Does The Mainstream Media Have The Market Cornered On The TRUTH?


I’ve received more than the Usual amount of Emails I usually receive concerning Editorials I’ve written, which are based on the Last Editorial; I guess it’s because the FACTS of the Last Editorial Vis A Vis the G-20 Pretenders and Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, have simply Touched a very Sensitive Nerve amongst the Readers of this BLOG.


Sometimes, it’s the Second Go-Around after Writing the First Editorial on a Subject, which Triggers MORE Passion than the Original . . . which I believe is the Case Today.


The Leaders of the G-20ALL OF THEM . . . Including President Trump, do not have the Love and Support of the Majority of their Respective Country’s Population.

But that being said, as I wrote yesterday – President Trump was the ONLY LEADER AT THE G-20, who made it 100% Clear . . . that his Primary Interest was in WHAT IS BEST FOR HIS COUNTRY, which to me says EVERYTHING.

ALL THE OTHER LEADERS . . . Wearing their G-20 Pins, like little Badges of Honor, seemed to be Pandering to each other to Demonstrate who Amongst them is the Best Globalist of this Motley Crew, including the Jerk, whether I like it or not, WHICH I DO NOT, who is my Canadian Prime Minister.

I CAN’T IMAGINE . . . Voting for a National Leader who cares Equally, or MORE-SO for other Countries, than he or she does for his or her own. Yet – STUPID People who lead these Societies, all around the World . . . INCLUDING AMERICAN LEFTISTS campaign and vote to undermine their own GREATNESS.

THIS IS WHY I WROTE YESTERDAY . . . That whether I am Pleased or Not with many of the things President Trump has Said or Done, or DIDN’T SAY OR DO doesn’t matter a Hill of Beans to me, because President Donald Trump was Elected BY the People of the United States of America, FOR the People of the United States of America, and OF the People of the United States of America TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

How Simple Is That?

OVER THE PAST DECADES . . . Especially since the End of Ronald Reagan’s Two Terms, the Politicians and Bureaucrats have SLOW-WALKED AMERICA towards LEFTIST Socialist Oblivion . . . WITHOUT THE PEOPLE EVEN KNOWING IT.

All the Many Wonderful things that Initially made America Great from 1776-ON, have through the Decades and Generations MORPHED through LEFTIST Propaganda, and REALLY BAD POLITICIANS . . . to somehow go from being GREAT to IRRELEVANT to EMBARRASSING to Offensive.

It’s No Less Than America Should Be Ashamed Of It’s Successes & Greatness.


The Greatest FREEDOM and GUARANTEE of FREEDOM we have . . . comes from what should be our UNFETTERED FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION . . . where it is not only the RIGHT, but it is INDEED THE DUTY, of all the Press (Media) to Legitimately Question and Expose Dishonesty, Incompetence, and Corruption EVERYWHERE . . . BUT NOWHERE MORE-SO – THAN AMONGST OUR POLITICAL CLASS.

As I’ve written Several Times . . . The FRAMERS of the US Constitution were so CONVINCED that Freedom of Expression, but SPECIFICALLY amongst the Press, was so VITAL to the Freedom of America, that in the First Amendment, the Framers included a SPECIAL CLAUSE, which Applies Specifically for the Press, that ONLY they, the Press, which the Framers had bestowed upon them, which gives the Press the Unencumbered Ability to Honestly Report on Whatever it is they Wish, WITHOUT EVER HAVING TO REVEAL THEIR SOURCE, or be in Fear of Government Recriminations.

I AM NOT AWARE . . . of this Incredible Right – having ever been bestowed upon any other National Media, to the extent that it is to the American Media, which makes the OBJECTIONABLE AMERICAN MEDIA . . . Even More OUTRAGEOUS, since the Greatest Singular Gift to America’s Freedoms, is being USED, ABUSED & SQUANDERED FOR PROPAGANDA PURPOSES in order to Promote a Political Philosophy . . . which is Antithetical to the GIFT the Media (Press) were given by the Framers of the US Constitution, so the Media would always be the First & Last Line Of Defense . . . as the Guardians At The Gate of FREEDOM.



1 – Lie About Events.
2 – Slant The News By Favoring One Side Over The Other.
3 – Report Only One Side Of A Story.

In North America Today . . . as in the entire World, WE ARE BEARING WITNESS to the Utter Incompetence, Dishonesty and Lack of Integrity of the Media, which if unabated, will lead to our Disintegration as a FREE Society.

