It’s A Gorgeous Day Here In Paradise


As I’m writing this . . . the Sky is Clear with some Puffy Clouds. The Temperature is in the low 70’s – Anne and I just came back from a Half Hour Stroll with Stryker, the Horses are Chomping Down on FRESHLY Cut Green Hay, which just Two Weeks Ago I helped “Make” by Raking the Wind Rows ahead of the Baler, and ahead of the Grappler, which is the Machine that picks-up and Loads 15-Bales of Hay at a Time onto the Hay Wagon.

And in Less than 2-Weeks . . . we’ll do it all again, making more than 2,000-Bales of Top-Quality Hay for Horses. LIFE IS SOMETIMES REALLY GOOD.

Over the Past Couple of Days, I’ve been struggling to write an Editorial Focused on the INSANITY of Legalizing Marijuana, specifically since the ISSUE OF OPIOID Addiction is so much in the News as a Critical and Chronic Problem, which is Destroying Lives, Families, and Society.

OPIOID ADDITION . . . Sounds Almost Clinical – BUT IT’S FAR MORE THAN THAT. Instead of using the TERM OPIOID, we should make it clear that Opioid is HEROINE, COCAINE, OXYCONTIN and a Host of many other Prescription Pain-Killing Drugs, which are really Nothing More than Heroine with Better PR.


For our Society and Governments to ENCOURAGE the Production, Marketing and Sale of Marijuana, using the excuse that what they’re doing, is only respecting the Freedom of Potheads, and that they’re Losing The War on Marijuana is NOTHING but BS . . . IT DISPLAYS an Enormous Failure on their Part – Condemning our Societies to a Future of those WHO CAN & WILL . . . Opposed to a Future of those Who Might & Won’t . . . Because They Will Be TOO Stoned.


Many of my High School Friends, who were STONERS in the Mid-60’s, went onto LSD, “COKE” and God Only Knows What Else. Many Failed out of University, had Negative Health Issues, and Failed in Marriage.


EVERY NOW AND THEN . . . I will have a Beer with a Meal, especially with a Juicy Steak, or as Refreshment on a Hot Day . . . BUT I NEVER DRINK TO GET A “BUZZ-ON”, which is NOTHING Akin to Smoking a Joint, WHICH YOU DO EXCLUSIVELY TO GET HIGH. So where’s the comparison?


1 – We Don’t Need A STONED Society.

2 – Legalized Marijuana Will Encourage Being HIGH More & More Often.

3 – How Does Our Society Depend Upon A STONED Work Force To Grow The Economy?

4 – How Do Employers Deal With STONED Employees?

5 – What Do We Do When Marijuana STONERS Move Onto Worse Drugs?


How do we STOP our Doctors from Handing Out Heroine Based Drugs with CUTSIE Pharmaceutical Names like Oxycontin and Codeine, amongst a Huge Number of Others, as if they were Candy?


THIS SAYS TO ME . . . that our Governments have FAILED, and have Run Out of Ideas on how to FIX this MESS of their own MAKING, and are not just Kicking this Problem down the Road . . . but are in all Reality EXACERBATING the Problem, which will ONLY ADD to the coming Dystopia.


Dr Joe Leach of Palm Desert California, wrote a Legitimate Comment CRITICIZING my last Editorial, because I wrote that Superfluous Healthcare NEEDS such as Chiropractic Medicine must NOT be included in the New Healthcare Law.

But, in my response to Dr Leach, also in the Comment Section, I pointed out that I Included Dental and Eye Exams in the Medical Services I WOULD NOT INCLUDE.

It’s NOT that I think there ISN’T a Legitimate Place and Purpose for Chiropractic Medicine, as I also know there is a DEFINITE Need for Dental and Ophthalmological Medical Services . . . It’s just that we have to DRAW A LINE IN THE SAND, because if we INCLUDE every Medical Procedure . . . there wouldn’t be enough Service Providers or Money to Care For Anyone . . . Let Alone Everyone.

THEREFORE . . . My Perfect Solution – would be for State Governments to cover ONLY Catastrophic Health Issues and Necessary Surgeries under the PUBLIC System which could easily be paid for through an Add-on to the National Income Tax, while giving an Option for People who want to Sign onto a Privately Funded System, while still paying for the Public System, Picking & Choosing what they want to be Insured for, which would include Chiropractic Medicine, Dentistry, Ophthalmology . . . ETC.

