Trump Or No Trump – The Lunacy Will Come To An End


Today Is Sunday July 16, 2017 . . . Anne, Stryker, April the Cat and I are at “Brome Lake” in the Quebec Eastern Townships, attending a Three Day Event Horse Competition, as Spectators.

We’re in our Smaller Travel Trailer, in the Middle of a Field, surrounded by other People with Travel Trailers and Horse Trailers, none of whom have electricity, water or food, other than what we could all bring, in what has become an all of a sudden Community of sorts.


Anne and I know most of the People, but none intimately except for the organizers . . . and we do not have either a Horse or a Rider in this Event – In fact, we’re here because we were invited to join-in, and we thought this would make a relatively relaxing getaway, since we’re only about an Hour and a Half or Two Hours away from Home.

It’s quite interesting, that of this large group of People, some are Conservatives; some are Liberals (LEFTISTS), while some don’t know what they are. There are Older Folk like Anne and Myself, Younger People in their Teens and early Twenties, and at least one family with Infant Children.

Most of the Group are Cooking together at a Great Cooking Area they set-up more or less off the Cuff, while Anne and I are very Pleased to be cooking for ourselves . . . even though we are welcomed to join the others, as the others are more than welcome to share in what we are doing.

WHAT MAKES ALL OF THIS SO INTERESTING . . . is that this FLEETING arrangement is an Oxymoron . . . a Dichotomy of Same Interests, where People of Substantially different Lifestyles, Social Structure, Wealth, and Interests, other than Horses, all of whom are sharing in this ONE COMMON INTEREST where Politics is MOOT.


As much as all of these People seem to be Caring Decent Folk, all Pulling in one Direction for a Common Interest – at the end of the Day, in many Socio Political Ways, we are all Adversaries . . . Which To What Extent Is Open To Time & Debate.


The Canadian Government gave $10.5-MILLION to a Moslem Canadian Born Terrorist, who MURDERED One American Serviceman while Partially Blinding Another during a Battle in Afghanistan. The $10.5-MILLION was also Accompanied by a Formal Government Apology, because Canada didn’t do enough to help and offer succor to the MURDERER, while he was a Prisoner at GITMO.

And as I’m writing this . . . there are 5-Employees Of CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service), Canada’s Spy Agency, which is equivalent to a much smaller CIA, which is SUING the Agency (Canadian Government) for $35-MILLION, because of a Litany of ALLEGED INSENSITIVE Treatment to their Moslem Culture and Beliefs.


I read, hear and see how a HUGE Number of People, probably Decent Fold as well (at least on the outside), of the MOST Democratic Country in the World, who are Walking in Tandem with the Most Corrupt and Disingenuous Media one would never have imagined several decades ago, who want to USURP their Democracy by Bringing Down a Duly Elected President (Trump).

I am also AMAZED at how America and Americans have gone from being the MOST Resilient and SELF-RELIANT People on the Planet, to having become a Nation of WHINERS, COMPLAINERS & DEMANDERS OF FREE STUFF.

I used to be Blown-Away by how America was INDEED A MELTING POT, where Immigrants Rushing to the USA, WHO COULDN’T ASSIMILATE FAST ENOUGH TO BECOME APPLE PIE AMERICANS . . . And now, what made America Great for almost 250-Years, has become a Reason for Embarrassment and Assault by at Least Half the American Population, led by the LEFT (Academics, Media, Politicians and Elitists), who for UNFATHOMABLE SOCIALIST VALUES are leading the Greatest Nation That Ever Was – Over The Precipice.


Alex De Tocqueville . . . A French Historian, Philosopher, Politician and Writer, who was a passionate LOVER OF THE AMERICAN DREAM, wrote in the Mid-1800’s:

“The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public’s money.”

“Liberty cannot be established without morality, nor morality without faith.”

“In other words, a democratic government is the only one in which those who vote for a tax can escape the obligation to pay it.”


How Could A Non-American, Much Like Me . . . approximately 150-Years Ago, have been so PRESCIENT as to see in what he wrote in Three Simple Statements, what it will take to DESTROY the Greatest Democracy ever known . . . that so many AMERICANS are so DEAF, DUMB & BLIND . . . THAT THEY CANNOT SEE?

The DEPTH of American (and Canadian) Socio/Political Lunacy has become so Great, that Sooner Rather than Later, its Insanity will Overpower Itself, which will happen with or without President Trump, because Socialism and Ignorance NEVER Succeed, while Decent Values, Personal Independence, Responsibility, and Hard Work ALWAYS DO.

