How could a Container Cargo Ship in the Open Sea, so severely Damage a BILLION Dollar State of the Art American War Ship, USS Fitzgerald, when the American Missile Carrier Destroyer is constructed with the Ultimate in High Tech Radar . . . ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN?


I’m watching supposedly Conservative News Broadcasts, when the Equally Supposed Conservative Pundit, Guest or Host says . . . “ We have to Tone Down the Rhetoric of BOTH SIDES”, which is LEFTIST Talk for . . . “We Don’t Have An Argument Worth Discussing”.

Exactly – What Rhetoric On The Conservative Side Are They Referring To?

If they’re referring to Violent Attacks by Conservatives on Liberals at Peaceful Rallies, that’s not happening. Or, if they’re referring to the “Conservative” Media, “Conservative” World of Entertainment, “Conservative” High Tech Industry and “Conservative” Academia . . . That Too Is NOT Happening.

OR . . . ARE THEY REFERRING TO BLOGSLIKE GALGANOV.COM, which publishes ACCURATE, TRUTHFUL & WELL RESEARCHED FACTS, especially based on Real History, which to a great degree EXPOSES the Lies and Misinformation of the LEFT and RINOS?

PERHAPS THEY’RE REFERRING TO PEOPLE LIKE ME . . . who believe in the Hallmark and Foundation of the US Constitution, as it was Originally FRAMED? Or, that no one should be ABOVE THE LAW, especially Politicians and Public Servants?

BUT THEN AGAIN . . . They could be referring to People who Believe in a System of MERITOCRACY – where you EARN what you get, opposed to the SOMETHING-FOR-NOTHING Bunch, who believe that TAKERS are somehow Entitled to the Fruits of the Hard Labor and Risks of the MAKERS?

I Certainly Don’t See Any Of The Supposed Equivalences . . . Do You?


SO . . . in the year 2015, a German Documentary Team Produced a Documentary about ANTI-SEMITISM (“Chosen And Ostracized — The Hatred Of Jews In Europe”) throughout Europe, and what the PUBLIC FINANCED Television Medium, which was supposed to Broadcast it, came away with after all of their Production was Done, was that they were so UTTERLY SHOCKED by the results, that the German Financed Broadcaster REFUSED to allow it to be shown.


You can imagine . . . that amongst People who believe in FREE SPEECH and the RIGHT TO KNOW, that there was outrage, that this Documentary was in essence BLACK BALLED by the GOVERNMENT, so much so, that people turned to the Courts, Street Demonstrations, and Petitions . . . to let the People See For Themselves, and come away with their own opinion.

Are You Aware Of Any Of This From The Mainstream Media, Including FOX?

The OUTRAGE was sufficiently Palpable . . . that those who were OPPOSED to showing the Documentary, did all they could to Prove that the Documentary Work WASN’T True or Accurate . . . and the Conclusion of the Documentary was somehow JIGGED-UP to benefit Israel.

BUT . . . Try as hard as they could to Diminish and Defame the Documentary, the HARDER THEY TRIED, the more they gave APPROBATION to the Facts, Truth and Conclusion of the Documentary, that the German, French and European Union HELPED Finance ANTI-SEMITISM through European NGO’s and Government Policies. And that the European LEFTIST Media, which are MOST of Europe’s Media, were and are CULPABLE in inciting JEW-HATRED.

The Documentary also Shows that ANTI-SEMITISM and HATRED for the Jewish People and Israel is so GREAT throughout Europe, that it is EQUAL, if NOT even MORE Substantial, than the JEW-HATRED leading-up to WWII.

THE CENSORSHIP BECAME SO OUTRAGEOUS . . . That BILD ZEITUNG, which is an extremely Respectable German Publication, TOOK IT UPON THEMSELVES LAST WEEK, at Great Legal Risk, to STREAM The Documentary from their News Website for a period of 24-Hours.

And as I understand it now . . . the Pressure from the Public has caused the Publicly Funded German Broadcaster Responsible for Producing this Documentary, to Release it (unedited) in the coming Week or Weeks.


If you want just a Glimpse at what ANTI-SEMITISM looks like in today’s Germany and throughout Europe . . . CLICK HERE: And if you were a European Jew, living just about anywhere in Europe, INCLUDING Britain, where Attacks on Jews are Rampant, HOW WELCOMED AND SAFE WOULD YOU FEEL?


In as few words as I can use to respond . . . HELL YES!

The more the Mainstream Media, Democrats, Hard Left, and RINOS Criticize President Trump for TWEETING, the MORE it proves the EFFECTIVENESS of the President as he Reaches DIRECTLY Out To The People.

And The More It Bothers The Aforementioned . . . The More I Like It.


