AFTER THE DUST SETTLES – The Last Man Standing Will Be Trump


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The FIVE MAIN Reasons Why The Democrats LOST Last Night Were . . .

1 – The LEFT Have NOTHING of Value To Sell. Their Message STINKS.

2 – Money & Hollywooders CAN’T Buy Elections.

3 – Once Again The Polls Were Wrong.

4 – The Mainstream Media Is Losing Its Relevance.



There are enough CRAZIES, Domestic and Foreign . . . that Sooner – Rather than Later, the Cauldron will Boil Over, and we will find ourselves in a Whole New World, where the RUBBER will Hit the Road, and the Something-For-Nothing LEFTIST Jerks will find themselves WITHOUT Safe-Spaces where they will be able Run and Hide.


I remember as a Kid . . . and I’m POSITIVE that all of you remember this expression no less than I do – “MONEY TALKS . . . BULLSHIT WALKS” – which is why Businessman Donald Trump won the 45th Presidency, in spite of EVERY DIRTY TRICK AND CRIMINAL ACT the LEFT were able to Muster against him, with an Infinitely Dishonest Media Backing Them Up.

AFTER GENERATIONS OF LEFTIST PROPAGANDA . . . Promoted throughout our Schools, from Pre-School to Post University – going back to the 1950’s and even before that with the likes of Woodrow Wilson and FDR – The LEFT have all but Played-Themselves-Out.


Our Folks were from the GREATEST GENERATION EVER, who defeated Worldwide DESPOTISM Thrice . . . once in 1918 – Again in 1945 and then Again in the 1980’s, when President Ronald Reagan DEFEATED the Iron Curtain with Reagan’s Star Wars and UNCOMPROMISING War against the Iron Curtain, PUBLICLY Calling them out for who and what they were . . . “THE EVIL EMPIRE”.

Where today . . . before President Donald Trump, even though we’ve had several Presidents who’ve sent the American People to WAR, including the Two Bush’s and Obama . . . The World Has Not Had A Real Leader Who Would Be Willing To Do What Had To Be Done . . . UNTIL NOW!

My Parents . . . and those of my Parent’s Generation, will always be Remembered for their Incredible and SELFLESS Contribution to Heroism, Freedom, Security and how they REBUILT the World . . . giving us – their Progeny, THE GREATEST OPPORTUNITIES THE WORLD HAD EVER KNOWN.

MY GENERATION . . . and the single following generation . . . will be known for our HIGH TECH ABILITY, and how we Changed, Modernized and Connected MOST of the Entire Planet . . .

BUT WE WILL ALSO BE REMEMBERED . . . for how SELFISH we were in Comparison to our Parents. We will be remembered for how we didn’t DEFEND all that our Parents Fought So Hard to Win for Us. AND WE WILL BE REMEMBERED for producing a TOXIC & USELESS OFFSPRING we refer to as MILLENNIALS.

AND AS FOR THE MILLENNIALS . . . They’ll be remembered for NOTHING, other than a Waste of Reproduction, and a USELESS Education with Negative Benefits for our Society.

AND IF THAT OFFENDS SOME PEOPLE – GOOD! They deserve to be offended. Because God Only Knows . . . They’ve been offending us for far too long – as we have kept our mouths shut so as not to offend them . . . But Times Have Indeed Changed.

WE’RE APPROACHING THE RUBICON . . . Where events will DICTATE how we will Behave, and in which Direction we will Travel. And as we edge CLOSER & CLOSER to the POINT OF NO RETURN . . . the Whining and Sniveling of the LEFT and Millennials will become MORE of an AGGRAVATION, and LESS of a DISTRACTION than what we are Experiencing Today.

AMONGST THE ANIMAL WORLD . . . To which we are just one Species Above the Rest – It’s Either FIGHT OR FLIGHT, to which we don’t have that Luxury, since if we Don’t Fight – There is Nowhere for us . . . to where we can take Flight or Hide.

Therefore – We Either Stand & FIGHT – Or Succumb & Declare Defeat.

And DEFEAT is not a word in the Dictionary Lexicon of Conservatives, who understand and RESPECT the Values, which have made us, and our Countries what they are today.


1 – In Spite of all the Money and Negative HYPE generated by the LEFT – Conservatives have once again shown that the United States Of America is Finding Its TRUE SELF, by Electing a Conservative in Georgia, where the Conservative was NOT supposed to Win.

