150-Years Later . . . And What Do We Have To Show For It?


I gave a Luncheon Speech Yesterday, to about a Dozen Members of the CLF (Canadians For Language Fairness), who are as old as me, and maybe older, who in their Retirement-Years, are still Active Conservative Canadian Patriots, who are More Concerned than just SOMEWHAT for the future of their Children and Grandchildren . . . And Rightly So.

I was happy to have been invited to speak, and found myself more or less discussing this Editorial, which was almost written before Anne, Stryker and I Arrived for Lunch.


But What Can I Write That Would Be Positive & Exciting About Canada?


Canada used to Stand For All Kinds of GREAT Things. We were always THERE when the World Needed us, especially considering the Fact that Canada is a very Small Country in terms of Population.

Canada was there in the THICK OF IT During World War One – Punching far Above and Beyond our Weight-Class. And In World War Two, WE WERE THERE JUST HOURS AFTER ENGLAND DECLARED WAR AGAINST GERMANY.

Canada was there BIG TIME during the First Invasion Attempt of France, on August 19, 1942, known as the DIEPPE RAID, which was far more than just a Raid, where 5,000 Canadians out of a Total Invasion Force of 6,000 Soldiers, Including Tanks and Artillery were mostly DESTROYED, SLAUGHTERED & CAPTURED, because of the Elitist British Piece of Royalist Crap . . . The Most Pompous Louis Mountbatten, who was leading Britain’s Troops Because of Privilege, and Certainly NOT Because Of Ability, who couldn’t have screwed up WORSE if he Tried.

My Dad Was On That Invasion Force . . . And Lucky For Him . . . His Regiment Never Made It To The Shores of France, because by the time My Dad’s Group Left England, the Invading Armada was already Turned Back with the Dead and Wounded, before my Dad and his Comrades could become additional Flesh for the German Meat Grinder.

ON JULY 9, 1943 . . . Canada was at the FOREFRONT of the Invasion of Sicily, Long Before D-DAY . . . UP FRONT & CENTER, where my Dad was Seriously Wounded at the Battle of Casino, where after some Meat & Potatoes Field Hospital First Aid – he went right back into it, Because That’s What Canadians Did.

CANADA WAS THERE ON D-DAY – JUNE 6, 1944 . . . Taking our Own Beach (Juno Beach), amongst the Americans and British, alongside others, who were assaulting their own objectives.

We Canadians took a Hell of a Beating on JUNO, because the Weather and Ocean were against us, because we didn’t get the Artillery from the Destroyers as Promised, and the Air Support NEVER really came . . . BUT NONE-THE-LESS – CANADIANS STILL TOOK THE BEACH, Because That’s Who We Were.

Canada was there in all of Our Glory During the Battle Of The Bulge. We were amongst the most Prevalent Military Force to Liberate the Netherlands. We were in France, Belgium and Germany. WHEREVER THERE WAS FIGHTING – THERE WERE CANADIANS . . . The Unsung Heroes.


Not only did Canada Enter the War . . . Literally Hours after England – ABOUT 50% OF ALL “ELIGIBLE” CANADIAN MEN SIGNED UP TO GO AND FIGHT, out of a total Population of LESS Than 12-Million.

HERE’S ANOTHER TRUTH TO PONDER . . . Canada had the Largest Navy at the time of World War II, when combined with Canada’s Non Military MERCHANT MARINE, which FACTUALLY Kept England Alive during the Battle of the Atlantic, carrying more Tons of Vital Cargo from Canada and the USA to England, than anyone could possibly imagine.

Without Canada’s Merchant Marine . . . England Wouldn’t Have Survived & The Nazis Would Have Won.

By The End Of WWII . . . Canada Had The Third Largest Navy In The World.


CANADA’S COST FOR RUNNING THE GERMAN SEA BLOCKADE . . . to keep England Alive until England could Rearm itself, and give the USA the time it needed to get going, was that our Unarmed Ships, WHICH WERE MANNED BY VOLUNTEER NON MILITARY SEAMEN – were decimated by the German Submarine Wolf Packs.

Even After WWII . . . Canada Was There In Korea. Canada Has Always Been There.


LET ME MAKE THIS AS CLEAR AS POSSIBLE . . . If it wasn’t for our American Neighbor, which is Canada’s ONLY REAL TRADING PARTNER, where we make Gargantuan Profits from Trade, Canada would be a Backwater. AND I DON’T MEAN THIS FACETIOUSLY.

