Living In A World Of Denial . . . Edging To The Precipice



There’s a Great Deal of Talk about Fake Journalism, White House Leaks, And Organized Resistance to the Presidency . . . to the Point – that the Rest of the Internal and External MESS Facing the United States and the Entire World is being IGNORED.


I’ve written Repeatedly about DYSTOPIA, which is simply Defined as a Society in Total Collapse, when NOTHING works, where the Services we all take for Granted Cease to Exist, or come to a Grinding Halt.

Where people take to their own Devices to Feed and Shelter Themselves. Where BULLETS are the Currency of Value, which become far more Important than Gold, Silver, and Dollars.

Where Like-Minded People Form Mini-Societies In Militia Compounds.

AND IF YOU THINK I’M FULL OF BEANS . . . Think Syria, Yemen, Iraq and much of Africa TODAY. And then think back, not all that far to WWI, WWII, Bosnia, Serbia, and Croatia (Yugoslavia). Think about Rwanda and the Near MILLION Tutsis Murdered at the hands of the Hutus. And then think about the Million Plus Armenians DESTROYED by the Turks and the Millions of Ukrainians Starved to Death by the Russians in the Holodomor (1932).

And think about the MILLIONS of Christians being Displaced, Beaten, Raped, and Murdered by Moslems throughout the Middle East and Africa, as you’re reading this.

And also think about Ireland, not that long ago, when Catholics MURDERED & MAIMED Protestants and Vice Versa, as well as the French and Russian Revolutions, where the Aristocracy were taken to the Streets and EXECUTED, and the Dystopian Grand Daddy of them All . . . THE HOLOCAUST.


ANYONE IN OUR SOCIETY . . . Who Truly Believes Dystopia is something that can’t happen in Canada and the United States . . . is Sorely Mistaken, Uninformed, and/or Living in a World of Denial, Wearing Rose Colored Glasses, because the Total Breakdown of Law, Order, and Civility Happens Everywhere.

EVEN IN EXTREMELY WEALTHY COUNTRIES . . . Think about Venezuela, one of the Richest Countries on The Planet, with the World’s Single Greatest Oil Reserve, which is all but FINISHED, and Teetering on all Out Civil War, where the people live in WRETCHED POVERTY, where Toilet Paper has become a LUXURY.


IF ANY PEOPLE READING THIS EDITORIAL . . . wonders if I’m just Writing Nonsense, think about the BIGGEST UNREPORTED STORY OF THE DAY, which is all the DYSTOPIC Areas throughout Europe, where the European Governments and Media DO NOT REPORT ON THE MOSLEM NO-GO-ZONES . . .

. . . Where – if you’re a White Christian, Jew, Atheist, or Other . . . or an Unaccompanied Girl or Woman – or even an Accompanied Girl or Woman, but Dressed “inappropriately” in the opinion of Sharia Moslems, you’d be taking your Life in your Hands.

AND IF YOU THINK THESE NO-GO-ZONES ARE LIMITED . . . Ask the People, not the Politicians or the Pundits in France, Belgium, Germany, England – ETC . . . BUT THE PEOPLE, ask the People where you’d soon enough learn the TRUTH about everywhere else in Europe, where Moslems live in large numbers . . . WHERE OTHERS ARE UNWELCOMED & ARE UNSAFE.

AND IF YOU THINK THIS ISN’T KNOCKING ON YOUR AMERICAN DOOR . . . just try visiting Moslem areas in Michigan, especially in and around Flint and Detroit. And even though Christianity is mostly BANNED in all Public Schools throughout America, ask yourself why many American Schools are setting aside Moslem Prayer Rooms, and are MAKING it Mandatory for Non Moslem School Children to Learn and Understand Islam in a POSITIVE Light?


Adolf Hitler was the DEMOCRATICALLY Elected Chancellor of Germany In 1933. And within less than a Year, Hitler used his DEMOCRATIC ELECTION to Destroy any and all Non Supportive Media, Political Adversaries, and finally everyone else who annoyed the FUHRER.

AFTER WORLD WAR ONE . . . and the COLLAPSE of the Ottoman Empire (Caliphate), a Charismatic Turkish General Appeared On The Scene, by the name of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, who took over the Government of Turkey, and by SHEER FORCE, forced Turkey to Join the 20th Century.

ATATURK BANNED . . . Moslem Dress in all Government Buildings and Agencies. He BANNED the use and concept of Sharia Law. Ataturk also made LEGAL the Consumption of Alcohol, and made it CRIMINAL TO NOT TO SEPARATE MOSQUE & GOVERNMENT, which didn’t happen through the Democratic Process.

AND TO GUARANTEE ATATURK’S DECREES . . . which became Law, Ataturk Empowered Turkey’s Formidable Armed Forces, to be the Protector of the People’s Freedom From Religious Tyranny.


