A Dose Of Reality Trumps All


IF YOU’VE BEEN WONDERING . . . Why there has been such a Delay in Editorials, it’s because I had some MORE Pressing Issues than Writing – At Least They Were To Me.

Two Days Ago . . . Wednesday (July 5th), Frank and I left his Farm at 6AM, to drive all the way to Toronto (350-Miles Each Way), to Woodbine Racetrack, to pick up a Beautiful Young Thoroughbred Race Horse, which, with Frank and Christine’s Acquisition thereof, he is OFFICIALLY Retired from the Track, where under Christine’s Tutelage, he will Learn how to do Dressage, Stadium and Cross Country Jumping . . . Amongst Fawning Horse People.

AND YESTERDAY . . . Anne, Stryker, April The Cat, and I took our Small Travel RV, and headed South to Watertown New York, where we met with some friends from Georgia, where we are right now as I’m writing this Editorial, where after two days, our friends will follow us back to Ottawa, and then onto the Horse Farm to spend a Week with us, while HOPEFULLY, Frank and I will be able to Make some Hay, if the weather cooperates. I wrote Hopefully, because this has been a Dreadful Year for making Hay.


Sometimes . . . we all need a Serious Dose of Reality to bring us back to Terra Firma, and see beyond the Cacophony and BS of Politics, to some of the things that are as Real as Real can be.


I was out with Frank (Francois), checking out Farm Stuff at a Tractor/Equipment Dealer, having what could ONLY be described as a Perfect Day, when my Cell Phone Rang with Anne at the other end, telling me that our Pony, AKA PONYFACE, was in Serious Trouble:

That all of a sudden, PONYFACE was Choking, Gagging for Air, and was Bleeding from the Nose, and that she had called the Vet to make a Super Fast Emergency Visit. With that, Frank and I left the Tractor Supply Place, and headed back to Frank’s Horse Farm and Equestrian Center without Delay.

When we got to the Farm . . . Anne and Christine (Frank’s Wife) had PONYFACE in a Stall in the Barn, where he was Struggling to Breathe, was make a Roaring Sound with Every Breath he took, and was Coughing non-stop, as he seemed to be trying to Clear something from his throat. But as hard as he tried, PONYFACE couldn’t.

SO . . . here stood this Beautiful Little Pony, Soaked in his own Sweat, Fighting Desperately to Breath and Stay Alive. And as we waited for the Vet, I stood with him, Caressing his Sweat Laden Neck with one hand, while rubbing him behind and between his Ears with the other, speaking gently to him, hoping to calm and reassure PONYFACE as much as was possible.


The VETERINARIAN (Gilbert) . . . whom Anne and I have known for well more than 30-Years, who is a no Nonsense Guy, arrived really fast, and started to work on PONYFACE without delay, since PONYFACE didn’t have much Time to Waste – who was Standing on has own Strength . . . But Just Barely.

In Addition to the Cough, the Choking Sound as PONYFACE Tried Desperately to get air into his Lungs, the Bleeding from his Nose, and the Sweating . . . PONYFACE was Running a High Temperature – none of which was good.

As Gilbert and his Assistant Worked on PONYFACE, Frank kept PONYFACE steady on his feet, while Gilbert tried to Insert a Tube Down the Little Pony’s Throat, but with no avail, since this Terrified Little Horse did all he could to Fight the Help.

SO GILBERT SAID & ASKED . . . To get this Tube Down his Throat, we’ll have to “TRANK” (Tranquilize) him. But, because he’s running such a High Fever, there’s a 50/50 Chance the “TRANK” is going to KILL HIM. But if we do nothing, he’s going to DIE Anyway.


Anne Stood Behind Me, Gripping my Shoulders, Fighting back Tears, Speaking in a Very Low Voice, saying “this Isn’t Good, I’m afraid PONYFACE isn’t going to make it”, as we watched the Pony Sway on his Feet, Barely able to Stand, as Gilbert Inserted the Tube down PONYFACE’S Throat.

