Trump Or No Trump – The REVOLUTION’S Begun



To Quote The Man Who Brought All Of This To A Boil – Barack HUSSEIN Obama . . . “LET ME MAKE THIS ABSOLUTELY CLEAR”.

THEY’RE ALL DIRTY, from most of the Lowest of the Bureaucrats to the President of the United States of America, all of them feel Empowered and Entitled . . . It’s Just – that some of them are with us . . . AND SOME ARE NOT.

I Made No Bones About It . . . During the Republican Primary, Trump was on the Bottom of my List with Candidates like Chris Christie, John Kasich, Jeb Bush, and a few others I really didn’t Like.

I DIDN’T LIKE DONALD TRUMP . . . Long Before he Decided to Run for the Leadership of the Republican Party. I didn’t like him so much – that I refused to watch his Reality TV Show. And I didn’t like him enough, that when he appeared on Fox News during the Fox & Friends Morning Show once a week or so, that I either Muted the Television, or simply didn’t bother to listen, because from time to time, when I did listen, it was always the same Braggadocios Elitist Crap.


President Trump WILL NOT BUILD THE WALL as everyone was led to believe he would. The Wall will be built, but not quite the way almost everyone imagined. AND MEXICO WILL NOT “REALLY” PAY FOR IT.

There will be all kinds of Games Played and no shortage of Political Double Speech Used, but Mexico will NOT Pay for the Wall.

President Trump WILL NOT MOVE THE US EMBASSY TO JERUSALEM . . . the way all of Israel and Zionist Jews Like Me EXPECTED. I imagine that it “MIGHT” eventually Move under the Trump Administration, but not quite in the Context Most of us LOOKED FORWARD TO.

And since President Trump PROMISED to Move The US Embassy as one of HIS FIRST ACTS AS PRESIDENT . . . And since he’s already reneged on that Promise, no matter what he does now, it won’t really matter, since he already BROKE his Promise to Move the Embassy as soon as he became President, so whatever happens now . . . IS AFTER-THE-FACT.

LOCK-HER-UP . . . Not in our Lifetime.

REPEAL & REPLACE OBAMACARE . . . I have no idea how this Monstrosity is going to Play-Out, since what the President, House, and Senate are COOKING-UP away from the View of the American People, IS NO BETTER in most regards than Obamacare.


Senate Leader Mitch McConnell has the POWER and the VOTES to Repeal the 60-VOTE RULE, as we saw in the “BS NUCLEAR OPTION” to approve Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, courtesy of past Senate Leader Harry Reid, who played FAST & LOOSE with the Rules as he saw them.


McConnell and the Insiders DO NOT WANT TO CHANGE THE RULES . . . Only because that would mean The Senate, Governed by the Majority Republicans, would actually have to LIVE UP TO THE PROMISES, which got them elected, and have to make Decisions WITHOUT having the Democrats to BLAME for their Lack of Election Commitments.

It’s An Incestuous Game Played By All Sides – They’re All Equal Prostitutes.


SO LET ME GO BACK TO PRESIDENT TRUMP . . . Who himself is, and has always been a SWAMP DWELLER, rubbing shoulders with the worst of the Democrats (Crooked Hillary) and Republicans, who did Businessman Trump’s Bidding, and who has Filled President Trump’s Cabinet with a PLETHORA of Swamp Dwellers, who are NOT GOING TO TIP-THE-APPLE-CART.

BUT ALL OF THAT “SAID” . . . They’re Now Becoming Our Swamp Dwellers.

And even Though President Donald Trump FOISTED his UNELECTED Daughter and UNELECTED Son-In-Law on the American People as Power Brokers, and that President Trump says one thing on Monday, and something else on Tuesday is BOTHERSOME, it is only as Bothersome as an occasional Hiccup – BECAUSE . . .

President Donald Trump WILL NOT DRAIN THE SWAMP, unless he wants to Wipe out Washington, the Government and his Friends in its Entirety, BUT WHAT HE IS DONG . . . IS JUST AS IMPORTANT . . . AND MAYBE EVEN MORE SO.

AFTER JUST 4-YEARS OF JIMMY CARTER . . . The Second Worst President I know of, Ronald Reagan gave America the Greatest Gift He Could, by making the American People feel Good and PROUD AGAIN of their Country, which I believe was President Reagan’s Single Largest Contribution.

I SEE THIS CONTRIBUTION . . . Being Made by President Trump, perhaps even more so, during a Period when remarkably, it seems that as many as Half the American Population is Bound & Determined to Destroy The American Dream, because of Absolute Global and National Ignorance COUPLED to Non Stop Anti-Americanism in the Schools, Entertainment Industry & the Media.

