The Flutter Of The Wing Of A Butterfly . . .


The Flutter Of The Wing Of A Butterfly Disturbs A Distant Star, which applies to all of Life – Psychologically, Mentally, Physically and Emotionally . . . for every Action there is a Reaction, and for every Reaction there is a Counter Action.


We don’t live in a Vacuum or Black Hole, where Sound and Light Theoretically CANNOT ESCAPE in contrast to our own personal Universe on Planet Earth, where we live with an Abundance of Everything Including near Infinite Interaction.


IN 1995, the Ethnocentric Province of Quebec held its Second Referendum to LEAVE Canada, and supposedly LOST the Referendum by less than One Percentage Point. After the Referendum LOSS, the Smart Money Bet on the Transfer of Power from the current (not too popular) Quebec Premier (Akin to a US Governor), Jacques Parizeau, to an EXTREMELY Popular Quebec Politician, Lucien Bouchard.

THE STRATEGY WAS . . . After the LOSS by less than 1%, Parizeau would CEDE the Premier’s Office to Bouchard, who would then hold a SNAP Election, followed by the Euphoria of a Political Victory with another immediate Referendum, asking the French People of Quebec if they wanted their own Country – YES OR NO, which to all political thinkers would have WON THE DAY for Separatist Quebec.


The French People of Quebec were assured by EVERY METRIC CONCEIVABLE, that if they Voted OUI (Yes) to LEAVING CANADA, the separation would be PAINLESS from Canada, and there would be NO CHANGES WHATSOEVER in Terms of National and International Agreements, Money Transfers, Jobs, Social Services . . . ETC.

AND BASED UPON HOW THE FEDERALISTS & QUEBEC “ANGLOS” . . . campaigned to keep Canada Together, by Acquiescing to virtually all of Quebec’s DEMANDS, literally BEGGING Quebec to stay within Confederation – there was NO REASON FOR FRENCH QUEBECERS NOT TO BELIEVE BOUCHARD.

YOU HAVE TO UNDERSTAND THIS . . . Since the 1960’s, French Quebec has been passing Draconian Laws literally MAKING THE UNRESTRICTED USE OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE ILLEGAL, with the General English and Ethnic Response being . . . Tell Us How We Can Comply – WHICH INCLUDED ALL ENGLISH MEDIA, POLITICIANS AND ELITISTS.


IN MID APRIL 1996 – I staged a RALLY at Fairview Shopping Center, which at the time was Montreal’s PREMIER High Fashion and Quality Shopping Mall, located in a Part of Montreal (West Island) that was also at that time perhaps as high as 90% English, where the Stores REFUSED to Post ANY English on their Signs.

I sent out Press Releases with Notification of the Anti Quebec Separatist Rally to the French and English Media. I also called a few English Language Radio Stations to see about getting some News to Support this Rally, which was somewhat a waste of time.

AND THEN EXPECTING A FEW DOZEN PEOPLE . . . to show up at my Rally, to stand with each other in Solidarity for our FREEDOMS, Anne, my Sisters and Brother-In-Laws, a few Partners-In-Crime, and some Friends ARRIVED at Fairview to Make Our Stand in an Empty Shopping Center Parking Lot.

I’m not going to go into the fascinating GAZILLION things that happened before the Rally, other than to tell you that before High-Noon, on a weekday, which was the time and day I chose for the Rally to begin, I didn’t expect much Support or Participation, but when you DROP THE GAUNTLET, you have to be Prepared to See It Through To The End, No Matter What You Expect.

SO WE SET UP . . . and Hunkered-Down for the WORST, expecting no one to show up – and then the People started to come, First a few Cars, Then by the Hundreds, Then by the THOUSANDS, Until the Police started Shutting Down Exit Ramps on the Trans Canada Highway before and after the Exits for Fairview – And the parking Lot where the Rally was Staged, which I was sure would be empty, was Jammed-Packed with English Speaking People, who Came NOT TO HEAR AN ACQUIESCENT SPEECH . . . But Rather, to Hear DEFIANT FIGHTING WORDS – Which I Didn’t Hold Back.

In the Words of one of Montreal’s English Language Radio Show Hosts . . . “Galganov Let It All Fly, And The Crowd Went Wild”.

