The MORE That Changes The MORE That Stays The Same



And the Rest of the World has much to Remember and Thank America For . . . for the Incredible Sacrifices the RED, WHITE & BLUE has made at each Corner of the Planet, to the extent that American Courage and Generosity can NEVER be Repaid.


It took THIRTEEN BALLOTS to decide who the New Leader is of the Canadian Conservative Party – His Name is Andrew Scheer, Born in Ottawa Canada, Educated in Ottawa and Regina Saskatchewan, served as an MP (Member of Parliament) from Saskatchewan for 13-Years.

Scheer has been a Politician since he was 25-Years Old, with a very Brief Pre Political History after University in the Insurance Industry.

Andrew Scheer was NOT the Politician I wanted . . . Maxime Bernier Was – and between the two of them, the Final Vote Difference Gave Scheer a LESS THAN 2% VICTORY.

In essence . . . The Canadian Conservative Party VOTED for a Party InsiderWHO I VERY MUCH DOUBT WILL STIMULATE THE COUNTRY. That said – He will get my Vote when the time comes, but hardly my Full Throated Support . . . UNLESS he can Prove me Wrong. I’m Sick & Tired of Professional Politicians.

I WATCHED THE ENTIRE CONVENTION LIVE AS IT WAS HAPPENING . . . and Noticed Something, which was REALLY MISSING from the Entire Event.

How Excited Can I Be . . . About a CANADIAN Leadership Convention, Broadcast LIVE on all the Major CANADIAN Media, for the CANADIAN Leadership of the CANADIAN Conservative Party, when there wasn’t even ONE CANADIAN FLAG ON STAGE, let alone a Massive Canadian Flag Backdrop, as we are accustomed to seeing at all American Political Events, as we should have seen on this CANADIAN CONSERVATIVE STAGE?

It’s Hard To Get Excited About A Country That Doesn’t Get Excited About Itself.


Our North American LEFT is DESTROYING History, not by BURNING BOOKS as the Nazis Did, but rather, by REMOVING & BANNING Books from Schools and Libraries. And we just don’t see it . . . AT LEAST NOT YET.

THE YANKEES & LEFTIST ELITISTS . . . Are DESTROYING the Heart and Soul of DIXIE, as if every Southerner was a Slave Owner . . . and as if NO YANKEES Profited BIG TIME on the Slave Labor of the Few Southerners who Owned Slaves.

LET ME MAKE THIS 100% CLEAR . . . I LOVE DIXIE and everything about it, which has nothing whatsoever to do with the HIDEOUSNESS of the Slave Trade. I LOVE the Southern Culture, Hospitality, Politeness, Gentility and their Love Of Life.

IT BREAKS MY HEART . . . when I see and read the news of Civil War Confederate Statues being Removed from Public Spaces, as if DIXIE’S Contributions to the Greatest Country Ever is Somehow an Embarrassment.

WHEN ANNE AND I ARE IN TEXAS . . . We’re Home, because the People make us feel at Home. We love the Food, the Music, the BBQ’S, the History . . . and we always have time for a Beer from the Bottle and Dance a Texas Two Step at Luckenbach. And at least once every time we’re in Texas, we make it a POINT, akin to a PILGRIMAGE, To Visit The ALAMO.

AND THAT TOO . . . If the LEFT ever gets their way, I am all but Positive, they will try to DISASSEMBLE the Alamo any way they can, just as they sent the STARS & BARS to the Dustbin of History in South Carolina . . . since the Alamo Reflects a Time when Americans Defeated Mexicans, supposedly “stealing” their land and culture, even though no shortage of Mexicans fought on the Side of the Nascent Republic of Texas, against the Tyranny of Santa Anna.


If we don’t know what happened Yesterday, AND KNOW WHY AND HOW IT HAPPENED, how in the world can we prepare for Tomorrow?

AND IF WE DON’T DEBATE ALL THE ISSUES . . . How can we possibly Understand any of the Issues?