IF YOU WERE TO TELL A PERSON OF MODERATE LOOKS . . . That he or she is UGLY & STUPID on a Non Stop Basis . . . that no matter what are the circumstances, he or she can NEVER Measure-Up – You will Create a Person Believing that he or she really is UGLY and INCOMPETENT, which best describes how the American People have been inundated by the LEFT and the LEFTIST Media.

BUT WITH PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP . . . Here’s a President YELLING FROM THE RAFTERSTHAT AMERICA IS BEAUTIFUL, warts, scars, and all . . . and can do and accomplish EVERYTHING & ANYTHING, giving a whole new Hope and Pride in Being an American. And if that Pisses-Off the Rest of the World . . . Tough!

NOTHING BRINGS SUCCESS LIKE SUCCESS ITSELF . . . So here, because of President Trump, Americans are CHOMPING AT THE BIT TO BE SUCCESSFUL, where instead of using Stupid, Empty and Meaningless Election Words Like “YES WE CAN”, Trump is simply making YES WE CAN A REALITY . . . because that’s what Americans do.

THE BUREAUCRATS & THE BUREAUCRACY . . . are all about making Suffocating Rules and Regulations, because that’s what they do, and because that’s how they justify their existence, while President Trump is all about BREAKING THE STUPID RULES AND REGULATIONS . . . Freeing the People to Create, Innovate and Reinvigorate the American Dream.


IT’S CLEAR – ESPECIALLY TO AMERICA’S ENEMIES . . . With President Trump’s Military, the Image is simply this – Mess With The US, and the US Military Will Mess With You in Ways you could NEVER Imagine.

SO IN SHORT . . . Even though I’m Bothered Somewhat – that President Trump WILL NOT & CANNOT DRAIN THE SWAMP, Build the Wall, which he Promised to build the way the People Imagined that he would, has NOT Moved the American Embassy to Jerusalem, Will NOT REPEAL & REPLACE Obamacare the Way he Promised, has FOISTED his Daughter and Son-In-Law on the American People, and WILL NOT LOCK-HER-UP . . . I Actually Don’t Care:

Because what President Trump is Doing . . . IS RESTARTING THE AMERICAN DREAM by giving Real Power Back To The People, Making America PROUD AGAIN, and putting the World On Notice that with President Trump in the White House, THERE WILL NOT BE A ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT Or at the very least, a One World Government Governing America.


I Don’t Care Where You Turn To For News . . . whether it’s Print, Television and most Radio Stations, with the Exception of Real Conservative Broadcasters . . . YOU WILL NOT GET THE TRUTH.

And even if you get some of the TRUTH, you will NOT get the Stories the Media do NOT want you to know. Even though I am often CRITICAL of Fox News, they do have some Great Conservative Hosts, and they also do have a very Good Spin-Off Cable Channel in Fox Business News . . . BUT THAT’S NOT ENOUGH.


UNLIKE CONVENTIONAL MEDIA . . . Radio, Print and Television, which Depends on their Advertisers for Revenue, where they have to make certain to SLANT THEIR JOURNALISM just so, so as not to OFFEND their Sponsors – ALL I HAVE IS YOU!

I DON’T SLANT ANYTHING . . . And I Don’t Hold Back. What you get from me, is 100% UNVARNISHED TRUTH, whether it is Offensive to some or Not.

SO AS I ASK ONCE DURING THE MIDDLE OF EVERY MONTH . . . If what you Read from what I Write is of Value to you, and if you Believe that it is of Value to our Countries, perhaps you should consider supporting this BLOG, especially since this BLOG REALLY SUPPORTS YOU.

WITHOUT PEOPLE LIKE ME . . . Who are constantly Ringing The Bell AGAINST the Defilers of Truth and Justice – To Whom Else Could You Turn For An Honest Assessment Of Our Place In The World?

I ASSURE YOU . . . There Is No Self Interest In What I’m Doing, since I could make more money asking people if they would want me to Upsize their Fries and Drink with their Order than How Much I Take in with this BLOG.


THIS IS ALL ABOUT A CALLING . . . It’s About You And me – and as I Write every time I ask for Financial Support for this BLOG, and for what I do, whether you SUPPORT GALGANOV.COM OR NOT, I will still Write, and I will still Advocate. And if you don’t have the Financial Wherewithal to Support Financially, don’t feel bad, ‘cause you can also help simply by Spreading the Word to help to Grow the Number of people who Subscribe to

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Kayla Mueller worked with the International Solidarity Movement – one of the most anti-Israel, anti-Semitic (redundant) NGOs on earth. She is another Rachel Corrie who chose to fight on the side of evil – and she got her just desserts: No doubt about it. As for Brian Williams, if there’s one thing that cannot be rebuilt, it’s TRUST. Ask anyone whose spouse has cheated on them. We will not see Brian Williams on NBC ever again.

