When I refer to the MAINSTREAM MEDIA . . . I’m NOT referring to all the Media with the EXCEPTION of FOX News, because make NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT, FOX News, with the EXCEPTION of Several of their Conservative On Air Personalities is as Mainstream as any of the Others.

That’s Not The Way They Started . . . But That’s The Way They Are Now.

THIS FAIR AND BALANCED TRIPE . . . Is just that – TRIPE, which is nothing but a Media Con to try and Separate FOX News from the Herd, which is GOOD FOR ME, because the more FOX News Pisses People Off, the MORE these People will turn to BLOGS like for Opinion and Information.

But It’s Not Good For The Dissemination Of Honest Media.

Outside of waking-up every morning with FOX & Friends, and catching the 6:00 News with Bret Baier whenever I have the time, FOX News is usually on the Television MUTED in the Background . . . BUT NOT TODAY.

TODAY, which was a day I was NOT going to Write, because I had several things to take care of, none of which were exceptionally important, such as being with the Blacksmith when he shod our Three Horses . . . I just wanted to relax.


SO HERE WAS THE OUTRAGE . . . MSNBC’S Joe Scarborough and Mika Brezinski, the Fiancé of Joe Scarborough and Daughter of the Late ISRAEL HATER, and in MY OPINION, a Closet Anti-Semite . . . Zbgigniew Brezinski, who was the National Security Advisor under President Jimmy Carter . . . BIRDS OF FEATHER FLOCK TOGETHER . . . Together They Broadcast a FLURRY of extremely VILE Comments about President Trump, to which PRESIDENT Trump shot back in a TWEET . . .

AND THEN . . . All Media-Hell Broke Loose – INCLUDING ON FOX NEWS, where the FLUFF on-air at NOON, on the FOX Show called Outnumbered, couldn’t wait to take their SHOTS at the President.

Then . . . immediately following a Televised Press Conference Managed by Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who by the way is BRILLIANT as the Deputy Press Secretary for the White House, when the Whole Carnivorous Bunch of Media Losers went after the President for his TWEET . . . Julie Banderas – After the Presser, when her show came back to Air, she too took her turn LAMBASTING the President, while EGGING-ON her Two Guests, until perhaps one of her producers told her in her ear to SHUT-THE-“F”-UP, because, if just some of her Audience were getting even a modicum as angry as I was, hearing these JERKS Pile Onto the President . . . they could take their show and Network and SHOVE IT WHERE THE SUN DOESN’T SHINE.

AND THEN CAME SHEPARD SMITH . . . The CNN Wannabe – who is as Far To The Left, Anti-Trump, and Anti-Israel as it gets – Imagine the good time he had TEARING into President Trump?


I am 67-Years Old . . . and have been an Astute Political Observer for as long as I can Remember, and I can tell you without a shred of a Lie – NOT EVEN A SCINTILLA OF EXAGGERATION . . . that in all my years of following Politics, I have NEVER known of a President or any Leader who WORKS HARDER, LONGER AND MORE DEVOTED TO THE TASK, THAN DOES PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP.

In Less Than Six Months . . . with the Entire LEFT, the Media and his own Party of REPUBLICANS-IN-NAME-ONLY (RINOS) . . . doing all they can to Destroy His Presidency, President Trump has Accomplished MORE in just 6-Months, than the Last Three Presidents (Obama, Bush & Clinton) have accomplished in the last TWENTY-FOUR YEARS!

AND EVERY TIME THE PUNDITS . . . On FOX News TOO – say that because of President Trump’s TWEETING he doesn’t get his Message Across to the American Media, because the TWEETS Drown out his Message and Accomplishments. They Couldn’t Be More Wrong. Because who gives a Rat’s Ass About The Media?


THE PEOPLE GET THE MESSAGE . . . It’s the Media, which DOESN’T get the Message, and the Media, which will GO DOWN with the Democrats and RINOS in the 2018 Mid Term Elections. And the Media with the RINOS who will GO DOWN in Slightly Less Than 4-Years, when President Donald Trump will begin his SECOND TERM.