Time Machine By HG Wells 1895 . . . Could Have Been Written Yesterday.

I remember DEVOURING the HG Wells Classic – TIME MACHINE, which was Published in England in 1895, followed by anther HG Wells Classic, also Published in England (1898) – WAR OF THE WORLDS.

WAR OF THE WORLDS WAS A WORK OF FANCIFUL SCIENCE FICTION . . . But Time Machine, whether HG Wells Meant it or Not, was an INDICTMENT on Society, which is 100% Relevant to our Society Today.

In Time Machine, the ORIGINAL, not the Altered Movie Versions, a Time Traveler (Narrator) went Far into the Future, to discover a Society Governed by Two Cultures.

The First were the ELOI, a Gentle Group of Almost Child-Like People, resembling the Flower Children of the 1960’s, who spent their time during the day, Wistfully Enjoying Life with ZERO Responsibilities . . . Creating, Growing and Building NOTHING, who lived and Frolicked in the Sunshine.

AT FIRST . . . the Narrator (Time Traveler) saw the Eloi Society as Utopian . . . but wondered nonetheless . . . How did they provide for themselves?

Then . . . as Night and Darkness began to fall, the Eloi Panicked, running for shelter, because that was when the MORLOCKS, a disfigured and Barbaric Society came to the surface from their Underground Caverns, where during the Day, they Created the Food and “Things” the Eloi Needed to Survive, so they could enjoy their Utopia, for which the Price to the Eloi, was that the Eloi were FOOD for the Morlocks.


UNFORTUNATELY . . . Time Machine has all but disappeared from the Lexicon of Important Novels, Which All Delivered Strong Social Messages.


I also remember . . . as Distinctly as if it were Yesterday, and as if I didn’t just Read-It, but Rather Lived-It, when in early High School, I read LORD OF THE FLIES, written in 1954 by William Golding, also a British Published Novel, which was the story of a Group of British Preteens and Early Teens, who were Stranded together on an Island, held to their own Survival Devices.

In the END, the SMALL Group of Children, who Organized, Built and Planned for their Escape and Rescue from the Island, were OVERPOWERED by the larger Group, which were Created into a MOB through Fear, Intimidation, and Misinformation IN LIEU of Work and Discipline, which led to the Murder and Terror of the FEW.


LORD OF THE FLIES was the PERFECT WRITTEN ROADMAP TO A DYSTOPIAN SOCIETY, which established a Reality every Young Person should think about in their Earliest Cognitive Years, when they can understand the difference between those who Create and those who Destroy.

INCREDIBLY . . . Lord of the Flies has been all but BANNED from Schools and Libraries throughout North America, because the LEFT think its Symbolism is Too Violent, Racist, and Bigoted . . . UNLIKE the Crap They Flood the Minds of our Children with Today . . . Sally has Two Daddies – and Jim thinks he’s a Girl. And there are NO LOSERS, and everyone gets a Trophy for Trying.


THE ADVENTURES OF HUCKLEBERRY FINN AND TOM SAWYER, his best friend, was first Published in England in 1884, followed in 1885 in the USA, written by America’s (in my opinion) Greatest Author – Mark Twain, which was the Story of an Abused and Abandoned Boy, who by his Sheer GRIT, Courage, Determination, Street Smarts, and Friendships survived a Criminal Father, Injun Joe, and a Life of Depravation.

HUCKLEBERRY FINN IS AN AMERICAN CLASSIC . . . Adventure Story that has all the Great Elements of Exciting Reading, which also illustrated what it was like to grow-up in the Deep South after the Civil War . . . WHICH TOO IS ALL BUT BANNED from Schools and Libraries, much for the same reasons Lord of the Flies was Banned.


IN 1903 . . . Irish Writer/Playwright – George Bernard Shaw Wrote – “He who can, does. He who cannot, teaches” as a Major Part of his Book-Series; Man and Superman, which we in this Modern World have Reshaped as . . . “THOSE WHO CAN DO – THOSE WHO CAN’T TEACH”.

