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I HATE it when I feel that I have to EXPLAIN an Editorial I wrote, and DEFEND what I DIDN’T Write, which people have Read into it Nonetheless.


BUT FIRST . . . Make no mistake about this – What happened in Manchester England at the Concert – ONLY happened in Manchester England, because it didn’t happen where you or I live. And it didn’t happen where you or I live, ONLY because the Moslems are limited thus far, with how many Attacks they can carry-on at the same time.

And to assume that any person in the World in a FREE Society is SAFE, because a Large Group of Islamist Bad Actors (Kings, Princes, & Assorted Tyrants) came together in a Kumbaya Moment to SUCK-UP to President Trump, is nothing short of FOLLY.

1 – I SUPPORTED Donald J Trump with all my Heart and Soul AGAINST Crooked Hillary. And even today, whenever I write about Hillary Clinton, I use Trump’s Description of her as Crooked Hillary, because it suits her perfectly.

So I DON’T Need anyone “Reminding Me” that President Trump is Far and Above Superior to anything the World would have been SUBJECTED to had Crooked Hillary Won the Presidency Instead of Donald Trump.

2 – There is no one I know who is more Honestly and Factually Critical of Barack HUSSEIN Obama and the LEFT than me . . . so don’t even Assume that I would have a Preference to ANY Democrat over Donald Trump.

3 – In Our DEFENSE To Islam’s War AGAINST US . . . I am a NON-STOP BELLIGERENT & UNREPENTANT Defender in our FIGHT to DEFEAT Islamism and SHARIA Law from Embedding it’s UGLY FACE IN OUR SOCIETIES.

4 – AND I WILL CRITICIZE . . . Anyone and Everyone who I believe is DOING US WRONG, Regardless of Who He or She Is – INCLUDING THE PRESIDENT OF THE USA, THE POPE, OR ANYONE ELSE.

In Other Words . . . THERE ARE NO SACRED COWS – and everyone is Open Season on

TO THINK FOR A SECOND . . . That President Donald Trump is above and beyond HONEST Criticism is not only RIDICULOUS, it is directly in CONTRAVENTION to the Principles upon which the Foundation of the US Bill of Rights and American Constitution had been Founded.

THE US CONSTITUTION WAS THUS WRITTEN . . . to Emphasis that the Rights of all People were ENDOWED BY THE CREATOR, and in the United States of America, there are no Kings or Queens with a DIVINE Right To Rule, SO NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW AND CRITICISM.

And the moment . . . Some People who Read this Web Site PROCLAIM to me and others, that I should Back-Off, or give the President a Chance, or not be so Critical in my HONEST & FACTUAL Opinions of his Statements and Programs, they are doing a great disservice to the FREEDOMS I write about every day.

I Can Tell Them With 100% Alacrity . . . that they are Reading the WRONG BLOG, and they have a very Poor Understanding of the REAL IMPORTANCE OF THE FIRST AMENDMENT, and that the ONLY GUARANTEE for their FREEDOM, is in my FREEDOM to Write what I Believe and Know to be TRUE.


I know that some of you who are reading this . . . will state that as much as I have a RIGHT to my Opinion, they have NO LESS A RIGHT TO THEIRS AS WELL, which is 100% True. But, “telling” me that I am wrong for EXPRESSING MY OPINION, which is based upon FACT, only because it disturbs their Narrative, is not a Counter Opinion, IT IS A REACTION.


I defy anyone who wishes to Debate my Facts to do so. In all TRUTH, I welcome it, since HONEST & UNENCUMBERED Debate about Accuracy, is what this BLOG is all About.

I MAKE NO APOLOGIES for Freely Admitting that this BLOG IS CONSERVATIVE IN NATURE, and that I have ZERO Interest in the Opinions of LEFTISTS. But that doesn’t mean that I will either LIE, MISCONSTRUE, or make UNFAIR ASSUMPTIONS about the LEFT to Prove A Point.


WHAT I WROTE ABOUT JERUSALEM IS 100% TRUE & ACCURATE . . . President Trump Made a PROMISE Multiple Times to Move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, and he DIDN’T DO IT.

President Trump’s Security Advisor McMaster, and Presidential Spokesperson Sean Spicer Obfuscated on whether the Wailing Wall (Western Wall) was in Israel or not. And President Trump’s Senior ADVISORS wouldn’t allow Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, or any other High Level Israeli to attend the President’s visit to the Wall, so as not to offend Moslems.

THE PRECEDING ARE NOT OPINIONS . . . They’re Facts – So don’t get angry at me, who happens to be the Purveyor of these Facts, opposed to the People Responsible For Them.


THE GLITZ & GLAMOR OVER-THE-TOP RECEPTION . . . For President Trump in Saudi Arabia, was a Spectacle to Behold – But What Did It Change?

Speaking to the Saudi Audience was akin to Speaking to a group of DEFILERS of Humanity, who are Misogynists and Murderers of Gays and Lesbians, as Well as Jews and Christians.

THEY ARE ALSO DEFILERS . . . Of Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism and Other Lessor Known Religions, which have all come under Attack from Islamists.

