The Downside To The Collapse Of The Democrat Party


If the Democrats Continue Along this Path to their own Self Destruction, the American People will be the Worse Off For It, because a Strong and Honest Debate between Two Reasonable Socio/Political Ideas, based upon what would be best for the US Constitution as it was written and meant to be, SURPASSES any other Method of Governance.

I Remember When Being A Democrat Wasn’t Something To Be Ashamed Of.

Because the Media, Pundits and/or a Political Party DECLARES that an Individual, who is in a position of Authority within the Government or Pseudo-Government, is a Stand-Up Person . . . DOESN’T MAKE IT SO.

IN FACT . . . That Kind Of Endorsement Generally Rings My BS Alarm.

SO . . . when I read, see and hear how Former FBI Directors Comey and Mueller are STAND-UP GUYS – I have far more Questions than I have Answers, especially since I KNOW they are Both Adroit Political Animals, who each know how to play the System as well as, or better than the BEST of them.

And when I Read, Hear and See how these two BEST Friends, who are Thicker than Thieves, are walking in LOCKSTEP against the President of the United States of America to undermine his Presidency, who are . . . but specifically in the case of Robert Mueller, surrounding his INQUISITION TEAM with Ultra Leftist Lawyers, who have either worked for the Clintons, Obama and/or the Democrats – THE BS WARNING ALARM IS SOUNDING AT MAXIMUM ALERT.

THE GOOD NEWS THOUGH . . . Is that the more the LEFT and the ELITISTS Pile-On . . . the MORE the People see the TRUTH for What It Is. And the MORE they will RILE against the LEFT and RALLY for the President.


I have no Idea if any of the LEFTIST Political Thugs will really be held to Account for their MULTITUDINOUS Number of Crimes, which they’ve Committed while “serving” themselves, when they should have been serving the People. But I suspect NONE of them will.

AND THE REASON . . . I suspect no one of any consequence will really be Held to Account, Tried, Convicted and Sent Up The River, is because they’re ALL SO DIRTY, that once the Damn is Opened to just a Trickle . . . THE FLOOD GATES WILL EXPLODE OFF THEIR HINGES, leaving NO ONE in Government, from the Elected to the Appointed . . . even a little bit SAFE from REAL Prosecution.


SO . . . what the People will have INSTEAD OF JUSTICE, will be a KABUKI THEATER OF THE ABSURD, with a Gargantuan WASTE of the People’s Time, Effort and Money, while the Mainstream Media . . . FOX INCLUDED – Will All Line-Up at the Media Trough of Free Programing, as the House and Senate will go through all the Motions with their FAKE Invective and Outrage.

THE PUNDITS . . . Written and Electronic, will have a Field Day for Months, if NOT for Years, covering Hearings after Hearings after Hearings, which like virtually all Hearings, will be as Useless as Teats On A Bull.

In The Meantime . . . The Nation And The World’s Needs Will Stand In Want.


Is that while the House, Senate, and Media will Consume Themselves chasing BS, President Trump is Passing Regulation after Regulation . . . Literally DISASSEMBLING all the Horror Stories of the Past 8-Years under Obama.

THINK ABOUT IT . . . Obama’s Legacy, which is Obamacare – is about to DIE, but not because of President Trump. But rather, whether President Trump wants to or not, Congress will do away with the ONE PAYER SYSTEM, which I believe was Obama and the LEFT’S Strategy for National Healthcare from the very Beginning.

IF Congress Does NOTHING, Obamacare’ll Die Under It’s Own Suffocating Weight.

REMEMBER GITMO (Guantanamo Bay) . . . Obama was Absolutely Determined to Close it. It’s still there. It still Flies the American Flag. And to the best of my speculation, it might Sooner Rather Than Later accept more Islamist Detainees and other Bad Actors.

THEN THERE WAS IRAN . . . Well that’s not looking too good either. As a Matter of Fact, with President Trump surrounded by REAL Fighting Generals, Iran might be feeling a Bit Overwhelmed, especially since President Trump has Created a Brand New Powerful Middle East Alliance with Sunnis, which might want to see Iran CUT-DOWN TO SIZE as much, and perhaps even more than Israel does.