I was aware of this Shaw TRUISM as a very Young Man, but actually, more perhaps, as a Cognitive Older Boy, but I NEVER assumed how PROFOUND these few words were, and how Horribly Damaging this REALITY would have been, and has been to our Society.

THE NAZIS WERE RIGHT . . . Take the Children Young Enough from their Parents, BEFORE their parents had a chance to fill their Heads with Ideas, and let the Nazis FILL THE CHILDREN’S HEADS WITH THEIR OWN PRECONCEIVED CONCEPTS . . . And The Damage Will Be Done.

SO . . . When we ask ourselves – how can so many of our Millennials, Journalists, Entertainers, Tech-Billionaires, Politicians, Bureaucrats and Members of the Courts be so STUPID . . . THE ANSWER WAS WRITTEN BY GEORGE BERNARD SHAW 114-YEARS AGO.

Have A Wonderful Memorial Day . . . And Thank A Vet.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Thanks for the vastly educational editorial! I am a Jewish Atheist (respectful of the religious choices of all), and a member of a local, like-minded synagogue ( My loyalties rest on the side of justice. That means; in spite of my love for family, friends and Israel, my loyalty is transcended by JUSTICE, which means; if I believed Israel’s policies were woefully unjust, I would vigorously oppose them. Today, I am a proud Zionist!

  2. Texas is friendly but it’s not the South per se. The South is Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, the Carolinas, Tennessee, Kentucky and Virginia. Florida as well, but so many people that moved there from the north have not been good for the Southern culture that is so rich in Georgia where I went to college and lived for a decade and the grande dame of the south which is Louisiana which is bursting with southern charm and hospitality–love living here!

  3. Lets not forget many rules in our schools have been changed to accommodate muslim students thanks to obama ,who
    is a muslim in sheep’s clothing. Lets hope that Trump will change that.

  4. Sure and if we don’t all love Shaw’s Molly Bloom, or thrill to the adventures from the sci-fi progenitor Wells…but just remember this; GB Shaw and HG Wells were both founding members and promoters of the Fabian Society!

  5. Howard, thanks for the history lesson. I can only add to the idea, of taking young children and brain wash them with Hate, and the call for Jihad in the name of Allah, and you have got yourself thousands and thousands of suicide bombers ready to commit murder on a massive scale. Alas our so called leaders do not see that. Steve Acre, Canada

  6. Bravo! Your best yet, which is really saying something! In my youth two books in particular had a huge influence on me: NONE DARE CALL IT TREASON by John Stormer, and THE BATTLE FOR RHODESIA by Douglas Reed. I’m constantly reading non-fiction to nourish my brain. Today’s youth are wandering aimlessly between Fakebook Likes and shallow, meaningless Tweets. The fascists who rule over us could be burning books and they wouldn’t even notice.

  7. On the topic of books that influenced my life, were The Diary of Anne Frank, Death Be Not Proud–written I believe by John Gunther who’s 17 year old son died of brain cancer, & I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou, who died recently. I read these as an early teen, many, many years ago.

  8. Mr. Scheer and the Conservatives face a very uphill battle. Similar to the situation in the US, all of our media and television news coverage is very left of centre. And in Canada we don’t have anything like Fox News, which is now also being taken down by Leftist propaganda and Soros $$. The CBC (I call it the Communist Bulls— Corp) is already calling Scheer an “extremist “. So Scheer and the Conservatives need to very clearly differentiate themselves from the left wing Marxists.
    God spee

  9. Agree, there are too many lefties in education, especially upper levels. However, I would like to have many of those successful types spend a month in an elementary classroom. They couldn’t do it. MAny times I saw people fail (one who had been a lawyer and just wanted to have a much lighter load, so she got her alternative teaching certificate. She didn’t even make it through student teaching saying it was the hardest thing she’d ever done. Different people have different talents/tolerances.

