Some Days . . . The Sun Shines Better Than Others



In my last Editorial, some Readers seem to have come away with the belief or understanding, that I am somehow against MEDICAL MARIJUANA . . . which could not be further from the Truth.

I NEVER Wrote or intimated in this Editorial, or anywhere else, that could or should have led anyone to believe that I OPPOSED the LEGITIMATE use of Medical Marijuana.

Nor do I look disparagingly at anyone who uses Marijuana for LEGITIMATE Medical Purposes.

AND TO MAKE THINGS EVEN CLEARER . . . I am NOT Critical at any level of People who must be LEGITIMATELY Addicted to Opioids, because of LEGITIMATE Pain Management, when all other Reasonable Options have been Exhausted.

My Entire Concern Was (Is) Focused On The “Recreational” Use Of Marijuana.


Have you ever had one of those days, when you get out of bed and the sun is shining; the toast, eggs and coffee are perfect, and then you find out that the SUPREME COURT has totally Vindicated your “Temporary Targeted Immigration Ban”?

AND THEN . . . you further learn, that the same Supreme Court of YOUR Own Making, has determined that Parochial Schools which are not necessarily Islamic, also have States Rights TOO?

AND THEN AGAIN . . . you learn that the Supreme Court AGREED to Hear an argument in SUPPORT of Individual Rights NOT TO BE FORCED PARTICIPATE in issues which Legitimately Go Against Specific Religious Principles, which are also not necessarily Islamic?

AND TO ADD A CHERRY ON TOP OF AN ALREADY GREAT DAY . . . CNN (Clinton News Network), had to ADMIT that they PROMULGATED AN OUTRIGHT LIE, against a Prominent Trump Advisor (Anthony Scaramucci), concerning the LIE about the NON-EXISTENT Russian Collusion Agenda, pushed by the LEFTIST Media, which led to the FORCED Resignation of Three CNN (for a lack of a better description) Journalists . . . WHO REPORTED THE LIE AS FACT.

Because . . . if you had one of those days – You would know how President Trump Probably Must Feel.


William Finlay . . . AKA – WILD BILL FOR AMERICA, is a retired US Deputy Marshal and Deputy Sherriff, with decades of Experience in law enforcement, with what I can only Glean from whatever I’ve been able to ascertain about the man, is that he has a STELLAR Reputation.

From time to time . . . I have watched some of Wild Bill’s YouTube Videos, and NEVER Once, have I come away thinking this man is a Racist, a Bigot, or Anything else the LEFT would like to Paint him as being.

What I see and hear from Wild Bill . . . is that he is an American Patriot who believes in the US Constitution as it was Drafted, and that he believes in FREEDOM of Expression and Honest to Goodness Conservative Values.


Wild Bill was invited to Speak at an Event in Calgary Alberta Canada . . . by a Canadian Freedom Organization, which is RINGING THE ALARM BELLS against the Islamization of Canada vis a vis Sharia Law, which SUBJUGATES THE RIGHTS OF WOMEN & WORSE.

UPON ARRIVING AT THE CALGARY INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT . . . Wild Bill was DETAINED by Canada’s Border Guards without Real Charge, and without Probable Cause, on the Suspicion that Wild Bill was in Canada to CREATE A HATE CRIME, because of his opposition to Islamist Sharia Law . . . and the Speech he was going to give.

And in the process of DENYING Wild Bill his RIGHT TO FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION, Wild Bill’s i-Pad was Seized without Due Cause, because according to the Border Guards, it could contain IN THEIR OPINION HATE SPEECH, which was nothing other than the PERSONAL Thoughts, Research and Contacts, which virtually all of us have on our Computers, Smart Phones and Tablets.

AFTER SEVEN & A HALF HOURS IN DETENTION AT THE AIRPORT, Wild Bill was released, as long as he Promised to Return Home to the USA without making a Speech.

AND TO ADD INSULT ON TOP OF INJURY . . . Wild Bill’s i-Pad was CONFISCATED by Canada’s Custom’s Officers, because in their opinion, it was a Tool, which was used to “SMUGGLE” INTO CANADA HATE LITERATURE, which needed to be sent for Forensic Testing to the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police).