ALSO . . . Moslems are very much at the Head of the 21st Century Slave Trade throughout much of the World, which seems to be a Subject no one wants to write/speak about.

AND EVEN THOUGH SAUDI ARABIA . . . Is Drowning in God Only Knows How Much Money, those who live in Saudi Arabia who aren’t “CONNECTED”, live in Poverty and Ignorance, as well as, and especially those Foreign Workers who live in Saudi Arabia under no better conditions than Indentured Slaves.

AND AS FAR AS THE OTHER FIFTY-PLUS MOSLEM LEADERS . . . Can anyone defend just ONE of these Leaders, as being the Head of a Democracy, where the Rule of Secular Law . . . RULES SUPREME?

Or where any of the Freedoms WE TAKE FOR GRANTED, such as . . . Freedom of Worship, Freedom of Expression, Freedom of Association, Freedom of Assembly, Freedom of Equality, Freedom From Unwarranted Search & Seizure, Freedom From Unlawful Arrest & Detention, Freedom Not to be Forced to Self-Incriminate . . . ETCETERA?


AND EQUALLY IMPORTANT . . . What would lead any of us to believe that this Great Speech made By President Trump In Saudi Arabia, would or could do anything to Change this SICK & TYRANNICAL Assembly of 50-Plus Moslem Leaders, INCLUDING THE KING OF SAUDI ARABIA.


What happened in Manchester England will Continue to happen EVERYWHERE . . . if we have any FEAR or RELUCTANCE to Tell The Truth by Expressing Ourselves Honestly in EVERY Venue Possible – Over the Internet, Books, Magazines, Newspapers, Pamphlets, Radio, Television, Movies . . . and even on Soap Boxes, because the moment we FEAR OR CURTAIL FREE SPEECH . . . IT’S ALL OVER & THEY’VE WON.

SO THE NEXT TIME . . . You’re Upset with something I or Someone Else has Written or Said, think First about the Accuracy before the Hyperbole, since all of our FREEDOMS are Balanced On Our RIGHT TO SPEAK & KNOW THE TRUTH.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. your comments are right on and I for one AMERICAN am ashamed for the so called potus we have here. He is and always will be a disgrace to the people in the world. He has no same for what he says and does. Mr Netanyahu is a patriot and a great leader of the Jewish people and we all should be taking a hard look at what he is saying and heed every word.From one proud AMERICAN who really does care about the world ….
    Sidney ohio

  2. Dead-on Howard. The Saudis and other assorted Sunni tyrannies now need friendly relations with America AND ISRAEL only in order that they be defended against Iran – ironically thanks the Hussein-Obama’s deal guaranteeing nukes to the Mullahs. Beyond that, the Sunnis are Muslim snakes, the Shia are Muslim snakes and together they make up the evil head of Medusa.

  3. As usual, Howard, your words ring with ABSOLUTE TRUTH & CLARITY. I personally do not understand how ANYONE with 1/2 a brain could construe your writings as ANYTHING BUT factual. That is who you are. Just keep up the great work. I feel people, for the most part, are FINALLY listening.

  4. If no one is above the law, why is crooked Hilary still on the street

  5. Truth, however ugly it might be at the time of statement, remains “truth.” Keep stating that truth. If people don’t want to hear it, well the old saying is that you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink. So too is it with those who when led to the water of “truth” often cannot drink because it does not fit what they want the “truth” to be – ain’t the way the game is played…

  6. You are absolutely correct to say that no one is above criticism. I,too,am waiting see the capital of Israel moved as promised over and over. Rattlesnakes in expensive robes are still rattlesnakes, never to be trusted. This is not hard to understand. Manchester will be repeated wherever Western officials are weak & accommodating to Muslims, & brother, that is everywhere.

  7. Howard, I may be naive, but having stood at and prayed at the Western Wall, it is a most private and contemplative few minutes. I am wondering if he simply didn’t want an innappropriate “photo op” which many journalists would have joyously ripped! Not having anyone with him at the wall was truly poignant to me. I hope to others as well.

  8. Carry on, Galgonov. I, for one, understand your logic & appreciate your BLOG. Thank you for being YOU.
    Mary Curren, Port Angeles, WA98363-8475

  9. Perhaps my skepticism comes in when I consider Trump acting underhanded with Israel makes him no different than any other leader. This does not mean not to call him out on it, we all should, you are right, but I am conditioned not expect anything more from him. He’s just another in a line of cowards and politicians. Stephen Harper was the only true world leader who meant and did what he said, and did not cower to possible consequences.

  10. I loved Harper as Prime Minister and Trump as President. Even though I might not agree with Everything they said/say or do, each was 1 Million Times better than the liberal gov’t they defeated. Politics is not perfect. We can’t expect them to be gods. But HONEST Criticism is the best way to help keep them on the best track for our society. That’s democracy and that’s the best we got going for us now on planet Earth. So Keep on Criticizing Howard. Good Sound Arguments are music to my ears.

  11. Much of the Arab world may see terrorism now as a threat to itself. I don’t trust them but that may be happening. They may well also fear Trump.

