The Second Quarter Of The 21st Century Belongs To Us


Obama Created The Narrative That Sedition Is Somehow Patriotic.


“War Is Peace. Freedom Is Slavery. Ignorance Is Strength” . . .

So . . . how did we come this far, so as to PROVE George Orwell was Right some 68-Years after “1984” was First Published? And how do we as decent THINKING Conscionable Human Beings Deal With This Mess Of Lies & Distortions?


When a relatively Attractive young woman, Reality Winner, who by all accounts is very Bright and Personable, who served in the American Military, takes it upon herself to LEAK Sensitive Information, which could have been responsible for American Deaths and Successful Assaults on the USA by Real Enemies . . . somehow believes she is a PATRIOT – One Has To Scream . . . How & Why Did We Ever Get To This Point?

When a Conflicted HE/SHE Transvestite Military Security Analyst, Chelsea Manning, LEAKED Critical Security Information to the Public and the Enemy, HE/SHE was “punished” with a FREE Sex Change courtesy of the American People, with HIS/HER Sentence being Commuted by the Outgoing President (Obama) of the United States of America.

HOW DID A MILITARY DESERTER . . . Bowe Bergdahl, become lauded by the President of the United States of America (Obama) as somehow being an American Hero?

Up Is Down, Down Is Up, Black Is White, White Is Black, Lies Are Truth . . .


It used to be a CRIME to Utter Death Threats, or to Encourage others to Perform Acts of Violence, ESPECIALLY AGAINST THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, and to the best of my knowledge, it still is, if you’re on the WRONG Side of the Debate . . . BUT NOT IF YOUR HATE SPEECH IS FROM THE LEFT.

How many times have we seen and heard High Profile “Entertainers” publicly opine about things like BURNING DOWN THE WHITE HOUSE, or who displayed despicable images of themselves as Vaginas, or used extreme Profanity to DEFAME the President, or watched an IDIOT Comedian Hold the Bloodied and Severed Mock Head of the President as a “JOKE”?


IT’S ALL ABOUT THE MESSAGE & WHO’S TELLING IT . . . and that Starts in the Schools, Right out of Nursery, which Progresses to the Media, the Politicians, the Bureaucracy . . . And All The Way To And Through The Judiciary . . . WITHOUT OPPOSITION TO THE LIES.


SO . . . how did this happen over a period of Decades, in an ERA, which we believed was at a time of ENLIGHTENMENT, when in fact, we entered a period of Darkness? We STOPPED Standing-Up for Truth, Justice and Moral PRINCIPLES, because we were convinced that saying NO to things which were Abnormal and ANTI-DEMOCRATIC made us look like Neanderthals.


Having Politicians, Bureaucrats and the Judiciary REWRITE or REDEFINE Constitutional Truths, is NOT Normal. Accepting that a CULT is a Religion, and that the Cult’s “Religious” Book (Koran) and Sharia Law, which are ANATHEMA TO MODERN FREEDOMS OF OUR SOCIETIES ARE NORMAL . . . IS NOT NORMAL.

TO TEACH IN PRACTICAL EDUCATION . . . that Homosexuality is Normal in Comparison to Heterosexuality, IS NOT NORMAL. It might be acceptable and LEGAL, but by my Definition . . . it’s NOT Normal.

TO SUGGEST THAT THE FREE WILL OF PEOPLE . . . Not to Participate in what they believe to be ABNORMALITIES, such as participating in the Promotion of Abortion, Gay and Lesbian Weddings is NOT Normal is absurd, IT’S COERCION.

TO ACCEPT YELLOW JOURNALISM . . . As being the Price One Needs to Pay as a Cost of the Social War in the Fight for the RIGHTS OF TAKERS to somehow be ABOVE the RIGHTS of the MAKERSIS FAR FROM NORMAL.

BURNING THE FLAG ISN’T NORMAL . . . It’s the Ultimate Desecration of our FREEDOMS.

WEARING HOODS & MASKS TO PROTEST ISN’T NORMAL . . . It’s the Symbol of Socio/Political Cowardice and an ADMISSION OF GUILT.

I can write a book Akin to an Encyclopedia . . . about the Issues we have STUPIDLY Accepted as being Normal, because we’ve been BRAINWASHED to NOT Stand-Out, Stand-Up, AND TAKE A STAND on what really is Normal . . . and at WORST, we each live in FEAR of being called a Bigot or a Racist, BUT YOU ALREADY KNOW ALL OF THIS, because if you’re reading this BLOG, you already know the difference between NORMAL and ABNORMAL. But UNFORTUNATELY, most of the People DON’T!