AND SPEAKING OF ISRAEL . . . Obama Is Yesterday’s News – while Benjamin Netanyahu is having the Last Laugh, as he Enters and Leaves the White House through the FRONT DOOR, and enjoys a Meal with the TRUMPS . . . Opposed to COOLING his Heels in an Ante Room, while waiting for Obama to have had lunch with his family.

THEN THERE’S THE GLOBAL WARMING FRAUD WITH THE PARIS ACCORD . . . Yet another Obama Initiative that has DIED on the Trump Vine.


Do You Remember The Near Disaster known As The TPP? . . . Trans Pacific Trade Partnership, which Obama so carefully helped Craft, which was supposed to move the World that much Closer to a One World Government – Well, courtesy of President Trump, I doubt that most People could even define what the Letters TPP stood for anymore.

AND THEN THERE WAS CUBA . . . Hasta La Vista Baby.

I can go on for a very long time . . . listing the things that have made Obama’s Presidency NOTHING MORE than a Painful Memory, and an Assault on the VERY Fabric of the United States of America, and a Threat to the Wellbeing of the FREE World.

AND I CAN GO ON . . . For Just As Long – LISTING all those same Obama Desecrations to America’s and the World’s Freedoms, which President Trump, who just in his First Few Months, has Discarded like Yesterday’s Trash, into the Dumpster of Human Failures.


Canada has a Single Payer Healthcare System . . . where, with the exception of Quebec, until recently that is – IT IS AGAINST THE LAW IN MOST CASES FOR DOCTORS TO CHARGE FOR SERVICES.

SO IN CANADA . . . As good as it sounds – if you get Sick, Need a Doctor, Need a Hospital, or want a Check-Up . . . THE COST IS ZERO! And in Theory, EVERYONE IS EQUAL AND IS TREATED THE SAME.

AND AT THE END OF THE DAY . . . No matter what you needed done – from Cancer Treatment, to a Stroke, to a Heart Attack, to Diabetes Treatment, to Any Health Related Issue You Can Imagine . . . IT’S ALL FREE! – BECAUSE WE CANADIANS HAVE SOCIALIZED MEDICINE.


TWO YEARS AGO . . . in March, while still in Austin Texas, I had a serious issue, of NOT being able to Swallow my food. In essence, what I chewed stayed in the upper level of my Esophagus. And the only way, I was able to Extricate the chewed food, since I couldn’t Swallow, was to Upchuck.

It wasn’t Painful. But it was certainly Uncomfortable and Disconcerting. And it happened more than just a few times. So, Anne, being Anne, insisted that I go to an Austin Hospital for Tests, for which I was somewhat Insured to an extent, which might or might not be covered, because it wasn’t necessarily a Catastrophic Occurrence like a Heart Attack.

So I told Anne . . . that it has only happened now and then, and after a few minutes, I’m able to eat, so I preferred to wait until we got back to Canada, where I would see a Canadian Doctor, and not worry about Medical Costs by Over Spending the Value of my American Insurance.

SO UPON SEEING . . . Our Canadian Family Doctor soon after our Arrival back to Canada, he suggested that I see a GASTROENTEROLOGIST, but, would have to wait MONTHS to get an appointment, like up to a year, so I said Forget-It.

AND THEN . . . On the evening of our 43rd Wedding Anniversary, while dining with my Sister and Brother-in-Law in a Fancy Montreal Steak House . . . It Happened Again. But this time, between Anne, my Sister and Brother-In-Law, they “convinced” me to see a Specialist in Montreal, which is in Quebec, where until recently, Quebec allowed some PRIVATE Medicine.

Anne Called The Doctor The Next Day . . . And Two Days Later – for a cost of $400, I had the Esophageal Scope Done, which Revealed Immense Scarring (ulceration) in my Esophagus, which was the result of Years of Socio/Political STRESS caused by the Activist things that I do.

THE FIX WAS EASY . . . What I needed was to take a Drug (Esomeprazole), which is Akin to NEXIUM, which people take for SEVERE Acid Reflux. And it Worked. The Problem though, was that some Indications of this drug, were that it “could” cause Kidney Failure, and on its Warning Label, it says do not to take this drug if you have Kidney Issues, which I didn’t have, so I wasn’t concerned.