1 – Naheed Kurban Nenshi. Who is a Moslem . . . Is Calgary’s Mayor, who might have had an influence in one way or another with this TRAVESTY.

2 – A couple of years ago (2014), a Group of Moslem Pro Palestinians Beat the Crap out of a Family of Jewish Pro Israel Advocates, who were LAWFULLY & PEACEFULLY Exercising their Legitimate RIGHT to Demonstrate at Calgary’s City Hall.

The entire Incident was Recorded on Smart Phones . . . YET – The Calgary Police REFUSED to Lay Charges against the Moslem Anti-Semites, until they couldn’t Resist the Public outcry.

3 – Imams are CONTINUOUSLY coming into Canada to give Serious Hate Speeches against Judaism, Israel, Christianity and Modernity . . . yet, I have never heard of any ISLAMISTS being turned away at Canada’s Borders.

4 – And what about the Anti-Semitic and Anti-Israel BDS Movement? How many of them are turned away at Canada’s Border? Or even detained? Much less having their Personal Property Confiscated?


My Computer is REPLETE with Research, Opinions and Contact Information with everything from Domestic and International Politics and Social Issues, which INCLUDES no shortage of my PERSONAL OPINIONS ON THE PERILS OF ISLAM – so, if Canada Customs can do this to a PEACEFUL AMERICAN GUEST WHO’S INVITED TO DELIVER A SPEECH WITH HIS OPINIONS . . . What can the Authorities do to me?

WILD BILL WANTS HIS I-PAD BACK . . . and he is considering whether to take Legal Action AGAINST Canada. I think Wild Bill was somehow shocked to learn that Freedom of SPEECH in America is not even remotely related to what Canada’s Government and Judiciary consider FREE SPEECH on this side of the US/Canada Border.

I realize that this is NOT Wild Bill’s Fight, and taking on the Canadian Government in the Courts will cost a Fortune and will take FOREVER . . . But Wild Bill has a Significant Pulpit that could and would do EXTRAORDINARY Damage to Canada’s Draconian Free Speech Laws with his Social Media Platform.

So I Hope He Decides To Use It!

On Friday . . . June 30, 2017 – I will be delivering a Speech JUST OUTSIDE Ottawa, before a Canadian Civil Rights Group known as the CLFCANADIANS FOR LANGUAGE FAIRNESS, where I will Speak about FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION, which to my way of thinking is the FOUNDATIONAL FREEDOM, which defines the REAL Democratic Values of any and every Society.

If you want to hear and see for yourself from the Mouth of Wild Bill For America, what went down in Calgary, CLICK HERE . . . And Then Spread The News.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Are there no Good Jews reading your editorial ready to comment? Or do they, eyes cast down, secretly agree with you?

  2. What a horrible story about Wild Bill’s experience, makes us appreciate Trump looking out for our rights to free speech in America. Its scary to think about life in American if Hillary had won. Sounds like Canada might be under Sharia law in the future?

  3. It is sickening what this world has become. The left has blurred the lines so much that just basic conservative values are now portrayed as radical. While leftism gets more and more radical in actions and words and that is being deemed as normal.

  4. HOWARD — I agree with what you write with one exception. A while back you wrote that Obama, the Kid from Kenya, would drop from sight and not be a post-election factor. I disagreed at the time and do even more so now. This guy is basically evil, a closet Muslim, born with a hammer in one hand and a scythe in the other, the Communist logo. He will not go away until either he or his minions are back in the White House. RAMBOB

  5. It’s an uphill battle. Howard. We are fortunate to have you and guys like Wild Bill to fight the good fight. There are a whole lot of worms in the swamp and sewer of politics, etc. It will take a lot of good people in government to root them out and a very long time. There is an awful lot of money to pay off the scumbags with so much hatred and greed within them. Trump is making some early headway…..Bless his soul.

  6. As a Canadian, I am appalled, embarrassed and very angry! I am reminded of the saying; If you are right and your government is wrong, you’re in big trouble.