In essence . . . what I said, NOT especially to the English Crowd who came to RALLY FOR THEIR FREEDOMS, but rather to the French Media, who were there in Abundance with their Cameras, Microphones and Satellite Trucks – “YOU’VE BEEN LOOKING FOR A FIGHT FOR YEARS . . . WELL NOW YOU’VE GOT ONE”.


FROM THAT MOMENT ON . . . I didn’t Relent for a Second. I literally TERRORIZED all Stores which Refused to put-up English Signs, who thought it was EASIER to go along with a Linguistic RACIST Government, rather than showing Respect to their English Clients.

WE RALLIED EVERY DAY . . . In front of Name Brand Stores, Literally Shutting Them Down until they Put up English Signs.

I held RALLIES throughout English Montreal, Ottawa, and even in the Belly of the French Separatist Beast (Quebec City). I Rallied at . . . and SHUT DOWN the MONTREAL Offices of the Office Quebecois de la Langue Francaise (Quebec Language Police), which TERRIFIED the English Merchants of Quebec.

I also Raised Money, as well as Money I took from Ourselves and our Business, to Finance Court Challenges to Support People who were attacked for Using the English Language CONTRARY to Quebec’s Bigoted Laws.

I Wrote, Directed and Produced DOZENS of Radio and Television Commercials, which I paid for, to BROADCAST all along the American Side of the New York and Vermont Borders with Quebec on the Sunday News Shows, saying ALL I COULD to Eviscerate Quebec for its Draconian and Racist Laws . . . Telling Americans NOT to Visit Quebec, but if they do . . . THEY SHOULD UNDERSTAND THIS:

“The Unrestricted Use Of The English Language Is Against The Law In The Province of Quebec – So Govern Yourself Accordingly”.

NOT ONLY DID I RUN THESE ADS ON BROADCAST MEDIA . . . I also BOUGHT Back Lit Billboards in MANY of America’s Preeminent Airports in their Departure Lounges, WHICH GAVE THE SAME MESSAGE.

AND THEN I TOOK THE SHOW ON THE ROAD . . . To the Manhattan Harvard Club, Wall Street, and the US Congress, where I met with Sitting House Members, plus throughout the Rest of Canada, where I traveled Delivering the same message of FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION in Canada From Coast To Coast.

At one point, I went to the Prime Minister’s Ottawa Residence with a Microphone and Bus Loads of People DEMANDING our Equal Rights, with a Simple Message. “If We Can’t Have Peace Where We Live . . . Neither Will You – Where You Live”.


1 – The English Speaking People and Federalists, FINALLY knew that they weren’t Alone, and that there was at least ONE Person amongst Others who was WILLING TO GO TO THE MAT FOR THEM . . . Come Hell Or High Water.

2 – The Dirty Little Canadian/Quebecois Racist Secret was no Longer RESTRICTED to Quebec Alone, since very Few People in Canada, let alone the Rest of North America and Around the World had a Clue about this DEPLORABLE Fascist Set of Draconian Anti-English CANADIAN LAWS, since Quebec was still a part of Canada (which it still is) when Quebec passed and enforced these Laws, even though Canada had the Constitutional Authority To Disavow Them.

3 – Quebec’s French Community FINALLY Understood that Separation was Hardly Going To Be The-Walk-In-The-Park the Quebec Separatists Promised them that it would be.

4 – AND FINALLY . . . The French Population of Quebec, for the FIRST TIME EVER, really understood how much the English Quebec Population HATED their Language Laws, and what they thought of them.

AND DURING ALL OF THIS . . . I went to War Against ALL The English Media with the Exception of Two . . . CIQC AM 600 Montreal Radio, which was the Little Engine which Thought It Could and Did, and the Independently Owned Suburban Newspaper.


AND FOR THE FRENCH PRESS . . . I Never Refused an Invitation to be on French Radio, Television, or even in the Printed French News, even though I knew that I was always invited by them to DERIDE, DEFAME, & DIMINISH ME, because, as long as I was in THEIR FACE, and in their Language . . . I Always GAVE Better Than What I Got.


The Anti-English Language Restrictions and Ethnocentricity is Still a Major part of Quebec. A Huge Number of English and Ethnic Quebecers have since left Quebec for other parts of Canada and the USA, including Anne and Myself. And many more are still leaving.