The Current President of Turkey . . . Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who was stripped from being the Mayor of Istanbul in 1998, for Mixing Politics and Islam, through DEMOCRATIC RULE after becoming Prime Minister in 2003, Erdogan began taking a 99% Moslem Country, which Adopted SECULAR European Values, back to becoming a CALIPHATE.

WHAT ERDOGAN DID . . . was win the Prime Ministership through Deceit, by clearly stating that he would NEVER again make Turkey an Islamic Society with Sharia Laws if Elected.

BUT ONCE DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED . . . Erdogan Removed the Generals who stood in his way, WHO WOULD ENFORCE THE FREEDOMS ESPOUSED BY ATATURK. He TERRIFIED the Media who opposed his Restoration of Mosque and Government, and imposed a Society of Fear. And once Elected President of Turkey (2014), through the DEMOCRATIC PROCESS . . . Turkey is no longer a FREE Country, and is well on its way to becoming a Dystopia.


THE MEDIA ARE NOT PATRIOTS . . . The Media have become an Active Propaganda Arm of the LEFT, which Create Narratives – and Stretches the Truth to the point that the Media are THE ENEMY TO FREEDOM & DEMOCRACY.

THE DEMOCRATS (LIBERALS) ARE NOT PATRIOTS . . . The Democrats have USURPED the Real Meaning of the American Constitution and Bill of Rights, using these Freedoms to Undermine the Freedoms that made America (and Canada) Free.

THE WORLD OF ACADEMIA ARE NOT PATRIOTS . . . Our Educators are no less Traitorous than the Nazi and Communist Educators, which used Education to FORM the Minds of Germany and Communism’s Youth, to Promote a Horrific Agenda Based Upon Ignorance of the TRUTH.

UBER WEALTHY LIBERALS ARE NOT PATRIOTS . . . The Wealthy LEFT see themselves as the Rightly Privileged Class in Society, which have the RIGHT to live Better than everyone else, because they BELIEVE they have the RIGHT to sit in Judgment of the Working Class.

THE JUDICIARY ARE NOT PATRIOTS . . . Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied. Unaffordable Justice Is NOT Justice At All. And Courts which Create Laws, OPPOSED to courts which INTERPRET Laws, are nothing more than self-serving TRAITORS to the Meaning and Freedom of the Constitution, Bill of Rights and the Congress.

THE CONGRESS & PUBLIC SECTOR ARE NOT PATRIOTS . . . When one Considers the UNBELIEVABLE Waste of Time, Effort and Money, Literally PISSED-AWAY by our Governments at all Levels, WHICH IS NOTHING SHORT OF TREASON.

And when you consider how the Governments at all Levels have CONSPIRED to Protect their Privilege . . . THIS IS NOTHING SHORT OF COLLUSION.

AND SOONER OR LATER . . . But Sooner Rather Than Later – the Truth will Meet the Myth, and it will all Come Apart, and we will Wake up One Day in a World Of Hurt, where our Lives will be Governed by DYSTOPIA . . . where the REALITY between the World of the MAKERS and the FANTASY of the TAKERS will FINALLY COME TO FRUITION.


I’d much rather Write about Happy Things, which have Positive Outcomes . . . But then, I might as well Close the Top of my Keyboard, and live in a Pretend World, making Believe that everything is OK, when I know in my Heart, that Everything is NOT OK.

AND I THINK YOU’D RATHER LIVE IN THE REAL WORLD TOO . . . So, this is my LIFE, Searching for the Worst, and Writing about what Was, and what SEEMS to be our Future, while still Hoping Nonetheless for the Best.

I TRULY BELIEVE . . . That what I write WON‘T reshape the Future for Many, but I also Believe, that what I Write, MIGHT make the Future BETTER for Some.

No One Reading This Blog Will Ever Be Able To Say “I Didn’t Know”.

AND IF YOU NEED A REMINDER ABOUT HOW FAR WE’VE FALLEN . . . Think of the Severed Head of The President of the United States Held for the Camera by a LEFTIST Comic of Repute . . . and then tell me that I’m WRONG.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, this editorial struck a cord – mainly because it appears that people (of any group) would rather surrender, even if it means certain death, than fight!!! Is this the result of the comfort of living for too many years in peace? When people live in peace for too long, they forget how to fight. People who grow up in an environment where life is under threat all the time grow up angry & feisty & ready to fight at the drop of a hat. Have we lived for too long in peace?

