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So as not to Waste your Time or to Disappoint . . . there is a Political Comment at the End of this Editorial, which I believe will receive 100% Approval. If not, you’re Reading the wrong BLOG.

IN A COMMENT IN THE LAST EDITORIAL . . . Buz Davis of Atlanta Georgia asked, “Why Do I Capitalize So Many Words”?

In The Late 1300’s . . . Geoffrey Chaucer, the Renowned English Writer, wrote the International Classic – CANTERBURY TALES, which was Required University Reading, when I went to University in the Late 1960’s.

Chaucer was recognized as the Greatest English Writer of his Time, yet, I bet that 99% of the People who read this BLOG, would need an Interpreter to understand Chaucer’s Plot, let alone his English. I couldn’t.

Shakespeare is CONSIDERED by many . . . to have been the English Equivalent to the French Writer Moliere, and even though reading and understanding Shakespeare is NOT an impossibility, NO ONE Writes or Speaks like Shakespeare any longer. And if they did, they would be looked upon as if he or she was some kind of Weirdo.

BUT LET’S LOOK AT ART . . . I’ve been to many Museums, where I stared at GAZILLION DOLLAR PAINTINGS, painted by people like Picasso, which to me, were Second Fiddle to Paintings painted by someone like Norman Rockwell.

That said however, Picasso had an incredibly Interesting and Unique Style, which Defined who he was. And I doubt if he cared about what the critics had to say.

ANDY WARHOL . . . Famously Painted Cans of Campbell’s Soup, which is a Painting worth a Fortune, same as his Signed Copies of the Soup, which aren’t even originals, to which I can easily use my iPhone to take a Picture of the Same Cans, have it Blown-Up for a few bucks at any Print Shop . . . AND VOILA – I’M AS GOOD AS ANDY WARHOL.


BUT WHAT I AM COMPARING MYSELF TO – IS THEIR UNIQUENESS . . . in how they Expressed Themselves. One of my Absolute Favorite Writers was Damon Runyon, Born in 1880 (died in 1946), who had his very own Dictionary of Descriptions, one of which I use all the time . . . “MORE THAN JUST SOMEWHAT” – As in . . . The Republican Congress, House and Senate are Losers, Liars, Cheats and Incompetents “FAR MORE THAN JUST SOMEWHAT”.


SO . . . When The Radio Station Agreed (CIQC – Formerly CFCF) to meet all of my Conditions, which included:

1 – I get to Broadcast from my own Property on my Horse Farm.

2 – I Choose who I DON’T Want to Advertise on my Show.

3 – I will have NO Producer, and ONLY I get to Choose my Topics and Guests.

4 – I can Broadcast from anywhere on the Planet, as long as I pay for the Travel and the Station Pays for the Broadcast and Set-Up.

5 – There would be NO DELAY from Caller to the Live Broadcast.

SO ONCE WE ALL AGREED TO THE PRECEDING . . . The Program Director, who also Taught Broadcast Journalism at Concordia University in Montreal, specifically Radio Broadcasting, who in a very Polite way came to me with a pretty Thick Book on the HOW-TO, to be a successful Broadcaster, asked me to Read-It-Over so I could understand how I could become a Good Broadcaster . . . I ASKED HIM THIS:

“If I really studied everything in the Book, would that make me a Good Broadcaster?” . . . To which he said yes. To which I responded with the following:


“Then take Someone with a Pretty Good Brain off the Street, who will Read your Book, or Someone out of your Broadcast Class who has already Read your Book, and save a TON of Money by giving him or her the Show you want me to Broadcast”.

I came under an AVALANCHE of Criticism from the Mainstream Media, from Competitive Radio Stations, and from the Elitist Class, because of the way I SPOKE during my show . . . most of which concerned what they called Foul Language. In fact, one Major Mainstream Newspaper Writer in Montreal called the way I spoke on my Radio Show . . . EXCREMENTAL.


I spoke on my Radio Show the exact same way I write on this BLOG. And even though the Politically Correct Mainstream Media and Elitists HATED the way I spoke, THE LISTENERS DIDN’T. And with each passing Broadcast, my show was CREAMING the Competition, because it was UNIQUELY ME & I NEVER HELD BACK.

I can’t speak with the Fluid Radio-Speak we hear from the Mainstream Media. I didn’t have the timing down between transitions. And when a caller said something STUPID, I didn’t HESITATE to call Him a SCHMUCK.

And Long Before President Donald Trump . . . I was SUING the Mainstream Media for False and Misleading Reporting.

I spoke to my Radio Audience the same way I speak to my Friends, the same way I write to you, and all with the same Unbridled Passion with Appropriate Coarse and Confrontational Words.

