The War To End All Wars

Our Greatest Threat Is Displayed In The History Of Islam.

Bob Knight from Modiin in Central Israel . . . Wrote in the last Comment Section, that after WWI . . . England did not Build Back it’s Armed Forces and Weaponry, which is 100% TRUE – But neither did the USA.

Part of the Reasons why the British and Americans didn’t build back their War Machines were Economic, since fighting the GREAT WAR drained their Coffers.

Another Reason was in the Title of this Editorial . . . THE WAR TO END ALL WARS, since WWI was like no other War ever Fought, and was so Brutal and Devastating in terms of the Loss and Destruction of Humanity, that virtually all World Leaders never imagined that the World would ever do it again.


AFTER WWI . . . World Leaders, especially throughout Europe and North America, turned their Attention to Rebuilding their Economies, while pursuing Socialist Agendas in order to Win Votes and Power. And in the Case of Woodrow Wilson, he Invested America’s Energy and Wealth to Create the League of Nations, the Precursor to the United Nations, which was at that time totally Rejected by his Own Country, as a Monumental Waste of American Time, Effort and Money.



We obviously didn’t learn enough NOT to allow an Adolf Hitler to Rampage Humanity just 21-YEARS after the WAR TO END ALL WARS (1918-1939). And we didn’t learn enough to Maintain and use the Greatest Military in the World, to keep the World’s Tyrants and Global Threats at Bay.

WE OBVIOUSLY DIDN’T LEARN ENOUGH . . . to FORCE our Allies in NATO to Carry their Own Weight and live up to their Written Commitments to spend at the MINIMUM . . . just 2% of their GDP on their Military TO DO THEIR PART.

And we certainly didn’t learn enough from our Experience with Adolf Hitler and his Nazi Regime, to take a Tyrant’s Word For It, when he Promises to do what the Leaders CAN’T or REFUSE to believe he will do . . . BUT HE DOES IT NONETHELESS.

The Moslems have made it CLEAR through WORD & DEED . . . that they HATE our Western Jewish, Christian and all other Non-Moslem Values. And it also seems that the World’s Leaders DIDN’T GET THE MOSLEM MEMO . . . That SECULAR MODERNITY is the ENEMY OF ISLAM to be Condemned through Acts of TERROR.

Islam became a CULT based upon a Socio/Political Created Religious Thread some 1,400-Years Ago. Christianity was Born After the Death of Christ some 2,000-Years Ago, based upon the belief that Mankind can and Should Express Love for each other based upon the Biblical Ten Commandments.

Judaism Celebrates 5,777-Years as a Religion, and more than 3,000-Years as a Nation, with the Conquest of David over Goliath, based entirely upon the Age old Torah Belief of Living a Life of Value and Sharing . . . In other words – Doing God’s Work WITHOUT Proselytizing.


From The Very Beginning Of Islam . . . WAR & SUBJUGATION of any and all who WOULDN’T Bend a Knee to one Specific Form of Islam (Shiite) or Other (Sunni) . . . or to all who weren’t Moslems, and to all who wouldn’t Surrender to the Dictates of Mohammed who were Moslems . . . Suffered – and Continue to Suffer the WRATH of one Brand of Islam or the Other.

WARS FOLLOW WARS . . . International Grievances Follow International Grievances – Alliances Change, and the History of the World of Politics ALWAYS REPEATS ITSELF.

SO WHY SHOULD WE BE SHOCKED . . . That Islam has been at WAR with all people who aren’t/weren’t them, virtually from the Creation of Islam (Circa 600 AD) to the LAST and NEXT Current Attacks on Innocent Non-Moslems . . . and Moslems who are of a Different Sect?

Who with any Semblance of Honesty and Understanding of History could possibly believe that since 1095, the beginning of the Crusades, that Islam has ever Stopped Its War on Christianity, Judaism, Secularism and All Others with whom Islam DOESN’T Agree?


IT’S NOT AS IF . . . Islam didn’t Destroy much of the Fabric of India, where the Country was TORN IN HALF with Moslem Bangladesh (East Pakistan) to the East, and Moslem Pakistan to the West, where Pakistan and India Stare each other Down with Nuclear Weapons, where before the NUKES, they fought Violent Border Wars and are still always on the edge.