Promoting HATRED and VIOLENCE, even if the VIOLENCE is just Trash-Talk against the President of the United States of America isn’t NORMALIT’S CRIMINAL.

AND MEN & WOMEN ELECTED OR APPOINTED TO PUBLIC OFFICE . . . who Cheat, Lie and Steal are NOT ABOVE THE LAW, even though many of them make the Laws in a FREE Society, must LIVE & DIE under the Same Laws REGARDLESS of Their Station In Life.

IN FACT . . . As I see it, those who we Entrust with our Money and our Freedoms MUST BE HELD TO A GREATER STANDARD . . . Because In My World – That’s What Is Normal.


For the LIKES of People like George Soros, Barack HUSSEIN Obama, Hillary Clinton and an Army of Others, who from Innuendo and from within the Shadows promote what they call RESISTANCE is NOT Normal . . . and is in my way of thinking, NOTHING SHORT OF TREASON.

Our System of Government Offers a Litany of Ways to Democratically, Politically and Socially Stand for a Myriad of VALUES . . . BUT – to Snipe, Finance and Encourage INSURRECTION from the Darkness of the Sidelines, is in Fact, no Different, nor is it LESS Guilty than being an Accomplice To A Crime . . .

THEREFORE . . . I have ZERO Reservations about Classifying the Likes of Soros, Obama, Clinton and their CADRE – as Enemies of the State, who should all be charged for TREASON, for the DAMAGE they’ve caused to the Fabric of the United States of America, which goes beyond the Damage Caused by all Outside Forces Preceding Them.

THESE AFOREMENTIONED LIARS, CHEATS & THIEVES . . . Can Call Themselves Patriots, no less than Benedict Arnold Could have Claimed the Same.

THESE TRAITORS TO OUR FREEDOMS . . . whether in Canada or the USA have had the Third & Fourth Quarters of the 20th Century, and nearly the entire First Quarter of the 21st Century all to themselves . . .


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, it’s okay to print ‘ass’ (as in Jewish ass), it’s your blog. I’m so happy to see, (no, FEEL) the heartfelt support from your proper-thinking readers. Big crap is about to hit the fan, and you’re right, Netanyahu is the man! The ONE man, left to bring our Obamatized attention to Israel. It’s gonna be an uphill climb. Thanks for your steel.


  2. Well put Howard! Some things I will accept if they don’t threaten my lifestyle or well being, but don’t expect me to see them as “normal!” We have really thrown the baby out with the bathwater!

  3. Be careful what you will accept “because it does not threaten your lifestyle or well being”!

  4. Yes indeed, that would be a very large book, were you to write it. Problem is, who would read it? Certainly not the future leaders of our country, who are victims of a badly broken education system. Add to that the fact that our society no longer respects our elders, nor looks to them for advice or wisdom. The current state of affairs has been building for some 100 years. Hopefully, there are enough younger patriots energetic enough and willing enough to undertake repair of our republic.

  5. Well said Howard, I couldn’t agree with you more. There are so many enemies of America that should be in prison we would have to build a new prison to house them all.

  6. Great article, Howard! Thank you. You’ve pointed out again the central core of liberalism: their position that good is bad and bad is good. Their moral compass is 180 degrees out of sync. They are full of hate and certainly do not have the high moral ground though that is what they pretend. They are NOT compassionate or altruistic! But the forces of reason still have a chance. We want to build and the left wants to tear down. Thank you.

  7. It is like where and what is the law. I read & here in the local news of people, of no power, get in jail for stealing. Where as you just wrote, those with money, can get away with almost any crime they want to do, year after year after decades. It’s almost seems that the state is to scared to go after them, even though the OVERWHELMING-EVIDENCE is there to have them arrested. So, whose stronger they or the state? This also shows the overwhelming condition of the judicial system.

  8. Interesting that Trump is having a Fund Raiser tonight, at HIS Golf Club in New Jersey a short Hilo ride from the WH. Fast backward to Hussein O. The event would be in Palm Springs, CA at mega, mega, bucks along with Spouse, her Mom and a staff of 60. Quite a difference. Note also, no weekly Michele “Booze ups” at the WH at $150K per session

  9. Howard as usual you are 100% on the money. The three people??? you mentioned in the first few words should have been locked away for many, many years. But since the government has reached such a low point BHO it has become a usual happening. I’m 83 and have just about given up seeing a normal country in the remainder of my lifetime. Can only hope.