PS – The ELITISTS Didn’t Like the Things I said, NOR did they Like the way I Said them, but – BECAUSE of my Radio Show, we fed the Hungry, Especially Children, Sheltered the Homeless, Helped Abandoned and Abused Animals, Assisted the Elderly, and REALLY Promoted the Montreal Community Policing Program BIG TIME.

And even Before the Radio Show . . . I put together a Multi-Million Dollar Media Program to Help Battered Women, creating Hotel Sanctuaries where these Women and their Children could Hide and Eat . . . FOR FREE.

In fact . . . because I Spoke the way I did, and Took No Prisoners, and called-out whomever I believed NEEDED to be called-out . . . My Radio Show Raised a Small Fortune for the people in our society who had Fallen Through The Cracks, who would otherwise be INVISIBLE to the Smug Elitists.


I’m Telling You This Story . . . Because, for several Months, I’ve been trying in Fits & Starts to get into Writing an E-Book, which I promised myself and you that I would write, and every time I began, I stopped, because it never felt right.

BUT BUZ DAVIS OF ATLANTA . . . In his Question in the last Comment Section about why I write the way that I do MADE ME THINK.

I WRITE THE WAY THAT I DO . . . Because it’s who I am. It is also how I Think and Speak, Transferred into Printed Words with Capitals, Italics & BOLD – Which Best Reflects Where I am Coming From.


Because finally, I now KNOW what I’m going to be writing for my Forthcoming Book, which I’m Certain will Please quite a few People, who like me, are somewhat Unconventional, trying to find out where we FIT in our Society, as the Clock of Time Ticks-Down.


I am extremely PLEASED with the way the Republican Obamacare Repeal and Replace FIASCO Turned-Out, because NOTHING in my Memory has ever SHOWN THE ABSOLUTE AND COMPLETE INCOMPETENCE OF THE PEOPLE WE “HIRE” TO REPRESENT US.

We pay these Bloated, Self-Important LIARS, INCOMPETENTS & CHEATS Fortunes, who AREN’T worth the Crap we Scrape off our Feet when we Step-In-It.


The ONLY Real Purpose Most Politicians, and Far Too Many Bureaucrats Serve . . . is for them to GET PAID FAR TOO MUCH FROM THE TAX PAYER . . . for Far Too Little In Return.

Think About This For A Second . . . We pay Taxes to the Tax Collector, so the Tax Collector will have a Job with all the Perks and Benefits we will NEVER have, only so he or she can Collect More Taxes and keep THEIR Ball Rolling.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Regarding Kayla Mueller, Brian Williams, Hillary Clinton, Slick Willy-the-skirt-chaser-liar, Obama, Pelosi, Reid, etc., our character remains pretty constant throughout life. We may change some things, but character is constant, and some people wake up and realize they don’t like Progressive-Marxist-socialist-communism or Islam, while others remain life-long supporters & choose to remain in their rut. Just as pedophiles seldom change, neither do liars or alcoholics. Truth sets us free!

  2. Howard CAPITALIZE away. Most things have to be said BOLDLY!!! Behind you 100%. Thanks for all you do. Keep up the good work. Blessings to you, Anne, and your many animals.

  3. Trump is trying to drain the swamp. He won’t succeed because there are a lot of gators in that swamp that like it just the way it is.

  4. My daughter had an interesting comment about the congress. She said when the system was first in place we needed representatives in Washington because it was too far to travel and farming issues. Today we don’t need them. We could vote online for every issue and the public would truly be represented. What a concept!

  5. Well You have hit the Big Time in my opinion . My operating system ,Windows 10, has for the first time ever slotted your email into the JUNK FOLDER . Must be the Minions in Bill Gates’ world have been offended , or at least believe your comments need to be limited in their audience . KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK , and I still read Chaucer today for it’s entertainment value as it was designed. We all knew “FREE” Windows 10 had an ulterior purpose .

  6. Caps help to emphasize certain words when you write because your emphasis cannot be HEARD on the printed page. I many times do the same thing to EMPHASIZE my points. Caps also show passion and emotion. Using caps does not bother me as I can hear your voice emphasizing something in the CAPS. Helps to get the REAL meaning behind the print. Keep up your style. That is YOU!

  7. Howard, keep up the BOLD words and PHRASES, they make sense. As for Trump, I said last year that he reminded me of Ross Perrot. You cannot run a Government the way you run a business, because you cannot hire and fire your Senators and Congress people. As for the swamp, he will never be able to clean it, because they are lots of Republicans there too. God help us from the fools we elect. Steve Acre, Canada

  8. When I read that question yesterday I said to myself….”Oh, oh, here we go again. Wonder what Howard will say this time.” Now you have an editorial to refer folks to if it is ever asked again. 🙂 Too many people do not realize how important it is just to be yourself, and let it rip. How horrible it would be to go through life trying to please everyone else. Regardless what you do or say there will ALWAYS be people who will try to find something wrong….ALWAYS!