A YEAR LATER . . . This April, when Anne and I got back to Canada from Austin, I saw our Family Doctor for my Semi-Annual Blood Test.

Before I go on . . . Please Realize This: There are NOT enough Doctors in Canada for everyone to have a Family Doctor. And even if Healthcare is FREE, what does FREE Mean if there is no access? So, because Doctors are not Readily Available, many people without Family Doctors go to Clinics and Nurse Practitioners, where they have to wait for HOURS or a Full Day, just to be seen, and not necessarily by a Doctor.

BUT ANNE & I ARE “LUCKY” . . . Because we have had the same Family Doctor, whom we’ve seen for more than 30-Years, so having our Doctor see us ISN’T A PROBLEM . . . But Getting An Appointment Is. And generally, we have to wait anywhere from 2-4 Weeks to see our Doctor. And if it’s an emergency – the Doctor’s Office Will Tell The Doctor’s Patients To Go To The Hospital.

BUT . . . Getting a Blood Test is just a matter of Planning. So, before heading back to Canada from Austin, we called the Doctor’s Office and made an Appointment One Month Ahead.

SO . . . I got my Blood Tested (Free) at the Local Hospital, and saw the Doctor a Week Later as was scheduled. And while going over my Test Results, he says to me that everything seems to be fine, BUT MY KIDNEY FUNCTIONS ARE REALLY BAD . . . Bad enough, that I might have to look into DIALYSIS.

BUT HE SAYS . . . It could be a False Reading, but probably not, since the Negative Levels are High, and I’m Taking a Strong Dose of Esomeprazole. And I better not mess around with this, and I should see a Urologist ASAP.

But, since what I might have isn’t IMMEDIATELY Life Threatening, a visit to the Hospital would be useless, and I would have to make an appointment to see a Specialist, which my Doctor’s Office would make for me, and put a Rush on the Urologist seeing me, because what I might have is Pretty Serious.

SO . . . The Next Logical Question Was – How long before I could get an appointment? The answer was . . . “PERHAPS” 4-6 Weeks, which was less than acceptable. So, we thanked the Doctor anyway, and asked his staff to make the Appointment just in case we can’t find an option.

OUR NEXT THOUGHT . . . was to call the Doctor who Prescribed the Esomeprazole, and hear what he had say; it was certainly worth the money. But, while we were away in Texas, Quebec decided to OUTLAW Private Medical Procedures by ALL Doctors who were part of Province’s Socialized Medicine, which more or less INCLUDED all Physicians.

But Anne Called Anyways . . . and because Anne was persistent. And because of the severity of my problem. And because this Doctor issued the Prescription that could be shutting down my Kidneys, his office agreed to squeeze me in a month Down The Road.

As it happened . . . My Brother-In-Law and Sister own a Successful Plumbing Company with many Trucks on the Road, doing nothing but service, and as luck would have it, my Brother-In-Law received in that same week, a call from the Doctor for an Emergency Plumbing Issue, to which my Brother-In-Law said to the Doctor:

“I’ll take care of your emergency if you take care of my Brother-In-Law’s”

SO I SAW THE DOCTOR IN TWO DAYS . . . Who by the way, didn’t know that I had this issue, and didn’t know that I made an appointment to see him, since he is SWAMPED & OVERWHELMED with calls for appointments for FREE Stuff his staff handles on his behalf. But, had he known that I needed help, he would have been there for me, since he is a Fan of the Things I Do and Write About.

As It Turned Out . . . this Doctor sent me for an Array of Blood and Urine Tests. And a week later, I saw him again, to which he had good news. My Kidneys were fine, and the Initial Reading was False.

I asked him . . . had it not been for my Brother-In-Law, and had it not been me, how long would I have had to wait to see you? . . . To which he responded, at least not before 6-9 Months. And if your service was still Private? A COUPLE OF DAYS.

PS . . . IT’S ALMOST THREE MONTHS – since my Family Doctor Requested the RUSH Appointment with the Urologist, and I’m still waiting for a phone call.