NOTHING . . . There was NOTHING blocking PONYFACE’S Esophagus, which meant that the Obstruction had to be in one of PONYFACE’S Lungs, perhaps a piece of Apple I had given PONYFACE the Night Before, or a small Clump of Hay PONYFACE could have Swallowed the Wrong Way . . . all of which was not good, and was as much of a Death Sentence as one can imagine, since there was no Surgery or Benign Procedure to be done for Extricating whatever might have been in the Lung.

MY QUESTION TO GILBERT . . . Was – “Is it possible for PONYFACE to cough out whatever might be stuck in his Lungs?” To which Gilbert answered more by the Expression on his Face, than when he said “Anything’s Possible”.

After the Procedure, with ZERO Results, We walked a very Groggy PONYFACE back into the Stall, where we tied him up on a short Lead to keep him from Falling, while we discussed our options, none of which really existed at all.


Almost 12-Years Ago, a Horse we took into our lives as a Charity Case, which we Adopted strictly to keep our Non Riding Horse Company (One of Three), suffered from a case of Acute Colic and Died, in spite of everything our Vet could do to keep him alive, which meant finding another Horse as a Companion for the Non Riding Horse, which was necessary when Anne and I went off with the other Two Horses.

SO . . . After we Put this Horse Down – Christine suggested we take a Pony she had Rescued not that long before, which was one of a Herd, which Frank and I Rescued a week later.

There was a Farm, about an Hour and a Half away from where we lived, where the owners had a mess of Ponies, all of which were Emaciated from a Severe LACK of Food and Potable Water. Not only that, they were turned out in what could be best described as a Junk Yard for Broken and Abandoned Farm Equipment, which in itself was a horrible danger to the Ponies.

AND TO ADD HORROR ATOP OF HORRORS . . . There were Mares amongst the Herd of Ponies mixed in with Pony Stallions, which Guaranteed Vicious Battles Amongst the Pony Stallions for Dominance over the Mares, the Herd, and whatever Scrap of Food and Water they could get.

SO WHEN CHRISTINE & A WOMAN FROM THE SPCA . . . Showed-up to rescue these Ponies with the Power of Law, they both came under Threat and Attack from the Owners. And since this was a Sizable Herd, one Rescue Trip with a Decent Size Stock Trailer, which they had wouldn’t do it, even if the Owners of this Barn of Horrors were Cooperative.

AS A RESULT . . . Christine called me to see if I would be willing to make a Trip with Frank, the SPCA and an Armed Police Escort of FOUR OPP (Ontario Provincial Police) Officers to Rescue the Remainder of the Herd, which I accepted to do, before the Words were Entirely out of Christine’s Mouth.

AND WHEN FRANK . . . and I got to this Barn, neither of us were prepared to witness how Horrible People Could Be To Animals.

Some of these Ponies were so WEAK, that Frank And I had to LITERALLY LIFT one of them onto and into the Stock Trailer, because it didn’t have enough strength to lift its Legs. And if you would know anything about Medium Sized Ponies, a Healthy Pony should Weigh between 400 to 600 pounds, yet between us, Frank and I were able to lift this Pony.


WITH PROPER AND INTENSE VET-CARE, Castration of the Stallions, and an Excellent Diet, ALL THE PONIES we Rescued Survived, and were placed into good Homes, including the Pony Frank and I Lifted onto and into the Stock Trailer, which is still enjoying her life as a Small Pet Buggy Horse.

SO . . . When we had to Put Down the Companion Horse, and needed another, Christine said that she and Frank were bringing over one of the Rescue Ponies, which neither Anne Nor I ever saw before. And if the Pony didn’t work out, Frank and Christine would take it back, and give us another Horse to keep our Riding Horses Company.

SO . . . When PONYFACE came off the Trailer at our Farm, he was very uncomfortable. He was scared, and was Bleeding from behind his Ear, where he was injured by the Halter, as he fought to get loose in the Trailer.

It wasn’t a Serious Cut, but, it needed some First Aid, but because PONYFACE was so Scared, we couldn’t even get close enough to him to touch the wound, let alone Treat it.