PRESIDENT TRUMP IS THE GIFT . . . The World has been waiting for, to get the REAL Counter Revolution Kindled . . . BUT IT’S NOT ALL ON HIM.

To Paraphrase – De Tocqueville, Who Also Wrote . . . “No Matter How Charismatic A Leader Is, He Cannot Lead A Nation In A Direction The Nation Is Not Prepared To Follow”.

I’ve used this Quote many Times, while Defining the GUILT & CULPABILITY of the Germans, the Europeans and all the Others who Blindly Followed Adolf Hitler, because as far as I’m Concerned, if it wasn’t Going to be Hitler, it would have been Someone Else, since that is the Direction Germany & Europe were looking to Travel.

AND IN 2016 . . . No Matter how much MONEY & DISINFORMATION the LEFT, RINOS, The Banks, Wall Street, The Media, Academics and Elitists threw AGAINST the American People, WHO STILL BELIEVED in the Constitution & American VALUES . . . the People were not about TO FOLLOW IN A DIRECTION THEY WERE NOT PREPARED TO TRAVEL.

So – Here I Sit . . . Very Early Morning, before having so much as a cup of coffee, listening to the Happy Voices of the people all around me, as they Prepare Breakfast and Enjoy each others Voices while they eat, WONDERING . . . how many of these people SHARE MY VALUES in my Socio/Political World?

I DON’T REALLY WANT TO KNOW TODAY . . . How many of these People Voted for Justin Trudeau, Despise President Trump, think that we should be MORE Accommodating to Immigrants who are Nothing like us, who believe in Something For Nothing, who would support paying $35-Million to 5-Employees of CSIS, because of Moslem Hurt Feelings, and think Omar Khadr, the Murderer and Blinder of American Servicemen Deserved the $10.5-Million and the Official Apology . . .

Only Because This Really Isn’t The Right Time & Place.

Everyone Is Nice . . . Everyone Is Having A Good Time, and I’m Thinking About the Words Of De Tocqueville, and how many people amongst us would read his words, understand his meaning, and see where we’re heading?

It would be nice if I could think about other things once in a while. But I guess that’s not who I am. But I’m Here And Enjoying Myself Nonetheless.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard,
    I do so enjoy your editorials and once I get through a rough health problem patch, I will gladly contribute. Once again, welcome to the Republic of Texas

  2. The problem in the that there are immigrants that want the law changed to there agenda ( muslims..latinos etc ) and then we have the freebees that live off o the welfare (most are able to work but refuse ) supported byt the demacraps.
    We have been at war for 20 years due to muslim factions trying to kill Americans.It lot for Trump to over come but he
    will make America great again

  3. GREAT EDITORIAL! Those of us who keep ABREAST of POLITICS are now more cognizant of whether the people, around us, FAVOR the same politics, as we do! This OUTLOOK is due to the TRUMP presidency. We are in a WE-THEM situation, whether we like it or not! Thank God that as you wrote–“Everyone Is Nice . . . Everyone Is Having A Good Time” can still be voiced during certain occasions. Just love the Alex De Tocqueville quotes; they are so TRUE! PRES. TRUMP, PLEASE DRAIN THAT SWAMP ASAP! AMEN!

  4. Howard, I truly pray you are right when you say that with Trump & many like-minded folks, we can take back our country. But, every day I see so much apathy around me that it scares me to death. I try as hard as I can to contribute to the argument FOR us to really work on taking “US” back..the resistance is palpable. God help us if we do nothing! Keep up your great work- YOU are an inspiration for us to at least really TRY to help Trump, et al, to indeed do what we can. We need all the help we ca

  5. EXCELLENT, as always….were I only able to do as well…

    So, I did the next best thing…I posted it to Facebook…!

  6. I grew up on patriotism & American exceptionalism during the Cold War. I stood to say the Pledge of Allegiance EVERY DAY from kindergarten to the day I graduated High School. I remember being shocked that in college I DIDN’T stand and pledge. I love this America–and I would DIE to defend her–old and decrepit as I am, I can still fire a gun and hit the target with proficiency. It enrages me to see these leftist %#$%@ disparage everything I love about America–but 1st Amendment says they can.

  7. Libs/Dems believe in a delusional sense of equality that they show to segments of society that have no interest in reciprocating.Believing their sense of fairness will be acknowledged by such odious forces and ultimately lead to a utopian society of co-existence, they fail to understand that they are giving away their freedom and that of future generations.When the wolves in sheep’s clothing reach the critical mass to take us over, the best outcome for the left is that they will be killed last.