And for the People who can’t Afford Private Care, or don’t want to pay for Private Care for NON EMERGENCY and Non Acute Life Threatening Issues . . . let the Government set up a Pseudo Public Service, where those who can Pay, who will Pay Something, and those who can’t . . . won’t have to.

SO . . . Now that I’ve written and Published this Editorial, and while the Sun is still High in the Sky, I’m going to Jump on my BIKE, and Ride about 30-Minutes in Each Direction to Check-Out the PO Box.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Your most outstanding column yet. You spoke fact and truth the liberals do not want to hear. Especially those Jews who have mammon as their god and not Creator G-d. I am not a Jew but I do believe G-d when He said, I will bless those who bless thee, curse those who curse thee (paraphrased). See Gen. 12:2-3. Praying for Peace in Jerusalem!!

  2. Tis’ a beautiful day in Michigan, also. I do NOT subscribe to making illegal (GOODIES) legal and WHY do the hospitals, doctors prescribe so many opiouds when they are so addictive? Since MOST of the opioids come from China I am SURE they have the very best intentions for OUR people. Growing up my family would have been ashamed to take WELFARE..MYPOV

  3. Do the Math : there used to be 10 Million Smokers in Canada . Smokers buy 1 pack a day 365 days a year AT Least . One smoker accounts for 5$tax / day x365 ( x 10 Million) the gov is no longer collecting . Hence the need to sell Pot and Tax it . Besides Dopers will vote Liberal. They can also be fined for driving high , as such supporting the Police , Legal and Court systems , ALL PARASITES in their own right . GOLD MINE

  4. Obamacare needs to be totally repealed!! It has tentacles into so many areas, including health care, that it is useless to try and ‘fix’ it. Total repeal is all that will work!! The free market will work best for health care, and keep government OUT of it! Medicare and Medicaid can still be used. Able bodied adults need to be required to work. Illegal immigrants should not be covered using our tax dollars. AND they should not be allowed to VOTE!!!

  5. Thanks, Howard. It’s a damded if you do, damded if you don’t type of thing. DC’s who were in practice prior to government intervention always fared better when patients paid out of their own budgets. The docs want the acknowledgement but hated the gov control and red tape. It’s a double-edged sword. Thanks again. Dr. Joe Leach.

  6. With the price of cigarettes, and the correct Health concerns, smokers are getting to be a rare bird. My take on the idiots that need the crutch of Marijuana I have a suggestion. Package them just like the Cigs, and sell them over the counter to people of legal age. Slap a tax on them more than the Cigs. Money would flow back into the Government to take care of the Health issue and end the “profit” tax now on them by private providers.

  7. Marijuana ????
    Bill C-16 passed during the November US election ensures the freedom of Dominance over society by the LGBT religion. It also further enables the anti-free speech right tribunals across the nation to effectively suppress free speech in a much broader fashion. As minority rule has now been added to the LGBTism the liberals are merely providing an escape through MJ law that they will regulate and which will create an underground bootleg market for tax free Marijuana anyway

  8. You are wrong about this one Howard. I love you to death and respect your views totally, but medical marijuana has cured too many people and holds my severe pain at bay while I fight a killer cancer without pharmaceutical painkillers that interferes with the immunotherapy treatment that is saving my life. My cancer has not progressed and the oncologists are shocked and medical marijuana has got to be responsible as it’s all I have to fight with at the moment as chemo isn’t an option for me.

  9. If you have cataracts some doc’s will prescribe medical marijuana to reduce the pressure in the eye. T
    Today the supreme court said that Trump presidential order to restrict muslims from 6 country’s is OK till October when they will hear the pleading of the case. This means that the lower federal courts have no right to rule on executive presidential orders., Put that in your pipe and smoke it demacaraps.

  10. Your solution regarding having the states pay for catastrophic care and the rest is served by private care sounds a lot like Medicare for us oldies. From what I understand the fund for Medicare is in extreme circumstances as well. Pres. Trump wants to give a big tax rebate to everyone. Maybe this should go into an HSA for everyone to be used as the citizen sees fit. You would then have to show annually how the money was spent. All would have the level of care they need.

