The “Phoney” War & Defending My Rainbow



THE MUNICH CONFERENCE . . . The Big Sell-Out – led by England (Neville Chamberlain) and France (Edouard Daladier), agreed on September 29, 1938 at the Behest of Adolf Hitler of Germany and Benito Mussolini of Italy . . . WITHOUT THE PRESENCE OF THE CZECHOSLOVAKIAN GOVERNMENT . . . SURRENDERED Sudetenland, which was a VITAL Czechoslovakian Industrial Region to the Nazis, for the Supposed Purpose of KEEPING THE PEACE & AVOIDING WAR.

When British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain returned to England from the Munich Conference with a Document in Hand, he proclaimed to England and the Entire World . . .

“My good friends, for the second time in our history, a British Prime Minister has returned from Germany bringing peace with honour. I believe it is peace for our time. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Go home and get a nice quiet sleep.”

ON SEPTEMBER 3, 1939 . . . a Few Days Less than One Year after the Munich Agreement and the Sell-Out of Czechoslovakia on the Altar of Nazi Appeasement, Germany Invaded Poland . . . and through a Mutual Defense Pact with Poland, England had no choice but to Declare War on Germany, with Canada Immediately Following Suit.


After the Declaration of WAR, it took about 8-MONTHS, until the REAL War began between all Belligerents, with the USA NOT getting in until December 7, 1941, brought-on by the Sneak Attack on Pearl Harbor.

WHAT IS MOST INTERESTING . . . is that between the Start of the “Phoney” War and the Entry into the World War of the United States, the American Administration of FDR turned Cartwheels NOT to inflame or Anger the Nazis, to the Point, that the FDR Presidency, “asked” the Jewish Owned Hollywood Movie Industry NOT to make Inflammatory Anti-Nazi Movies, and attempted to QUASH “The Great Dictator”, Written, Directed, Produced and Acted by Charlie Chaplin, even though History has recently proven that FDR and many others in Positions of Authority, knew the TRUTH of the Nazis and their Death Camps Designed for the SOLE Purpose of Eradicating Jews From Existence.

ALSO OF GREAT INTEREST . . . Is the Canard that only 20% of the German People were Nazis, which kind of makes me wonder how in the world could have anyone come to that conclusion? Were there any reliable Polls? And if ONLY 20% of the Entire Population of 80-Million German People were Nazis – how could they have possibly done so much International Damage, Carnage and Conquest?


TERRORISM isn’t PHYSICAL – it’s PSYCHOLOGICAL . . . and in this Global WAR of TERRORISM against us, the Islamists are WINNING . . . and we’re LOSING.

And as I see it, it doesn’t matter if the Moslems Murder a FEW here or there, even if that FEW numbers in the Hundreds, since there are Hundreds of Millions of us in the West who aren’t Moslems . . . and they can’t kill us all. And that’s not their immediate Objective.

SO HOW MANY THEY MURDER DOESN’T MATTER TO THEM . . . What Matters to the Moslem Terrorists, is that their TERROR Paralyses us and our Society in every way possible . . . and at that – they are doing a Magnificent Job.


How many times have we heard from the Non-Moslem Apologists . . . that of ALL the World’s Moslems, only about 20% Are Islamists. And just as was with the Nazis . . . how in the world could anyone come to this number? Where were the Polls?

BUT ASSUMING IT’S TRUE . . . that ONLY 20% of the World’s 1.5-BILLION Moslems are Islamists . . . that would mean that there are 300-MILLION OF THEM WHO WANT US DEAD . . . which by COMPARISON – If the Nazis totaled ONLY 20% of all German People in 1940 – Bringing the Nazi Total to “JUST” SIXTEEN MILLION – Do the Math . . . 300-Million Versus 16-Million, and look what the Nazis did to the World in just 5-Short Years.

Wherever we go these days, whether to a Musical Event, Sports Arena, on an Airplane, and just about everywhere else . . . we are met, surrounded and INCONVENIENCED with Security.

IN THE UNITED STATES . . . through the NSA, FBI & JUSTICE DEPARTMENT – American Freedoms, especially the Freedom of Privacy are being abused. The American Government is SPYING on all Americans, just as George Orwell wrote would happen in his 1949 Novel – 1984, but unlike what Orwell couldn’t know, his prediction came TRUE because of Moslems.

In Canada, our government is on its way to passing a LAW PROHIBITING FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION CONCERNING ISLAM.

YOU TELL ME – Given All Of This, That The Moslems Aren’t Winning?

With every Moslem Inspired TERRORIST Attack, a Huge Number of Western Apologists, INCLUDING Ridiculous Political Parties, led by Pathetic Political Leaders, always on the LEFT . . . Including RINOS in the USA and Progressive Conservatives in Canada, SING THE SAME CRAZY TUNE . . .

