill. The number is: 1.800.939.5885. If enough senators hear from the people, maybe they will pass a bill (Repeal & Replace) before they take month off. I hope all contributers will pass this along to all of their friends.

  20. We’re definitely living in interesting times and we haven’t seen anything yet.

  21. Events in the USA sound a great deal like the Communist Manifesto. We are seeing the destruction from within planned and put into place back in the 50s. The rebellion of the 60s was the first outward demonstration of its having taken hold in academia. Yes, patriotic Americans have for decades felt ‘it couldn’t happen here’ & trusted gov’t to set things right. Communist ideology was/is world peace thru revolution; peace=1-world-order as result. Lies,confusion,anarchy the method. We are there.

  22. Thanks for passing along the Number to call our senators, Edgar, from TX.! I put in my vote to Sen. Rubio, from FL.!! We need to stick together as a country!!! MAGA!!!! (Make America Great Again). Howard, you were “spot on” with your blog, today! We DO NEED TO KEEP OUR President, TRUMP, in our prayers, the 1st family, as well as his cabinet members,
    etc. The SWAMP is deep & dark, infested with all sorts of vermin. God bless us ALL, & pray for a miracle!!! In Canada, too! Prayer helps!!

  23. Somehow, some way, we MUST DRAIN THE SWAMP, GET TERM LIMITS FOR ALL OF CONGRESS, stop paying them for life because they served 1 or 2 terms, MAKE CONGRESS have the same healthcare-And pay for it them et loves, etc. THAT should drain the infested swamp. God know the President MUST KEEP HIS PROMISES, & stop placating the Rim is & Liberals.
    Thanks, Howard…as usual, right on ALL counts.

  24. The problem is that Trump is not leading. He is letting his agenda be run by others who don’t give a RAT’s ASS. He needs to get away from his petty tweets and start doing some real work and pushing his agenda with the people. Frankly, he is disappointing me. In the WH he is more concerned about hiring people who are “LOYAL” than experienced. He is running the place like it is a private business rather than a public corporation. He came to drain the SWAMP but it’s drowning HIM!

  25. Great article Howard,now will the eyes of Americans be opened…the people that voted TRUMP in need to get off their backside and help him.DEMO..RATS and the Traitors need to be stopped by whatever method you can think of to support Trump…make your VOICES heard.You have protestors marching against Trump why not have MARCH’S for better healthcare, build the wall, border closure and the list goes on MAKE YOUR VOICES HEARD AMERICA bring out your pots and pans make noise as no one has heard before

  26. I know it is an all out press by his enemies, but I felt Trump had the ability to deal with them. They are worse than I thought and from all directions. In many cases he is making things worse and is giving them ammo to fire back with.
    Things are not looking good. This situation could drag the whole Country down and then Obama and Co. will have won.

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