Steve Scalise . . . The Tip Of The Iceberg


The shooting this morning of Steve Scalise, the Congressional Republican Majority Whip from the 1st District of Louisiana . . . IS ALL ON THE LEFT.



THIS WAS NO MISTAKE . . . Nor Was It Anecdotal – that this Politician and several other Members of his Staff and Protection were SHOT, in what was an ASSASSINATION Attempt against Freedom and Democracy.

THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS . . . when Teachers, Bureaucrats, Entertainers, Politicians and the Media EXTOLL THE VIRTUES OF TYRANNY.

THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS . . . when High Schools, Colleges and Universities RAIL AGAINST FREE SPEECH – and Control which TYPE of Speech is Acceptable.

THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS . . . when Thugs show-up in Masks, Wearing Black Garb, while carrying WEAPONS of Sort, to do whatever they could through Intimidation and Violence, to SHUT DOWN THE LAWFUL ASSOCIATION OF CONSERVATIVES or anyone else.

BUT IT’S NOT ANYONE ELSE . . . It’s Always The LEFT Against Conservatives.

THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS . . . when Black Activists Attack Police Verbally and Physically, EGGED-ON by the Media Without Consequences to either.

THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS . . . when LEFTISTS Portray President Donald Trump, as the VIOLENT Victim of the MURDER of Julius Caesar in a Free Production of Shakespeare In The Park, with very few in the LEFT, who actually saw a Problem with it.

THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS . . . when Old Fashioned VALUES are considered a Joke, while Decency is nothing more than Yesterday’s News.

THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS . . . when an Idiot Comedian Performer holds a Mock Bloodied Head of President Trump, as ISIS is proud to do, which is Severed from the Body – and the IDIOT Performer claims that she is somehow the Victim.

THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS . . . when the Media LIES, Distorts, and Promotes Half Truths, not as the Honest Brokers of the Fourth Estate, but rather, as Appendages of LEFTIST Politics.

THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS . . . when Elected Men and Women on the side of the LEFT, do WHATEVER THEY CAN TO Destroy the Normal Functioning of Government, through Innuendo and Contrived Crimes – INSTEAD of doing their jobs they were elected to do.

THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS . . . when Elected Politicians and Appointed Public Sector Workers LIE, CHEAT & RESTRICT THE FREEDOMS OF ANTAGONISTS with IMPUNITY, as we all witnessed, at the hands of Lois Lerner and the IRS, which DENIED Conservative Applicants from receiving Non Profit Status.

THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS . . . when APPOINTED JUDGES – from Lower Courts and District Courts . . . all the way to the Supreme Court, IGNORE the Constitution and what are their actual Obligations . . . to INSTEAD Rule, as if they themselves are Above the Will of Congress, and the Actual Meaning of the Constitution.


This Nightmare-In-Progress BEGAN a Long Time Ago, when Presidents like FDR decided that a Socialist Based Society was somehow SUPERIOR to a MERITOCRACY. When Jimmy Carter Drained the American Spirit from the American People, as he too PUSHED a Socialist Anti-American Agenda – to both BUSH’S, who were as Guilty as Anyone, by NOT Standing-Up against the RED-TIDE, while SPENDING like Drunken Sailors, Growing the Government and the Bureaucracy, no DIFFERENT than a Liberal On Steroids.


Things like this ASSASSINATION ATTEMPT don’t happen in a Vacuum. They happen because the Impetus to go to WAR AGAINST IDEOLOGICAL Opponents, is INCULCATED throughout Society from all LEFTIST levels, especially when for 8-YEARS, the President of the United States of America, Barack Hussein Obama, SOLD THE LIE, that America was NOT a Worthy Country, that America OWES the World Apologies for American Behavior, and America is an International BULLY, which DOES NOT MEASURE UP TO THE REST OF THE WORLD – Specifically to Europe.