  2. I’ve worked around the world and every city I’ve worked in for the past 20 years has an area you just don’t go to after dark. Those cities include Hong Kong, Taipei, London, Bristol, Brussels, Paris, Singapore, Manila, Melbourne, Calgary, Toronto, Atlanta, LA, SF, and so on to mention just a few, just think about the BIG city you have been to, they all have “That Area”. I doubt that will ever change much, some get better some get worse. We just have to keep working to making what we can better.

  3. My God you have put it so clearly and succinctly, PLEASE, I HOPE it will wake people up but human nature being what it is they usually choose the easy road so history just keeps repeating itself!

  4. Full speed ahead, through the Gates of Hell we come.
    No one will stop this. Nothing will stop this. “Hey, what are you going to do”.
    No one does a thing. When they start to kill people no one will do anything then to.
    The Left can now do anything they want to anyone they want at any time.
    They have the Judges & Courts, the Media, Hollywood, The Elites, The Money and the CONGRESS ALL BEHIND THEM.
    Universities are now full-blown training camps to take down the country.

  5. No you are not wrong. I feel an awful sense of dread in America today.

  6. Howard keep on giving the wake up call .. it is needed .. There is a saying that I like to quote ” ignorance is bliss” for the ignorant people this is interpretted as follows : what you choose to ignore will make you feel happy. When the ignorant wake up the disater is at their doorstep and it is too late to do anything
    David Stanhope

  7. It is a sad state of affairs when one tells the ABSOLUTE TRUTH, it is immediately, conveniently, passed off as hysteria by the entire LEFT. These people would rather YOU AND I live in THEIR world of denial than face the harsh REALITY of what you report, Howard. Kudos to you-keep up the fight. I will do MY part as well.

  8. Ukrainians weren’t starved to death by Russians they were starved to death by Bolsheviks.

  9. This is a must read for every Canadian. Brilliant insight, prophetic warning.

  10. Howard, you are so right. I am probably more skeptical/jaded in that I believe we have passed the point of no return. We are no longer a Representative Republic governed by a Constitution. The USA of the past is on life support and we are facing all out civil war and the destruction that comes with it. After this coming Civil War, there will be no resurrection for America.

  11. Sad and scary …. but true. The foxes are actually in charge of the henhouse! God help us!

  12. Unfortunately you are preaching to those of us who don’t have our heads in the sand , the rest truly believe all is well and I don’t think they read your comments because “You Just Don’t Understand”.I understand… that here in BC a bunch of Lunatics now run the government and there first order is to Kill All Jobs in the resource sector..Ban all oil Tankers from the coast so I guess the Gasoline Fairy will deliver fuel to Vancouver Island..

  13. Yes Gene McKinlay, I have traveled to many countries and Yes there are no go zones in every major city for the average law abiding person. The no go zones that Howard refers to are the many Muslim controlled areas that even the police, firemen or EMS won’t go, where Sharia Law is enforced. Again, as Howard stated, people need to take off their Rose coloured glasses and see what is happening around the world AND in North America. It is not good and it will not be pretty so get ready it’s coming.

  14. I think most people who read this column have an awareness of all the ugliness and corruption you just outlined…the question is what do we do about it, what can I do about it? Sure I could take up my firearms and deal some justice to the scumbag traitors responsible for this mess, but that would only see me dead or in a cage and guilty of murder before God. The real problem is THE PEOPLE who support the treason…what to do about them!?

  15. I agree with every problem you list. Nonetheless, my money is on the Donald. Sometimes things have to get worse before they can get better. If he rejects the environmental climate change agreement today it will be an indicator of things to come. He faces a monumental challenge but e is up to it.

  16. HG, nice job! We now realize even MORE why the SWAMP PEOPLE FEARED A TRUMP PRESIDENCY! They’ve ALL BEEN EXPOSED and it’s SCARY because they’ve shown their TRUE COLORS of NOT being PATRIOTS. The Europeans have created MOSLEM NO-GO-ZONES from which they are SUFFERING its repercussions! AMERICA has its own MOSLEM “zones” which are sheltered by the MEDIA, but who are slowly affecting our RIGHTS and FREEDOM. Realistically, it could have been worse–had CROOKED HILLARY been elected! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  17. That ignorant leftist comic, can only pull that stunt in a democracy…and get away with it by saying sorry the day after.
    I dare her to go into one of the muslim no go zones and have a in image of muhammed in her hand.
    She would not have an opportunity to say anything. Period.

  18. Howard, As always, your blogs are true, informing and awesome! Most all of the comments that I read from your readers, I agree with and yes, we are in a very challenging time here in the USA as well as in Canada.. for that fact, all over the World.
    I believe in Prayer, and I know that our GOD see’s all, and knows all.. He, our GOD has all things in His hands. He is in Control, eventhough, He does give all of us a Free Will. But, regardless, He Is In Control!! Just remember that!!

