If We Can’t Believe EVERYTHING – We Can’t Believe ANYTHING


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THE FOURTH ESTATE . . . Is Defined as a Non Governmental Institution, SEPARATE & PROTECTED FROM GOVERNMENT – to Protect the People from the Government.

As we Currently Define The “ESTATES” . . . The First Estate is the Executive Office (White House), the Second Estate is the Congress (House and Senate), with the Third Estate being Represented by the Supreme Court.

SO . . . In the Wisdom of the American Constitutional Framers, the FOURTH ESTATE (The Press) was given Freedom of Expression RIGHTS Greater than everyone else, in order to Protect the People from the THREE ABOVE MENTIONED ESTATES, which I will better explain and define in the foregoing.


QUESTION EVERYTHING . . . The Fox News Specialists, with Eric Bolling, Katherine Timpf, and Eboni K Williams, has replaced the Five On Five, which to me WASN’T much Worth the Hour to Watch. AND NEITHER IS THE SPECIALISTS.

In Fact, I see the SPECIALISTS as a Monumental Waste of Time, where the 3-Above mentioned Pundits and two Alternating Guests on each Show provide nothing more than “Safe” Chit Chat of Personal Opinions, rather than Serious Conservative Overviews of National and International Politics.

It’s A Terrible Pity What Has Happened To Fox News In Recent Years.

In the Second to Last Segment of the Tuesday May 30, 2017 Show . . . Bolling, in Defense of the FIRST AMENDMENT, said that he was Old Enough to Remember how the KKK, were ALLOWED to March in Skokie Illinois, which was the Home of a Large Jewish Community.

Eboni Williams, who was Born September 9, 1988 also REMEMBERED as a “College Student” . . . Counter Demonstrating Against the Skokie “KKK” March.


1 – The KKK NEVER Asked for a Permit to March in Skokie Illinois.

2 – The Marcher Wannabes were NAZIS . . . NOT KKK.

You would Imagine . . . with all the Fox News Assets, INCLUDING Fact Checkers, that Bolling Would have KNOWN it was Nazis and NOT the KKK, and that the Fact Checkers, including their Producers, would have corrected him. But they didn’t.

Anyone Can Make A Mistake Like That . . . Even Though Bolling Should Have Known Of What He Speaks.

But What About Eboni Williams The Rising Star Fox Pundit . . . ?

3 – Eboni Williams, who LEANS TO THE LEFT, who has that specific LEFTIST ARROGANCE, of I know better than you know, should have known that People like me can Add and Subtract, and know the History of Poignant Socio/Political Events.

4 – I was Born February 12, 1950 when the March Happened in 1978, making me 28-Years Old at the Time, to which I paid very Close Attention.

5 – On The Other Hand . . . Eboni Williams was Born in 1988, which would have made her TEN YEARS OLD AT THE TIME OF THE MARCH – So how did she Participate in a Counter Demonstration as a University or College Student, WHEN SHE WAS ONLY 10-YEARS OLD?

6 – Screwing-Up on a Name is One Thing. Getting a Date Wrong also Happens. BUT, to make a Claim on Live Television that YOU PARTICIPATED IN AN EVENT AS A COLLEGE OR UNIVERSITY STUDENT, when that NEVER Happened, is Nothing Short of a LEFTIST SELF-AGGRANDIZING LIE.

7 – And Like Bolling, She Too Didn’t Know It Was The Nazis & Not The KKK.

SO . . . Knowing this – What can Eboni Williams ever Report On Fox News, or anywhere else you can Trust? Remember, unlike Eric Bolling, Eboni William’s “MISSPEAK” wasn’t Accidental Born out of Ignorance, Confusion of the Moment, or Forgetfulness . . . IT WAS AN OUTRIGHT LIE!