  10. The roots –peoples — of this United States and Canada are an extension of Israel. Within the basic structure is the Love of God toward all peoples. The Christian Faith teaches the “Royal Law” — “If ye fulfil the royal law according to the scripture, THOU SHALT LOVE THY NEIGHBOUR AS THYSELF, ye do well: Lev. 19:15 — But if ye have respect to persons, ye commit sin, and are convinced of the law as transgressors — James 2:9-10.” God is Spirit, and they that worship him must worship him in

  11. Another winner, Howard, You never seem to miss your mark! Barry mentions…None Dare Call it Treason by John Stormer. His 2nd Edition about 20 years after the original was even more inclusive of info. It should be a must-read for every American. I had the privilege of speaking with John and must say he is a fearless patriot. Though several people tried to dissuade his work, he persevered, self published the book and ultimately millions of copies of his books were sold.

  12. Howard, Canada will be going through the same MESS with TRUDEAU that the US went through with OBAMA. Also, considering how our EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM has been DECLINING, where some kids don’t even understand nor read ENGLISH, I guess it’s a GREAT PLOY to get rid of BOOKS & HISTORY to JUSTIFY their IGNORANCE! We live in a very SICK SOCIETY which is not about to HEAL too soon! It took 8 yrs. to RUIN AMERICA and it MAY take more than 16 yrs. to FIX IT! We can only HOPE for the BEST! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  13. East Texas is more like the South than the rest of Texas; Texas is great on its own! Book banning is just a quieter form of book burning; the greatest tragedy is the re-writing of history that only includes what the publishers want, not what is the truth. “Historians” have lied about the War Between the States for so long that it’s hard to find to anyone who knows the real truth of the reasons for secession, and why Southern pride is justified.

  14. Howard I am not surprised that a party insider won the conservative leadership; the signs were there if you are English in Quebec all promotions and campaigning was done all in French only. The Conservatives seem to think they will offend the French Quebecers if they campaigned in English … this sounds just like the liberals and Justin who refused to answer an English question in the language of the question but chose to answer in French only. Are the conservatives better ???
    David Stanhope

  15. Yes, we Texans love all y’all. Now here is an off-the-wall idea. Next summer find pavilion you can rent (there’s an excellent one in Dripping Springs just west of Austin) and have a BBQ. We’d pay a cover charge to meet all of the costs, It would be a good old Texas “meet & greet”

  16. One of my favorites was “Education for Death”: The Making of the Nazi
    by Gregor Athalwin Ziemer-The author was an American educator who served as the Headmaster of The American School in Berlin from 1928 to 1939, so he was in a position to know a good deal about the indoctrination of German youth in Nazi-run Germany.–also; Animal Farm, 1984, Bill the Galactic Hero, and Gulliver’s Travels–The latter 4 can be read on many levels!

  17. I voted Andrew Scheer second, O’Tool was my first choice.
    Why in God’s name would anyone want another leader from Quebec?? Howard you of all people should know better.
    Andrew Scheer stands for most everything Harper stood for and more. In my opinion Harper was a great Prime Minister.
    All the candidates except Bernier and O’Leary (later changed his mind) supported Supply Management. Quebec has alot of small dairy farmers, most are in Bernier’s riding. He betrayed them and payed the price.

  18. Removing statues and books don’t remove history. It may not be all good but it is still our history. So glad we kept all of our American History books from high school though even then they may not be totally accurate. Is a full time job trying to keep grandkids informed when the schools every day teach otherwise. Our 7th grade grandchild this year did read Huckleberry Finn and the class then traveled to Hannibal, Mo to Mark Twain’s Home. Thanks for your article and GOD BLESS ALL OUR VETS.

  19. Right on Howard.
    Key Question: If not for America, Where would there be freedom in the world today?
    Obvious answer: Nowhere.
    How quickly we forget.

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