And Now I’ve Got To leave . . . Because I’m late For Supper With Friends.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. We have more than our share of the good Jews in America, I know one personally who voted for Obama TWICE. Just a week ago she wrote a not to voice of the people saying she was sorry she did that. Hope many are waking up.

  2. Well at least Shepard Smith is not blaming Israel for Trumps tweets

  3. I look forward (mostly) to hearing from these three: Eric Bolling and Tucker Carlson at Fox News, and Lou Dobbs at Fox Business Network.

  4. One tweet sinks a thousand slips. The enemedia won’t call themselves on their fake news, so The Donald has to pull end-arounds. He’s cagey. He’s out-Foxing them.

  5. I agree you regarding FOX and I used to be a big fan. Now I watch OAN. Keep tweeting President Trump, put this slime where they belong in the ash heap of history.

  6. Finally a non candy butt POTUS, he pokes back good for him, maybe eventually news will get reported rather than crap.

  7. I’m a 70yo Vietnam Vet USN NTDS Radarman who served aboard USS Wainwright-DLG 28 as PIRAZ, (Radar picket for Haiphong Harbor NVN from 1967-1971), who learned to doubt anything our government declared as truth by personal observation of the propaganda of the Johnson presidency–non capitalization intentional– and reality as I observed it by eye, radar and radio –plus an open mind! History was taught too well by my teachers–and I was a little too old to swallow all that BS! MAGA Trump!!!

  8. With each attack the media makes on Trump, with all their fervor and exaggeration, if you dissect all the accusations and all the virulence, you will find they are mostly non-stories, concoctions and trumped-up nonsense. All designed to destroy or discredit him. And if it is anything questionable, it is nothing that cannot also be pinned on those on the left or on others before him.

  9. Hi, More power to President Trump. He must have a heart of steel and determination to withstand all the eggs thrown at him.
    Wish him the best in continuing of what he is doing to keep the USA safe. Steve Acre, Canada

  10. I don’t remember anything good coming out of Lindsey Graham or Paul Ryan’s mouth about President Trump; let alone a compliment. Scarborough calls Trump a piece of crap and worse. Where were the Republicans when Comey admitted that Trump was not under suspicion. At least Lou Dobbs agreed with Trump’s tweets. Mr. Ryan for 7 years you’ve supposedly had a “Repeal and Replace” bill for health care. Where is it? That should have been the first thing passed. You are as useless as your predecessor

  11. Comment I heard is correct. Close out the Media Room and give it to the Secret Service as a common room and lockers.
    Apparently the current SS space is cramped. Contract with WH Photographers to cover events and provide the results
    to the Media along with content in writing about the event and activities. Keep all Media outside the fence. On overseas
    trips, let them charter their own Planes. Put them in the box they belong in.

  12. Why exactly would anyone think it would be acceptable for the MSM to abuse the President and suggest it would not be prudent, or appropriate for the President to respond in-kind….in my judgment, he, like everyone else deserves the right to retaliate in-kind….why should he relinquish a right we all consider sacrosanct….?

  13. Thanks president Trump for your tweets so we know the truth after all the left bias. Trump and his family have been abused at the most disgusting level. Any one can lose it after a while and give back the same treatment and of course he is criticized. Congratulations Mr. president, give it back to them, they might stop their dirty messages. We are watching FOX much less, One American News Network “OAN” is a much better channel, less advertising and lots of international news and no bias.

  14. Yesterday all the media could talk about is how the Repubs are failing with the healthcare bill. This morning Trump makes one obnoxious tweet and the media goes on a rampage on that subject. No more discussion about healthcare. Trump is a master of distraction!

  15. Toronto District School Board has a text book designed for Grade 6 social studies classrooms as introduction naming countries in which child soldiers have been used in armed conflict. It names Israel as a country along with others! As far as I know this has never happened and it seems to be fake news propaganda.. Harry, Courtenay BC.

  16. You didn’t mention Tucker Carlson. I absolutely love the show and find Tucker to be a very intelligent conservative.

  17. GO GET ‘EM, HOWARD AND GIVE ‘EM HOLY HELL!!!!! 90% of FOX News and FOX Business lost us a long time ago. There are countless places to get accurate and timely news other than the Marxist Media. We love what you do. Thank you very much.