Canada did not have its OWN Constitution and Charter of Rights until 1982, and even at that, Canada’s Constitution is a SQUIRRELY List of Rights, SUBJUGATED by the mood of the Courts on any given day.

In All Truth . . . Canada’s Charter Of Rights & Freedoms Is A Dog’s Breakfast.

Canada does NOT have a First Amendment, and is Proud of that FACT. We certainly do NOT have a Second Amendment. We have NOT supported our Southern Friend and Ally the way America Deserved. And we CRAPPED repeatedly on Israel at the United Nations so as to Suck-Up to Tyrants and Despots.

And as the Embers Still Smoldered just after 9/11, Canada’s Prime Minister from Quebec, Jean Chretien, laid “some” BLAME on the USA for what the Moslem TERRORISTS DID, because of the way the USA Treats the World.


Our Canadian Schools have for more than Half a Century PUSHED the Idealism of Socialism, that Europe was Good and American Capitalism was NOT. That we Canadians had a Great and Rich European/Canadian Culture (French & British), while the USA was Nothing much more than a Country of Cowboys and Global Bullies.

Canada EMBRACED Multi-Culturalism FORSAKING Canadian Nationalism. We’ve Grasped the idea that Homosexuality, Lesbianism, and LBGT Lifestyles are as NORMAL and EQUAL to Heterosexual Relationships, which we teach in our schools.

In Canada . . . Separation of Church and State is the Law, so in “Public” Schools, it is Against the Law to Inject Religion in Classrooms, yet, Canadian Schools are creating Prayer Rooms for Moslems, and are Teaching Islam as an Alternate Religion.

In Canada . . . one Province (Quebec) has made the UNRESTRICTED USE OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE AGAINST THE LAW, which has been accepted by the Federal Government, which is COMPLICIT to Linguistic Racism. And the Canadian Federal Government, with the endorsement of the Supreme Court of Canada, has decided that any Province (Quebec) can leave Confederation, based upon a Majority of Electors saying so in that Specific Province.

Canada has also established Human Rights Commissions throughout the Provinces, with the Authority of the Courts, where the Commissioners are APPOINTED Bureaucrats without the NEED to have a Background in Law or even a Reasonable Knowledge of the Constitution, which can PUNISH whomever they think are in VIOLATION of their Human Rights OPINIONS, which are vast and varied.

And Being In The CROSSHAIRS Of A “Rights” Commission Means The Following:

1 – You do not have the Right to Face or even know your Accuser.

2 – You do not have the Right to Cross Examine your Accuser.

3 – You do not have the Right to having an Attorney Present.

4 – You do not have the Right to Appeal to the Commission.


I remember a time in Canada, when if there was a Major Screw-Up in some Federal or Provincial Ministry . . . whether the Minister was Responsible or not, He or She would have to do the Honorable Thing And RESIGN.


AND NOW . . . When something Earthshaking and Catastrophic happens in a Ministry, even if the Minister has his Hands in it up to his Elbows . . . He or She will NOT Resign, but instead, will Hire Lawyers and PR Firms to LIE, CHEAT & CON the System to keep His or Her Position.


There was a time NOT that long ago, when Canada Welcomed Immigrants who BROUGHT SOME VALUE WITH THEM TO OUR COUNTRY. And the Immigrants who came were amongst the Best . . . AND WANTED TO BE ASSIMILATED.

THE NEWCOMERS THEN had to have Criminal Free Records, NOT be Laden with a Communicable Disease, be either Educated or Skilled, show a Means to Take care of Themselves, have a Job waiting for them in Canada, be able to Communicate in one of our Two Official Languages, NOT Burden our Welfare System, and Preferably have a Canadian Friend or Relative to Vouch for them, and Take Responsibility for their Keep if it came down to that.

TODAY . . . It’s Give us your Wretched who have NO Skills, NO Appreciable Education, Don’t Speak French or English, Won’t Assimilate, Hate our Culture, Laws and Modernity, Hate Jews and Christians, and are Possibly (Probably) Linked to AL Qaeda, ISIS, and the Moslem Brotherhood.

AND DON’T EXPECT THEM TO WORK . . . Because Canada will give them MORE Money, Healthcare, Food Stamps and Accommodation, than Canadian Citizens and our Elderly who have paid Taxes their Entire Lives are Privileged to Receive.