IT’S NOT AS IF . . . Islam hasn’t also INSERTED itself in Africa through the Millennia, where they’ve Merchandized and STILL MERCHANDIZE in War, Revolution, Piracy and the Slave Trade.

The Preceding Are Neither Suppositions Nor Opinions . . . They are History and the Present World – AND OUTSIDE OF PRESIDENT TRUMP, it seems that our Leaders are DEAF, DUMB, & BLIND, who are Slow Walking us to an Inevitable Clash between Evil and Good, where just like WWII, when the World could have ENDED Hitler before he had his chance to really get Rolling, WE TOO CAN END THIS BEFORE IT ENDS US, but, as Einstein said many years ago . . . the Definition of Insanity – DOING THE SAME THING OVER AND OVER AGAIN EXPECTING DIFFERENT RESULTS.

Outside of TOO MUCH Government, TOO MUCH Taxes, TOO MUCH Regulations, TOO MUCH Propaganda Taught In Our Schools, & TOO MUCH “Fake” News (Yellow Journalism) – All of which are delivered by TOO MANY Stupid, Ignorant, and/or CORRUPT PEOPLE:

Our Greatest Threat Is Displayed In The History Of Islam, While We Do Nothing.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. What this world does not understand is that the “Jewish” issue today, much like back in the 20s and 30s is just the beginning of the game. As a Pole familiar with history learned at the feet of my grandparents who came to America before Hitler and his crew did their thing but not before the Reds started to do their thing in Poland the remarkable thing to me is how people, all people, simply cannot see the obvious.

  2. Human Nature and the historical war of Good and Evil. Even if a person understands, it is NEVER going to change!

  3. I definitely agree with Dick & Sue, out in AZ…..sadly this is the way the world is! All we can do is PRAY about the situation, & hope Good wins out!!

  4. If we become sheep the wolves ( muslims ) will eat us. Europe ,Canada ,U.S.and other country’s around the world have become the sheep.

  5. Good history lesson. Wonder if anyone in government would pay attention? WELL SAID.

  6. Eventually, the politicians will be the ruination of America. The sad part is that now we are way too close to eventually right now. When the dems campaign they tell us what they are going to do when they govern and they do it even though I disagree with them. When the pubs campaign they tell us what they are going to do and then they DO NOT do it. Agreeing with their campaign talk and disagreeing with their actions are where we are right now. Eventually is here.

  7. Becaause of the human nature, it is sad to say, that you are correct.

  8. Boy oh Boy you have written a Mouth Full!!! We have all the information & we still do NOT use it! Our true wake up call was on 9-11-2001. Yet here we are in 2017, just 15 years later – Waiting for something BIG to happen again – Before any of the World Leaders sill get off their behinds & do something about it!!! In the USA it is disgusting how our own US Government sticks its head in the sand – Yet they really do think they are doing really good!!! Term Limits would stop a lot of this.

  9. WOW…Talk about sitting in the front Row today…I have been enlightened by VERY Special Editorial today… a must read and a.. “PRINTER OUTER TO GIVE TO OTHERS”… Much appreciation to your Research…. Teaching… and Educational Writing Skills… Howard!!!

  10. Our one and ONLY HOPE of winning this war against our national
    enemy of Islam is OUR GOD. He has a habit of ALWAYS winning.
    Bill M-103 if passed will put me in prison for making this statement..
    My prison ministry will be changed to the other side of the bars.

    Gordy and Karen Hagen Abbotsford, B.C. Canada

  11. Surely anything that is so elementary and packed with common sense is totally unrecognizable by the fools who lead us politically. Only matters of complexity (in their minds) are worthy of contemplation….so generation after generation the fools can appear to be wise men (and women) by reinventing the wheel……again… in order to appear knowledgeable and totally relevant at their time. HISTORY DOES NOT MATTER TO THE FOOLS! Are there stronger words than….PATHETIC or STUPIDITY?

