19 Pretenders . . . Pretending To Be Smart


SO . . . After All The HOOPLA Of The G-20 – Here’s Where We’re At.


NINETEEN . . . World Pretenders got Together at a HUGE Tax Payers’ Expense, to Show Off, Schmooze and Impress Each Other. AND ONE WAS THERE TO KEEP HIS COUNTRY GREAT AGAIN! . . . Guess which one?


I saw on CTV News, the Canadian Television Corporation, which is a Poor Second Cousin to ABC, the American Broadcasting Corporation, or whichever of the other Dishonest North American Television Broadcasters which also Fit The Bill . . . How Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was there in a Serious Position, at least to CTV, to somehow be a GO-BETWEEN for President Trump and the other 19-World Leaders . . . or at least, it was something to that effect.

But given the FLIGHTINESS OF CTV, and just about all of Canada’s News Media in Search of Yellow Journalism, it’s hard to know what they mean, stand for, or represent on anything.

THE PROBLEM WITH THE CANADIAN REPORTING . . . was in fact, the Canadian Media had NOTHING of any Value or Consequence to Report on Trudeau, as if the World’s MOST POWERFUL WORLD LEADER (President Donald Trump), and Business Billionaire in his Private Pre Political Day, actually needed a SCHMUCK like Justin Trudeau, who before becoming a Member of Parliament on his Daddy’s Name, and the Prime Minister of Canada, also because of his Daddy’s Name, who had ZERO ACCOMPLISHMENTS TO HIS NAME before becoming Prime Minister, needed the Canadian Dilettante to run interference for him.

AS MATTER OF FACT & RECORD, just several of Trudeau’s ONLY OUTSTANDING “ACCOMPLISHMENTS”, if you can call them that – Are As Follows . . .

1 – Trudeau’s Liberal Government has Caused Canada to Contribute LESS Than 1% of Canadian GDP (Gross National Product) to NATO, when the deal all NATO Countries Signed Onto, Including Canada, DEMANDED a Minimum of 2% Of GDP . . . yet, the Canadian Dilettante Prime Minister wants a Serious Seat at the NATO Table, where his Opinions should be Heard and Respected as an Equal, even though Trudeau’s Canada has become a Deadbeat Country.

2 – Canada’s Prime Minister Dilettante (Trudeau) has MORE than DOUBLED Canada’s Deficit with NOTHING TO SHOW FOR IT. How’s that for an accomplishment?

3 – And to add a little Spice to Canada’s GROWING DEFICIT & DEBT – Trudeau and his wife, who actually believes that she’s special; like Royalty, keep running up the Tab with Outlandish Vacations and OODLES of Canadian Tax Payer’s Money Thrown at Impoverished (Corrupt) Countries to Buy some Respect and Love.

4 – Trudeau has Started the Process to OUTLAW Freedom of Expression in Canada, when it comes to Criticizing Islam and Sharia, by Promoting The Moslem Initiated Parliamentary Motion . . . M-103.

5 – Trudeau LEGALIZED the Recreational use of Marijuana, Creating the Pathway to a STONED NATION and Harder Drugs.


While the Leaders of the 20-Nations were Assembling in Germany to Impress each other, as to which is the BEST GLOBALIST COUNTRY . . . with the EXCEPTION of President Donald Trump, who CHOSE to wear the STARS & STRIPES LAPEL PIN instead of the G-20 Globalist Peace Of Crap, for which President Trump was Criticized . . . TRUDEAU WAS AVOIDING THE NEWS MEDIA LIKE THE PLAGUE, so as not to have to explain how Canada REWARDED a Canadian Moslem Terrorist, who ADMITTED to Murdering an American Serviceman, while Blinding Another, while FIGHTING for Al Qaeda in Afghanistan.

TRUDEAU’S LIBERAL GOVERNMENT . . . Awarded the Moslem Murderer, Omar Khadr $10.8-Million, because while at GITMO, where Khadr was taken from the Battlefield, after he was SAVED by American Doctors from wounds suffered during the Fighting, Canada Failed to Intervene on his Behalf, and as such – Paid out MORE THAN $10-MILLION in Compensation with an OFFICIAL APOLOGY TO THE MURDERER KHADR.

What makes this whole SORDID Episode even MORE REPUGNANT, than even the Facts Make It, is that the Payment was made SECRETLY, while Trudeau was on his way to the G-20 BS Conference, to keep his hands “CLEAN” . . . & TO PREVENT THE WIDOW & BLINDED AMERICAN SOLDIER FROM SEIZING ANY PART OF THE KHADR WINDFALL – the Dirty Deal was done out of Public View, so Khadr could Bury the Money out of the Legal Reach of any American Wanting to Litigate AGAINST A MOSLEM AMERICA-MURDERING TERRORIST.

And Where EXACTLY Do I Begin To Explain Why I’m Proud Of Canada?


BUT THAT SAID . . . as far as I’m Concerned, and as I have Written Repeatedly, there is NOTHING President Trump has done and has said since becoming the 45th President Of The United States, that could Possibly Rescind Or Reduce My Support for him in Favor of any of the other 19-World Leaders, most of whom aren’t Worth the Cost of a Super-Saver Plane Ticket to get them to Germany to attend the Conference of Global Losers.

As For Justin Trudeau . . . The Shame & Embarrassment Never Ends.