PONYFACE followed the THREE “Big Boys” into and out of the Barn, but wouldn’t let Anne or myself get within 10-Feet Of Him. So, every night, I would stand at his Stall, leaning on the Door with Carrots in my hand, just staring at him. And after about a week or so, he finally took a Carrot with great Trepidation.

It took WEEKS of standing in front of PONYFACE’S Stall with Carrots, before PONYFACE would even make Eye-Contact with me, and literally MONTHS, until he would let me approach and touch him . . . WHICH WAS ABOUT 12-YEARS AGO.

Since those very Patient Days of getting to know each other . . . PONYFACE loves to get his Carrots and Apples, and LOVES the attention of being Groomed. He has NEVER had to do anything to Earn his Keep, other than to make Anne and I smile every time we look at him, ‘cause that’s his ONLY Job.

PONYFACE . . . is a “Pet”, but if you have ever owned a Horse, you would know that Horses really are NOT Pets. And a Pony is nothing more than a Small Horse, less then 14.2 Hands High. But nonetheless, PONYFACE, like the Two Big Boys are Part of our Family, and will be with us until they Die or we Die, whichever comes first, HOPEFULLY THE FORMER.

AND IF BY REALLY BAD CHANCE, Anne and I should go First, The Horses with all the other “Pets” will more than Amply be Cared for as a Result of our Wills.

SO HERE WERE – ANNE AND MYSELF . . . STUNNED, waiting for the WORST, as this Wonderful Little Pony was Struggling to Stay on his Feet to Live Another Day.

THEN A REALLY STRANGE THING HAPPENED . . . as PONYFACE was coming out of the Tranquilized Stupor, he Stopped Coughing, he Wasn’t Struggling to Breath, and as I was Stroking his Neck, I realized that the Sweat had Stopped, and his Skin wasn’t nearly as Warm to the Touch as it had been just Moments Before.

Gilbert and his Assistant . . . checked PONYFACE’S Temperature, Heartbeat and Breathing, all of which were coming back to “NORMAL”, for which Gilbert had no explanation, other than to surmise, that the Epiglottis, which is a FLAP of CARTILAGE, which could have been Flipped Over by a Hard Cough, which could have triggered PONYFACE to Panic and Start to Choke, which would have explained the Sudden High Temperature, Heaving and Sweating, Somehow Flipped Back.

WHEN GILBERT “TRANKED” PONYFACE . . . this would have Relaxed the Epiglottis, to the point, when Gilbert Inserted the Tube down PONYFACE’S Throat, this could have simply pushed the Epiglottis back into the position it should have been . . . CRISIS SOLVED.


THE WHOLE WORLD IS TURNING INTO RAT-CRAP . . . The North American LEFT (Canada/USA) is PROVING to be a Serious Threat to our Freedoms. Canada is passing Legislation that already STIFLES Freedom of Expression, and it’s going to get WORSE. The Media in BOTH of our Countries are the ENEMY FROM WITHIN. Canada just AWARDED $10.5 MILLION to Canadian Citizen Moslem TERRORIST . . . Omar Khadr, who as a Soldier for Al Qaeda, MURDERED an American GI, while BLINDING another in a Firefight in Afghanistan, who got the $10.5 Million AND AN OFFICIAL APOLOGY from Canada, because this Moslem TERRORIST SCUM wasn’t handled with Kid Gloves while at GITMO, and Canada didn’t Intervene on his Behalf.

AND HERE’S PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP . . . Fighting like CAPTAIN AMERICA to Save the World by Making America Great Again – who is being Treated by the Media and the LEFT, as the kind of stuff a Dog Leaves Behind, that you Wipe off your Shoe after Stepping In It.

AND AS MY PONY WAS FIGHTING FOR HIS LIFE . . . I couldn’t give a RAT’S ASS about any of it. But now that PONYFACE IS OK, and is Running in the Paddock with his Two Big Friends – I was once again REMINDED how Short and Fragile Life Really Is, and how once we lose what we have . . . IT’S LOST FOREVER – WHICH INCLUDES ALL OF OUR FREEDOMS.

