I am all but Positive that there NEVER was a Larger Group of Incompetent People, Including Men & Women Assembled in one Building outside the Capital Building in Washington DC.

The Men & Women, who we in Canada send to Parliament in Ottawa, might run a Close Second, but not close enough to actually compete for the Gold Medal Title of Capital Dick Heads EXTRAORDINAIRE.

BECAUSE WE KNOW THAT OUR POLITICIANS ARE SCHMUCKS . . . doesn’t let us Off the Hook as Voters. Because the ONLY Reason the SCHMUCKS are in Office, is because WE ELECT THEM.


SO WHO ARE THE SCHMUCKS . . .? Are they the Jerks who go to our Capitals LIVING The Good Life with all manner of Perks and Privileges we the Electors will NEVER Hope to Enjoy . . . OR ARE THE JERKS US – who Continuously send them to POLITICAL PORK HEAVEN to make OUR Lives, FREEDOMS and Hard Work their ENTITLEMENT?


The Old Joke . . . “How Do You Know When A Politician Is Lying”? The Answer . . . “WHEN HIS/HER LIPS ARE MOVING”. The Problem with the JOKE, is that it ISN’T a Joke. THE JOKE’S ON US. But it doesn’t have to be.


Why do we get Excited, Pleased and/or Feel GRATEFUL when the Politicians do NOT Raise our Taxes, Reduce our Taxes by a Modicum, or don’t Create New Taxes, when NONE OF US EVER SENT ANYONE TO OFFICE TO TAKE AWAY OUR MONEY and tell us how to live?


BEFORE OBAMACARE . . . The LYING Politicians kept Throwing Out Numbers about how many Americans WERE NOT INSURED FOR HEALTHCARE. And since the People who actually PAY the Bills had no way to Prove or Disprove those Numbers . . . there really weren’t significant challenges to the BS.

At First . . . we heard that there were as many as 20-Million Uninsured Americans. Then it became 30-Million. Then no one wanted to talk about the Number of ILLEGALS who were grouped into that Total.

And everyone IGNORED . . . like the Plague, the Number of People who simply didn’t want to Pay for Health Insurance, which INCLUDED an Army of Young People who couldn’t care less if they were Insured or not, and People who preferred to spend their money on Nicer Homes they couldn’t afford, Costly Restaurant Meals they couldn’t afford, Fancy Cars they couldn’t afford, Chic Clothes they couldn’t afford, Expensive Vacations they couldn’t afford – ETC, INSTEAD of Buying and Paying for their OWN Healthcare.

AND EVEN IF WE ASSUME . . . that as many as 20-Million Americans through no fault of their own were without Healthcare Insurance, which would still in my Estimation be a Wild Assumption – that would mean that as many as 300-MILLION Americans Were Insured.


Why Destroy The BEST Healthcare Anywhere In The World, just for the Sake of LESS than 10% of the Population, who for whatever Reason, they mostly CHOSE not to Pay for their own Health Insurance?

TRUE . . . There were PLENTY of Problems with Healthcare prior to Obamacare, all of which could have been Corrected through Common Sense Regulations, such as Insurance Competition Across State Lines, which they’re still NOT including in the New Proposed Law, the End of the Abuse of Health Litigation by Vulture Lawyers, and a National Fund to Insure People with Pre-Existing Conditions and Maxed-Out Insurance Coverage to be paid through the States.


So . . . instead of applying REASONABLE Remedies to Fix the few things which were Broken . . . Instead – Congress CREATED A MEGA TRILLION DOLLAR NIGHTMARE, which has SCREWED the American People, made Members of CONGRESS really RICH on both Sides of the Divide through the Lobbyists, who are paid GAZILLIONS of Dollars to Lobby and BRIBE Politicians on behalf of Hospitals, Doctors, Lawyers, Insurance, Big Pharma, & EVERYONE ELSE WHO COULD SQUEEZE A DIME FROM THE TAX PAYERS.


AND NOW . . . HERE ARE THE REPUBLICANS (RINOS) . . . Playing the same DISHONEST GAME, doing all they can to convince the American People that the American People are TOO STUPID to take care of their own Healthcare Needs, Requiring BIG BROTHER to do it for them.

IT’S QUITE INCREDIBLE . . . how the American Tax Payer ISN’T TOO STUPID to Fund the OUTLANDISH Salaries, Perks and Pensions of these POLITICAL THIEVES, but according to Mitch McConnell (Leader of the Senate) and Paul Ryan (Speaker of the House), the same Americans who keep them in FAT-CITY, are TOO STUPID to Take Care of their Own Healthcare Needs.

