MEA CULPA . . . With A Reason – But NOT An Excuse


SO . . . AFTER WRITING YESTERDAY (June 1, 2017), of how important it is for ALL OF US to Question the Accuracy of the Media (Press) ALL THE TIME . . . I found myself being Questioned BIG TIME . . . or should I emulate President Trump and say BIG LEAGUE, for an ERROR I made in Yesterday’s Editorial.

I HAD WRITTEN . . . That Eboni Williams of Fox News, on with Eric Bolling everyday, Monday Through Friday from 5p to 6p, had LIED about being involved in a Counter Demonstration with her College (University) against the Nazis who Marched in Skokie Illinois.

I wrote that the march was in 1978 and Eboni Williams was born in 1988, making her only 10-Years Old when the Event Happened, proving that my Arithmetic from time to time is not my Biggest Asset.

WHEN IN FACT . . . Eboni Williams WASN’T EVEN BORN when this March and Subsequent Controversy Happened, which just makes Eboni Williams that much more of a LIAR.

But I also Wrote in the Same Editorial . . . Screwing-Up on a Name is One Thing. Getting a Date Wrong also Happens” . . . which is what happened to me yesterday. But, what is MORE IMPORTANT, is the Substance, Meaning and Integrity of the Story.

ALL THAT SAID . . . I’m Really Pleased that many of you took my Advice and Called-Me-Out for an Inaccurate FACT in the Editorial.

SO . . . WHILE WE’RE AT IT – And while we were pointing To Mistakes . . . It was ONLY one Reader, John Smith from Toronto, who Caught that I Spelled Eric Bolling’s last name WRONG. I spelled it Bowling.

AND NO ONE . . . Caught the fact that I spelled Eboni William’s name Wrong too, by spelling it once with a Y at the end, instead of an I, as it should have been.

And then there was Ron Powers of Beaver Pennsylvania . . . Who in the Comment Section Yesterday, seemed to want to Pile-On, to show that I made an even Bigger Mistake, by Writing . . . “The march did not take place in Skokie. After the Court’s decision, the NSPA marched in Chicago”.

WELL RON . . . I really hope that you weren’t playing GOTCHA, with your Comment, since that would have been really untoward.

The March DID NOT HAPPEN AS PLANNED, but, it indeed did Happen, with about 2-Dozen Nazis in Full Regalia, who DID SHOW-UP amidst a Huge Number of Angry COUNTER DEMONSTRATORS.

The Nazis Milled Around for about 10-Minutes in Skokie, before they soon realized, that their Future was Better Placed Somewhere Else.

JUST AS AN ADDITION TO THE STORY – A Jewish Lawyer from the ACLU, went to Court on Behalf of the Nazis, NOT because he supported them, but rather, because he Defended the Nazi’s Constitutional FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHT to Freedom of Expression, with NO Limitations whatsoever, that would be IMPOSED upon any other Group which wanted to be Peacefully Heard and Seen.

It’s Either Freedom Of Expression For All . . . Or Freedom For None.


As I wrote in the Title of this Editorial, I Am Guilty . . . With A Reason – But Not An Excuse – HERE’S THE REASON . . . And in my way of thinking, it is WELL WORTH THE FEW MISTAKES.

My Really Good Friend Pastor Gary Burd of the M-25 Christian Motorcycle Group RODE into Montreal this Wednesday, with his Beautiful Wife Carolyn and Two Stalwart Friends, all of whom are about to embark on an UNBELIEVABLE ADVENTURE.

Gary, being a Preacher (Pastor) and all is a Religious Man, who Lives by the Values and Virtues of the Bible through the Ten Commandments, so he will have to FORGIVE ME for violating the TENTH Commandment – Do Not Covet . . . which could easily be interpreted as HAVING ENVY FOR WHAT IS NOT YOURS.

IN THIS CASE . . . My Envy – is that Gary, Carolyn and their Two BIKER Companions are off on Friday (Today – June 2nd) to Gatwick Airport (London England), from where they will Carry the TORCH and Lead the Ride for a FUND Raiser in London, for the TWENTIETH International (Jewish) Maccabiah Games, which are staged every 4-Years, which will be Held in Israel for Jewish and Israeli Athletes (Regardless of Religion) from all over the World, on July 4th Until July 18th.

Aside from Leading the Ride . . . Gary and his Group of Evangelical Companions will RIDE from London to Scotland to see the countryside, while displaying their THREE FLAGS – American, M-25 and Israeli Flag wherever they go.

AND FROM SCOTLAND . . . Gary, Carolyn, and their Companions, will set their Bikes on the Chunnel Train from England to Calais France, where they will Ride Cross Continent to Greece, from where the Bikes will be Placed on a Freighter, to be shipped to Israel across the Mediterranean.

Gary, Carolyn & Their Biker Partners . . . will Fly to Israel, where they will meet up with their Bikes and begin a Tour of all of Israel for Gary and Carolyn’s Second Time by Motorcycle, WHERE ONCE AGAIN, Gary, Carolyn and the Two Rider Patriots will FUNDAMENTALLY Participate with as many as 100-Other Bikers in Celebrating the 20th Maccabiah Games . . . BY CARRYING THE TORCH FROM TEL AVIV TO JERUSALEM.

SO . . . My Job was to meet Gary, Carolyn and their Crew at the Hotel near the Montreal Airport, to escort them on their BIKES, while I drove my F-250, to the Drop-Off Point to where their Bikes would be Placed on the Plane.