I JUST PRAY . . . That I will have Nearly as much Resolve Within Me – To Fight For Our Precious Freedoms – AS PONYFACE HAD JUST FOUGHT TO STAY ALIVE.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov & Ponyface

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  1. Write on Howard, you are right on!

    I can appreciate your editorial today, because as you know, in Quebec, on the matter of limiting the usage of English language in that province, there have always been, and are, far too many anglo-elitists appeasers. These people are scumbag-traitors to their culture(s).

  2. You just take care of Ponyface….we can wait on an editorial when you have a moment to write one.

  3. what a heart warming, tear sobbing story told so well and so happy you’re able to write a wonderful ending. sending best smiles to you all.

  4. God Bless all of you who helped Ponyface, and Ponyface for reminding us of unconditional love. . .
    which all animals seem to bless us with.

  5. Wonderful story Howard, bless you & Anne for your care & love of animals.

  6. This surely makes us put our priorities in order and appreciate what we have! Praying we both, Canada and the USA do not lose any more freedoms and that we can take our countries back! Be blessed!

  7. Bless you and Anne for your loving care of animals. So glad Polyface had such a turn-around to restored health. Often times there are multiple purposes within such a situation. Over time we might see one or more, other times not at all. I’m glad it turned out as it did.

  8. Amazing. Who woulda thunk it??? Life surely has its moments. Glad that is over for all of you. And….you’ll have the resolve you need, Howard. You are genetically wired into it, and there is no other way for you. Be well, stay the course and know how much you and Anne are appreciated. A hug for Ponyface wouldn’t hurt either! 🙂

  9. Animals that are pets are part of the family and in some case’s (like dogs) will protect you. Pony face is part of your family Howard. What the people responsible for the omar khadr afair did are nothing more then evil and no different then khadr I
    am afraid for the good citizens Canada for what is ahead of them with the government and PM that’s in power now.

  10. Beautiful story Howard. Hope you and the horses all have many more happy days ahead. As for animal abusers I only wish they could be adequately punished which is usually way beyond what the laws presently provide for.

  11. Don’t ya just hate it when people tell personal stories that cause your eyes to leak ? Pets aren’t animals. They’re really family members and when they die it’s just like a human family member dying. I’m glad the pony is well now. On the Outer Banks here in North Carolina every year they have a pony roundup of wild ponies that are descendents of horses brought here by the Spanish Conquistadors in the 1500’s and they put them up for sale to keep the herd under control in terms of food supply.

  12. Sometimes we humans have to be reminded that reality is what we perceive–and that with human or animal “patients” God is really in charge–and let’s us “accidentally” stumble on the correct cure!

  13. Thanks for sharing the story and I hope Ponyface stays well. He’s part of your family.

  14. Wonderful story – and outcome for Ponyface. I was afraid to keep scrolling down. There is a website that deals with -Healing Touch For Animals. You, Anne, Stryker, and April the cat would find this site most interesting and helpful – especially for ANY future expected or unexpected occurances. The woman who runs this group is a high-level, gifted, evolved, animal lover individual – kind to her core. There is much we can do to support our furry friends.-we just need the ‘how-to’ knowledge.

  15. Wow! What a sad story but with a GREAT OUTCOME! Yes, a pet is part of the family, not just an animal…that’s if you truly LOVE them, however. Really appreciated the photo…….PONYFACE is a beautiful horse. Just can’t imagine having gone through what you and Anne went through, although we have lost pets in the past….it’s a ROTTEN FEELING! Re: Canada’s paying the $10.5 Million and the OFFICIAL APOLOGY to this Moslem, it’s a complete DISGRACE! America is lucky to have Pres. Trump. AMEN!

  16. Sometimes “out of the mouths of Babes, comes wisdom”. You got a good Vet,(who just put another piece of knowledge in his quiver), and a horse who knows how much he’s loved.
    I truly wish the world had more “feelings”, and less politics, and I firmly believe TRUMP does. A hospital in NYC agreed to take the infant from Great Britain today, and Trump wants to help, that is a recipe for great personal understanding and Charityin the face of adversity, send A/F 1 to London to pick him up

  17. Tears in my eyes wondering if I should continue reading…the care and love you an Anne have for your family members shows. Love the photo of Ponyface he is a healthy beautiful pony, so happy for the outcome. You are right Howard things like that do make one “think” about how short and fragile life is….keep up the good work. I do look forward to your articles.