Quebec is a Basket Case, where Quebec’s Infrastructure is falling apart. Montreal has become a shadow of its former self. And it seems that the only people coming to live in Quebec these days, are poor Moslems escaping from worse conditions, using Quebec as an entry point into the Rest Of Canada.

Quebec is still Preaching SPECIAL STATUS FOR ITSELF ABOVE & BEYOND the ROC (Rest Of Canada), even though Quebec Survives EXCLUSIVELY on the MANY BILLIONS ($10-Billion Per Year) of Dollars it receives every year through Welfare Paid by the Other Provinces, Packaged as Equalization Payments, even though Quebec still practices Ethnocentric Nationalism.


As The Title Of This Editorial Intimates . . . Every Voice Will Be Heard, and EVERYONE, whether alone or as part of a Group – CAN & WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

I and all the others who FOUGHT alongside me, COULDN’T Reverse the Ethnocentric, Discriminatory and Racist Laws of Quebec, since the English Media were Not Our Friends, and the Federal Government Worried More about Votes and Staying In Power . . . but, what was going to be a 100% SURE THING SNAP REFERENDUM, which Quebec was all but Guaranteed to have won, from which Quebec would have SECEDED from Canada, NEVER HAPPENED, because WE USED THE FULL EXTENT OF FREE SPEECH, which says all that needs to be said of the CRITICAL IMPORTANCE OF THE FIRST AMENDMENT.

IF I HAVE ONE REGRET . . . about this entire aspect of my history . . . it is – if I had it all over to do again, I would have simply told the Disaffected English Speaking People to Leave Quebec, and PRAYED for Quebec to LEAVE CANADA, which is an altogether different story . . . But I’m Sure You Got The Point – FREE SPEECH ROCKS!

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Evil is always with us. Since the Leftists hate the idea of bending the knee to anyone, they hate the concept of a God, so they, then, have no definition of evil…therefore it does not exist in their thought process. What substitutes is the vague notion of situational ethics and relativistic morality. Those concepts can be more accurately defined as, “Whatever make me feel good.”
    And, as you say, we all know where that slippery path can lead when push come to shove.

  2. To bad Quebec, didn’t leave Canada. That’s the equivelant of California in the USA.

  3. Bravo, Howard, for your bravery and commitment. I know from personal experience that there is no Canadian equivalent of America’s First Amendment. I live in Quebec, a province that is governed by political retards grounded in East European statism. Quebec’s exit from Canada would be a godsend. Go Quexit go!

  4. You forgot to mention that some of this complaining in front of stores with no English signs was done in many degrees below freezing. Believe me, I remember. Despite my elementary school children being 100% fluent in French, I knew they would not get a job in Quebec because they had English names. Because I had the opportunity, I moved to the U.S. I don’t regret it and I am now awaiting my U.S. citizenship.

  5. We know how hard you fought, Howard. The pity is that you didn’t get the support of the establishment – the media & the elite. Ordinary people were frightened by the violence that they saw coming from the extremists, the FLQ, & were too afraid to help. Even the govt. with all its power could not stop the violence that took several lives. Today, we see the same violence being used by other groups of people coming to the country to change our laws to suit themselves. Our laws are being use

  6. I remember those days Howard. I am angry and saddened that peoples’ rights were permitted to be trampled like that. The Federal Government completely abandonded the English speaking community instead of doing its job as the guarantor of rights. I am old enough to remember when Montreal was the number one city in Canada. Now, like you said it is a shadow of its former itself. Luigi, Montreal

  7. You tried hard Howard, but didn’t get the result you wanted.

    Too bad you tried so hard. The rest of Canada would be much better off without Quebec. Then we could also do away with this ridiculous law that says everything outside of Quebec has to be bilingual. We as consumers spend billions every year because of this foolishness. And those not speaking French could also apply for Federal Government jobs.

    Hopefully this will all come to pass but with Trudeau and the Liberals, no it won’t

  8. In the 70’s and 80’s I I traveled to Montreal several times a year to be with my girl friend and skiing in Saint Agath .I loved Canada and montreal,great food and entertainment and inexpensive, I remember one trip when the anti English separate from Canada movement was just starting and they bombed and stole guns and amo from a military armory.To day we would call them terrorist.