  10. Take heart Howard, I believe that there are a lot more of us than there are of ‘them’! And George Soros is nothing but a crap disturber in spite of his wealth!

  11. So true, Howard. I miss the beloved America that I grew up in… is hard to believe that Soros hasn’t been kicked out of this country and his resources retained for all the EVIL he has caused us.

  12. Right on the money, as usual, Howard. Thank you again for sharing your uncommon wisdom. Undoubtedly, Obama and the Clinton crime family deserve to be in prison for high crimes and misdemeanours. Their enemedia enablers deserve the same fate, as do most members of the DemonRat party. Shameless traitors all. Draining the swamp, if it is at all possible, is going to take at least eight years.

  13. I do not except any law that that is against 10 commandments and will not follow the laws that harm our society.How stupid are the American public that excepted the 8 years of the obamas and the clintons,they have nearly destroyed our country.
    If we become sheep the wolves will eat us. Trump has to learn to keep his big mouth shut, that why he is in deep dodo now.

  14. It is said that people believe that to “conform” is the way to get along. Hogwash! The way to the truth lies in the Lord & His word. DO NOT CONFORM! STAND UP & TAKE BACK OUR LIVES…AND OUR COUNTRY. May God bless America once more…we need Him more than ever.

  15. Beautiful! We have been dealing with a communicable mental disease that has spread among the predisposed who are soooooo wrong. But they have seized their moment and influenced the rest of the fools. It will not go away quietly, but the election of Nov 2016 offers me confidence it will one day go away. An enormous financial collapse may very well usher out the madness of Socialism/Communism/Fascism/State-ism and the tyranny of them all. Islamo-Nazism is a horse of a different color.

  16. Good read. Posted it to Facebook. America is in trouble and people need to wake up and do something about it other than hoping it will pass.

  17. Howard, if only I had the ability to fight with the pen….you did an awesome job. So, I will continue to fight with my energy and riding ability. I will continue to gather men and women who are not afraid to push our way through on a motorcycle to support what is right – 50CC Diaper Run to support life, not abortion; War Horse Giveway to support the Native American; Ride For Solidarity to support Israel and Run For The Wall to support our military. Let’s get er done! Thanks for a great visit

  18. Knowing this is going to sound reckless to some, nevertheless I’ve decided in Tuesday’s GOP primary in my state to vote for the person running AGAINST an incumbent. Maybe it’s time we created our own term limits for political offices. Hopefully it will “catch on” with other voters.

  19. We came this far because people no longer SUFFER the repercussions of their ACTIONS, as proven by Obama’s PRAISING people like Chelsea Manning Bowe Bergdahl, & Reality Winner WHO are TRAITORS. His EVIL presidency has RUINED America, but at least this SWAMP CREATURE is gone. MORALITY and RESPECT are also very scarce.SEX is a free-for-all and KIDS are having KIDS. Hence there are no PROPER PARENTAL guidelines established. Our EDUCATION system also STINKS! Thank GOD for TRUMP vs. HILLARIOUS! AMEN!

  20. Howard, this is your “best ever” Editorial! Those of us who still have our heads screwed on properly (haven’t “messed up our brains” on drugs or alcohol) have “Had it up to here and not taking it anymore” (you included)! It’s all back to lack of self-respect plus lack of respect for other people! Millions of totally “selfish” people in our society today who will do almost anything for “attention”, including breaking the law! Their “reward” is all the “publicity” (which they don’t deserve)!

  21. Spot on Howard!! Have you noticed that our little French idiot is issuing postage stamps to honour Muslim/Moslems???
    How do you stop stupidity like that?? We’ll be fighting for our lives in a few years!!
    Don Ingalls British Columbia

  22. WOW – Excellent blog!!! Hopefully, the tide will turn – I am not sure when though. In reading what is going on around the world – It may take a longer time. Islam has really helped ruin any headway we were making. I just watch a video about Jews walking on the Temple Mount. Then one of the Israelis bowed and all hell broke lose! They were told just to walk around the mount. Here is an inch of headway and one of their own ruins it for the rest of them. I don’t get it & probably never will.

  23. For too long we the people have had our heAds in the sand. Time to stand up for what is right. Great article Howard

  24. And meanwhile, our UN-Canadian PM continues to give Canada away to his friends!

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