AND TO ADD MISERY TO MADNESS . . . Canada is Passing Laws, which would IMPRISON People like me, for Criticizing Islam and Sharia under the Guise of Writing or Uttering Hate Speech, no matter how TRUE My Opinions Might Be.

AND THE COUP DE GRÂCE. . . Canada’s Single Largest Recent Achievement, has been to Legalize Marijuana, Criminalize Carbon Fuels, and Tax & Regulate the MAKERS ‘TIL WE BLEED.

So . . . Since The End Of WWII – Where Should I Start Celebrating?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Our Shule is filled with “good Jews” Our Rabbi is a “good Jew” he says the local imam is his “friend”. It is a shame they call themselves Jews. They want to be apart of the culture until the crap begins to fly then they run to the “Bad Jews” for help and protection and wonder, “what happened, I was being nice to them, why do the act like this” It never changes, the did not learn from history, they are repeating it and they (good Jews) do not understand what is happening

  2. Regardless I hate to admit it as a Canadian, I am hard pressed to argue a single point….in-fact, seems to me you hit the majority of the nails right on their heads…!

  3. Last night; I did hang the Flag in my window; Later I pondered why did I not hang it upside down.
    – Jerry R.

  4. Soft tyranny, acceptance of mediocrity or worse, trashing of values and on and on. We have seen it in America, also, especially the last 50 years, and around the world as well. There is no end of misery that the Marxists and Islamo-Nazis are capable of spewing. But what of the people? Why do so many embrace this insanity so readily? The horrible desertion of honorable values is so accepted. And world population continues to grow! It’s a very scary thought, isn’t it?

  5. I had a great life in Canada The 50s in Ontario were the best years I played in a lttle rock n roll band and had good times Our country had European immigration and they all came and worked and contributed to society I had a little job as a teen in the grocery store $ 3.00 on the weekend it was a good weekend I have kids and grandkids but l wonder if the life they live will be as good as mine l’m retired now and hope to live another 15 years enjoying life. All the best to all of Canda

  6. Howard, I think I can see the handwriting on the wall, and it may be time for you to seriously consider moving south, PERMANENTLY! Although everything isn’t perfect in the U S, it may be better longer than they are in Canada! You would be SO welcome here, especially in Texas, and a big asset to our country!

  7. Howard, when i came to Canada some 60 years ago, I knew that this country was based on Judeo/Christian society and I hope to God that it will remain this way for thousands of years, But lately, our Liberal government headed by a real socialist young man is changing all that. He is allowing thousands of immigrants to come who call us Infidels and pray for our destruction every time they have the opportunity. Are we mad or what? Happy Canada Day, Steve Acre, Canada

  8. Howard, very good summation which I agree wholeheartedly with, however you omitted reference to how Canada has mistreated OUR Indigenous citizens of Canada for many years. Maybe in another article, eh!
    Daniel Dubya

  9. Howard, IF it were me, (and I know it’s not), but I would sense the “”Patriots” in Canada who shared of themselves, as we say, “and wrote a check for ‘up to and including’ their life”, would join, in exercising your right to “resign from the Confederation, by a majority of electors in that Province” voting for it.
    Growing up in New England I have always appreciated and valued our Northern neighbors “guts” and willingness to jump into the fray.
    Canadians should “take their country back”

  10. Yes, Howard, it is difficult to deny that the Canada we have in 2017 is a failure & a betrayal of all the good intentions of our founders. How to celebrate & wave the country’s flag & send happy greetings to everyone when we look around & see so many bad things happening in this country, in our closest neighbour (USA) & in Europe where even sadder things are happening? Our lunch focussed on the loss of our most important value – the Loss of Free Speech. Without that freedom, we are slaves!!

  11. Spent the day in the US where I seemingly have more in common with the “average” American than many Canadians I have met lately . I have worked , produced and paid taxes for at least 40 yrs. to this Country and what I am reaping in return is a long way from what I expected or am willing to call Canadian t . ” whole bunch of fowl language “

  12. Love history – we know whats truthfully been said about we that ignore it. Point made by you Howard. Mountbatten, another Jimmy Carter type – he did to Canadian forces as described here by you and as what Gen. Mark Clarks leadership did to our own U.S forces in that infamous invasion of northern Italy – a slaughter house of U.S! All that after letting the Krouts loose to get back into the mainland after Sicily – a question, what’s going on with some of the Cadet testing’s? up at W. Point?!!!