JUST THINK ABOUT THE BIG NAME JOURNALISTS/PUNDITS . . . Who’ve been Reporting in Iconic Newspapers, Magazines and on Name Brand Television Stations, who have been CAUGHT Red Handed . . . Plagiarizing, Enhancing or Making-Up Stories to Fit their Narrative.


IF YOU’RE WONDERING . . . Why I’m Investing my Time and Effort on this Article – It’s because HONESTY & INTEGRITY in the Media (Press) are the ONLY real Safeguards we have to our FREEDOMS, which explains why the FIRST AMENDMENT in the US Constitution was the MOST Important Right Recognized by the Constitutional Framers, by which all other Amendments Flow.

WITHOUT HONEST FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION . . . We CANNOT have an open and Civil Society. And if we CAN’T Trust our Media . . . WHO CAN WE TRUST?


Every American is GUARANTEED FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION . . . But the American Media is Guaranteed even MORE than every American, to make certain that the Freedom Of Expression of the Media is virtually UNASSAILABLE.


“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

PAY ATTENTION TO THE 4-WORDS within the Constitution, which read . . . “OR OF THE PRESS” – which gives the Media Special Protection, such as the RIGHT NOT TO REVEAL SOURCES, and to MAKE Secret Information Public, as long as the Information was not Obtained Illegally by the MEDIA Purveyor.

In other words . . . The Press could RELEASE Secret Information with IMPUNITY from Government Penalty and Prosecution, as long as the PRESS does NOT itself BREAK the LAW to obtain this information, which we are all witnessing FIRST HAND with the White House and Wikipedia Leaks.

THE REASON THE CONSTITUTION WAS WRITTEN . . . with the EXTRA PROTECTION to the Press, was BECAUSE the Government of the Day (Framers) was DETERMINED to PROTECT the People from the Government with a FREE & UNFETTERED PRESS . . . OPPOSED to the Press BECOMING an Appendage and ORGAN of the Government.


IF WE CAN’T TRUST THE PRESS . . . WHO CAN WE TRUST – And to whom do we turn to for the TRUTH?

I can tell you without any RESERVATION . . . that I Labor NON-STOP to Make Certain that what I Write and Say is 100% Honest and Accurate, since I sincerely Believe in what I just WROTE.

THERE IS NO QUESTION WHATSOEVER . . . That I Can Screw-Up Too. But I can, and I WILL GUARANTEE EVERYONE, that I will NEVER knowingly Write or Tell a LIE . . . Nor will I ever Embellish a Story or a Fact to fit my Narrative, or to Self-Aggrandize.

WHAT I WRITE . . . You can Trust. And in the event that I should Screw-Up, which can and Probably will Happen, I will be the FIRST to Admit It. And I will take FULL Responsibility for anything I Say or Write that is WRONG.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. It is so sad that so many never learn from history. And more than three cheers for Benjamin Natenyahu!

  2. Sad to say, the once-great, once-fair and balanced Fox News is fast becoming just another “mainstream” media outlet thumping the liberal agenda while chasing ratings.

  3. Another great article. However, I think you did not write what you were thinking. The march was in 1978, but Eboni Williams was not born until 10 years later (1988). Keep up the good work I read every article you write although sometimes I have to catch up on a few.

  4. I stopped watching Fox shortly after they fired O’Reilly. He wasn’t my favorite, but was at least somewhat fair and honest, I think. Hannity comes on too late for me and the Five is just silly now. My habit is to read each installment of this blog and listen to Rush when I get home from work. I don’t miss cable news one bit, and am just as informed as before dropping out of the “cable cabal”. Keep up the good writing HG!

  5. If the March took place in 1978, & Eboni was born in 1988, she was not born until 10 yrs AFTER the March. I was born in 1934 & remember those things & the election of H. Truman the best Democrat to hold office. Truman took responsibility for his actions & none have done so since. God bless you & keep up the good work.