1 – Islam is a Religion of Peace.
2 – Radical Islamists HIGHJACKED a Great Religion.
3 – Only 20% of all Moslems are Islamists.
4 – Islam is under Attack in Western Europe, the USA, and Canada.
5 – We have to be Far More Tolerant, Understanding and Welcoming of Islam.
6 – You Can’t Blame The Many For the Actions Of The Few.


IN SPITE OF . . . The Writing of Mein Kampf, The Burning of the Bundestag, The Burning of Books, The Unlawful Arrests and Detentions of Political Adversaries, The Slaughter of Gypsies, Unionists, and the Mentally Handicapped . . . The “Temporary” Restrictions of German-Due-Process, the COMPLETE DISENFRANCHISEMENT OF THE JEWS, the Beginning of the Holocaust, the Seizure of Austria, the Strong-Arm Seizure of Czechoslovakian Sudetenland . . . and being in Strict Violation of the Treaty of Versailles . . . the Rearmament of Germany’s Vast War Machine . . . THE PEOPLE THEN STILL DIDN’T BELIEVE.


Is that where we’re going with the Moslems . . . In SPITE of EVERYTHING Despicable they’ve Done to each other, to the Jews, to the Christians, to the Countries that have taken them-in, to the Western Societies that gave them Succor and Opportunities . . . TO THE BRINK where NOT BELIEVING will much Sooner Rather Than Later be our Road To Perdition – Paved in Blood, Pain and Dystopia?


As Great as the Media Portrayed the Second Ariana Grande Concert in Manchester, PEDDLING LOVE & UNDERSTANDING . . . the Media were Lauding Grande and a Host of other Pieces of Entertainment Excrement like Justin Bieber, who only ADDED to the Effect Islamic TERRORISM Has On The World, by portraying a VICTIMOLOGY of us, as only the LEFT can . . . INSTEAD OF THE OUTRAGE WE NEED, IN ORDER TO DO WHAT HAS TO BE DONE.

THERE IS NO QUESTION IN MY MIND . . . That this is no different than the Lead-Up to World War Two, when Political Cowards and Appeasers like British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain SOLD Czechoslovakia Down The River to save his Sorry Political Ass, while MEN LIKE SIR WINSTON CHURCHILL, who was at the time VILIFIED as a War Monger, DEMANDED to End the Nazis, BEFORE they could Really Get Started and End Us.

CHAMBERLAIN WON . . . The World along with SIX MILLION JEWS LOST, and the Rest is History.


We don’t need Entertainment-Scum of the World to Sing OVER THE RAINBOW to Evoke Emotion and Tears for us, especially since Over The Rainbow, as was performed by Grande at her second Manchester Concert, which was Written by the Progeny of Holocaust Survivors, about the Dreams for Freedom and Humanity by the Discarded Jewish Victims of the Nazi Death Camps, who PRAYED for a place Over The Rainbow – FAR – FAR AWAY, Where Troubles Melted Like Lemon Drops & Blue Birds Flew.


And we don’t need a Tear Jerker Song, Performed Out Of Context to Self Aggrandize an Entertainment Diva, to CONVINCE all of us that all we NEED to do to make everything better . . . Is To Spread The Love, when what we really need . . . IS TO POUND THESE SAVAGES INTO THE GROUND UNTIL THERE’S NOTHING LEFT OF THEM.

I LIKE IT HERE OVER THE RAINBOW . . . And if we’re NOT Willing to do Whatever it Takes to Defeat the Islamic Enemy of Mankind – We will all Bear Witness, as our Rainbow will Vanish from our Midst, as Assuredly as it Does when the Mist of the Rain Evaporates.

No More Feel Good Concerts by Decrepit People to make themselves feel special and the rest of us to cry. No More Teddy Bears and Flowers, or Candle Vigils at the Scenes of Moslem Caused Carnage and TERROR.


I Would Rather Die On My Feet To Save My Rainbow . . . Than Live On My Knees To Remember It As It Used To Be.

Amongst The Next Songs The Moslems Who Want To Do Us Wrong Should Hear . . . Should Lead-Off With – FROM THE HALLS OF MONTEZUMA . . .

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Thank God there are “Bad Jews” like you. I remember just how courageous you were in standing up to those Ethnocentric Quebecers while placing your family in danger.

  2. Howard, How can we educate the ignorant masses that still exist in our western world ??

  3. Thumbs up on your message. Things haven’t changed with them in a thousand years.. Why expect otherwise.

  4. The appeasers are of a state of mind totally foreign to us realists, Howard. The youth is so dumbed down and indoctrinated in our schools, it is difficult to overcome, hence we have in living color the super stupid. And that has been going on for at least 50+ years. Someone said ignorance is fixable, but stupid is forever! When we destroy Islamic Terrorism as we did Nazism… without mercy, the world will once again be a safer place. The lefties will just put another flower in their hair.