  2. Obama carried out the orders given to him by Jarrett and the Emanuel’s. In return for being a good boy look at what has happened to him. From a $260K Condo in Chicago to the life of the rich and famous and then some. He almost completed his mandate except someone got in the way and his last name begins with a T.

  3. What Trump is doing is telling Americans (and others) that it is ok to think and feel distrust towards the various ruling and controlling and ‘advantage-taking’ institutions, because they are in fact ruling and controlling and taking advantage of you. Anyone who can deflate the power of the self-inflating, agendized media and can call out the corruption of the roach-infested UN is ok by me. Whatever Trump is or isn’t, compared to crackpot leftism today he is the sanest one out there.

  4. We all know that Pres. Trump has accomplished MORE in his 6 mo. Presidency than Satan Obama did in his 8-year ‘reign’. Let’s hope that your thoughts are incorrect about the WALL & the US EMBASSY not moving TO JERUSALEM. Hope this will happen soon–at least, during his 4-year term. People have expected that ALL HIS PROMISES WILL IMMEDIATELY COME TRUE, but he has to be given the PROPER TIME to do so. You are correct in that MOST POLITICIANS are NARCISSISTIC. A “New Swamp” IS being created! AMEN!

  5. WOW! Best editorial ever!! Trump is NOT the solution,but like the Old Testament, a forerunner of Prophets wisdom and comments, for the whole of humanity, (including ALL Americans!) I agree the Israel Embassy SHOULD BE MOVED,AND NOW!!
    A wall SHOULD BE BUILT NOW! And a Presidential endorsement of The American Republic to call for a Constitutional Convention to “Clean, Drain, and Sanitize OUR CONGRESS AND SENATE, would probably be all it takes to clean up the Government, once and for all,…

  6. I agree with Tom Corcoran, a Constitutional Convention with one of it’s purposes to mandate term limits for congressmen and senators, is a great way to clean the House. However the swamp also comprises gov’t employees in positions of authority, but even those should be cleared out by the new heads appointed by the new president. That should have been one of the tasks/mandates given by Trump to each dept head when installed. Keep up great work Howard and thank you for your devotion to truth.

  7. There was a news report earlier today stating they started on the wall here in Texas. If I remember correctly, money was put into the latest NDAA (or some other money bill) to cover it.

  8. Moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem makes sense. The only reason it was not there in the first place was because Jerusalem was not unified until they (the IDF) expelled the Jordanians in 1967. This will show the Palys that the U.S. means business.

  9. Anybody that believed or believes that President Trump can quickly work political miracles is smoking something funny. He has to work within the constraints of the system. It took a long time for us to get into this mess, and it will take a long time to cure it. If it turns out that his actions push us into a Constitutional Convention, so be it. We allowed this mess to develop and it is incumbent upon us to assist with the solution.

  10. As I see it, it is Trump agaist the resisance tp change. Resistance to change = the swamp w/self interests. There is no way that Trump can achieve change from inside takers who achieve massve wealth by being a swamp insiders.
    Cost accounting would establish operating costs which are achievable and actual for each period should be measured against that.

  11. It took the entire 20th Century and up to Obama finally leaving office with the people finally coming around, if not to late. The people ignored and alllowed it, as you have said. And while Trump is re-starting the people, then it is the people’s responsibility to take over put more outsiders in, get the politicians, establishment out, to drain the swamp! There is a lot of poker involved in the business world and just maybe he’s waiting to make the right move(s) at the right time(s).

  12. I can’t help believing we have more Rinos than true conservatives holding office. Ten years ago you would have had a difficult time finding a conservative supporting socialized medicine. The Dems got the Rinos and socialized medicine and the true conservatives got the shaft. Our representatives are self serving and gutless. A very sad commentary. Glad we have this blog and a place we can express our disappointments and frustrations. Best to all

  13. It’s so sad we have to accept a lack of integrity from a President of the USA, at that. Stop the PROMISES and tell us you are TRYING your best to get the important things done. We can only hope for the best. Trump would be more successful if he didn’t have to deal with the RINOS. All things considered he is doing OK….especially for only six months. What if it were Hillary? You are so right, Ray!

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