Had the November 2016 Election Gone Differently . . . the Heading for this Editorial would have been – A REQUIEM FOR TRUTH & FREEDOM. But Love Him or Hate Him . . . The Election of Donald J Trump, was the Very LAST Chance the USA and the Rest of the World Had to Really Celebrate FREEDOM.

To Quote (Paraphrase) President Ronald Reagan . . . “America Is The World’s Last Stand For Freedom”, which is PRECISELY why I am MORE PRO AMERICAN, THAN MOST AMERICANS.

WITHOUT THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA . . . As it was Created, there would be no Freedom and No Prosperity ANYWHERE, other than within the GLOBALIZED Confines of Government and the Privileged Ruling Class . . . WHICH ALSO INCLUDES CANADA.

I FULLY UNDERSTAND . . . That without the Conservative Resolve amongst the Good People of the United States, those, who are very much like the Patriots of Old, who Shed Blood and Fortune to Carve Out the Freedoms of America BEFORE 1776, not only would there NOT be Freedom in the World . . . There Would Be Emptiness, Despair and Dystopia.

WHETHER DONALD J TRUMP – BEFORE BECOMING PRESIDENT TRUMP . . . really had a Vision to Make America Great Again, not through Campaign Speeches, but rather as a WARRIOR FOR FREEDOM, or if because of the Treasonous Collusion of the LEFT and its MEDIA Apparatchik, which FORCED him to become whom he is evolving to be, IT DOESN’T MATTER.

WHAT DOES MATTER . . . is that like MOST SUPERHEROES, President Donald Trump, who I am certain NEVER Expected to be in a CIVIL WAR of this Magnitude, in his own Country, against his own People, was a Reluctant Warrior before the Gauntlet was DROPPED BEFORE HIM.


BY HIS OWN WORDS . . . President Trump has stated in Tweets, Speeches, or Interviews, that he NEVER EXPECTED THE RESISTANCE TO BE THIS HARD.

THIS IS NOT FOR ME TO TAKE A BOW . . . Nor is it for me to say “I Told You So”. And it certainly isn’t for me to convince anyone that I am “Prescient”, because I am not.

WHAT I AM . . . is someone who for a Long Time – SAW THIS REVOLUTION COMING, and for a Long Time, has been Sounding The Alarm in Words and Deeds. AND NOW IT IS UPON US.


In Spite of all the Dirty Tricks, Lies, Distortions, and Outright Acts of TREASON, Committed from the Highest Levels within the Government and the Pseudo Government of the United States of America, within BOTH Parties, against the Constitution as it was Framed and Written, the American People and the American Dream were given a REPRIEVE in the Election of President Donald Trump.

I AM NOT A RELIGIOUS MAN . . . But it’s hard NOT to Believe, that with all the Forces Lined-Up AGAINST the Continuance of the American Dream, and the chance for Donald J Trump to have Clawed his way through the Republican Primary, and then to Defeat Crooked Hillary and the Obama/Soros Machine, that there wasn’t some kind of Spiritual Force At Play, Is Almost Unthinkable.

After The Preamble Of The Declaration Of Independence . . . It Is Written:

“We hold these Truths to be Self Evident that all men are Created Equal, that they are Endowed by their Creator with certain Unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

It is almost as if the Forces that Led to the Creation Of The United States of America, were not about to SURRENDER to the FORCES OF EVIL, which has for several Generations Trampled Upon The Very Purpose of the USA.

FURTHERMORE . . . As I’ve Written Multiple Times – The words of the Principle Framer of the Declaration of Independence, THOMAS JEFFERSON, who in his many Statements and Writings made CLEAR in his TREE OF LIBERTY Letter Sent from Paris on November 13, 1787 . . .

. . . “what country can preserve it’s liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? let them take arms. the remedy is to set them right as to facts, pardon & pacify them. what signify a few lives lost in a century or two? the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants. it is it’s natural manure.”


In all my 67-Years . . . I have never had REAL REASON to lift a Glass to America on any July 4th Celebration. But knowing how close the World had come to Armageddon this past November, I will definitely Raise a Glass to THE RED, WHITE & BLUE . . . Because maybe, not since July 4, 1776 – In spite of the Myriad of Trials and Tribulations America has Faced in these Past 241-Years, I don’t believe America has ever come this close to ENDING ITSELF.