AND BECAUSE AMERICAN TAXPAYERS . . . Keep Re-Electing These BAD ACTORS, Maybe They’re Right, And The American People Are Too Stupid To Take Care Of Themselves.

I was 23-Years Old when Anne and I each said I do to each other. Anne was 22-Years Old. We were both working, living in a rented Upper Duplex, we had no money, plenty of debt through no fault of our own, and in addition, we had Real Adult Challenges, which was more than 44-Years Ago.

Yet . . . Like most People of our Generation and Before, we Hunkered Down and overcame that which was in our way.


SO . . . Someone has to explain to me, how 44-Years Later, when Young People are supposed to be so much Smarter NOW than Anne and I were then . . . ARE CONSIDERED TO BE “CHILDREN”, who should be on their Mommy and Daddy’s Healthcare Plan until they are 26-Years Old?


With all the Handwringing Prior to the Passage of Obamacare, the People were INUNDATED with the “FACT”, that without Obamacare, American People would be DYING in the Streets . . . Yet, I don’t recall any EPIDEMIC of Americans Dying In The Streets.


YOU DON’T NEED BIG BROTHER . . . Get the Government OUT of your Face and OUT of your Lives AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE, by doing JUST ONE SIMPLE THING – REPEAL OBAMACARE, and Simply Make the Changes to the Old System, which should have been Made more than a Dozen Years Ago.

And Let The People Be Responsible For Themselves.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Years ago when I was an anti-Zionist and was probably heading down the road to anti-Semitism, through a process of years I became a conservative, then a Christian and did about a 180 degree turn…It had been a while feeling any pride in my country of Canada until PM Harper gave that speech in the Knesset – and I said so on Sun News. Now it seems the entire lefty/liberal/progressive MSM has become anti-Semitic. When the ‘road apples’ hit the fan soon, I believe now I’ll be on the right side…

  2. The people in Congress are in a Contest for Stupidity — I hope President Trump can fix it.

  3. Howard, I simply could not agree with you more. I have always thought that it was MY responsibility to take care of my health needs, I NEVER in my life figured it was the responsibility of the government to do anything OTHER than what our Constitution allowed them to do. Over the years, they have taken over for me something they actually have NO RIGHT to do. Let us, WE THE PEOPLE, take care of ourselves! Frankly, I do n o t need, not want, “their” help!

  4. It’s a simple formula for growing the bureaucracy and cementing the elites’ rule over us: Keep the sheeple in a state of anxiety which can only be allayed by the intervention of fast-talking politicians. This arrangement is the very definition of corruption. A pox on all their houses.

  5. amen, less government is what will be best for the people. In Canada that would mean to get back to basics as laid out in the BNA Act and for the Feds to get out of provincial jurisdictions and to stop usurping powers that are not its.

  6. You said it, Howard! The GOP is about to miss another opportunity and let the voters down – AGAIN! Trump and the latest Republican majorities were elected primarily to get rid of the ineffective, behemoth that is Obamacare, not replace it with a similar version but with the GOP name on it.

  7. OH, Howard…..Like the old football coach said…..”It ain’t rocket surgery.” You are like an echo in our home! The politicians prove over and over again there is more than one way to be raped. Most are absolutely disgusting!!!!

  8. First, with Pres. Trump, we DO have SOME HOPE for the future! It’s sad to say, however, but the MILLENIALS are now STEERING our Government. We can thank their parents for HOVERING over them and for not letting them “suffer the CONSEQUENCES of their ACTIONS”. They now expect to be ENTITLED to everything, THUS they vote for the RESPECTIVE SCHMUCK politicians. Also, STATISTICS can be MANIPULATED to SUIT anyone’s PURPOSE. HEALTHCARE will be resolved after July 4th…let’s hope for OUR BEST! AMEN!

  9. A friend once said, “If only Jerks run for office, only Jerks will be elected.”


  10. Unfortunately, Howard, when you ask “How stupid can you get?” most politicians see that as a CHALLENGE. Draining the Washington swamp is perhaps a more formidable task than Trump ever imagined. I think America did the right thing by electing a “get ‘er done” businessman to take over the reins of the executive branch. ANYTHING he does will be better than the way career politicians have mucked things up. All of ’em have only two goals – getting re-elected and lining their own pockets with money.