  7. OMG!! Had to send WB’s url to everyone! Trudeau and our Gov’t is on the road to destruction! Where is the Conservative outcry for OUR Rights and Freedoms?? Be VERY careful Howard…and good luck! Where are you speaking on Friday?

  8. Canada is going down the tube fast, with Trudeau at the helm. Sad to see. I have been saying since he was first elected that he ‘needs to be removed from office’. He is a danger to Canada …. he certainly doesn’t have Canada’s best interests on his agenda! In all my years I have never seen a more anti-Canadian person in our federal government, never mind being the PM!! He STILL should be REMOVED from office!

  9. Keep up the good job of keeping us informed, Howard G.!

  10. Howard, please get started on your plans to move to the USA. It’s time.

  11. HG, the best thing you, et al, could do is to PREPARE to move to the USA, as things will WORSEN very quickly in Canada!Also, for whatever POLITICAL reasons, it may be much harder for you to do so in the future.Yes, this has to be YOUR choice.No doubt, it would NOT be an easy decision, but it would be for everyone’s welfare [incl. your pets].Re: MARIJUANA, just look at the States who have LEGALIZED it–NOT what! they expected! Med. Marijuana should be more closely MONITORED, but it’s not! AMEN!

  12. I have numerous friends in the Ottawa area. We communicate. Unfortunately they are brain washed and do not recognize the coming total destruction of centuries of values on which Canada has been based. I am from the South which has strong Jedeao Chriatian values. Visiting Canada was a shock to me. Almost no church marriages. The marrying man comes around like the U.S West 2 centuries ago. My friends have great sympathy for Syrian refugees. Ancestors resististed oppression, stayed fought

  13. Without doubt Mayor Naheed Nenshi of Calgary appears to have a hidden agenda. He should be honored to be elected mayor in a very conservative yet open minded city, however, it is becoming apparent the Mayor is prepared to abuse that privilege, when the opportunity arises, to favor an ideology. An election is nearing, hopefully Calgarians will deal effectively with this man at the polls.

  14. I think we all should starting writing letters to our PM Justin Trudeau about this unthinkable act of keeping a person for hours interrogating him when he had done nothing, this is unacceptable when Imams can come and preach Islam and Sharia Law. Where in fact the Koran does say kill all infidels plus along with the subjugates the rights of women or worse. OUR FREEDOM OF SPEECH is being taken away. CANADIANS STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS!!!

  15. Howard – no doubt Wild Bill’s experience is a stark and current reminder that freedom of speech as we in the USA were raised to believe in, does not necessarily exist outside the USA. Of course, our freedom of speech is assailed and eroded at various opportunities by various entities. Still the actions of the Canadian officials seems to remind of the film “Minority Report”, where people are convicted of what they “might” do, but have not yet done. Sad situation for all when that happens.

  16. “Some days are diamonds, some days are stone”! Sometimes, we have to be glad for “rhinestones”, taking whatever we can get! Trump is just getting started with his (huge) agenda, but he is “testing the waters” on several issues. We got so used to Obama’s (no/low style) that we kind of forgot how things needed to be done! (Trump isn’t concerned with his latest golf score!) “Hate” card being played more since Obama left office. Why? Do Blacks and Muslims feel “insecure” with Trump? Not my problem!

  17. What happened to Wild Bill smacks of hitler ‘s Germany . This is what happens when you leave open the door to muslims.
    You can expect what takes place in Britton today to happen in Canada soon.

  18. “Hate crimes” and “hate speech” amount to nothing more than the criminalization of one’s thoughts. Does it matter if I am assaulted or worse because the perp hates Jews? Not in the least. It’s (supposedly) the assault that is the crime, not the thought. Wild Bill – a Floridian who I met at a rally for Israel in Boca Raton preceding The Pledge Ride in 2014 – was the victim of the 2017 version of book burning. That WB’s “books” were “burned” by Canada’s government is worrisome indeed.

  19. Why do not peaceful Countries rise up and protect themselves against Islamisits? It is very obvious what their intentions are. The situation in London should be an example, they elect a Muslim Mayor? Are they kidding. Look at what is happening and I am sure it will escalate. Our turn in the US will come next. Obama let in a ton of them.

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