PONYFACE Thanks You . . . And I Thank You



Thank you to EVERYONE who sent me Personal Emails and Publicly Commented on the Miracle of PONYFACE . . . The Letters and Comments were Heartwarming to Read.


PONYFACE is about 18-Years Old. When he came to us about 12-Years Ago, the Veterinarian guessed his age at about 6-Years.

Some of you remarked that PONYFACE is a bit “chubby”, which is 100% accurate. In fact, chubby is a kind word for saying that he’s really overweight, which could lead to serious Diabetes in a Horse, especially a little horse like PONYFACE, which is a dilemma for us.

The problem isn’t that we feed PONYFACE too much . . . it’s that he’s turned out all Spring, Summer and Autumn with his Two Big Friends in the same Half Acre Paddock, where they all share their Hay together.

And since none of the THREE do anything other than hang around, we don’t give them any Grain for energy they don’t need. So, all they get is a good mixture of Hay. PONYFACE’S problem is Quantity opposed to Quality. And if we separated him from the other Two, the Three of them would be Miserable. And if we muzzled him so he couldn’t eat as much, I would be Miserable.

But Anne and I are promised by Christine, that “eventually” she’ll Train PONYFACE to pull a Buggy, which will give him some real exercise, which I will believe when I see it. So maybe I’ll make that my New Hobby.

PONYFACE is 11:2 Hands High (4-Inches To The Hand – 48” Inches at the Withers), which does not make him a Small Pony, but also does not make him a Medium Sized Pony, which makes PONYFACE less than desirable to people who Buy, Sell, Train & Show Ponies. BUT TO US – PONYFACE IS PERFECT.

The Photo you saw of PONYFACE and me in the last Editorial was taken about 10-Years Ago, when we were both much younger. He looks the same – Regrettably I don’t. But that said . . . I’m still here – writing, cussing, and kicking, so I have little to complain about.

Several People asked how long a Pony could Live, which is quite interesting, since our Big Boys which we’ve had over the years . . . none of which ever had serious work, all lived to their Early Twenties, which I’m guessing is the average.

Horses like PONYFACE could live well into their 30’s & 40’s, therefore, Anne and I have made special arrangements for his care, along with all the other “Pets”, just in case we go before they do.

Why Do We Call Him PONYFACE? And How Did We Come Up With That Spelling?

PONYFACE has such SOFT EYES, and has such a SWEET FACE, what else could I call him? At first we called him Mini-Me, because he looked so much like a Smaller Version of Jeb Stuart, my big Painted Horse, who you see on the Home Page of this BLOG, but after getting to know PONYFACE a bit more, it just seemed right to call him PONYFACE. As for why I spell PONYFACE as just one word, instead of two words? It’s just the way I decided to do it.

AND FOR THE FINAL QUESTION . . . Are Ponies A Breed? To which the answer is NO. Ponies are a Size. Any Horse less than 14:2 Hands is a Pony. But that said, there are Ponies like the Shetland Pony, which are a Breed.


PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP DOESN’T CEASE TO AMAZE . . . Mostly because he Doesn’t Give a Rat’s Ass about what People Think or Say about Him, as long as AMERICA IS FIRST, which to me is refreshing, but to a Globalist . . . it is the GREATEST THREAT to their Crazy Dream of a One World Socialist Government.

Most of us remember the Political Battle Cry of . . . “GIVE ‘EM HELL HARRY”, or at least remember Hearing or Reading about it, referring to Harry Truman, as he campaigned in the 1948 Presidential Election against the Republicans, when a supporter during a Truman Speech yelled “Give ‘Em Hell Harry”; to which Truman Yelled Back . . . “I Don’t Give Them Hell. I Just Tell The Truth About Them & They Think It’s Hell.”


In Our Present-Day Context . . . What Harry Truman Said 69-Years Ago – Amply Applies to President Donald J Trump TODAY, since there is no ANTIBIOTIC to Fight Lies and Deceit, which is Better than the Serum of Truth, which has the LEFT Scurrying for Cover under Socio/Political Rocks and Crevices.


President Trump isn’t just making his LEFTIST and RINO Detractors look like Idiots, with Nowhere to Run, Nowhere to Hide, and Nothing Worth Saying that a Commonsense Person should Care to Listen To – PRESIDENT TRUMP IS MAKING THE WHOLE WORLD RETHINK . . . Who They Believe In. Or perhaps more importantly . . . WHAT THEY SHOULD BELIEVE IN.


PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP . . . is UNMASKING the Media, for the Liars and Connivers many of us knew they were before Trump became President Trump. But now, because of President Trump’s Relentless and Fearless FIGHT against Media Corruption, people all around the World who have access to Social Media are Discovering for the First Time for Themselves that the Media are the ENEMY and not the Allies to Truth and Freedom they believed the media to be until now.

The Social Revolution I’ve Been Writing About For Years . . . Is far Greater than I had Imagined, not because I or We couldn’t see it coming a Year or More Ago . . . but because I/We Didn’t See Donald Trump Coming a bit more than a Year or so Ago.

And even for those of us who did see the Election of Donald Trump in November, after he won the Republican Primary, NONE OF US COULD HAVE IMAGINED how President Trump would Evolve into the President he’s become, and the Tenacity of the so-called “Resistance” (of Traitors), which has FORCED President Trump to become the FREEDOM FIGHTER the World has been Waiting for, for Generations.