WHAT THE LEFT SEEMS EITHER NOT TO UNDERSTAND OR CARE ABOUT . . . is that what is Good For The Goose – Is No Less Good For The Gander, or what Goes Around Comes Around, meaning that once we cross the MEDIA RUBICON, where Truth & Facts are no Longer a Relevant Factor in the Dissemination of News – EVERYTHING that was built upon the FOUNDATION of the First Amendment CANNOT & WILL NOT STAND.

SO . . . whether it’s a Host of POMPOUS JACKASSES in Germany at the G-20, who are NOT CALLED-OUT by the Media for the DESPICABLES & INCOMPETENTS THEY GENERALLY ARE, or for Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, for REWARDING a Canadian Moslem TERRORIST, who Murdered One American while Partially Blinding Another . . . one has to ask – FOR WHAT REASON DO WE NEED A FREE PRESS, if this Free Press Tailors the News for their Own Political and Profitable Corporate Ends & Agenda?


I’ve already written this several times over the YEARS, but it’s so important to me, THAT I WILL WRITE IT AGAIN.

When I was Growing-Up – for some unexplainable reason . . . I believed that becoming a Journalist was the MOST NOBLE CALLING IN THE WORLD. I Believed so Much in the NOBILITY of Journalism, that I never thought I had the Right Stuff to Pursue Journalism as a CALLING.

I was the Editor of our High School Mimeographed Newspaper. I was a Sports Writer for the Evening Students’ University News Paper, while simultaneously, I was the Sports Editor of the Day Students’ News Paper, both at Montreal’s Sir George Williams University.

FOR MONTHS . . . and at our Own Expense (Anne and Mine), I actually Wrote and Published a Limited Weekly Newspaper, more of a 4-Page Flyer without Ads, which was distributed (5000 Copies) throughout our Community by way of the Post Office, to every Door in the Community, which Highlighted the RIDICULOUS Spending and Inequitable Taxation by our Community’s Mayor and Council. I did this at Considerable Personal Expense for Quite a While, because I FELT than, as I still do, that People are ENTITLED to the Truth and the Facts.

AND AFTER THE 1995 REFERENDUM . . . for Quebec to Leave Confederation, and because of my Absolute ACTIVISM in the Unabashed DEFENSE of Freedom of Expression, I was given a Radio Talk Show on a very Low Rated Radio Montreal Station, CIQC, formerly CFCF, which in its Day was Number One.

AND AFTER A VERY SHORT TIME . . . of my being on that Station – Its Glory Days Were Coming Back – Not because I was a Smooth Talker, which by Radio Personality Standards I Am Not & Was Not, but rather, IT WAS BECAUSE I “TALKED” THE SHAMELESS UNADULTERATED TRUTH.


I’M NOW 67-YEARS OLD . . . And here I am – FINALLY doing what I think I should have been doing my Entire Life, but maybe I needed a Lifetime of Experiences, Successes, and MANY FAILURES before I realized that this was my CALLING all along.

Maybe it has taken the SHEER ARROGANCE, INCOMPETENCE, & DISHONESTY of the Media to finally make me realize that NO ONE has the Market Cornered on the TRUTH, and that My Voice, whether Written or Vocal, is NO LESS RELEVANT than the voice of others. And to paraphrase the Ancient Hebrew Sage Hillel – “IF NOT ME WHO? AND IF NOT NOW WHEN”?

And then there’s the Inspiration . . . KNOWN AS GRANDMA MOSES, who didn’t Start Painting in Earnest until She was 78-Years Old.

The Audience of this BLOG is NOT Young, we are all pretty SEASONED with no Shortage of Experiences, Successes and Failures.

We’ve all known Happiness and Misery. And whether we like it or not, it very well might be us . . . who will be the FINAL GUARDIANS AT THE GATE, which is NO SMALL CALLING, and perhaps the Greatest and MOST Noble Challenge in our Lifetimes Yet.

And just because some of us might believe that Time Has Passed Us By . . . IT HASN’T. Donald Trump is 71-Years Old, and he’s already looking forward to SEVEN & A HALF MORE YEARS.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. CAN I BE A BAD JEW,PLEASE? Howard I can honestly say that every time I read your editorials I learn something. You know me from years back when Obama 1st took office. I was seeing what you were saying and scared to death O would make the 2nd term.With the leftists here it is difficult to be a Christian conservative US citizen.I can’t imagine how you feel with the world coming down on the Jews and having had support from the Jewish community for the O administration. Ifeel so helples

  2. So glad you are here – now – when we need you most.
    Thank you for putting your talents to work.

  3. Not only do they NOT have the market cornered on the truth, they wouldn’t KNOW the TRUTH if it bit them in their respective hindquarters.

