My Head Is Spinning From The Media/Political Spin


BEFORE WRITING ANOTHER WORD . . . THANK YOU to all the People who have just contributed to this BLOG, which makes it easier for me to do the things I do, so hopefully, everyone can benefit, and we can all possibly make a difference.


Here are several predictions, which are easy to make, and will be 100% accurate:

1 – Nothing in Washington with the Democrats and RINOS will have changed as a Result of the Shooting. The Kumbaya Moment is BS.

2 – The Media will continue to be just as DISHONEST, ONE-SIDED & HATEFUL towards Conservatives as they have been for generations, as if none of any of this has ever happened.

3 – The VILE Nature of the Rhetoric against President Trump will not Subside, and neither will the calls for his Impeachment.

4 – The Crass and Insulting Depictions, “Jokes”, and Portrayals of President Donald Trump will also NOT Diminish.

5 – The Democrats and RINOS will NOT begin to do the work they’ve been elected to do in terms of MAKING THE GOVERNMENT ANSWERABLE, AFFORDABLE, & EFFICIENT. Instead, the Democrats and the RINOS will continue to UNDERMINE the President and Conservative Republicans at every Opportunity, solely for the benefit of their own Self-Purposes.

6 – Whether possible or NOT, the LEFT and Gun Control Fanatics, will use this Shooting as yet another Reason to Disarm the American People, in spite of the SECOND Amendment.

7 – We’ll also bear witness, to the SPIN of how the VULGARITY of LEFTIST Debate was NOT responsible for this Shooting, because the Shooter was a MENTALLY ILL man, whose sickness was EVIDENT & OBVIOUS because he was HOMELESS.

Over the years, I have PERSONALLY . . . with my own Time, Effort and Money, Contributed as best I could to help Homeless People, who included REGULAR PEOPLE & FAMILIES, who were Down On Their Luck . . . who for one reason or another had Fallen Through The Cracks.

TO DESCRIBE THIS SHOOTER AS BEING INSANE . . . Because he was Homeless, is nothing less than a GROSS INSULT to Millions Upon Millions of GOOD PEOPLE & FAMILIES, who are either Homeless, or on the Brink of Becoming Homeless, because the DIFFERENCE between Having and Needing . . . Is Very Often Just One Paycheck Away.

SO – TO BESMIRCH . . . all the People who are living on Hard Times, because of no Fault of their own as being Mentally Challenged – is as INSULTING & ASININE a presumption as I can imagine, and BEST Describes the Elitist Mindset of the Media . . . INCLUDING FOX NEWS.


BUT WHO IS TO SAY . . . That the Jerk-Offs who are CREATING Untrue or Supposed Allegations against President Trump aren’t also MENTALLY ILL?

WHO AMONGST THE LEFT . . . which either Promotes or Accepts a VILE production of Shakespeare In The Park Play on the Assassination of Julius Caesar, Portrayed by an Image of Donald Trump being STABBED to Death aren’t MENTALLY ILL?

AND WHO COULD POSSIBLY SAY . . . that Kathy Giffin – the Jackass Comic who posed with an Effigy of a Severed and Bloodied Donald Trump Head isn’t a CERTIFIED NUT JOB?


THE SHOOTER WASN’T INSANE BECAUSE HE WAS HOMELESS . . . He was Driven Over-The-Top . . . BECAUSE between the Media, the Democrat Politicians, the Nasty Rhetoric of the LEFT, the Entertainment Industry, and Fools who look to Create and Lay Blame everywhere, BUT WHERE IT SHOULD BE LAID, are as Guilty As Sin.


The LEFT Never Stop Their Anti-American NONSENSE . . . Always SPINNING, SPINNING & SPINNING their Narrative – Blaming Everyone And Everything EXCEPT THEMSELVES, for the many Horrors of their own Creation.