  6. I have a similar attitude. If I tell someone something it is because I believe it to be true. I might be mistaken–and if so, I say I was wrong as soon as I know and correct it. I make occasional mistakes too, but like you I do not lie. The leftist lie constantly–not because they don’t know what the truth is, but because it advances their anti-America globalist agenda. They are the scum of the Earth and are undeserving of my time and attention.

  7. I simply don’t watch Fox or any other news programs.

  8. My wife will remind you that her husband is not always right but he is never wrong. Seriously, Howard, you have nailed it again with moral clarity. The enemedia lie deliberately because deceit is in the liberal DNA. Lying has become a foundational principle of the Fourth Estate. At this level lying is a crime properly defined as treason. America’s liberal media executives are guilty of fomenting insurrection against the President of the USA. Heads should be rolling like bowling balls.

  9. Many “two-faced liars” today (how most Muslims/”foreigners” were raised to be)! Truth means nothing to them! Press delights in “fabricated facts”/”twisted truths”! (I keep saying this, but that’s exactly what’s going on.) Liberals want Fox News off the air, so they got “fair and balanced”, then found ways to “eliminate” (that’s how they do things) people! George Soros’ money controls most media! “Fake it ’til you make it” is now the “mantra” for millions of young “disillusioned” people!

  10. LOVE MOST of the “posts” today! Read your blog today, Howard, & didn’t really grasp it. But YOUR followers, definitely helped me, with their comments!! Thanks, HG “family”. I love each & every one of you! I am gradually cutting Fox out, as well. Their format has changed so….but still it helps point out the FAKE NEWs MEDIA….it’s pretty bad when one can’t trust ANYONE!! Unfortunately. $$ talks…especially from the LIBERAL LEFT. The “Crying CLINTONs” ALL BELONG IN JAIL, yes even Chelsie

  11. HG, you always have your facts, which assures the TRUTH; however, NO ONE IS PERFECT, and we all make MISTAKES from time to time! Since O’Reilly’s departure, FOX has quickly declined; one of the polls showed them being in 3rd place. HANNITY now is the best FOX program, although I do enjoy Tucker Carlson. They should move HANNITY to the 9:00 PM spot. Lastly, in order to tell the TRUTH, one has to have a CONSCIENCE. I guess that WORD no longer EXISTS in the DICTIONARY! GOD help us all! AMEN!

  12. The march did not take place in Skokie. After the Court’s decision, the NSPA marched in Chicago.

  13. ummmm….1978 minus 1988 equals minus 10. It would be 10 years after the march that she was born.
    Math is important but the TRUTH is MORE important. You have proven she is a liar and therefore has no credibility at all.
    Letters should be written to FOX news to let them know that we KNOW she is a liar. She has no business being on the network.

  14. According to your report the march happened 10 years BEFORE she was born

  15. I too miss Bill O’Reilly even if he wasn’t perfect! I can’t believe that he didn’t know that ‘they’ would get him one way or another. He let his ego get the better of him. I also find FOX News has deteriorated and I miss Greta as well. There are many women who go after successful men and often destroy them in the process. So the rest of you guys be careful, very careful!
    Madelene Gilligan, Plantagenet, Ontario, Canada

  16. RIGHT NOT TO REVEAL SOURCES, This is not what happens, if a judge tell you to, you have to or go to jail. If a law enforcement offical is asked to give up an sorce he must tell the judge in private.

  17. Howard – you carry the weight of all of us, in addition to your obligation for truth. Thank you so very much for doing what you do.

  18. To quote a friend, “The thirteenth chime of the crazy clock casts doubt on all previous reports!”

  19. Thanks Howard for your always well thought out Pieces for our readings. Wish more doing similarly (print, or open air) were as conscious as you with the need of being honest & as accurate as the Greenwich clock we all go by. Yes, Fox News is sadly (at least it seems so) – morphing a bit left of center. We who watch and signed on with them early-on are worried. Ebony Williams – a very bright young woman – but overly so, self absorbed and much lacking in poise. Yes, she’s a lefty, but there’s hope

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