SO LET ME PONTIFICATE . . . The ONLY Reason why the President and his Cabinet, Inside and Out, are under any FORM of Special Investigation, is because the INSIDERS, Democrats and Republicans alike, WANT TO TAKE HIM DOWN for their own SELFISH & NEFARIOUS REASONS.

DO YOU REMEMBER THE 2017 SUPER BOWL . . . When it was all but Guaranteed going into the Final Minutes of the Fourth Quarter, that the Patriots were all but done, and then out of the Clear Blue, after they were all but Written-Off, the Patriots led by Tom Brady, came SCREAMING Back to WIN the Super Bowl.

By the Time the LEFT & RINOS think they’ve run out the Clock, and President Trump will be all but Finished – President Trump Too . . . Will Come Roaring Back like Tom Brady, TEACHING THE LEFT a Real Lesson In Back Room Warfare.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I pray daily for Israel and the empowering of the IDF, that 1 would chase 5, 2 a 100 and 100 a 100,000. I also support Jerry Golden, who transport European and Russian Jews via boats to Israel and Orna Greeman’s Israel Widow Ministry, they are bad Jews because they love Israel and want all of Israel to belong to the Jews; that would include Jordan, all of Lebanon and most of Syria. Today’s editorial is one of your best, thank you!

    Bill Lujan, Eagle Colorado

  2. Facebook and Netflix’s are promoting Islam and anti-semitism

  3. This is not an investigation it is a LYNCHING. Buddies Comey and Mueller want Trump’s head. I just hope AG Sessions has enough fire in his belly to go after Comey. Mueller, Valerie, Loreta Lynch, Eric Holder and all the corrupt gang.
    WE ARE AT WAR!!!

  4. It is the truth that sets us free and only the truth. Thus the devastating culture war is function of media bias and the importance of overcoming it.

  5. Howard…..You make sure the truth is told…..period! God Bless you!

  6. Thanks for sticking to the truth, Howard! The Canadian Liberals under Trudeau Junior are essentially giving Canada away to Trudeau’s new friends. I would sure love to hear your take on our present man-child PM!

  7. Pat Buchanan wrote a piece today on “How near are we to a civil war?”. He had some very valid points! I personally favor Trump tweeting, as he is simply telling those of us who support him and voted for him, nothing more than WHAT HE’S DOING!. Without a doubt the first modern day president who DID NOT hide behind political speak,and uses a “superior than you, after all you don’t know bupkis, and hired me to handle it for you! So sit down watch “The Survivor”.
    He’s got my vote for 2020!!

  8. The Third Reich died, but its architects live on and its apologists infest our institutions. If that weren’t enough, Pravda and Izvestia have morphed into our enemedia. We have one hell of an uphill battle to fight. Long live Israel!

  9. Any TRUTH statements which are made by the Conservative Side are considered to be FALSE RHETORIC because the LEFT, et al, CAN’T FACE UP TO THE TRUTH!President Trump should DEFINITELY KEEP ON TWITTERING.The DEMORATS are angry because, again, TRUMP has found another way to OUTDO them & the MAINSTREAM MEDIA.Trump has, many times, been accused of having made false predictions, but to everyone’s AMAZEMENT, they were FOUND TO BE TRUE!There will be MORE surprises coming out of that SWAMP!GO TRUMP!AMEN!

  10. The more that those idiots go after Pres. Trump, the more I like him. And, OMG, I can’t believe that there is still so much hatred towards the Jewish people. ‘They’ (I mean the idiots) had better start looking in the right direction or we are all going to go hell in a ‘hand basket’!That’s as polite as I can get!
    Best of luck Mr. G.!

  11. It has been many, many years since I was on a Navy ship, it would never had happen in my day, this is a joke, all were asleep. As to tweets, keep at Mr. President, we love it, never had this with Bama, could not type for sure.

  12. “…and ye shall know them by their fruits.”

  13. Right on Howard keep it coming. All us makers are too busy working and paying taxes. Take care of kids and the old folks and everybody else get a job and pay taxes. I hope Trump completely drains the swamp of left wing scumb. God bless the USA

  14. “Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make ye free!” (Do we all want to become “slaves” to whatever the media decides we should think and say?) We are Jewish, but used to be Christian. Let’s not forget how Jesus of Nazareth was treated when he had some “different ideas” about many things! Let’s hope Japanese aren’t trying to start WWIII (since we buy so many of their cars and other products)! If people don’t wake up, there can and will be another “Holocaust” here in USA! Pray for Trump!

  15. Thanks HG. I learn so much of history from you. I feel they accuse Trump, to distract from investigation of ‘ Clintons’.
    not a word about their crimes, and I KNOW they are the ones that started the lies about Trump. Keep up the good truth.
    Enjoy reading every thing I feel, yet learn more from you.


  17. Peggy Bland: I think that Sessions is a quiet steady dynamo who is working hard to surprise us in the near future.

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