2 – On June 20, 2017 . . . there was a Unanimous Supreme Court Decision, IN FAVOR of the Trade Marked American/Asian Rock & Roll Band . . . Called THE SLANTS, referring to the Asian Eye Shape of their Performers, versus the US Government, which is a Tremendous Blow to the PC (Politically Correct) Culture, which for almost a Generation has led a Cultural TERRORIST War against COMMON SENSE.

The Fact that the Decision was Unanimous . . . given that FOUR out of NINE Supreme Court Justices are LEFT – says that even amongst the most Unlikely Proponents of UNABASHED FREEDOM – they too are getting the message.

3 – That Noted Harvard Law Professor . . . Allan Dershowitz – Who I see as nothing more than a Liberal Barometer Prostituting Himself on the Altar of the Winning Side, is now on FOX News, almost as much as the Other Liberal Prostitute Geraldo Rivera . . . which to me – SCREAMS THAT DERSHOWITZ KNOWS HIS LONGTIME LEFTIST PHILOSOPHY IS ALL BUT DEAD & GONE.

As the World moves ever so much closer to All Out War against the Forces of EVIL, which includes . . . much of Islam, Iran, Syria, North Korea, Perhaps Turkey, Perhaps China, and Maybe even Russia . . . Everyone’s JOCKEYING For Position, which in all TRUTH, Makes America’s LEFT MORE IRRELEVANT THAN JUST SOMEWHAT.

The Inevitable Is Coming . . .

The ONLY Questions . . . ARE HOW SOON & HOW HARD? As for the LEFT, whether they realize it or not, THEY ARE YESTERDAYS NEWS – Nothing More And Nothing Less.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I too have met those who would rather sup with the enemy than support our own. When questioned about their allegiance, they would rather live on their knees, than die on their feet.
    It is too frustrating to deal with them. Sadly we have lost many friends due to political incongruities.

  2. I have a hard time understanding this .Not sure if asking is the right thing tod but anyway.What i have read Russia is fighting ISIS In Syria but the US is trying to protect the ones Russia is fighting .Someone tell me if i am not understanding this correctly. If this is the wrong thin.g to ask please just don’t post it ,and I apologize

  3. As ever Howard, you are right on..on another note, what do you think of our new Conservative leader? Are you hopeful?

  4. The left don’t have the support they think they have. Rioting and attacking conservatives doesn’t win hearts and minds from Main Street USA over to their cause. They have alienated a lot of liberal-minded people as well and the 2018 elections are going to be a bloodbath for the Democrats–who somehow think that putting guano loco Tom Perez and the Moslem Keith Ellison in charge was a good idea. I don’t think there will be a viable Democrat party in 2018.

  5. President Trump and his team will prevail with the Grace of God and make America GREAT again. I totally agree with everything you said in this post and I pray that the Millennials will start using their brain power and inform themselves & not go around like sheep going to slaughter. After all, it is their future, us baby boomers will mostly be gone by then.

  6. Like the lemmings, the human species have ways of correcting excessive population growth. Sadly, one of those ways being
    war. That’s why we’re already in WWIII.

  7. There are good people in the Democrat Congress. They need to take over and get rid of the SEVERAL idiots that presently have control and are ruining the Party. Easy to name them, they have no interest, like Obama, in what is best for the Party and the Country. If they don’t, it will be a one Party system.

  8. Why are we in Syria? Its simply illegal. Russia was invited by the Syrian government-let Russia fight ISIS. Wenjust screw up when we get involved. BTW I take issue with categorizing Russia and China as evil. They are natural allies with us against to real force for evil – Islam.

  9. Howard, I’m 83 and have learned a thing or two over the years. You are a man who knows his mind and is not afraid to declare it. You are a man to be respected. I will follow your editorials to the end. Keep ’em comin’
    Keep well and keep safe. We need you.

  10. Again. We do not rely on the media and even less on the “pollsters”. They are not just liars, they are fake news fabricators, connivers, and as seen repeatedly advocates for and planners for murder. Their Presidential election loss has since been compounded by a large number of other loses. And that augurs not a change for the better there, but for more vicious assaults. plots, sabotage, rebellion… Yet ultimately they are well on their way to self destruction.

  11. Another bullseye, Howard. It appears the people for the most part have finally begun to awaken to the truth. The Dems are not Democrats and have not been since the 60’s. They are filled with hatred and lies based on the lies of Marx and others who have followed him. ANYONE who calls himself a Democrat and embraces the evil ideology outlined in their platform is not right between the ears. Trump’s DNA spells…WINNER, and good people will eventually follow him and our traditional values.