  11. Howard, I think your comments above are ‘spot on’! There is an old saying that applies here; “Feed the Monkeys and watch them S__t” ! This entire debacle is all about Medicaid expansion and more entitlement monies, solve that and we are home free……Repeal the entire piece of legislation and the American public wins big time! There is no question that the 10% who are favored by the existing Obamacare law also are favored with more of the Taxpayers’ dollars. Not right but factual.

  12. In a message I wrote to a friend last evening on Facebook, GOVERNMENT HAS NO RIGHT IN HEALTHCARE, It’s been proved, it never ends well for anyone, but the government, and the healthcare companies! How stupid does the Congress, The Senate, and the entire government think we are?
    Millenials, GROW UP, grow a pair and become part of our country, not it’s biggest enigma! Permanently end immigration for three years and make it work for three hundred, learn what “WORK” is about, and LIVE it!!

  13. Flush Obamacare down the toilet where it belongs and tweak the program that was in place before his illegitimate presidency. And, it’s way over time to kick George Soros out of the country, minus his ill-gotten gains, for undermining America. He needs a suite in Guantanamo.

  14. SO SIMPLE – REPEAL – REPEAL – REPEAL….get Government out of the Healthcare Industry. PERIOD. DO IT NOW while we have the opportunity. Go back to the way it was and then sit back and listen to the LEFT CRY and watch them pull their hair out!!!!

  15. The old saying, “you can’t fix stupid,” applies here. You are right Howard, go back and fix what was working in the first place. All it needed was a little tweeking and it would work just fine. I lived through it and so did lots of other folks in this United States. It was good then and could be better now.

  16. In all group plans the preexisting clause does not exist. If you work for a company that provides health insurance you can have diabetes or any other condition and be covered at lower cost than as an individual buyer. Been there and did it. A pot for people with preexisting conditions is extremely expensive. In CA. Back in 1990 the cost for me as a diabetic would have been over 1700 Dollars. My two person group health was less than 300 per month.

  17. Howard, the biggest problem in the USA for health care is the ( Lawyers, the Pharmaceutical companies and the Hospitals)
    You must bring down the ridiculous amount of Awards that the so called Jurors allow. People think they won the Loto when they sue. This has to change. It will bring down the premiums for sure. I would like to see if possible, across the board healthcare system, the same as Canada; France and England. Steve Acre, Canada

  18. NO ONE has the right to tell me what and what I cannot afford!With all the monies spent, unaccounted for, & given away,if it all would be totaled,I sincerely think there would be enough to pay for Health Care. It is my responsibility to take care of my family no one else’s!If my”budget is $2400.00 a month & my damn uncle tells me I can”afford” $600 dollars a month for health insurance,does that mean I can now “afford it? NO!Scale it back to the 70’s & 80’s,we paid our own AND IT WAS Affordable!

  19. Stupid is stupid, ignorance can be corrected. “We have met the enemy and they is us”. (Pogo).

  20. Sorry, Americans overall do NOT want “across the board” Healthcare System or the One Payer System – That means that the US Government is in charge of our Healthcare System!!! Going back to what we had and tweaking it a lot – Is what is needed, as others have said. The US Congress has always been the slowest moving government on the planet!!! If you really want something done – Definitely – Do NOT ask the US Congress to do it!!! You just can NOT fix stupid or indecision!!!

  21. HOW TRUE, HOWARD!! You’ve hit the nail on the head, Mr. G!!!

  22. Why would anyone want across the board health care. Canadians do not have it! The Provinces each have their own the Feds should keep their noses out of the Provinces Health Care. The taxes each prov. sends into the Federal Gov’t you get a portion back per cap. So if the Feds were smart they will not threaten the Provinces. PM Socks is an A**hole. 2019 Vote Conservative.

  23. People not paying income taxes don’t care if taxes get raised! Healthcare is priority on “Entitlement List” since folks don’t have to work to get this benefit! What’s happened to “growing up” (completing High School and getting a job), not living with parents or being on their healthcare plan until age 26? Who benefits from all this “liberal” legislation: Democratic voters, who “refuse to grow up”, remaining “dependent” on Government! Please don’t talk “slavery” to them, but that’s what this is!

  24. And of course….the holy grail of tort reform isn’t being talked about. The lawyer lobby is far too powerful. I remember one of my friends who is an ambulance chaser attorney said he is a Democrat because “your buddy Newt Gingrich almost put me out of business with his Contract for America.” It included tort reform which would have taken away those fat $40 million judgments….That’s why a lot of lawyers vote Democrat… They should start with tort reform; the rest of it will fall into place

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