  9. Funny how you comment , I am what I am. I told my wife when I met her. I have Poyeye
    Syndrome. She said what that. I said I yam what I yam, take or leave it 30 years and we are still together.
    Keep up the great writing

  10. Agree–the ONLY real purpose MOST Politicians serve is to “GET PAID FAR TOO MUCH FROM THE TAX PAYER”. Re: your CAPITALIZING certain words, I do so as well to EMPHASIZE my beliefs and TRUE feelings [not shouting]. Also, when reading comments, doesn’t this ‘catch people’s ATTENTION’? The HEALTHCARE situation is just ONE BIG GAME and people must wait for its OUTCOME & HOPE for the BEST! At this time, WHAT is the BEST, however? Getting rid of McConnell & Ryan would be a BEGINNING! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  11. Aside from anything else…..I too am a fan of Damon Runyon. I have read every short story he ever wrote multiple times and am still reading them. I never get enough of it. I remember my Dad felt the same way and I remember a lot of the Runyonese in his everyday vocabulary.

  12. Linda Roose wrote July 19. Her daughter is correct. ” She said when the system(congress) was first in place we needed representatives in Washington because it was too far to travel and farming issues. Today we don’t need them. We could vote online for every issue and the public would truly be represented. What a concept!”

    Surely Apple could develop a trustworthy and foolproof system. I believe in time it could eliminate the swamp etc.

    I guess we are dreaming to think politicians would appr

  13. I already answered the two people who asked about your use of capital letters.
    One more time: Howard is a Capitalist.

  14. One could use many words to describe this message like, I agree and so on. However, one will do. AMEN.

  15. Howard, just continue to do what you are doing! you are awesome!! At least I know that when I read your blogs.. they are from your heart and you have most definitely done your homework before putting anything in print.
    Also, I have learned so much from you on your comments on the Jewish Religion.. I have a very good friend that is Jewish, and now I can understand a lot more of what he has to say on his faith. I have also given him your web address and forwarded a number of your blogs to him.

  16. I don’t capitalize things I detest such as quebec for the same reason I don’t capitalize s**t. Thanks for correcting myself. T thought I invented the word “excremental”. I also use the word “expletive” and also “latrine” to toss at the lefties and the clowns in qc. But you probably used all these before me. However I’m 83 years old with lots of explerience.

    Me as in R. A. Crane

  17. i see your facial expressions and and the tone of your voice in your writing style. Regarding the ACA, the democrats own it. Let it fail as an object lesson.

  18. Howard pay no attention to illiterates. Liberals have been found to claim greater intellect by having literary knowledge. Yet I find with all their proper enunciation and punctuation. Liberals seldom to never seem to grasp REALLITY. Well enough to have anything worth Hearing or READING to SAY. Have a great day and keep it coming Bro.

  19. Obamacare, Obama-doesn’t-care or whatchamacallit = MONEY, with the politicians and to salisfy those in there district so that thet can get re-elected. But, with their pensions, why bother in trying to get re-elected over and over…………. I would think they could LIVE in better conditions than the swamp.

  20. Keep it comin’, Howard! I’ll take you any way I can get you. 🙂


  22. Re:Obamacare repeal. The elephant in the room is Medicare for all (Bernie Sanders). The Republicans should have begun with scoring this immediately so that when the proposal comes out, they will have the figures to show the American people. The cost for those under 65 will be apparent, and the Dems can then show how it will be paid for. I am sure that most people screaming for this option think it will be free for them. I am curious as to how the part B 80/20 coverage will be explained.

  23. Howard don’t change a thing, I enjoy all the caps and the boldness in your editorials. I am a slow typer as it is, if I tried to do that it would take me all day just to do a page. I look forward to your editorial every day and I forward everyone to facebook and other individuals on my email list. Edgar Sellers

  24. Don’t change a bit Howard. I believe that anyone who will look at canadian history books about radio should see at least a paragraph or two about your story and try to learn a few tricks here and there.

  25. If we were allowed to vote on every issue we would no longer be a republic we would then become a democracy which we do not want. That’s mob rule, majority rule same thing. We must have term limits to prevent lobbyist from having too much influence. Benjamin Franklin I believe said we have given you a republic if you can keep it. So far we have been unable to prevent the changes that the leftist want in our government. We must wake up and make some changes in Washington.

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