Freedom Of Religion Doesn’t Mean Freedom For Cults



The Preceding is NOT a Direct Quote of the Constitution . . . But does in essence, SPELL OUT EXACTLY what I believe the meaning of the First Amendment is all about, which of course also Makes Clear – the RIGHT for all People living within the United States to exercise their Freedoms of Expression, Assembly and Association.

BUT – WHAT THE FIRST AMENDMENT DOES NOT GUARANTEE . . . is Freedom of CULTS to Exercise those Components that FLY-IN-THE-FACE of the REAL FREEDOMS, which are guaranteed through the Constitution, especially through the FIRST Amendment.

AND TO SOMEHOW TIE SHARIA LAW . . . which is in itself – the Moslem ANTITHESIS to America’s FREEDOMS ENUNCIATED in the US Constitution – to a Freedom of Religion, is not just an Insult to the very Fabric of American Laws and Freedoms . . . but is in itself a CHALLENGE & ASSAULT to the Essence of all that Makes America an EXCEPTIONAL Secular Republic, Of The People, For The People, And By The People.


As I’ve Written Several Times . . . Canada is Entertaining Legislation which would Literally make it ILLEGAL for me to Criticize Islam, as I’ve just done in the Preceding, which in all Reality Takes Away my FREEDOM of Expression, and Gives the Government the POWER to Legislate what I CAN and CANNOT opine Verbally or in Writing.

IN THIS RESPECT – In Canada – Islam has already dealt our FREEDOMS a Significant Blow, in as much as an Archaic Law (Sharia), based upon the DICTATES of a man (Mohamed) who was a Pedophile, Misogynist, Racist, Slaver, Tyrant, and Genocidal Murderer . . . has placed our MOST Basic Freedom (Freedom of Expression) in Absolute Jeopardy.


OF COURSE . . . There is nothing the Government can Legislate, which will keep me from Writing and Speaking my Thoughts, other than Incarceration, and even then, if at all Possible . . . I WILL STILL COMMUNICATE AS A FREE MAN.

NO FORCE AMONGST HUMANITY . . . is as FEARED by the Tyrants – as a Society which Expresses itself fully, without the Fear of Government Retribution.

IN ALL TYRANNICAL SOCIETIES . . . The FIRST victim to fall to the DESPOTS, is Freedom of Expression in all Aspects – from Individual Speech, to the Dissemination of Thoughts, Ideas, and Accusations through the Public Media.

SO . . . When the Media Acquiesces to the Demands of Government, or FAILS to Disseminate the Truth, or Picks and Chooses which Truth to Promote, or Propagates their own Version of the Truth, and People who live in Fear of Government Penalties for Publicly Communicating their Thoughts . . . IT IS THE ABSOLUTE BEGINNING OF THE END!


Even though British “Prime Minister” Theresa May will Create a Minority Government by including one or more of the Conservative’s Political Adversaries in her soon to be Coalition Government . . . SHE IS A HUGE LOSER.

I BELIEVED . . . and recently wrote that Theresa May would be Lucky if she would even be able to hold onto a Minority Government, which to me, would also represent a VICTORY for Britain’s Conservatives. But not in the way most people think.

THERESA MAY IS NOT . . . And has NEVER been anything other than a PIECE OF POLITICAL FLOTSAM. In essence, and in my Opinion, Theresa May is, and has always been the Quintessential Politician, who Lives and Dies by Polling, which would indicate to her, what her best chances are to be elected. In other words . . . what is SAFE for her, and who she can APPEASE, always seemed to Supersede what was BEST for the Country and the People.

I don’t believe for a second, that the British People didn’t vote for the Conservatives in large enough numbers to give them a Majority Government, because the Conservatives held Policies which were Anathema to the Will Of The People.

I BELIEVE THE BRITISH PEOPLE . . . Didn’t Vote For The Conservatives, almost exclusively because of Theresa May, who was a Disaster as Home Secretary, where Moslem Terrorists were permitted to plan and scheme under her nose prior to taking over from Prime Minister Cameron, and as the Prime Minister Herself, she LITERALLY STOOD FOR NOTHING.


BORIS JOHNSON . . . Former Mayor of London, and Current Foreign Secretary in the Conservative Government, who by all standards LED BRITAIN OUT OF THE EU, who is also a 100% Friend and Ally to the United States, President Trump, and the State of Israel, who is in my opinion a SHOE-IN to Replace Theresa May, who will then call another Early Election, WHICH HE WILL WIN BY A LANDSLIDE.


IF NOTHING ELSE . . . Comey should be Indicted for being a Grandstander, a Politician POSING as a Significant Leader in a NON-PARTISAN Department, A LEAKER, and an Incompetent SELF-AGGRANDIZED PUTZ, who created a Monumental Waste of Time, Money and Energy . . . Pushing and Extending the LIE through his Silence and through Innuendo that President Trump was not EXONERATED of Colluding with the Russians by the FBI under Comey’s Leadership . . . Keeping Anti-Trump Fuel on the Fire for the LEFT.