  12. What’s wrong with America? “Millions” living here who only know how to “lie, cheat, steal, and murder”! (“Ethics” and “honesty” no longer exist!) Neither does reporting “facts” (not what’s “fabricated to fit the agenda”)! It’s all about money and “control of people” today! Many American lives have been sacrificed for the “Freedoms” we are now tossing aside! Why is this? Next “war”(already started) is on our own soil: Trump trying to “unite” USA vs. those wanting to “divide/destroy” USA!

  13. People don’t have the stomach for wars and confrontation, so they let everything go and just justify it, saying we can live with things as they are and they won’t get worse. We do this a lot today. People in WW2 said the same thing as the Nazis marched everywhere. But eventually that confrontation to stop tyranny and evil comes. And the longer we wait to fight it, the higher the cost.

  14. Thank you for reading my comments, it does my ego no end of good to be quoted! What I maybe should have emphasized a bit more was that I thought it unfair that Chamberlain is always called an appeaser: he had no choice. With regard to your latest blog, I basically agree with all you say, although I may not have emphasized the points in quite the same way. Yes, the West is/has been PC blinded to Islamic violence, although now it’s knocking on the door, so things are changing (hopefully).

  15. Our government “LEADERS” and those leaders of other Western countries in Europe have most all taken money for their campaigning from the SAUDIE’s…..they no longer think for themselves or about the U S Citizen’s who elected them. Until they are cleared OUT America and the rest of the west is doomed to pray on a rug with their asses in the air.

  16. This is one of the most profound and well written pieces on the subject of man’s stupidity I have ever read … I do not read all you posts but I am very pleased I read this one … my hat off to you sir !

  17. I can find absolutely NO vindicating factors in Islam!! We are a country defined by it’s Constitution and Bill of Rights. They have changed over the decades, but WITH THE CONSENT OF IT’S people! I see no flexibility in Islam , no sense of the equality of ALL people, NO sense of assimilation, or negotiation.
    Perhaps I’m blind, but I see a zero value effect of Islam,……period!

  18. Does one have to “touch fire” to realize that it BURNS? I guess so because very sadly, many people choose to not face REALITY re: RADICAL ISLAM. They believe that America will NOT be attacked when we already ARE in many SUBTLE WAYS–in various States! Again, America will probably have to undergo another attack like 911 for them to BELIEVE. Pres. Trump is doing his best to prevent such an attack, BUT the DEMORATS don’t even care, as proven by their lack of cooperation re: the ILLEGALS. AMEN!

  19. A pint of fact. Israel became a nation with the Exodus from Egypt. Prior to that we were but a collection of tribes. It took Hashem using Egypt as an anvil to hammer us into a nation capable of accepting the Torah. David and Goliath is a good story of our struggles against the Philistines and if you listen to Abbas and company they would have the world thinking that they are the descendants of those Philistines. The only similarity is that we are still at war with them. The new Amalek.

  20. Howard, I couldn’t have said it better myself. I have been knocking my head against the wall since May/June 1967 when I and others like me tried to explain to our Government politicians that no country can close an international water way. The answer we received at the time from our Government was ( do you want us to start a third world war, because Israel cannot sail its ships through the Tiran straights, where Nasser blocked Israeli ships from entering these waters? Steve Acre, Canada

  21. History — His Story — repeats itself! We may have a little different setting but we just do not learn. We make the same mistakes over and over again. Our purpose in life is to see who we are going to serve — the Eternal God — or the little god of this world. Most people choose the latter. If we are educated at all you can read the hand writing on the wall. There will wars and rumors of war so get used to it.
    By the way, who are you serving?

  22. Canadian MSM is, I believe, gagged. Did you know that a 2 day march n demonstration took place June 3/4 on Parliament Hill to protest M103 attack on Freedom of Speech. CTV had extensive coverage of the Francophone march demanding Ottawa be made officially bilingual but ignored M103. Is French more important than to be able to speak anything freely?
    Be reminded that the attack on your right to an opinion on Islam or Muslims is M103, contrived and brought to parliament by a female Muslim MP?

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