I Have Very Little Use For Europe – Any Of It



When you have nothing left to Sell But Empty Promises . . . you quickly discover, that you also have very few if any Customers willing to Buy, except perhaps for the most Blindly Loyal.

And even those, who are generally easy to Bamboozle . . . they too eventually lose their enthusiasm for BS . . .


In Canada . . . it seems to me, that the LEFT haven’t yet discovered, that as Margaret Thatcher once so Brilliantly Stated, as I’m about to Paraphrase – That In A Socialist Society – “EVENTUALLY, THE STATE RUNS OUT OF OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY”.

I write this, since I just read that the our Prime Minister Trudeau, has decided to GIVE the Clinton Foundation $20-MILLION of Canadian Tax Payers’ Money, as a Gift for the Benefit of Women’s Rights and Reproductive Services Abroad.

This is in addition to the $10-Million Trudeau just gave to the Moslem Terrorist who Murdered One American, while Partially Blinding Another.

But that said . . . I believe that Charity Starts At Home – and believe me, we in Canada have no shortage of people who are in need of some of that Money. And if Trudeau and the Canadian Government think we have $30-Million to just give away, perhaps they should Tax Us Less, since I kind of Figure that my Tax Dollars should be for what Canada Needs, and not what the World Wants.

Besides . . . Of All Charities – The Clinton Foundation?


I Have ZERO Use For Europe . . . As far as I’m concerned, Europe has had well more than 1,000-Years to get it RIGHT, vis a vis the type of Freedoms America GOT RIGHT some 250-Years Ago with America’s First Try.

Yet . . . as Far as the Haughty Europeans are concerned, they somehow think they’re far more Cultured and Civilized than are us . . . who live in their former “Colonies”.

As I’m writing this . . . I’m Watching President Trump’s Arrival in Paris, amidst the extraordinary Pomp & Circumstance laid out for him and the First Lady, and how he is being greeted by French President Emmanuel Macron, while the Talking Heads on Fox News are Blathering about how France is such a Great, Proud, and Historic Nation, and how France was America’s Oldest Ally . . . going back to the American Revolution.

The Fox Talking Heads . . . seem to have forgotten that France had been at War with England almost in Perpetuity, and for a 100-Plus Years, the British were Kicking French Ass all around the World . . . And here, about 250-Years Ago during the American Revolution was France’s Opportunity to Kick some English Ass through Patriotic American Surrogates.

The Fox News Talking-Heads Also Sort Of Forgot . . . how the French got their Pompous Asses Kicked TWICE by the Germans in the last 100-Years, Once by the Vietnamese in the 1950’s, Unceremoniously Booted out of Algeria also in the 1950’s . . . and their DESPICABLE PRO-NAZI BEHAVIOR, as French Jews were Shipped to their Deaths during the Holocaust with French Government Assistance.

I guess they also FORGOT to Include the French Inquisitions, which saw Jews Murdered, Disenfranchised, and Driven Out of France until the 19th Century, because the Jews were GUILTY of being Jews.

OR HOW THEY FORGOT TO REMEMBER THE DREYFUS AFFAIR . . . which gave Witness to Extreme Anti-Semitism at the Highest Levels of the French Government, as the French RAILROADED a Jewish Military Officer, Captain Alfred Dreyfus, by Intentionally and WRONGLY Accusing and Convicting Dreyfus as being a Spy for the Germans in 1894.

AND AS A CANADIAN . . . Whose Country, Father and FRENCH CANADIANS Played a HUGE Roll in Liberating France in the 1940’s . . . how do you think I Felt and still Feel, after that French Windbag Charles De Gaulle, who HID-OUT in England while English, Canadian, American, British and Australian Soldiers BRAVELY fought to Liberate his Country, while he Enjoyed Life in the Safety of England . . . To Return Home To France As A Conquering Hero.

AND THEN TO SHOW HIS GRATITUDE – France Refused to Join NATO, Screwed America on the World Platform, Cheated the Israelis on War Planes and War Ships Israel Bought and Paid For in the 1960’s & 70’s . . . and while we Canadians were Celebrating our 100th Year Of Confederation In 1967, De Gaulle came to Montreal, and Declared from the BALCONY OF CITY HALL, to the Absolute delight of Quebec Separatists wanting to Break-Up Canada, for the Whole World To Hear . . . Charles De Gaulle Declared “VIVE LE QUEBEC LIBRE” – Long Live A Free Quebec.