  5. Howard, what we are allowing is a Nazi influx of people called migrants to infest our society. Do you think that during the second world war we would have allowed “Nazis” to make up a certain segment of our population? It is time (I think) to bring back the crusades and to crush them and not allow them to enter our society.

  6. An interesting book to read: “Islam Unveiled” by Robert Spenser.

  7. EXCELLENT EDITORIAL!History IS repeating itself!The LIBERALS are suggesting to NOT INFLAME or ANGER Islam.The Hollywood entertainers are only concerned with self-aggrandizing themselves by using FAKE EMOTIONS and PRES. TRUMP as a TOOL to promote their own AGENDA.They live in a FANTASY WORLD; these SAME LIBERALS won’t believe that the ISLAMIC TERRORIST THREAT is REAL–until AMERICA suffers another TRAGEDY such as 9ll, which COULD happen very soon! The TRUTH is too SCARY for them to BELIEVE! AMEN!

  8. YES, History does repeat itself UNLESS we are willing to learn from it. The way the USA wiped out the pirates AND included that victory in its official navy song, the USA today has a President who is willing to wipe out the terrorists. I am hoping with great anticipation that he will overcome the difficulties thrown at him and go after the barbarian terrorist beasts with the mighty US armed forces behind him….WITHOUT the politically correct coward European traitors.

  9. Great editorial Howard it is right on . The stupid blind masses think that if they refuse to see what is going on and they
    think if they see no evil they hear no evil it will not exist. They react like a buch of stupid ostriches who buries their heads in the sand so that they see nothing and hear nothing . That does not stop the carnivours from attacking them and devouring them.

  10. another great book on Islam ALLAH DIVINE OR DEMONIC On the net just google it

  11. If you Google Raheel Raza By the Numbers you will see a 14.5 minute video that explains that 27% of World wide Muslims follow Islamism. I’ve read other places where’s it closer to 33% and an additional percentage said they would join in with the other 33% if they started up some kind of jihad. And it’s likely that that same percentage of Muslim refugees/migrants are coming to Canada/USA. Stats Canada said that by 2030 Canada will be 10% Islamic at the rate of Muslim Immigration/family sizes.Ouch

  12. Great editorial Howard, the idiots don’t understand whats at stake.

  13. Having broken the Japanese code, FDR knew of the Pearl Harbor attack in advance and thus conned the American people into entering the war against the Nazis AFTER Hitler attacked Russia. Under FDR America’s military was used to remove Germany as an obstacle to the Soviet invasion of Europe. FDR was just as much a war criminal as Hitler and Stalin.

  14. You write “THE MUNICH CONFERENCE . . . The Big Sell-Out – led by England (Neville Chamberlain)” Do you know that after the carnage of WW1 most of the West had disarmed. Britain included, and in 1938 it effectively had no army or air force. During the year 38/39 it built tanks fighters, bombers, etc, so when it declared war on Germany it was only outnumbered by about 2:1 instead of 10:1. Many describe Chamberlain’s 1938 actions as appeasement, maybe it was, but the alternative was suicide.

  15. Right on the money, Howard!
    The Americans were making a financial killing selling supplies to the Nazis until they were forced to “change their minds” by the Japanese.

  16. Amen, Evil succeeds when good men do nothing! The globalists use the Islamist terrorists to take away our freedoms. The great American experiment has now failed unless we the people revolt. When children must purchase a license to sell lemonade and mow lawns, the end is near. When your government forces you to poison your child with chemicals (vaccinations) and forces everyone to purchase a service/product (called heath-care), the end is near.Praise God we do not get all the government we pay fo

  17. Good one Howard , unfortunately the other side is probably not listening and if they are, it’s intent is to silence those who support your point of view. The rest of the world needs to be pushed over the edge by these Barbarians while we still have some sane and capable individuals to handle the task ( wiping these terrorists off the planet ) One more generation of politically correct wusses and their leaders and we will not be able to handle the task, Time is Our Enemy in this case.

  18. You can stick your head in the sand if you want to but your butt is sticking out and a Muslim will come along and chop it off for you. Man that hurts! Howard keep on telling the people the way it is. Some of them might — just might listen!

  19. I wish we could spread the message and have it understood by the masses, however, again Ideology trumps common sense and truth… Everything you wrote is true and history based. The Muslims have been at this for thousands of years, have told
    us to our face what they want, even with that, the Prog’s don’t hear it. Truly a sickness the Progressive’s have.

  20. We should be more tolerant of these moslems, as they don’t know how to live in peace.
    They don’t know how to condem the terrotists and thier acts and don’t have any pity for all the people killed and injured.
    We also have to feel sorry for the liberal leadership as they bow to muslims and don’t watch what is about to hit them in thier sorry asses and what is happening to Canada..
    Brian Gillcash

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