I Intimated in the last Editorial, how PONYFACE inspired me through his DETERMINATION to Survive . . . But I didn’t realize just how much, until a few more days passed, and I was able to Absorb how much Courage this Little Horse had with which to Carry-On, no matter how Bad it got for him. No matter how much Pain and Discomfort he was in. And No Matter How Scared He Was . . . HE WAS NOT GIVING UP & HE WAS NOT GOING DOWN.

How Much Of An Inspiration Should That Be For All Of Us?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Enlightened truth speakers…….God bless you one and all with minds and voices that are enlightened and well versed. They’ve studied the histories and understand the outcomes for the future. They understand evil and try to help us run from it. May you lead all through the darkness to see the light again. God bless.

  2. First, thank you for your ‘lesson’ on PONIES…truly appreciated. Isn’t it PECULIAR how certain events in our lives encourage us, teach us, and INSPIRE us! I’ve always told our children that one learns a lot more from a NEGATIVE experience vs. a positive one—although we all do prefer the POSITIVE ones. PONYFACE is one that you and Anne will NOT soon forget. HURRAH! for PRES, TRUMP. We are so LUCKY to have him as PRESIDENT! “Thank you”, GOD…and…GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  3. The Media bias is getting even worse here in SE Florida, the anti Trump drumbeat is climbing. You need to really search to find any evidence of the good he is doing, especially this last trip. They are even dumping all over his wife. It is so sad. I do not think that they will ever get over the loss they suffered last November. I notice that Fox is featuring more lefties.

  4. I really love you, Howard, for sharing your “lesson”, yesterday about your beloved PONYFACE! He is a MIRACLE, &left me at a loss for words, as well. I’m so pleased that God inspired you to share his story. I ALSO THANK GOD, for PRES. TRUMP, & for his “winning ways”, in teaching us ALL LESSONS. IN MAGA (Make America Great Again), &to echo our Canadian brother, you, Howard continue to inspire us on BOTH sides of the border, to NOT GIVE UP BEFORE THE MIRACLE! God Bless you in spreading goodnews!

  5. Regarding both matters, you have hit another home run, Howard. We love Trump’s attitude, which is usually more important than aptitude. When people worry about what others think about them……THEY ARE DONE…..FINISHED. Just do the honorable thing and let the chips fall where they may. I witnessed Harry Truman and what he did for America! Democrats were not Marxists then. Once again…..many thanks.

  6. I think the greatest thing about Trump’s attendance at the European leaders’ meeting was his chance to finally meet Putin and talk with him. Melanie, speaking German with Putin was icing on the cake. What a great sidekick she is for Trump! What a team they make. Ponyface has the courage, so does Trump. But Trump also has a wife who is a partner and that will help him immensely. A faithful sidekick is a gift.

  7. It seems clear the MSM feel threatened, are threatened, because Mr. Trump has exposed their “news” as opinion & commentary, not factual reporting – how else to explain their anger, frustration and astonishment and being “challenged” and “outed” – if they reported/presented facts honestly and with integrity – ah, but that’s not really possible is it? Thank you Howard – glad PONYFACE is doing better.

  8. To me the lesson from Ponyface is as you described at the end of this editorial: No matter how uncomfortable you are, no matter how scared you are, never give up and never lie down. It’s uncomfortable and scary to face adversaries, but they will never be defeated if you give up and give in. Pray for Pres. Trump, and write your congresscritters. Tell them what for, and give ’em hell!

  9. Give the hell Bob. We, who support POTUS Trump have to stand up and defend him. He is the best thing that has happened to America since POTUS Regan. The demonrats are terrible. They have NO plan for America other than to destroy her. They care nothing about the people, only about themselves and the party. I LOVE that he wore the American flag and not the g20 emblem; also that he is G1 and not part of g20.

  10. Another evidence of Pres. Trump’s accomplishments. Here in N.W. Ohio, my wife & I went for a ride Th, 6 Jul. We saw two nat. gas pipelines being laid. It is obvious that the E.P.A. is being controlled. This was a refreshing discovery,

  11. This spring my 19 yr old Arabian was down with colic. After 9 hours trying to resolve it, it was clear only surgery would save him. The only thing was…he didn’t load into a trailer. Hadn’t been off the farm since coming here. I called Univ of Tenn vet hospital, explained the situation and said we were on our way IF…IF… IF I could get him on the trailer. At 8pm in the pouring rain, he decided to trust me and loaded. TRUST IS EVERYTHING. I TRUST TRUMP!!! My horse survived, so will the USA!

  12. One statement in this article REALLY caught my eye and holds so very true. Trump – – “The freedom fighter the world has been waiting for – – for generations”. Such a powerful very words that say so much. I, like many, believe Trump was put in the WH for a reason. He is facing what no other President has ever faced. This is definitely a huge plan in the making by our Maker. God bless you for the truths you share with us. God bless our President and God bless America. Long may she live.

  13. I so appreciated the comments on your post. Great tidbits. BTW we have resorted to a grazing muzzle for our pony who likes to eat. It seems cruel, but not as cruel as her becoming glucose intolerant, etc. She has a great looking waistline and besides, she can now keep up with the big boys!….Howard, any chance you might address the situation of our wild and domestic equines and the kill pens? Equine supplements are deadly; contaminated horsemeat worse.

  14. I think I see Trump’s formula for success now that he has a few months of the Presidency under his belt. 1. Always do what’s right for the COUNTRY. 2. Detractors must be steamrolled with logic . 3. Never give up. 4. Always be on the offense – ACT. 5. Expose the fake news media. 6. Remember who elected you. Keep all promises. 7. Be guided by conservative principles. 8. Talk to the people – bypass the media. 9. Surround yourself with smart, competent people. 10. Eyes on the objective always. MAGA.

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