  4. TRUTH, such a simple word….but it eludes so many. You are certainly a truth teller and it would be great for America (or Canada) if you were one of our leaders…but you have chosen your life’s work and it is a great choice!

  5. The conventional news reporting system as we know it today will be obsolete in a matter of time. Mr Trump is well aware of that and he communicates via tweets. Most newspapers survive on advertising – which the paper, in turn, tends to support the advertisers any way they can. I’m sure most of your followers here like me don’t read the newspapers any longer. Canada’s CBC radio & TV receive most of their funding from the Govt. and they behave accordingly (read kiss-ass) supporting TrueDope.

  6. For eight years we suffered under the g-20 style of Obama and now the tide has turned….at least for a few years. Sorry about Canada…..only hope the people figure it out sooner rather than later.


  7. Our future protection is the Navy and Air Power. I would start slowly reducing our Personnel overseas. After the exhibit in Germany, the sooner we start the better, this is their problem they created it. Stick with Nato and Israel. Our Trident Subs.
    could send them all to the Ice Age from the bottom of the Sea. Ignore the Media & the Dems., most are doing that anyway

  8. For 8 years Obama,clintons and the demacraps ruled with out regard to the constitution and lead us down a evil path yet not one word from the press off any wrong doing. Now every day there is rage from the demacraps and the press big or small that some one in Trump family or cabinet is destroying the country.We all know what the cintons.obama (muslim lover) and members of there cabinet did to weaken the U,S, What a bunch of low lifs,they should all be in prison..

  9. Howard, I wish we had more honest people like you to show the way. Steve Acre, Canada

  10. You are definitely a true lover of truth and thankfully you have the ability to share it quite well. I firmly believe you were made for a time such as this. Keep up the good work.

  11. There used to be a law against monopolies. It evidently was quietly done away with. All media is owned by a small number of people, nearly all of whom are liberal/progressives. They call the shots for what gets covered & how. My guess is they are products of 1960s – everyone from war-protestors to hippies -“Turn on, tune in, drop out” bunch. Once tired of bum living, they went on to teach (college mostly), become politicians, lawyers or amass wealth/power to use to push the agenda of the 60s.

  12. You and your commenters, lovers of the TRUTH, are a breath of fresh air, Howard.
    You all make this 84-year-old feel younger. Thank you all.

  13. Howard, you bring the Sword of Truth with all of your blogs!!! I always love to read what you write, even re-read what you have written!!! Patricia Robinson – You are SPOT ON with what has gone on in the USA!!! YES – They are the products of the 1960’s Hippies and are alive & well. The damage they have done will take generations to correct & they did it in only approx. 48 years!!! I am going from – The big year for the Hippies & Woodstock – 1969!!! They took LBJ’s Great Society & ran with it.

  14. As long as “secular” media does not fear the laws of God regarding lying and bearing false witness, nothing is beyond their scope of treachery.

  15. Interesting how the MSM does not give us truth. They are actually using the Islamic doctrine of Taquia in all their news and have for far too many years.
    Your blog is very encouraging and helpful and keeps me abreast of what is going on as I quit the biased news media a long time ago. Thanks again, Howard!

  16. With regard to the first amendment to the United States Constitution where freedom of the press is concerned everyone would be well advised to keep this in mind: Freedom of speech does not constitute the freedom to lie, distort, slant or omit. People have, to this day, been led to believe that anything the media says must be taken as gospel regardless of the fact that often times they are clearly in violation of the right they have been granted. It is time we wake up to that lie my friends.

  17. The Mainstream Media can’t “stand the TRUTH”. This is the reason they ATTEMPT to TWIST it all the time! Since the SWAMP is SLOWLY being DRAINED, the PROGRESSIVE LIBERALS [incl. RINOS] are VERY FEARFUL of being REVEALED regarding their DECEITFUL TACTICS—-but it WILL happen! It’s already begun! There is such a thing as “LYING BY OMISSION”, which is what the MSM is doing; they only report FAKE NEWS! This is EXACTLY the reason why the LEFT doesn’t like TRUMP’S TWEETING–he CONFRONTS them! AMEN!

  18. It seems truth today is in short supply in many aspects of our civilization, but especially the mainstream media.
    Ultimately the truth will set us free. Keep telling it like it is.

  19. Thanks again, Howard, for keeping us informed about what is really going on. I stopped watching national news media reporting on TV years ago and most of the local newspaper here is only good to start fires in my woodstove with. I do like the puzzles and Dear Abby which is why I subscribe.

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