  13. ANOTHER GREAT COLUMN, Howard G.! I definitely am sharing this on my FB Timeline!! I really feel sorry for my Canadian brothers & sisters…..you definitely got the “short end of the stick”!!! Just don’t give up before the miracle…..& only YOU can determine WHAT THAT WILL BE. God Bless you each & every one!

  14. You are so right! I haven’t celebrated Canadada Day for a while. I am very sad to say that but what is there to celebrate? Let’s be honest, celebration is just that~~party time! Do we really teach our children why we celebrare~not likely! However, I am thankful every day because my father fought in two world wars and lived to be 101 years old. Unfortunately, everything he fought for and many lost their lives for has been grossly eroded. The only right we have is the right to remain silent!

  15. If you want to apply for U.S. citizenship, Howard, I will be more than happy to vouch for you. You definitely have the “right stuff” that’s sorely needed here following the Obama disaster.

  16. Dear Howard, I am in complete agreement. We are in big trouble here in the great white north. I was very encouraged though, when on June 17th, I attended an event hosted by Ezra Levant and the Rebel Media crew. There were 900 fellow patriots in attendance.
    Happy UnCanada Day😁

  17. I’m a Proud Canadian who had immigrated, learned the language, assimilated and served in the RCN. Canada has been good to me and have had success in business and am retired now wanting to enjoy life a little.Your article brought to mind on how Canada has changed since my arrival in 1954 as a 9 year old and I’m saddened to what has happened to my beloved country.There is no attempt to speak our language, no attempt to assimilate. It is all about bringing the culture they hated to Canada, WHY COME

  18. Ditto to moving to Texas! If Democrats (“liberals”) get back in power, USA will pass laws against criticizing Islam and exactly what’s considered “hate speech”! Christians are taught to “love those who hate them”, so it seems we need more folks living in our nation who “hate” Americans to teach us this? Give me a break! I”m not stupid! Keep doing what you are doing, Howard, since there are those of us who appreciate and like what you do! “Foreign values” are being imposed on American citizens!

  19. What is happening in England where the muslims have a large hold of the country,with crime.( murder, bombings and welfare ) io can see happening in Canada. Give the muslims a inch and they will take a foot and with 4 wives and 10-20 children in a years to come they will slowly try to take over the country. The last 8 years Obama tried to gave the muslims a foot hold ,but Trump will put a end to that. Make Canada and America great again

  20. Why don’t we write a new constitution? Seriously, one that could be presented to the Canadian people as an alternative to what we have. I’m not a lawyer or even all that bright but I’d like to give it a shot. It might take me some time because I’m working 12 to 16 hrs per day and starting another business BUT when I put something together would you look at it Mr. G and tell me what you think? I’ve known for quite some time all the points you’ve made and they make my blood boil. It’s time to do

  21. I have tried to tell my Canadian friends and neighbors that Canada’s so called constitution does not protect anything. Free speech is only that which is unrestricted with the exceptions of incitement to violence or in extreme disregard for life. It is sad that Canadians do not know what freedom really is anymore. Hate speech is so hard to define. What is written in one groups books can be hate to another. The best defense against hate is free speech where all can engage in discourse.

  22. July 1, 9:30 PM, Dalton, GA and I am hearing fireworks here for the first time on this date. Ottawa yes, Perth yes, but never here July 1. Perhaps they are celebrating the U.S. becoming more like Canada.

  23. Howard after reading about all the ills in Canada no reason to leave and join us in TX

  24. Howard, this excellent editorial does cover lots of ground and you have made many many EXCELLENT points. The bozo that is currently your prime minister seems to represent all of the negative concepts that you have espoused here.
    Please keep these coming. Maybe somewhere in Canada there is a Donald Trump-like person who can yet save your wonderful nation.

  25. I, and many other non francophones, do not celebrate Fete National/St. Jean Baptist or Canada Day. We are no longer equal Quebecers or equal Canadians. As Quebecers we have lost our institutions and our right to live as equals to the French speaking majority and are their subordinates; as a result of the language laws, and their strict enforcement by special agents , we do not have the same rights and freedoms enjoyed by all other Canadian citizens. How can we then be full fledged Canadians?

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