  19. Thanks HG for good information. Yes, our ‘Civil War’ was all about people hating other people and not liking them doing better than they are. I’m sorry to see this country going down in my life time.

  20. Well covered Howard! Barry D., I too believe in God, but realistically look back at certain times when HE was also here: WWI, WWII, Stalin era of Communism as well as that of Mao, Castro’s Cuba…….Over 100 million people murdered in the 20th Century alone. Look back at history and think that these are simply the tip of the iceberg…too great a number to list here. I assume we all like to be positive, but time is long overdue that we look reality in the eye and ask…what might be?

  21. To many citizens in the U.S. do not know what is going on not only in this country but the world in general. Yesterday had lunch with a intelligent co worker and asked her if she heard about a shooter on the interstate in to 16 cars ,no the asked her about other world happenings, no. The European countries problems with muslims is their fault for leaving there doors open. Howard you are right the muslim problem is here now and will only get worse thanks to Obama and our liberal courts.

  22. Disgusting! I have just written to many of my friends, enclosing the picture of “comedian” Kathy Griffin holding the “severed head” of President Trump up for all to view. The President has tweeted that this really alarmed his young son Barron. CNN has just announced that they have dis-employed Griffin as a host of their New Year’s Eve show. The Secret Service gives high priority to such crap and are “on it.” All of this BS is being ABETTED by “his royal heinous” Barack Obama. HAD ENOUGH?

  23. Too many people purposefully want to be ignorant of reality. Then when it bites em in the rear, they act surprised and want help! Well our no go zones in our big cities all over this country are our dystopia. And the cognitive dissodence of the people living there is profound, but to me is disturbing that you can live like that. Being from Wyoming, grizzly bears are safer.

  24. Everything and everyone today is taking a backseat to Islam. It is the obsession of the Left, leftist govt’s and leftist media.
    Whatever misery they can hide about Islam they will. Whatever imagined or non-existent good about Islam they can promote they will. And any people, including all the other downtrodden, leftwing causes, are all being marginalized to protect this faith.

  25. My, my, Sorosojarrrettobama sure went a long way to putting the USA out of business and they are not over yet. It may come to a bigger “battle” in this Country than we imagine. There is no way we know the total number of “bad people” that arrived through our “look the other way” Borders over the last 8 years, thousands and no love for us.

  26. Funny, reading your article reminds me of a 5 minutes movie by Dennis Prager one of a series called PragerU. it talks about Nazism and Communism and why is Nazism so hated but not Communism although Communism in so many countries has killed many more millions. Many explanations but the one to hit us in the face “THE EDUCATORS”. Many short movies about the downfall of the world, always THE LEFT, the destroyers of sanity and morals.

  27. Liberal Fascism is growing in the west. Universities, media etc. Trudeau made it illegal to criticize Transgenderism. Trudeau is going to make it illegal to criticize Islamism. France banned posting photos of Down-Syndrome Children- it gives people a “false impression” that keeping such a child is ok. France banned Pro-Life websites. Freedom of Speech is slowly being eroded away by liberals across the west…. 1 law at a time. You’re Right!!! We have to keep warning people what’s happening

  28. It is a terribly sad state we are in that we have knowingly & unwittingly abdicated our standards, values, by trusting those in power to look out for us. Their #1 function is to look out for themselves via self-aggrandizement. This is true of the media as well. I wish you weren’t right Howard, but a review of history has proven time & again, the truth of what you speak & write, regardless of culture, location or era. God bless us, help us and guide us.

  29. How true Howard, how very true! I became acutely aware of a particular’ group within our society in about 1981, after which I made the comment ‘one day these people will cause us a great deal of concern’ (I was a Police Officer at the time). Nothing I have seen, done or heard since that time has changed my mind, only reinforced my opinion. Still so many people have their heads buried in the sand by stories from the false media. I tell them to read, go on the internet, search for the truth!

  30. Your writing always hits the mark and starts off my day with the truth.

  31. Don G you mentioned about the 100 million people murdered in the 20th century alone. What about the worldwide murder of 1,456,716,112 innocent aborted babies since 1980 and counting over 94,000 added every day. Another thing we can put at the doorstep of a leftist elitist society and their agenda or can we, or is it us the many that have not stood up for the rights of the unborn? Or in the US alone to date this year 387,071. God remembers and the blood of these innocent is crying out.

  32. Brilliant! You talk about ‘Dystopia’. Leftists think they are making “Utopia.” What a shock it will be for them when they learn it’s the reverse, dictated by the NWO & Satanists. WE MUST PRAY! It’s not too late. Everyone must get out the message and then pray. Let’s turn this wickedness around. Keep fighting and stay positive! Good must triumph over evil! We can make it no other way. God speed…..dear Howard. Never stop your Editorials.

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