But Make No Mistake About It . . . This is a FIGHT between RIGHT & WRONGGOOD & EVIL, which has been Waged since the Beginning, and will Wage Until The End. And we CANNOT Now . . . Nor Ever Relax Our Vigil or Defense.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard…your statements here brought tears to my eyes and a big lump in my throat for my country. I am one very small part of those who hold our founding fathers in high esteem and the country they framed dear to my heart. To almost lose it was heart wrenching, but we didn’t…yet. The fight will go on, but we will keeping winning. So many of us do believe it is God’s plan.

  2. Howard—From the beginning there has always been a battle between right and wrong-good and evil. I believe more people are turning to God for guidance. They are seeing the errors committed. Prayers are increasing and we will be again “One nation under God” and we will prosper.

  3. I look around and I’m seeing more flags flying and more patriots celebrating than I’ve see the last decade. Despite the constant lies from the media trying to disparage us, people like your continued words of encouragement give us renewed hope. To you and yours we wish you a safe and wonderful 4th. Thanks Pres Trump for saving our country. ~Leslie

  4. WOW, that’s pretty impressive coming from a Canadian by birth.I knew Donald would win the day he walked down those stairs on June 16th,2015 at Trump Tower. Finally the people of this country have a voice.On election night my wife and I stood in front of the TV at 3:00 Am and cried like babies when he was announced the winner.Finally we have a successful businessman in charge of this country instead of a bunch of children running it like their own personal piggy bank. I thank God everyday for DT.

  5. Susan Neff, I echo your sentiments as I wipe tears of patriotism from my eyes. God HAS blessed America, and may He continue to do so. And may His influence spread across the face of the earth! Amen! Happy Independence Day to all freedom loving people everywhere!

  6. We are not over Obama and his henchmen yet. They will fight tooth and nail to make America a Globalist nation and/or under Islamic rule. There seems to be no choice, but a revolution – and the best man will win. That will be true Americans. They are bullies and bullies don’t fight except undercover, body bombs, trucks, etc. We will over power them. Thank God we have Trump as our General, and a few greast Generals along with him.

  7. Howard, I share your sentiments regarding the USA. There has never been a country which did so much for the freedom of mankind. However the The Clintons and Obamas set out change all that. They were primarily concerned with getting as much cash for themselves with their bogus foundations, that they sold their country out to the Soros connection. The same is happening here in Canada. Trudeau is out to feather his own nest with same foundation by selling our country to the Chinese bit by bit.

  8. Thank you Howard and GOD BLESS AMERICA! Plus an ‘Oh Canada’ for our good neighbors to the north – our Canadian friends. Let their banner, the Maple Leaf, always represent Freedom and Unity for all who are Canadian . . . And that goes also for we in the U.S. who live under and defend the Stars & Strips – ‘Old Glory’ banner!

  9. Thank you Howard loving and supporting the United States of America as much as you do. We Americans need to be reminded of the great cost the founding generation sustained in order to attain our independence from tyranny. Freedom is not free. And, as Jefferson pointed out, we must be diligent and willing to preserve our independence and freedom, even unto the shedding of blood. May God continue to bless these United States of America.

  10. Thank you for your comments, Howard. Keep up the good work and may the G-d of our fathers be with you and help you in this fight against good and evil for that is EXACTLY what it is. I am not Jewish but through Christ claim your G-d as my G-d.

  11. I agree with Rita from N.C….more and more TRUE patriots are turning to God for relief from the tyranny of the Left. Our founding fathers trusted in God, and the LEFT have all but abandoned Him. On this 4th of July especially, we should ALL be on our knees in Prayer for Pres. Trump and the USA. We truly do NEED His guidance to once again bring the US back to her greatness as I believe God intended. Thank you Howard…you are more AMERICAN than a great many “Americans.”

  12. BEAUTIFUL & TRUE EDITORIAL! Yes, to many, including myself, it IS almost UNTHINKABLE that there wasn’t some kind of SPIRITUAL FORCE at play to help Pres. Trump win, and WHY is this? It’s because BHO is the “DEVIL IN DISGUISE”, as NO ONE who loves AMERICA could have RUINED it the way HE did during his EIGHT YEARS’ REIGN! The TRUTH [swamp clean-up] is slowly being REVEALED, however, and it won’t be too much longer before all the DEMOCRAT TRAITORS are EXPOSED! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  13. You are sooooo right on target, Howard. It was the last exit on Nov 8th. That is why the Marxists are going crazy now. They knew how close they were to getting the big prize. Thank God a majority of voting Americans saw the light and showed up at the voting booth. Getting most of the remaining scumbags out of government positions won’t be easy for sure. Trump should have eight years and hopefully a very busy DOJ will clean up the sewer that grew like a cancer all these years. Thank YOU!!!