I understand why President Trump wants to MAKE NICE with the French, it’s the Politically Right Thing To Do. But what I don’t understand, is why the Media want to Pretend France is Something . . . Or More Than It Is.

I DID NOT . . . AND DO NOT EXPECT – Fox News, or any other News Reporting Agency, Newspaper, Radio Broadcast or Television News Production to come out as I just did . . . SPELLING IT-OUT AS IT REALLY IS, CONCERNING EUROPE & THE DUPLICITY OF ALL OF THEM.

They Are Not Better Than Us . . . We Are Better Than Them.

NOT AS I SEE IT . . . But As It Really Is – All of Europe, but France, Germany and England more than the others – are on a Fast-Track to Islamization, and the end of their Core Cultures.

France is approximately 10% (or greater) Moslem Today, which means that France has all but Crossed The Line Of No Return. Germany is a Basket Case with the Islamist Assault on Germany’s Largesse. And England is Teetering on a Violent Clash of Cultures between the British and the Moslems, who want to be Moslem Before British.

AFTER ALL . . . What does Islam and Sharia have in common with European Traditions, Histories, Laws, and Cultures?

SO, WHEN I SEE, HEAR, OR READ IN THE MEDIA . . . the IMPRESSION that Europe is so Good, Special, Cultured, and Successful – it gives the Belief that we have something to Learn from the Europeans and their Globalizing Philosophy, where in TRUTH, Europe has far more to Learn from America, than America has to Learn from Europe.


The Media Would Once In A While Just Get It Right, Or Simply SHUT-UP.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Well said, as usual, Howard. Let us all join hands and pray that Israeli Prime Minister, Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu galvanizes the American government to force Iran to give up their nuclear arms programs. Perhaps they can use their nuclear energy for peaceful projects. {I doubt that will be possible.}
    Happy birthday for tomorrow.
    John W. Rosen.
    Johannesburg, South Africa…………

  2. How many white Christian children has been rape by the Muslim population in the UK or England? 100 or 1000 or 10,000 or 100,000 or 1 million? Can you guess? Or cheat and look up the answers as I did. I thought it was only 100,000. I was wrong. The answer: One Million

  3. Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic have it right: Proud of their history and their culture, they are closing their borders to stealth jihadists masquerading as refugees. Liberal Canada traded this pride for politically correct multiculturalism and will pay a terrible price.

  4. Our founding fathers left (or were driven out) of URP (Europe) to get away from the crap that is essentially going on today. Now it seems as if we are changing course and heading back in the same direction from whence we came. Go Figure. I myself have very little use for Europe as it stands today, much less use for France.

  5. Howard…I was always at a loss as to How the Media..makes all this money..and Pays..these enormous salaries to so called actors..Then they sponsor big money events..Till Trump came along! I believe they make HUGE…AB-So-Lute-ly insane amounts of money with election advertising..TV and Newspaper… AND….With out the Elections every 2 years..They can not Function.. No Wonder they Hate Trump…They see there own futures being reduced to obsolescence in a few years if they don’t take him out.

  6. I would prefer they just shut up. Anybody else tired about hearing about Russia

  7. Howard
    Loved the article and the Spirit behind it but I believe my Blood is boiling a bit more than yours over the amount of money Trudeau is shoveling over to the Clinton Foundation. The News Articles I have read indicate $241 Million and not the lower amount of $20 Million. Can you imagine what that money could have provided for our Veterans or Women’s Health Benefits here in Canada? Trudeau is giving Billions to the World but nothing to Canadians except for his contempt. Thanks

  8. Someone should point out to Fox that when you try to sit on both on both sides of the fence you usually end up with splinters in your bum

  9. Howard, I concur with you but who is listening? Trudeau and his cronies are basking in their glory and spending our tax dollars. I am so mad at the money given to Khader and to the Clinton Foundation, I am ready to puke. Bill Clinton was appointed few years back to look after the Billions of dollars raised to help the people of Haiti after the Earthquake. i wonder what happened to all that money, because most people there are still in shacks with no Homes. Steve Acre, Canada

  10. I gave up on Europe over a decade ago as they are all a bunch of hypocrites. They all fund NGO’s in the Middle East which continually demonize Israel. Many countries gave their Jews to the Nazis. Although there were righteous gentiles, most of their countries were complicit in the Holocaust. Indeed, Trudeau giving money to the corrupt Clintons and Khadr! What a foolish move!