  11. Sounds great but there is one over riding fact the US congresws has on right under the US Constitution to do any thing with Health care. They can open up all policies to all states though

  12. As a Canadian, I cannot claim to be knowledgeable on Healthcare issues in the U.S. but I do have sympathy for U.S. residents’ concerns. As a senior, I am very grateful that the Canadian healthcare system, with its glitches, has been there for me at virtually no cost.
    Re the pending legalization of the sale of marijuana, I cannot express too strongly my disappointment, concern and fear about the implications of Trudeau Jr’ support. If DUI is a frightening concern, driving high on pot is more so

  13. The justification in Canada to legalize Pot is because it will stop organized crime!! Idiotic! Cigarettes are legal and organized crime is still strong in the contraband cigarette business. Imagine how much easier it will be for organized crime and pot. They will be able to grow even more pot by undercutting the gov’t regulated prices and taxes and OBVIOUSLY having more addicted clientele once this really gets going. They’ll make billions more and who’ll catch them? Harder to find the source now

  14. Now, let’s see. Justin promises the 18 yr olds & up that they have marijuana, The younger women think he’s cute & he spent multiples hours visiting mosques. He gave up the Jewish vote. They are more muslems now than Jews. Most of the left wingers I know are not interested in the deficit. All the know’ they have pot, the girls think he’s good looking and the moslems he’s great. That’s what is known as BS. Ray Moscato Calgary, Ab

  15. What we really need is a Congress of sane adults that will call a joint session and hammer out all the differences and problems and find a solution to each problem that will satisfy all – including the obstructionist Democrats.

  16. I read somewhere that Margaret Trudeau said marijuana impacted her life. Obviously she was smoking it when pregnant and our PM is the result of same. With that in mind it would behove him to crack down on marijuana rather than encourage the younger generation to smoke up. However he does want a stupid electorate and more taxes to collect. Let’s hope this Pandora’s box can be closed by a future government .

  17. It’s all just part of the age of insanity that began about 1960 and has only become worse since then. Try curing that monstrosity! Enjoy your days Howard; you have earned that pleasure. Doug Burns, your Canadian healthcare has not been there at no cost to you. You have paid for it by being heavily TAXED for many years. Nothing, especially from the government, is FREE.

  18. I concur!! At 72 I provided and pay for my families health insurance and care for over 50 years, and as a business owner I provided for as many as 15 additional employees including their families. (I might add at my cost not theirs for the majority of the 20 years I was in business. The government and the lawyers and hospitals and overall the insurance companies saw the handwriting on the wall, went for the “big score” and drove me out of business and left my emplyees to solve the situation!

  19. Legalizing Marijuana is all about MONEY! According to some research, SMOKING Marijuana affects the LUNGS worse than smoking cigarettes, but yet it’s being considered for legalization. For many, Marijuana IS a GATEWAY to other potent drugs, as often ADMITTED by DRUG USERS. Also, DRIVING under the influence of ALCOHOL can be gauged, but MARIJUANA cannot! NOW, drivers can be under BOTH influence, due to its legalization. We wonder WHY our society is so MESSED UP. REALITY IS SLOWLY VANISHING! AMEN!

  20. Howard, your comment regarding the stupidity of legalization is exactly what my argument to friends in email forums. It pure and simple and gateway drug the enables the bureaucracy to maintain its power while dumbing down the population. This is similar to what the British did in China that resulted in the opium wars. Your comment on healthcare is right to the point. Keep it simple and low cost (catastrophic coverage). If people want to buy additional insurance for other ailments, so be it

  21. I’m a senior dual citizen of CAN & US living in US and love both, however if I lived in Canada I would probably be dead today because I could not have ever got a pacemaker there I can go to the hospital and come out with no bill here and have anything I want done within a few weeks. I do pay $250 a month 4 supplementary insurance 4 over and above the 80% that Medicare pays the services are immediate and they are cheap at $250 a month. HSA accounts & catastrophic insurance $1000 bits it’s solved

  22. You are right on Howard. Our adopted daughter, who is a druggy, has confirmed more than once that mj is a gateway drug. She is living proof as she has struggled for more than 40 years to free herself from addiction to hard drugs.

  23. I agree, marijuana IS A GATEWAY DRUG! Amen, to the lady from RI…I agree with you 100%!!

  24. There are many good uses for medical marijuana. I have followed it a lot lately. Since I had my surgery in January I needed some strong medicine to cope. I could feel the strong pull to get hooked and talked to my doctor about alternatives. He could not yet prescribe derivatives of marijuana as a pill, but it is coming. It does not give you a high, just pain relief. That is a better alternative to opiodes . It will come and I am all for it.

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