THIS IS WHY THE SHOOTING HAPPENED . . . and this is only the Tip of the Iceberg, even after the LEFTIST Politicians come out disavowing their own CREATION.


Freedom Is All We Have To Pin Our Hopes Upon – FREEDOM IS WORTH FIGHTING & DYING FOR . . . Even within a society, which we THINK is Free, when the Insiders and Elitists have Proven the Contrary.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. One of the fun things leading up to and on March 3 will be ?? ?? Debbie Wacherman Schultz ?? In case you didn’t know it, she is Jewish. Will she or won’t she attend.

  2. I will not hold my breath waiting for anyone to be incarcerated for the shenanigans perpetrated over the last two decades.
    However, I do want to see a legitimate birth certificate, draft registration, passports, college records, etc., etc., etc., etc., for one Barry Soetoro or however he wants to spell it, aka B.H. Obama, etc., etc., etc. And, I’d also like to see the Supreme Court get off there asses and correct the “misinterpretations” of the U.S. Constitution in past rulings and correct.

  3. Howard, you absolutely right once again. This is just the beginning. I fear it will get much worse and explode into an all out violent civil war. Except this civil war will not be drawn along state lines, but by freedom loving Americans or big government, leftist citizens. May God have mercy on the USA because we brought this on ourselves.

  4. Great piece, it is the absolute truth. To bad it does not reach the the rest of the closed liberal minds.

  5. The Main Street Media (bias and liberal) are a big part of all this.
    Constantly lying and blaming Conservatives for and promoting violence to their side!!!
    You didn’t see Conservatives doing this when Obama was president.
    Kind of shows you the values differences between the two political sides.

  6. Soon the leftist loons will start beating the dead horse of gun control. May God help us all…

  7. I understand on the Senate floor the left feigns concern. I am waiting on Pelosi or Schummer to take to the microphone and tell the left that violence is a crime and to put out the fire they themselves ratcheted up with their divisive rhetoric and lies. I won’t be holding my breath.

  8. Meanwhile in Canada …..our ‘leader’ continues his “….ah … uh ….. and uh ….”

  9. How can an anti-Trump liberal shoot that many rounds at a field full of Republican congressmen with an M-4 Carbine , and change mags before he is shot by the police?

  10. WOW, Howard “you hit it out of the ballpark, this time”! I REALLY do agree with the other comments, as well!! I definitely am posting this on my FB timeline, to try & get your word out, Howard. Thank goodness for your words of wisdom each and every day!

  11. The democrat party is the party of hate aided by their idiot handmaidens, the main stream media. Their hate speech only encourages the deranged leftists to act.

  12. God forbid we should ever be twenty years without such a rebellion. The people cannot be all, and always, well informed. The part which is wrong will be discontented, in proportion to the importance of the facts they misconceive.

    If they remain quiet under such misconceptions, it is lethargy, the forerunner of death to the public liberty…. And what country can preserve its liberties, if its rulers are not warned from time to time, that this people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let the

  13. This column should be forwarded to everyone we know. Everyone talks about TRUTH. Well, this IS the truth, so go ahead everybody, let’s spread this word! Maybe a few people will be enlightened.

  14. You are so right. What else can we expect?
    I didn’t notice Schummer tearing up when he gave his remarks about this hineous act.

  15. Natural corollary of the well orchestrated sabotage and indoctrination campaign of the still unknown origin, education records devoid specimen inserted into the White House some 9 years ago. The Clinton’s just added poison to the bubbling Obama cauldron. President Trump must crush both the former occupant’s still ongoing sabotage of the US am bring the full weight of the Constitution against Clinton and their aggregates.

  16. A sad day for America. It is time to stand up and say, “I will not take it any more ” Let us get rid of any member of congress
    that does not support a change of our laws to punish those that express violence against any one. Freedom of speech does not mean I can say, do harm to any one.

  17. Howard once again you put into words exactly what is now happening to our America. And, as you said it did start many years ago. Sometimes I wonder if I will live to see our country as it once was.