SO – WHEN I SAW & HEARD MCAULIFFE . . . even as the smell of gunpowder still wafted in the air, BLAME GUNS for This Creature of Their Own Making – what else can a Normal Human Being think of the LEFTIST Jerks who want to BLAME everyone for this ASSAULT AGAINST CONSERVATIVE VALUES . . . other than themselves?


I THINK THOUGH . . . The worst of the LEFT – might be them BLAMING INNOCENT Conservatives for this Attempted Assassination, much like the LEFTISTS found EQUIVALENCE between Israeli Defenders and the Moslem TERRORISTS who killed Innocent Israeli Jews . . . as if one was the same as the other.


1 – The Shooter was insane, because he was Homeless – IPSO FACTO . . . all People who are Down On Their Luck . . . including men, women and children who are Homeless, must be NUT JOBS . . . and be Capable of Murder.

2 – The REAL VILLAIN is the Second Amendment – NOT the Shooter, NOT the LEFTIST Media, NOT LEFTIST Academia, NOT LEFTIST Politicians, and NOT the LEFTIST Narrative of HATE TRUMP . . . but rather – The Not To Be INFRINGED Constitutional Right To Keep And Bear Arms.

3 – And the REAL Culprits according to the LEFT & RINOS . . . are Conservatives WHO REFUSE TO LIE DOWN & SUCCUMB.

AS FOR THE NEAR FUTURE . . . If Bookmakers were to give ODDS on the outcome, and gave the Advantage to the LEFT, I would IGNORE the ODDS . . . & PUT IT ALL DOWN ON THE CONSERVATIVES, because as far as I can see, The Conservatives and President Trump . . . HAVE YET BEGUN TO FIGHT.

Best Regards . . . Howards Galganov

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  1. The good Jew doesn’t make noise, doesn’t want to claim his equal rights if it disturbs the calm. He is against owning weapons with which he could fight those who would enslave him. He believes being helpless and defenseless is righteous. The Bad Jew is the polar opposite. He fights, even with weapons, for the God given right of the “Good Jew” to live with pride, pride he owes to the Bad Jew or the Good Christian. Pride he does not deserve. I WAS a Montrealer. Now I’m a Bad American Jew. Kudos H!

  2. One of my criteria for the quality of a good leader, and I only mean one, is the quality of the leaders advisors. I am getting the impression that this is a failing of President Trump

  3. I fully concur! Until we can sit and discuss “OBJECTIVELY” our differences,….we can NOT reach consensus, ad action to mediate and resolve to be “AMERICANS”!

  4. Yes, HG, the Kumbaya Moment is definitely BS. Also, the DEMORATS ARE CERTIFIED NUT JOBS! You couldn’t have selected a better description for these SWAMP CREATURES! These NUT JOBS thrive on creating FAKE NEWS.They don’t care about America.Very surprised that Trump has not yet GOTTEN RID of the remaining NUT JOBS in WASHINGTON.What is he WAITING FOR to tell them YOU’RE FIRED?As said before, we only know about ONE-TENTH of what is TRULY going on in our Government. GO TRUMP GO & FIRE THEM ALL! AMEN!

  5. What the leftist progressives don’t seem to understand is that while they can attack the people of the US with their weapons, money and innuendo, sooner or later they will come up against someone without money but with weapons. You can only push “normal” people just so far before they start to fight back. And we will fight back, with the weapons we have and know how to use.

  6. Spot-on accurate assessment. This time around I have come to the conclusion lethal violence among the supporters of each ’cause’ will occur.

  7. Guns do not kill people, people kill people. Our social security (S,S,) program has to change, there are those who have not paid a penny into the S.S.and have reached 65 and collecting befits, here in Miami Cubans and other illegals around the country
    and I imagine muslims. We have become a welfare state and those who needs assistance get nothing.

  8. Wake up to reality folks. I’ve been around the block many many times. I have found that their mind-set, it’s set in stone. They will never change but want you to become like them. We have always had sub-normal people but lately we have so many its hard to keep tract. No thanks I’ll do it my way no more compromising.