SO . . . before you think that Socialized Medicine is the BE ALL AND END ALL OF HEALTHCARE, think again, because it is not.

The American Healthcare System BEFORE Obamacare was great, but it had its failings, such as not covering Pre-Existing Conditions, Limits on Treatments and Family Ceilings. There is no question that it needed to be Tweaked, which didn’t have to be a Huge Deal.

The Simple Healthcare Fix Is . . .

1 – Allow for Cross State Insurance Competition for People who want to go Private, since Competition has a Real Way of THINNING the Herd.

2 – Put a Ceiling on Medical Liability Penalties. And make the Lawyers Pay the Legal Bill for Both Sides if they take Contingency Cases and LOSE.

3 – Establish a Single Payer . . . AND A Private System . . .

Where the Socialized Side gets paid by the Government through a National Tax charged to all Americans On A Percentage of Income to a Maximum Amount, to be paid to the Doctors and Hospitals by the Government at Predetermined Rates Per Procedure.

And A Private System, which is just that . . . PRIVATE, where ONLY the Recipient Pays, whether Insured or Not, which would be the Patient’s Exclusive Choice.

4 – If Hospitals wish to be on the Socialized System, they have to STOP Gouging, or they should depend EXCLUSIVELY on the Private Sector.

5 – And Drug Companies must be held to a Moral High Ground . . . Opposed to the DEVASTATING and Obscene Rates they currently Charge for their Products. OR AT THE VERY LEAST, the Government should REDUCE the amount of time their Patents would Apply.

6 – Forget the SUPERFLUOUS Health Add-Ons, which Obama Used to Financially Overwhelm the System, such as Birth Control Pills and a Host of other non Medical Essentials, such as Eye Glasses, Dentistry, Chiropractic Medicine . . . ETC – AND JUST STICK TO THE BREAD & BUTTER OF MEDICINE.

7 – Leave it up to each State, but, make each Doctor Visit to the Public Sector Payable by the Patient, even if the amount is as little as $25. It stops abuse, and reduces enormous costs from the Government.

In This Way . . . The Playing Field Will Be Level & Everyone Will Be Competing.

It would actually Resemble a Combination of the way Healthcare Used to be at its Best in the USA, and how it could become a Hybrid akin to the way Medicine should be Done in Canada.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Good luck to the “bad jews” who are indeed people who didn’t care to be “nice” but instead chose to do the right thing. Just like Churchill and Roosevelt did in WWII. Ho, it’s much easier being “nice” and accomodating than to stand up for what is just and right. You have to have values, principles and the courage and strength to carry on.

  2. The only news I watch is local and weather. When they switch to DC crap, I turn on EncoreWesterns. Its sad, in a way, that I can no longer depend on news outlets. Even the Economist is so tendentious but though I blow off its Trump/Russia nonsense, its 3rd world coverage is good. I doubt journalism will ever stop preaching left wing garbage.

  3. You could write the same thing about the VA medical care.

  4. Howard: I have followed your writings for years and applauded you for your courage and great insights. I agree with you about our fight against leftist tyranny and the need for free markets. I, too, have read and studied these subjects voluminously. However, I am appalled that you would have attacked the art and science of chiropractic as being unnecessary when it is well known that chiropractic provides a vital service in an area that medicine has historically ignored. Dr. Joe D. Leach

  5. Great editorial Howard. I stopped our socialist news paper in January since I couldn’t stand it any more. We stopped watching the democrat party news again because we can’t stand the junk they put out. The left is so anti America we can’t stand it. Keep up the good work!