  18. Steve Scalise is my LA congressman or will be when I move there full-time. I find it ironic that the shooter was from Belleville, IL–home of the dirtiest and most corrupt politicians in America.

  19. A deep shade of Anarchy last week from the government of California and now violence and bloodshed perpetrated upon Republicans by the attitudes of leftists. These absurdities will not be one time events….they are just getting started. Descency and respect are just words that used to get in the way of leftist malcontents… longer though! Prepare for the worst just a little bit ahead!

  20. Wow, you’re on fire today. BTW: one of those shot this morning was a U. Texas graduate and a staffer for my congressman, Rep. Roger Williams.

  21. I hate to say this even though I am an ultra conservative, I believe that our annihilation has reached the level of someone’s direct order. I truly believe that this is all a planned orchestration to drive us either underground or out of existence. Now someone please tell us how to fight this crime against innocents. I know that it is NOT going to drive me to the liberal leftist agenda in any way form or fashion. But, dang it all, this is MY COUNTRY TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. The left cannot tell me they care. They piously give lip service against the shooting (to look good) while inside themselves they are smiling and happy that others are doing their dirty work. They’d like nothing better than for all Republicans, but especially true CONSERVATIVE Republicans to disappear — and they care not how.

  23. Well said Howard.I’m watching as my Country is going to hell in a hand basket! Every moral,ethical,principle I grew up with has been literally destroyed by Democrats,Liberals, Socialists & Fascists!Don’t get me wrong, Republicans are no angels! This attempt to assassinate these Republicans was clearly party motivated!The Rhetoric I’ve listened to coming from Democrats, Liberals and Socialists leaders just helped feed the frenzy and prepared the way.Not to mention the moral deficiency of America.

  24. I NEVER thought I would live to see this day! WE THE PEOPLE have lost our right to govern, unless we change, and change radically! Not in the direction we are now moving as a “people”, but in the way our founding fathers intended us to move!
    Unfortunately our “Founding Fathers” saw service to their country as a need for every citizen,….NOT a “LIFETIME CAREER” for a select few greedy,self directed folks who don’t understand what our Constitution, and Bill of Rights is meant to MEAN!!!!!

  25. Thanks Howard, I tune in to FOX daily but fast forward quickly through as it is all blah, blah, blah. They have become so lame.

    But my quick comment is at a time of another left wing atrocity like this shooting I keep hearing this is not who we are. Sorry, America, it is.

    Robert Turnbull
    Richmond BC

  26. This is not going to have a pretty ending..even if the rhetoric is toned down the damage is done. There are people that will take this as a declaration of war and run with it. Pandora’s box is open and who knows where it will end….not pretty

  27. How far is the Left willing to elevate this Hate? Will there be armed civil clashes among supporters of both parties? I believe there will be. Mr Galganov is correct it will get worse before it gets better. Mid-terms of 2018 will be the battlefield.

  28. You have a wonderful way at getting right to the heart of the matter, Howard. There is absolutely no limit to what the EVIL Marxist Democrats will do….none! We cannot eliminate the possibility of another civil war. Far too many people will continue to look away from this possibility regardless of the fact it is looking them in the eye….RIGHT NOW. They need to ask themselves……How does one really deal with evil that will ultimately destroy our existence and the goodness of America?

  29. Time to “fight fire with fire”! (You were literally “on fire” today with this Editorial!) Lots of things are literally “on the line” for the 2018 elections. Today was Donald Trump’s birthday (not like shooter knew this or cared since he had an “agenda”- perhaps motivated by all the “liberal” talk of assassinating or beheading our POTUS)! Just heard Trump visited Scalise in the hospital today. “Justice” was served by the Capitol police! Why wasn’t security better? Republicans aren’t like deer!

  30. First, your editorial came through just fine. And you took some of the words right out of my mouth. Forwarding it on to many. Keep up the good work! We need people like you more than ever. Prayers for families of victims.
    God Bless the United States of America.

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