  12. It is encouraging to see Trump continue to trudge ahead, despite the headwinds created by the vicious, and evil, left (and some R’s). It is also great to see R’s hang onto their seats. However, don’t ever make the mistake of thinking the LEFT will get the message that they DO NOT represent the heart and values of this great country and thus withdraw into oblivion. Unlike most conservatives who want to “live and let live”, the Left will NEVER give up and will forever try to dilute our freedoms.

  13. Americans are not lazy, cowardly, nor deeply liberal! We all started out as liberals, and as we learned, we drift inevitably to conservative in our politics. We have reached that point in time and history, that you can neither be pro-evil, nor watch it go by anymore, or a great awakening will occur. WE DO know right from wrong, and if it takes another Pearl Harbor to splash the cold water on our collective face, so be it.
    We are a sleeping bad ass dog, and you will learn what we can do!

  14. Right on Howard !!! Speaking of the young after watching Watters World when he interviewed college students (??) it
    showed what we are in for when (if ever) they amount to anything and try to run the US. The court used good judgement about the Slants. Keep up the good work.

  15. I hope you are right, dear Howard: the perennial optimist that I usually am is not so sure of that, considering the bottomless international funds and the complete collusion of an increasingly unhinged left with all the pundits, media
    et al.
    About Trump, I would recommend the just published book, excellently written by Newt Gingrich, “Understanding Trump”, it helps me hope for the better…

  16. Good editorial HG! We must try to be as resolute against the present dangers, be they internal or external that are pervading both the US and Canadian societies. The past 30 odd years have seen the younger bleeding hearts supporting EVERYTHING politically correct to the point of trying to decide which washroom to use! PATHETIC! TRUMP…Clean out the swamp! The “pretty boy” from Georgia may have been a “brilliant” Democrats idea based on our elections…HA!! Americans were not fooled like us

  17. 22 million for a demacarp congressional seat ,and they still lost Who put up this kind of money,i can think of only sorres (he is the devil in reincarnation ) and the person who helped put obama in the white house.Lets send obama and his sponsor to hell

  18. Zowieeee Howard…Kick butt and take names ! That was as well stated as I have ever heard. Oh and by the way the offer to become one of us still stands, even more so since one of the governing bodies in Canada just voted to allow bestiality. How disgusting. Now Canada and the American military (how weird is that) have passed legislation to allow it. I can say this Judgement Day will be some something else. I did enjoy this offering from you in this editorial. This should be one of your classics.

  19. Love this one… love them all but this is so right on! So happy to see the tide turning!

  20. Howard, you wrote, “THE Greatest-Generation remembered for their Incredible SELFLESS Contribution….” And the Baby-Boomers, will be remembered for how SELFISH in Comparison to their Parents. AND WHY IS THAT? WE WERE SPOILED!!! Famiy break-down and little / no relationship with parent & children. Passing important things of life and history of this country is the upmost priority of each older generation in every family. My dad being a WW 2 Marine wanted perfection. No close relationship.

  21. We send our “best and brightest” to fight and die in other countries (giving them “freedom”) while allowing those of “lesser intelligence and morality” to drop out of school and make all the kids they want (but can’t support), so just what did we expect? This effort to “dumb down” our society, plus bringing in people from other cultures and religions to (intentionally) dilute our “patriotism” (since millions living here don’t speak English or try to “act American”) must stop or UN will run USA!

  22. Took me a while to get to this one, but it is absolutely one of your bes!!!

  23. Oh Howard, I wish I shared your,optimism. Your supporting logic may have stood up 20 years ago. Today, the,best outcome I can see is is complete totalitarianism, and if we are lucky, some bright young millennial starting an underground and a long and brutal guerilla war. How they will reconstruct a civilized and free society again may take a century, if at all.

  24. Our nation is in the throes of learning. They never learn until the (STUFF) hits the fan and unfortunately WE don’t learn from our mistakes and therefore we are doomed to repeat them. MYPOV. You are on point. It is only a matter of time.

  25. Trump will be remembered , not for his wealth in years to come, But by what he did for America and the free world.

  26. Howard, one of my favorite BLOGS. There was an Oregonian article today about Ed Pool, a 20 year old soldier killed in 1950 during the Korean War. He was shot by Chinese troops, who murdered a truck full of wounded U.S. soldiers. His remains were returned to his family for burial. Sadly we have 20 year old college students looking for safe spaces. If it hits the fan, these pampered losers are in for a rude awakening.

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