IN ALL TRUTH . . . If Comey is Guilty of ANYTHING, of which I think he is Guilty of PLENTY, it is that Comey CONTRIBUTED almost single-handedly to the Great American Divide, which also STYMIED the Progress of the Policies of the President of the United States of America, which to my way of thinking is UNCONSCIONABLE & UNFORGIVEABLE.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov


  • Howard, I clearly remember the “Good” Anglo and Jewish communities marginalizing you when you were the only voice to stand up to Quebec fascists. For the readers who don’t know, you were akin to a cavalry general with sword drawn leading a charge, looking back to see your own army no where around. Having deserted you out of cowardice or appeasement to the enemy. Not a word of exaggeration.

    Joe Eliott, Montreal, QC
  • You have said it all Howard , I agree with all you have blogged today.

    Larry Lehrman, Aventura, Florida, United States
  • Right on again, Howard.

    Arnold Eyre, Ottawa, Ontario
  • If you don’t mind I will be quoting directly from your description of islam and its “shari” law component. I have tried to explain this fact to many of my associates and brethren without success. Your very specific and clear analysis says exactly what I wanted to say but without all my “puff.” Unless we recognize what you have herein pointed out we, both the US and Canada, might as well bend over and kiss our collective fannies good bye. Thanks

    Chester Przygoda, Rochester Hills, Michigan
  • That says it all, Howard! Thanks…

    Don and Jeanne Glass, Sun City West, Arizona, United States
  • RIGHT ON!! A cult, or ideology is not a religion. Otherwise, we would be recognizing the Satanic Religion (?), Muslim/sharia Ideology, Beastiallity Cult, Cool-Aid Cult, etc. They just keep hitting us with “racist, bigot, homophobic, etc” and expect6 us to cow and bend to their demands. STOP IT! We are One Nation Under God. Not Allah or Satin, etc. WE better tighten our moral and ethic belts or we will be going down under like France, Encland, Sweden, Spain, Italy and the rest of the world

    Peggy Johns Bland, San Antonio, Texas USA
  • I emailed Iqra Khalid, the Liberal MP who introduced M-103 to Parliament, writing, “According to the historical record, the prophet Muhammad was a mass murderer, a thief, a polygamist and a pedophile. Since you as a Member of Parliament are sworn to uphold the laws of the land, is it not encumbent upon you to renounce Muhammad, since murder, theft, polygamy and pedophilia are illegal in Canada?” I was informed that a response would be forthcoming. I’m still waiting…for a visit by the police.

    Barry Jackson, St. Lazare, Quebec
  • Thank you, Howard!! Finally I have someone that agrees with “The Gospel According To Bill” in that “…WHAT THE FIRST AMENDMENT DOES NOT GUARANTEE . . . is Freedom of CULTS…” More than one time I have said that ISLAM is not a religion but a CULT and should be viewed and treated as such. It will be a good day when people understand the difference.

    Billy Minatra, Kingsbury TX
  • You are absolutely correct, Howard.

    Hope Wozniak, Cleves, OH
  • Wow! Everything you’ve written re: RELIGIOUS FREEDOM & CULTS is so true!RE: COMEY–he is a DISGRACE to the FBI and lacks INTEGRITY!He sounded like a “little boy” who is afraid of his Mommy”.This person was an FBI Director and FELT that he couldn’t ‘confront’ either Pres. Trump or Loretta Lynch with the TRUTH…give me a break…plus, he’s a LEAKER!HE is the reason why HILLARIOUS was NOT PROSECUTED, etc…Trump was right to FIRE HIM!He is in for a RUDE AWAKENING in the near future!GO TRUMP! AMEN!

    PAULINE M DEMERS, Woonsocket, RI - USA
  • Well said Howard. Free speech is the cornerstone of democracy. Canada’s Conservative party would do well to heed the lesson of Theresa May before they begin cozying up to lib/left Trudeau policies that they might believe could be appealing to the Canadian people. Climate accords and immigration policies come to mind.

    Orlin Olsen
    Winnipeg MB.

    Orlin Olsen, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
  • J. Edgar Hoover would never have put up with the crap we now have

    Paul Gullick, Bonaire, Georgia, United States
  • US has Trump, what chance does Canada have? While you were away that winter HG it was reported Trudeau greeted 1st wave of Muslims at Toronto Airport with winter clothing, big hugs, copies of Quran n Prayer Mats, and of course he posed for the selfies. Follow that with M103, (he was not present for the vote on the motion) and Canada is doomed. A Muslim woman is asking for gov funded safe areas for them to talk freely (Tucker Carlson last evening). All of the above is incredulous, wake up Canada.

    Ken Davies, Cornwall, Ontario
  • Exactly right, Howard. We are behind you all the way.

    David Hall, Williamsville NY
  • Howard, as usual you express my sentiments exactly. I was disappointed with the results in the English election, how can so many Brits vote Labour ? It is incredible how stupid some people are. Of course we have our own group here in Ontario who are being encouraged to vote liberal because of all the perks Wynn is promising . I shudder to think what the world is coming to. Thanks Howard for your insightful blog.

    Marie Watkins, Dundas, Ontario, Canada

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