  18. You have already proved your resolve. You could no more be a quitter than the sun could stop from rising. This was a beautiful story. Thanks

  19. Boy, you had me in tears & anxiety that the story would end well. So happy that it did – you do tell a good story!

  20. God bless you all, and the lovely “Pudgy Pony” is gorgeous, but I think it needs a job before other kinds of problems develop. She’d look great pulling a little trap, and it’s fun, too. Your hay making day hopefully got right again, but it’s been a weird year for making hay in Ireland too.
    Thanks for sharing the important story about Ponyface; you will have plenty of things to write about coming up. Best regards.

  21. My heart was in my throat, reading your story about Ponyface. So glad he is all right! He is a beautiful pony.
    It’s amazing how our animals are more like family (sometimes better than our family!). You have a real heart, Howard.

  22. We had just returned from our lawyer’s office when I read your editorial today. We are fighting to establish in court legal ownership of a wonderful, kind pony we have had for the past 10 years but there are people who somehow believe he belongs to them. He is close to 30 years old and is perfectly sound, but these people want to use him as a lesson pony. Never!

    Susanne Sauer
    Douglassville, PA USA

  23. As I read, I prayed for that pony. I have loves horses and many animals. I’m so glad you were able to continue to give him a good life. Many blessings to you and Anne.

  24. So glad things turned out fine for Ponyface! Sometimes, we just have to “think positively” about things, Howard! Your “fans” don’t mind if you have some “personal situations” going on in your life since you bring so much “sunshine” and truth into our lives every day! (Thanks for including photo of you and Ponyface.) Perhaps even animals “overreact” when they are “scared” (don’t know what’s going on)? Much like those of us in USA who are “confused” (upset) by “liberals” hating POTUS Trump!

  25. What a wonderful story, Howard…..& thanks for sharing it with us, your “family”, as well. I’m thankful it had a good out-come, as well, for Ponyface! He is truly part of your family!! Was nice to see a photo of you & Ponyface, as well. Your story really helped put things back in perspective for me, & the evil in the world out there!! Thank God for our Pres. Trump. I am praying for my Canadian brothers & sisters, that things will improve for you! Just don’t give up before a miracle!!

  26. Good on you and your vet for saving your beloved pony!

    Now can you help save our beloved country from the Commie Trudeau, and the rest of thr Liberal Commie Bastards that are trying to ruin our country!

    Giving $$ to Kadr was the last straw for me. I will spend the rest of my life preaching the scourge of Liberal Progressives (regressives). And the threat to us from Moslems!

    What can I do to turn this around?

    We need Trump!!

  27. Great story Howard thank you. My 16 year old miniature male poodle DUSTY died early this morning. He was a wonderful dog treated well and fully loved. Thanks to God for his being with us 16 years. Very sad day for me today.

  28. That is a very good story, Howard and I was pulling for you all and it turned out just fine, thanks to God and all involved.
    Anyone who is cruel to an animal is not fit to live, in my sincere opinion.

    Paul Gullick: I am very sorry that you lost Dusty. 16 years is not nearly enough.
    My wife and I lost a very special Doberman that succumbed to cancer and for over three months, we could not even mention her name.


  29. So grateful for your love of animals and your insight into the current snafu of our governments. I look forward to your columns and hang on your bits of optimism. Thanks for the story about PonyFace and the will to get that pony well.
    Supporting our President here in N. GA, USA, and praying the liberals wake up and realize how much better off they are than if HC had won. Keep up the good work.
    James Finlayson
    Lifelong Southerner

  30. Like you and Anne, Howard, we love our animals (in our case dogs) as members of our family. Each has a personality, and loves us every bit as much as we love them. Losing one is hard to bear – I have probably cried more over the loss of dogs who have been my companions over the years than any other event. I can only imagine what you went through. We are happy right along with you that Ponyface made it through his trauma, and that you also can breathe a sigh of relief. Thanks for the story!

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