  14. Great words Howard. and I agree 100% with EVERYTHING you said.

    I remember going to bed around 10.15 PM on election night last November fearful that Hilary-#$%&$ was going to win. When I woke up at 6.15 AM and read a brief internet news summary on my phone, I was in almost total disbelief seeing the works “PRESIDENT-ELECT TRUMP” !! I am a very emotional guy but seldom show it. However reading those words brought tears to these 70 year old eyes !!! Takes a lot for that to happen. Enough said

  15. I just asked this question. How many women have the Black or African Muslims raped in England and in Europe?

    For some reason I wanted to double-check my numbers, I thought it was only 100,000. I was wrong it is far worse then I could possible imagined. I found it very hard to believe. Can you guess? 100 or 1000 or 10,000 or 100,000 or 1 million? Look up the answers as I did, ask the Question!

    The Answer: One Million white Christian young girls.

    ‘Easy Meat.’ Britain’s Muslim Rape Gang C

  16. WOW, Howard G., YOUR WORDS ARE “SO ON TARGET”! We certainly are a nation that was/is truly blessed by God, & He has continued to work a miracle in our lives, as Americans!! I definitely agree that what is going on NOW is a struggle of GOOD vs. EVIL (God vs. the “looney” left). It is absolutely “scarey”….. &, NOT the world I was born into, in May of 1937! We need to pray for Pres. Trump, his family, & most definitely his Cabinet leaders, as well as our troops, we came VERY CLOSE losing ALL!

  17. May God bless you and Anne, and keep you. I am grateful for many things and one of them is you and your ability to write and the wisdom to share it with others.

    Elohim/God/ Yahovah whatever we call Him, He is still in control. HAPPY FOURTH.

  18. Your last paragraph is so true. The citiizens were buying guns and ammunition in record numbers to defend themselves. Why did the Department of Homeland Security stockpile billions of rounds of ammunition? For what true purpose was Jade Helm? Why was the military was learning to fight within the citizens?
    President Trump has changed my attitude toward the government.

  19. THANK YOU HOWARD. Great article. We cannot afford to let our guard down for a minute. Must stand behind our President and his family with our voices and with prayer. Wishing you, Anne, Stryker, and April the Cat a blessed 4th.

  20. Howard, your writing skills and the ability to communicate in an honest and forthright manner is a breath of fresh air.
    President Trump, I salute you. Their are a whole bunch of veterans out here in flyover country who have our President’s Six. I’m glad I don’t reflect to frequently on those people who spit on my uniform and relegated me to something to detest. PSD – ? Agent Orange – ? We who served deserved respect. We didn’t get it. Shame on you. But, you are forgiven. Just don’t do it again

  21. In my work as a devout man of God, we ‘need men of moral independence, uncontaminated and unshackled,’ so that when a principle of duty is at stake they will stand firm in defence of the Truth. We need men who will — speak out –when they see evils coming in an wrongs being done. We need men who will refuse to give — consent by silence — in unjust actions.” You appear to be one of these men! Keep on keeping on — educated the people they need to know that all government is ordaind of God

  22. Howard, keep using your “God-given talents” to preach “Freedom” and “Justice” to those who have turned their backs on God- especially Liberals wanting to “erase the (Constitutional) blackboard” to have things “their own way”! (Millions have “lost their minds” from all the constant “liberal propaganda”!) New tradition for July 4th: Hot dogs and champagne! Trump has given us many things to “celebrate”, but so has God! Let’s all “Count our blessings”, daily thanking God for them and our freedom!

  23. I agree and well said Eugenia…”ONE NATION, UNDER GOD”! GO TRUMP and your great team…

  24. Howard, I disagree with your line ‘a Reluctant Warrior before before the Gauntlet was DROPPED BEFORE HIM’. The Gauntlet was smashed as hard as could be done, directly into his face by a vicious enemy from within! There is so much hope riding and resting on the shoulders of President Trump. Too many people in Australia point to all the negative media, those who I encounter, I tell to read and research much further, don’t believe the B.S, we are fed. Happy 4th of July America!

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