FOR THE MEDIA . . . Thank God For The Internet.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard , Christians and I assume Jews are taught to turn the other cheek , right ? Standing up with a pen or a sword does not fit . Unfortunately I agree with you and the like minded BUTTTT we are , and always will be, the un-informed , the un-educated , the un-cultured , the un-sympathetic , the provocateurs who foresee and foretell imminent danger . The pessimists , the fools . Forge on Tabernac . And yes I was born there and LEFT !! Why does Israel ask for US “permission-approval” ?

  2. See the documentary: Hillary’s America by Dinesh D’Souza. It shows that democrats have been lying for the last 150 years. I think that is called pathological lying isn’t?

  3. Howard, I have written to our Prime Minister Trudeau, but yet to receive an answer in regard the outrageous payment to a Canadian terrorist. I wonder what would have happened if Omar Khader had killed a Canadian soldier in Afghanistan instead of killing of an American and disfiguring another.? What we should have done is strip Khader of his Canadian citizenship and expelled him from our country. I am ashamed of my Prime Minister and the Judges that suggested the award. Steve Acre, Canada

  4. I saw the bit on the pay out/pay off of the Muslim murderer. Makes you really wonder what these governments are up to next. Saw another article where a landlord was forced to pay a $12,000 fine to a Muslim and his wife because the landlord failed to take off his shoes when he was in their bedroom. They didn’t complain until months later but the government ‘punished’ the guy. If I wasn’t learning from these incidents via credible sources I’d swear they were joking. The future looks grim.

  5. Since the pathological fascist lying little weasle punk has become Kanada’s Crime Minister I am too embarrasssed and ashamed to call myself a Kanadian. My wife and I – both conservatives – are seeking refugee status in the United States as members of a persecuted minority.

    DO IT.

  7. Howard I’ll be emailing the P.M. Trudope our Snowflake along with Finance Minister Morneau, That mouth piece Goodale, Our M.P. F. Drouin I’m so mad I might be jailed for what I say to this Rat Pack of A##ho well you can read between the lines.

  8. Re: Robert Ruedrich, Marion, Texas comment above. I thought that Robert was quoting some ‘Fake News’ and blowing off more steam against our country. Well no, Robert was right on his account. I noted several articles on this issue by mainstream national and regional news but nothing by our ‘National Broadcaster’ CBC. I have since written to the CBC Ombudswoman (that position in itself would tell us something about the lack of ‘responsible reporting’) and asked her why it was not covered by CBC?

  9. The thing that amazes me is that CTV has had the same old tiring General Motors advertisement every night for the last year
    and all Lisa Laflamme does is bash Trump for the whole newscast. I wonder why GM that has so much support by President Trump of American Car Makers would advertise with such a negative News station.

  10. I thought of you when I read an article on FB about a Canadian who was fined $12,000.00 for not taking off his shoes when going in to a home he owned but was rented by muslims….. I was sure you’d have something to say about that one if you saw it. We can only pray our President, Donald J. Trump keeps these types of things that are happening in Canada from happening here. If not for him, I’m sure we’d be a close second to Canada!

  11. Do you think we could find candidates to beat Senators McCain and Graham. What a disgrace to our party and country. Both ran for the Presidency and both lost, about time they go home and live off working peoples money. Disturbing to say the least>

  12. It’s really quite remarkable how a bunch of losers can get together, tell each other how wonderful they are, and believe they know what is best for the entire world….as long as they control the purse strings and the people. And what is most amazing is that their premise is based entirely on the LIES of Karl Marx and a few others. I keep reminding myself it is the voters who put the insane ones in positions of control, except for Reagan,….until Nov 8, 2016. Internet and some talk radio…

  13. Thanks Howard. Were you reading my mind? (EXACT same email time stamp?) The petition has been signed and emails sent to MP’s. Canadian Liberals are worse than US Democrats
    We need to drain our Canadian swamp too!

  14. This is beyond reprehensible it is worse than Abbas paying for terrorist salaries, what is Trudeau thinking? oh maybe he’s not thinking. Typical leftist non-thought process.

  15. Your prediction of the intentional subversion of Canada by the worthless “progressive” Trudeau–son of Trudeau and Marx, has proven true! Sorry that your version of “billarybama” gets his shot at pissing on your country’s values, finances and people–as usual Satan welcomes the opportunity to confuse and persecute good people everywhere!

  16. Our cupcake PM has been nothing but an embarrassment from Day 1. But this Khadr payment takes the cake. Cdn youth are too stupid to realize or take a stand and the rest of us have to scratch our heads in wonderment at this jive fool who feels the mentally-deficient need to reward a terrorist with tax dollars, while so many other good and great people and causes go without. Yet again the half-witted Left chooses vile Islamic scum over everyone and everything else.

  17. Howard, the majority of people in this Kanada of ours choose this goof because of his nice hair. That is how superficial the Canadian public is. Maybe we have to be reminded every now and then what it means to be a democracy (or Republic as the US is) and what you have to do to keep it. I get embarrassed every time he shows his dummy head in public. I often wonder how the adults (if there is any) in the Liberal party allow this idiot to be their leader in the first place.

  18. Well, it sure sounds like Canada has its own SATAN. America just got rid of [but not completely] our own SATAN [Barack HUSSEIN Obama]! NARCISSISM is thriving at its best, especially with McCAIN & GRAHAM. As “RAY L.” wrote, they are “a disgrace to our Country”. Let’s hope that the RINOS “wake up” and do the RIGHT THING regarding America’s HEALTHCARE system. One wonders HOW our WORLD could have become so STRANGE & DANGEROUS? Hey! Keep selling THOSE DRUGS & CREATE MORE ZOMBIES! AMEN!

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