  9. Howard – Like i said. You are worth every penny I send! And a thousand more.
    Good luck my friend and thanks from the bottom of my heart.

  10. Howard, I was there in that parking lot of Fairview shopping center. I take my hat off to you for fighting on our behalf. The problem now with our Government in Ottawa is to placate and bend backwards to bring as many so called refugees to Canada without going through the proper channels. I cry for my country that is going down the wrong path.
    Steve Acre, Canada

  11. Yes Sir you did do the good fight Howard. As a DP from Quebec 1991 due to the Government of Qc. taking our rights away with a stroke of a pen with the not withstanding Law # 178. Because of this which forced our family to leave this Racist Province. I’ll never return.

  12. My husband and I will be traveling for two months this summer…through Canada and Alaska. Because of your previous writings re Quebec ,we planned a trip that does not include that area. A bit sad for I know there are some beautiful things to see there but I have all of this nonsense I can handle in the USA now.

  13. Give ’em hell, Howard! They deserve every miserable minute you and Anne can provide for them. Imagine what the world wide swamp/sewer comprises these days?

  14. Peg Kull. I made no decisions re the wind etc and the fall out on St. George, thus the timing of the detonation. I was just a lowly Radiological Safety Officer , Spring 1953, Upshot Knothole. I follow cancer incidence, St. George and it is horrible. I also recieved a very large dose, beyond measurable, as I was ordered to take readings both directions across the fall out immediately following detonation. Please forgive us as we had no comtrol of what the government told us to do..

  15. Thanks again for another great editorial! As a Montréaler, I married in ’67 and persuaded my wife; knowing Que is a fascist state, we would be irresponsible parents if we brought children into that environment. In 1969, we moved to Toronto, had 2 daughters and never looked back. I wish Que would separate…ironically, that makes me a Separatist!

  16. Quebec will never be an English speaking society the best course of action is for the two areas to separate from each other.
    Minorities in either societies should move to their respective linguistics territories, that way each state will be unilingual entities.

  17. Howard,
    You, Anne, etc. have given much for Canada. I witnessed that. I too tried to live my retirement years in peace in my birthplace – Montreal. Unfortunately it was not possible. When I was denied the right to an interpreter in a court (Ontario provides them) I knew my days were numbered and I subsequently left. When they find your successor in Quebec, I hope it leads to Quebec separating from Canada (and the loss of billions in annual transfer payments) with Anglophones separating from Qu

  18. Thanks for this one Howard. For years we’ve known there was a far reaching resentment in Canada against those in eastern Canada (French) who’ve for a long time been (Contrarians) in what is Canada. And yes, we know all about ethnic malcontents down here in the U.S. these people (usually on the dole in one way or another) & getting various monthly $$ from us taxpayers ARE NEVER HAPPY. And always whining that ‘it’ isn’t enough ect. & yada, yada!
    Your piece here helps & we better get the picture!!

  19. They say just one candle can bring “light” to the “darkness”, which you certainly did over 20 years ago! I’ve been to Montreal (where “French arrogant attitude” still prevails)! After reading your Editorial, this is exactly what will happen to cities and states in USA who are allowing Muslims and Sharia Law to prevail! USA can’t stay “united” if everybody persists in “doing their own thing”, having things “their own way”, or “living in the past”! “Change” can be either very good or very bad!

  20. I agree Howard. If the Socialist/communist Left wingers don’t like making American Great Again, then move to Venezuela. They will welcome you, however, they won’t feed you.

  21. To hell with Quebec separation, kick them out. Canada doesn’t need them. They sure like our money don’t they!

  22. Thank you for the history lesson. We all can benefit from it. Looks like you won, in the end. Maybe not the way you thought you would but you did. My prayer for both of our countries is getting rid of the Moslem Refugees! They are pushing Sharia Law which is 180 degrees away from American and Canadian Law. The battle must begin and soon, to get rid of it. I don’t know who will start the battle but it really must be done. I’m too old and physically not able to do so.

  23. Do you know that equalization payment from the ROC (around 10B$) doesn’t even cover the interest on the debt (around 12B$)

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