  9. It amazes me how we can be called hate mongers because we express the real truth we see. Yet NOTHING is done or said about such hate stuff as the Playhouse in the Park and Linda Sarsour and celebrities who are as hateful as they come and spread their poison everywhere. They are the ones who show real hatred. Makes me want to puke literally.
    HG you are right and I agree w/ u as I see the SAME garbage that You do.

  10. The leftist and Democrat howlers are not much different than at the time of Lincoln. Their response to the Republicans is the same today as then. The end result was the assassination of President Lincoln and now they want to bump off Republicans and President Trump.

  11. Thank you Howard. To any objective observer the regressive left are clinically insane. I say REGRESSIVE because there is absolutely nothing progressive about their fascist agenda. As for INSANE, no one with an IQ above room temperature can possibly conclude otherwise. Hopefully the venom that they spew will ultimately come back to bite them.

  12. We expected the all our war between the Americans and un-Americans. As I understand the civil war set up the identification of right or left is not central for the present setting. Nothing American about obama or soros, both are foreigners trained and willing to destroy the USA.
    President Trump and his trusted top level teams must crush the embedded plants installed by obama and his main operatives, including the clintons. President Lincoln understood and so must President Trump.

  13. What always is never mentioned by anti-gun enthusiasts is the fact that IF every legally-owned gun was removed & guns were no longer legally sold, criminals & would-be criminals would still have them; law-abiding citizens would be totally at their mercy. BUT the politicians & elites would have guards with guns to protect them. Would be no different than illegal drugs being sold but with worse consequences. If they ignore truth, they expect it to no longer exist, as they create their own truth.

  14. Amen! I hope President Trump was totally serious when he said recently something like…..we are getting prepared; their time is coming. He is not the kind of guy who sits back and takes being trashed and demeaned in unlimited fashion. The Marxist traitors have sooooo much to account for, it will take time to be thorough and ultimately relentless. We pray for this!

  15. And the fight has begun! My wife saw an article on Facebook, where a women, stould up and got on stage of the Shakespeare In The Park Play and cried out enough! I hope that this is a start, not in a violent manner. We all need to start speaking-up and writing articles. Alright for them to do it, so why can’t we?

  16. Patriots and supporters of our President please call (202) 514-2000 (option 4) to leave message at DOJ regarding your concerns for Mueller’s conflicts of interest as special counsel and that he should resign according to the Law under 28 CFR 45.2. Let our American voices be heard. Share and spread the word!!!!

  17. Perhaps the answer is to remove guns from the hands of the L E F T…I mean they want to remove the second amendment anyway….and they are responsible for murdering and attempting to murder so many conservatives, Presidents et al…..

  18. Until the pedophiles are removed from the government and locked up forever ,can anything change ? They cover for each other . What a bunch of savages in this deep state government,The President has to try and work around

  19. Right on, Howard! Our beloved country & USA is SOoooooooooo OUT OF CONTROL, because of the LEFT WING “NUT JOBS” & MEDIA!!

  20. Nothing is gonna change in Washington “For the Better of the People”We will have those who will not stop their vile attacks, those who will never own up to there behavior. Then you’ll have those who will continue to cower having no Balls to stand up to what they say they believe.Then you’ll have those that voted for the one who WON, continue to fade in the back round, leaving things up the spineless ones in Washington while they themselves make excuses!I’m witnessing the imploding of my Country!

  21. The left would love to have the people disarmed..far easier to control when deemed powerless. They forget the United States would not have come to being had they they not taken arms against the British..

  22. What’s in “Kommunist Kool-Aid” liberals drink (to make them believe it’s possible to pick up a “turd” by the clean end)? Please don’t “complain” about Trump’s advisors (Obama administration had many Muslims)! Trump is still learning that “leftovers” may or may not be “loyal”! Millions living here don’t know anything other than what they can get for free here (that they didn’t get from their former nations)! Are Americans “fools” or are we all “crazy”? “Seems foreigners” see us as both! Why?

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