  18. The TRUTH will eventually come out and when it does I want to see a whole bunch of these TRAITORS (Dems & Repubs) either put before a firing squad or the rest of their lives in GITMO. Vietnam Vet. We NEVER forget. AND, don’t forget about Hanoi Jane (Fonda), Hanoi John Kerry & Canary (Wet Start) McCain….

  19. No one EVER EXPECTED to see all the GARBAGE that has ALREADY been DRAINED from the SWAMP. Well, no doubt, there’s a LOT MORE to uncover, and THOSE who have not YET been “scooped up” WORRY that they will PROBABLY be NEXT. They FEAR Pres. Trump so badly that they keep ATTACKING him with LIES, etc… He has been quite successful with his AGENDA thus far, so his FOES resent it and will do ANYTHING to DESTROY him! If he didn’t TWEET, people would never HEAR nor LEARN the TRUTH! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  20. The question society needs to ask is … Who’s Watching the Media?
    For decades they have gone basically unchallenged. Their reports treated as if it was the word of God.
    NOW we have Trump CALLING THEM OUT! and guess what …. the focus has turned to the media
    and people are waking up and tuning out more and more. LOVE IT!!!
    Media Journalists + Bias = Corruption – Go Trump Go!! TWEET TWEET!!!

  21. And all the time, Kate’s law is passed and Criminal alien protecting cities will be punished. The Canadian media CNN north are tut tut tuting away. Keep the tweets coming Mr. President. You are the ONLY politician I trust.
    Jim Dean

  22. We have a lot of empty spaces on our buck rail fences in Wyoming. Media meat might help our meat eaters get through a hot summer. The Eagles, Coyotes, Wolf’s, Buzzards are really getting hungry. Can’t think of a better place for a group of cesspool parasites.Include the idiots in this land that are as bad off as the media. Damn that should come close to filling up our fences!

  23. I respectfully disagree about Fox. I work all day so I NEVER watch TV during the day! But I like Lou Dobbs, Tucker, The Five, Hannity. Plus a teaser of Judge Jeanine and The Greg Gutfeld show on the weekends. I think The Five has enough balance to tell me just how ridiculous the left viewpoint is. My favorite hosts are Greg Gutfeld and Judge Jeanine.

  24. Well Howard,this was fun! If TRUMP did not tweet the MSM would get away with their crap, so good for the President !

    Paul Branch has a great idea about the MSM chartering their own jets…why should they go first class on the taxpayers M O N E Y $$$

  25. Not ONE person in the media, called out the classless Mika Brezinski for calling Kelly Ann Conway as “political porn”, for the president. That is a women slamming another women. Where was the political outrage. Did the media lose that clip?
    Too bad President Trump even gave them the waste of a twitter comment, which is more coverage than they have ever received on their so called reporting.

  26. Hannity does provide POSITIVE reporting of the MANY Trump accomplishments in almost all of his monologues. Also, the 6 good reasons why the DEMs should be investigated and prosecuted. Marc Levin also provides excellent commentary.
    Watch tonight 10 pm. KEEP TWEETING, TRUMP!!

  27. Shumer is talking about a compromise on Healthcare which is Medicare for all. Has there been a scoring to determine the cost and how those people not currently on Medicare would be charged? How would the Part B be handled? Would there be a supplement to the 80-20 provision? What is the projection for the employer provided insurance money which would be available? Would veterans be included but still be under the VA? What would be the effect on employment in the insurance industry?

  28. And thanks also to Sean Hannity for regularly exposing the hypocrisy that biased mainstream media will not talk about.

  29. War’s ugly. America was and still is in major turmoil. Ragingly so. The friction festering within the US was already and still is out of hand but in some semblance of recovery, yet far from home free. Do you think Trump enjoys what he’s inherited; to wallow in the noxious swamp with those reprehensible denizens of governmental ill-repute, while resuscitating a hobbling American psyche and socio-economically wounded nation? A man of his exceptional management/development acumen derides such crap.

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