  11. Don’t foget to participate to the campain for Chris Speer kids via therebel.

  12. It’s disgusting, hopeless AND SUICIDAL. Hopefully next time they come calling for help our dial will be on…OFF. Watch the walls go up around the countries that understand their future.

  13. I have a suggestion for a replacement for Fox News: try OANN – One American News Network. It’s new and not available on all networks. Not on Spectrum (formerly Time-Warner) but I think on Direct TV and U-Verse here in Austin, Texas.

  14. The Clinton foundation has been closed down earlier in the year, no money being donated by the Arabs, h mmmmmmm is Trudeau developing a slush fund for his family as the clinton’s did

  15. Of course it doesn’t mean anything to you it’s not your homeland, but it is our ancestral homeland and we don’t want it inundated with foreigners and aliens of any kind. The Middle East is not my homeland so I have no stake in it and they can do as they like and that means I don’t want their problems or vendettas on my turf.

  16. And earlier there was the “the Battle of the Spurs” in 1513 with Henry VIII. It was a battle between the English, backed by Imperial troops, and the French and is called “the Battle of the Spurs” because the French knights, taken by surprise and realising that they were outnumbered and outmanoeuvred, fled on horseback, their spurs glinting in the sunlight.

  17. Amen, Howard. AMEN!

    Susanne Sauer
    Douglassville, PA USA

  18. William Conlon I agree with you it’s called quid pro quo or you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours. This money flows into the Clinton Foundation then back to Trudeau Foundation. Does this Trudeau PM think we are all stupid!! Remember this along with all the other TAX dollars spent by this PM that should have been spent on CANADIAN programs. OUT WITH LIE BRALS IN 2019…VOTE CONSERVATIVE 2019!!!

  19. Please don’t talk to me about the French (who would can their shit and have everybody eating it like pate on crackers if they could get away with doing this)! We have been to France (don’t like their wines, but supposedly, they drink their “good wines”, sending the rest to USA). Been to Montreal (“minus 6 degrees” in March)! Got to hand it to the French- no matter where they go, they act like they never left France, still speaking French! Muslims are taking over the world! Can USA stop them?

  20. Why I do not buy french wine, or buy products made in japan,china germany ,france or any country that has or is a enemy of the U.S. Since most European country’s left the door open for muslims to walk right in now the suffer the results.
    The past muslim (in sheep clothing )president Obama tried the open door po9licy here so we are under the gun but the Donald will put a end to it .

  21. It’s too late for most countries in Europe; they have reached or surpassed the “tipping point”.
    Islam will take over these countries unless there is a roundup and forced deportation or war…and we all know that that won’t happen.
    Say goodbye to Europe as it once was because two or three generations from now it will be part of the caliphate.

  22. It’s so sad to see that Europe is being slowly DESTROYED by MOSLEMS. Also, being POLITICALLY CORRECT reflects HYPOCRITICAL VIEWS. Many people have CHOSEN to follow this ROUTE just to FIT IN! What happened to the INDIVIDUALS who stood for the EXPRESSION of their real thoughts, beliefs, etc… Well, we still have another chance–thanks to PRES. TRUMP–who is not a HYPOCRITE! Satan Trudeau will ruin Canada just like Satan Obama did in America. It will take a while to RECOVER! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  23. Howard, you also forgot to mention how Degall put the screws to the USA in the late 50s or early 60s by devaluating the franc or how as my memory recalls he had to lead the Big Victory parade in Paris at the close of the war like he was some kind of battle hero.

  24. Bravo – Bravo – Bravo – Bravo!!! Excellent blog today, Howard and SPOT ON!!! I could care less about Europe or anything Europe. At one time, I would have loved to travel there – NOT NOW – Not on your life would I travel to Europe. I wished I could have gone to Israel. There was a time in Israel where it was dangerous to travel there. Nowadays, the IDF really does an excellent job of protecting Israel. No, there are still killings but you don’t hear about suicide bombing much anymore.

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