Anne and I also WANTED to spend as much time with Gary, Carolyn and their two Friends as possible, and show them some of Montreal’s Specialties that you can’t get anywhere else.

We went to a Smoked Meat Joint called Smoked Meat Pete, where while eating a SUCCULENT REAL Montreal Smoked-Meat Sandwich served on a Platter, we enjoyed a Great Live Blues Band.

And the Following Day, we went out for a Montreal Bagel Lunch, where ONLY in Montreal, could you get AUTHENTIC BAGELS, baked in a Hardwood Burning Oven. There’s nothing like it.

And as soon as I’m done Writing this Editorial, I’ll jump into the F-250 and pick up Gary, Carolyn and the Crew, to bring them back to the Farm where we Live during the Summer, while they have a Full Day to Wait until their Plane Leaves for Gatwick.


SO . . . Given that I was Running on a Tight Time Frame, and I was Really EXCITED to see Gary and Carolyn, and wanted to make certain that I could help in any way that I could with getting their BIKES on the Plane – I RUSHED THROUGH THE EDITORIAL, being as careful as I could be, which apparently wasn’t careful enough, for which I take FULL RESPONSIBILITY.

BUT THAT SAID . . . I’m Happy that I got an Editorial Published, even with some very Minor Flaws, than NOT having an Editorial at All. And from reading your Comments, AS I ALWAYS DO . . . I see that not too many people were dismayed with some bad math and a name or two misspelled.

AS FOR MY ENVY OF GARY FOR THIS ADVENTURE . . . I cannot think of a BETTER Man to Represent the USA, his Christian Faith, his Jewish Friends, and the People of Israel.

BUT . . . All of that being as it is – when in Texas this coming Winter . . . Gary, Carolyn, Anne, Stryker and I will Meet-Up, where we are already making Plans.

IN SPITE OF ALL THE GLOBAL MISERIES . . . Having Good Friends with Real Conservative Values, who are Participating in an Unbelievable Adventure, whether we’re on the BIKES or not, Should Give All Of Us Some Hope For Tomorrow.

And Now I’ve Got To Run . . . I Don’t Want To Keep My Heroes Waiting.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. There is so much history in this editorial by Howard, that you will be afforded an education you couldn’t receive anywhere for any amt. of $. He is forthcoming as always and explains what so many of us weren’t aware of including myself. So worthy of a read and most of all be sure to read the last couple of paragraphs as they couldn’t be more meaningful to all of us Jews and Gentiles alike!

  2. Silly me! I was sure the discrepancies were to check on who was actually paying attention! I am so disappointed!!
    Was it some lawyer who once said “The devils in the details.” He was right.

  3. To reinforce a comment in your last posting about Magen David Adom. I can vouch for them from personal experience: A few months ago I had internal bleeding and fainted. Within about 3 minutes of phoning we had a first responder arriving by motorbike. After another 2 minutes two(?) ambulance crews arrived and after making sure I was stable I was on my way to Tel Hashomer hospital, for a few days recovery. They are well worth supporting. Thank you Howard for mentioning them.

  4. Howard & Anne, Have a great time with your friends. Great story and a great adventure for them. Know they will represent the USA and our God beautifully. Wishing them all a wonderful and safe trip.

  5. You could have pulled a Hillary. You could have blamed Striker who barked at the wrong time. Or Alice the cat that insisted that she be fed right now. Even better, blame your fact checker, Anne. As these mistakes obviously were not your fault.

  6. Howard, I’m sorry if I offended you; there was no “gotcha” intent in my comment. My point was that factually the National Socialist Party of America had no formally organized “march” in Skokie. The Supreme Court refused to hear the case on appeal from the 7th Circuit, which had affirmed the 1st amendment rights of the Nazis. Following that decision, the NSPA scheduled, then delayed, a march in Skokie, then opted not to proceed with the march there, but instead had its demonstration in Chicago.

  7. A thousand accidental spelling mistakes made by a conservative do not descend to the level of one deliberate liberal lie.

  8. Gary was in my cousin’s church in Maiden NC this past year. I wouldn’t have noticed except with the contact with this blog. You have some great friends. Keep up the good work.
    Cal Bjorgan Radium Hot Springs BC

  9. I always tell people I am not perfect but almost perfect, so Howard you fit in that category.Your facts are always on the ball.

  10. WoW! I fully accept you REASON! And, may I also be totally envuous along side you? GerryE

  11. What happened to April the Cat in your Texas plans for this Winter?

  12. I am also very envious of Gary and his entourage!!!! Wish them well and remind them to keep the shiny side up.
    Math shmat..who cares, a liar is a liar. You are not a liar.


  13. People that won’t admit guilt cannot be forgiven because they haven’t asked to be forgiven. I forgive you Howard. Also, people that think they are perfect are intolerable to be around. I think you, Anne, Striker and April the cat would be excellent company. Thank you for all you do. I learn much from your posts.

  14. Sheesh HG…if we were 100% correct and accurate all the time, we would have aced ALL our academic exams. Don’t tell me you want us to proof read your editorials. Of course, a lot of your readers read every word and compare facts, however, you fire off a thoughtful editorial almost every day, most of us just reply to emails and don’t even use spilchek. Great to have friends that are in our lives and supportive! ENJOY!

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