  8. You have much company in your thoughts and emotions, Howard. My 84 years tell me not to become too optimistic….caution prevails. But…to say I am absolutely fed up with evil would be a gross understatement. Too bad there isn’t a bug spray to rid the filth in humanity from the earth. There is always time to enjoy each day regardless of the uphill battle. Many still appreciate De Tocqueville. Meanwhile Betsy DeVos is pummeling the NEA here in the states. Yes, Joel!

  9. Howard, when I read yesterday about the 5 csis employees suing our Csis for $ 35 millions, my blood pressure went up. Is that the new way by the Muslims to bankrupt our country? I think the time has come to change our Laws and some of the Judges who are so pathetic and Naive. Steve Acre, Canada

  10. Thank you, Howard. I feel exactly the same way. Wouldn’t it be great if we could just forget about the battle happening in our country? But, since the agony between the Right and Left gets worse every day, we can’t help but belabor what’s in store for us.

  11. I read De Tocqueville in French, and thought he was the best political writer ever since Machiavelli. Since my early teens, I already had a love for the USA ensconced in my heart and mind.
    Since October 2015, I have been ashamed to be Canadian, when about 70% of my compatriots voted for a treasonous nincompoop as Prime Minister. If I could afford it, and regardless of the situation there, I would move my family to the USA, where only 48% got into Crooked Hillary’s trap…

  12. You didn’t need to go back 150 years, just 40 years ago Margret Thatcher said “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.” But, to continue with De Tocqueville, “I studied the Koran a great deal. I came away from that study with the conviction there have been few religions in the world as deadly to men as that of Muhammad”, In that he agreed with Churchill “How dreadful are the curses which Mohammedanism… which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia.

  13. Howard, “spot on”… hit the nail on the head, again! I echo what others have said, we need to be praying for our Pres. Trump, his Cabinet leaders, & this great country, the USA….as well as Canada!! Your situation there with Trideau is NOT much better. Keep on spreading the good news of freedom, & what is going on in BOTH of our beloved countries. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. God Bless you my friend(s)!!!!!

  14. You have a better handle on what is happening in this United or un-United States than the American people. Our people can not see the forest for the trees. The Edomite Nation is taking us over and our people just let it happen. Wake up America it is about to strike mid-night! Keep on filling in the blanks maybe one will be raised up who can help our Nation.

  15. California is a leader in the anti-Trump State along with New York, both of which have the greatest anti-Trump following, it is also notable that Caifornia has the highest tax burden on it’s people which is due to the DEMOS give away programs to get the vote of the uninformed and under educated poulation. Let’s hope that the mid-Americans will continue to make their voices heard in 2018. In with the enlightend and OUT with the DEMO & RINOS.

  16. “Multiculturalism” and “diversity” teach people that “patriotism” is a “thing of the past” (since “nations” are no longer what this world needs or is all about)! We are now supposed to “tolerate” all the “different” (immoral) values being imposed onto our societies. (All the religion and “law and order” we used to know no longer apply)! This “Globalist” attitude (favorite of Soros, Clintons, members of Congress, plus promoted by media) is destroying USA and Canada! Only God can save us now!

  17. Steve Acre; you are so right the Lie brals are handing over the taxpayers money! 241 million to gender equality, helping girls and women around the world “TO” the Clinton Foundation (how can this Lie bral trust the Foundation that “STOLE” money from the Haiti people). CSIS five employee want 35 million because their feelings were hurt. 10.5 to a Terrorist. Where is money for CANADIANS for health care, infrastructure and the list goes on. “2019 VOTE THE LIE BRALS OUT OF GOV’T”

  18. My father a veteran of world war 2 often stated… Socialism won’t work, because Socialists won’t work!

  19. Excellent Blog today, Howard!!! 2 Thumbs Up. I agree when you are surrounded by a lot of people & wondered where they stand in the scheme of things going on in the USA, Canada, the EU & so on! Even though I wonder – There are those times when just being still & your mouth shut – Is simply very rewarding & refreshing!!! When I do that – I call it – Unexpress thoughts!!! It has saved my person many times. }:O)

  20. Great article , also great comments. The only thing I will add is GOD put TRUMP in. I and V.P. Pence & others were given the verse….11Chroniles 7:14 . I feel if we stand by TRUMP, trample whoever gets in his way, by what we can write or do, America will be saved. Sad, younger people are failing in public education, if don’t have caring parents in EVERYTHING that goes on in their lives, including knowing EXACTLY what teachers say, & raise them right.
    Keep our pres in prayer daily for SAFETY.

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