  6. Howard, you are right on. I became a US citizen in 1960 (born in Canada) and glad that my parents brought me here.
    I have a lot of friends who come here in the winter from Canada and have told me stories of how the health care is and I’m glad I live here. Some of my friends have waited months and years to have simple surgeries that would only take a few days to a couple of weeks to be completed here. My heart goes out to the people of Canada.
    Darrel Dickson, Casa Grande, Arizona, USA

  7. Getting to see a specialist in the U.S. is just as hard as in Canada, I have a back problem and call 4 doc.s for a appointment last week ands told its 4-5 weeks for a appointment..These are the only doc’s in my insurance plan unless I gfo to a clinic and have to pay cash and looking at several thousand up front for treatment,

  8. Thank you again, Howard. By your excellent explanation of socialized medicine, more people will become aware it’s not the ultimate fix so many think it is. Ireland is a constant source of irrational irritant with people waiting 2 – 3 years for appointments for basic medical needs. When I moved here in 2004, I was stunned at this, and it’s no better today, 13 years later. Same horror stories over and over. I thank God every day for my good health, and pray it continues. Good health to you.

  9. Socialism breeds mediocrity. Whenever I visit my brother in Dallas, he takes me golfing. At the club, the valet parks the cars. To create a spectacle, he parks the Rolls Royces in one area in front of the club house. And my brother told me that 80% of those gorgeous vehicles are owned by doctors who moved from Canada.

  10. Howard–You are very fortunate to have such a GREAT and THOUGHTFUL brother-in-law. You must have been soooo relieved to get the good news about your not having kidney issues. There’s nothing worse that awaiting medical information regarding a possible ailment, disease, etc… Congratulations! Great Editorial………keep up the good work! AMEN!

  11. If the Democrat Party did not exist (It’s really the Marxist Party now.) competition would not be a problem. The GOP establishment, unknown to most Americans, makes up a perfect Socialist Party currently. Your description of Canadian healthcare is right on. However, I think you should not call it free. Nothing is free, as you have stated several times in your editorials, Howard. Remember…. T-A-X-E-S? We’ve heard the farther west one goes the worse the health coverage in Canada…LESS MONEY!?

  12. Once again a great article, Howard. How does Canada handle those between 65 and 100+? Here in yje US we have, at least for now, Medicare, the operative part of the word being “care”. How does that stack up?

  13. Top Socialist Bernie Sanders now feeling the real burn as he is being investigated for Bank Fraud. Isn’t socialism grand?

  14. NEXIUM could be your answer. The bottle has 14 pills, take one each day until gone, 3-4 month, repeat. The most difficult to swallow is rice. And yes, our Health Care system is the Worlds best, Texas is an example with Florida close behind. I know I work in a Hospital.

  15. I joined the true democratic party while in Mayor’s Daily Chicago many moons back. Thirty years later, I dumped that, whatever it is today. The caterva is not going down that fast and will make much trouble, even mayhem, murder and other specialties for which the Obamatists trained. Do not believe Obama came up w/o destructive help. The server escapade was and remains part of coup process. Money is not object for the gruesome trash. Soros and Hollywood as well as other have financed it.

  16. Good one again Howard, agree here with you on this one – except from your opening paragraph where you offer to us these words – “a Strong and Honest Debate between Two Reasonable Socio/Political Ideas” – Yes, we get your point and that’s true in most cases, but – ‘The Dem’s’ what is/are now – and without question – are America’s Communist party, all that honorable stuff (your quote) is then out the window – they (the Dem’s) aren’t now and never will be “honorable” people – as in any dealings!

  17. Howard, this reinforces how grateful I am to be living in Israel which has socialized health care, but with an element of capitalism, there are 4 main healthcare providers who compete for members. A specialist can take some time, but for me that hasn’t been a problem and I’ve had a few. Seeing the family doctor is 2 days or less. Prescriptions are subsidized with a cut-off limit: I’ve just been cured from Hep.C and paid 2,000 shekels for 1/3 million drugs, so not all socialized systems are bad.

  18. 1st-Dem demise not bad per se because more liberal GOPers will take their place in the arguments-already do. Dems were taken over by Progressive ideology w/ increased vision of one-world-everything…no more national sovereignty, & their sense they are right & all else is wrong. Your stated reason none will be prosecuted in current ‘mess’ is true, sadly. Lastly, healthcare system is the mess it is because of greed (like most things) from already rich insurers & doctors, w/hospitals in between.

  19. Howard, enjoyed editorial plus everyone’s comments. I plan to post on my FB Timeline, as well! Keep up the good work, of exposing the LEFTISTs! (Socialism!!).

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