  12. Most of us expect nothing less than what you said today. I may differ with you on only a few things but I keep that to myself. So keep on keeping on!

  13. Oh they fear Trump all right….they are wondering how to deal with this guy, he is not the same as any other politician. Howard well written blog and I agree with you…Trump is not above criticizing and we must do that when necessary.

  14. I agree with most of what you say in todays blog. For 8 years I did not accept obama as my president due to his following of rev. wright. I had great faith in Trump but it looks like he has acted more like Trump the business man than what is expected as a president. I look forward to the special persecutor and the results of this and other charges against the Donald. I hope the that Trump remains and he has learned the hard way to stay above board to what he does and how he speaks BS

  15. Trump, warts and all, is infinitely preferable to any psychopathic DemonRat idiot. I would have voted for Goofy before Crooked Hillary. That being said, however, any self-respecting conservative owes it to himself to keep The Donald’s feet to the fire. We must never cede the moral high ground. Keep on keeping on, Howard. We love and respect you for your steadfastness and moral clarity.

  16. If that doesn’t clear things up for those critical ones nothing will. It’s amazing what readers can ASSUME from what is written. We looked very carefully at that assembly of “leaders” during Trump’s speech in Saudi Arabia. There was NOT ONE FACE that was engaged in his message except the king. One would have to be deaf, dumb and blind to miss who they really are, what they represent and how they see the Middle East and the world. They have declared war!

  17. Theoretically no one is above the law in America. However, hillary clinton and barack obama ARE above the law at this moment, James Comey told us ALL she was above the law July 5th 2016, I watched it live. The question now becomes NOT
    IF they are above the law, but WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO ABOUT THEM BEING ABOVE THE LAW? I voted for Trump & I believe he will NOT let them continue to be above the law. I believe he is going to make an example out of them. If he doesn’t then America is FINISHED.

  18. Someone wrote: “Beyond that, the Sunnis are Muslim snakes, the Shia are Muslim snakes and together they make up the evil head of Medusa.”

    That is half true since Sunnis consider Shiites as false muslims that are inferior to them and both are indeed deadly ennemies.

    If muslims can freely kill muslims for any given reason, for sure they cannot give a rat ass about any non-muslims.

  19. HG, your statements ARE very factual. No explanations are needed. Today’s society has absolutely NO PATIENCE. Everything has to be done ‘yesterday’! There IS a “learning process” in all NEW UNDERTAKINGS and some take longer than others, depending on the POSITION. Some of us are only saying to give Trump SOME TIME to ACCOMPLISH his GOALS. He’s only been President for 4 months! Like all of us, he’s NOT PERFECT, thus will make some mistakes. Sadly, the US is NOT beyond being attacked AGAIN! AMEN!

  20. I agree–Push it to the limit! We’ve all got a long way to go and no time to waste with RINO’s and obstructionist Dems!
    However, the sheer size of the monster government and it’s unwillingness to change it’s ways means what needs to be done will take time–unless the US has another Revolution–and frankly, I don’t see any George Washington’s stepping up to lead us in that direction—-YET!

  21. Liberals base everything they do today looking at the future goal and do anything they need to to get there. Us on the other side do not seem to have common goals. We are all playing our own game. I do not know why else we cannot agree on anything long enough to at least move the ball toward the goal. I think we need to take some lessons. Miracles are not going to happen over night but we do have to start walking together.

  22. I have just finished reading the book “BIG AGENDA” by David Horowitz, and highly recommend it to every conservative person who is concerned about the “progressive movement” in America. The biggest problem facing Pres. Trump today is the left-leaning, cowardly members in our own U.S. Congress who are afraid to say or do anything to thwart the Democrat’s
    “social Justice” program. Read the book and be aware and enraged!

  23. You made a comment that was not 100% true. You stated that Trump didn’t go to the wailing wall. This is not true.

  24. Keep on keeping on Howard! I don’t know who is worse the Muslims/Islam or those that are upholding Hillary. Well maybe just maybe, when it is to late, people will come to life when the Muslims have enough of the Islamic’s in our country to what they intend to do. Look out all you do gooders we are not that far from the real Truth!

  25. HG. YOU WRITE WHAT I BELIEVE. The thing that bothers me is the sale of Arms to any Muslims. All the Muslims want is the Christians, Jews.. Dead. SO, why are we helping them to do this after we save their country from Iran? All the rest is show and tell. It took years for the Islamist to infiltrate all the world to be ready to straight an to those that do not change to Islam will die.

  26. It is a pity that there are people who follow you, but also like to distance themselves from what you say and the truths. If people don’t listen to people like you Howard then there is no hope for them and it also leaves the rest of us in a pretty bad place too. A news report in Australia, the reported was paying ‘respect’ to the grubby piece of S*** Manchester bomber by referring to him as Mr.? People like that, the bomber should just be referred to as a piece of s*** that they are!

  27. All you say is true, but you miss he point. The Bush’s went it alone. USA charging ahead. Then Obama ;pulled the USA out and the situation collapsed. Trump stated in no uncertain terms that the USA would HELP but we were not going to it alone. We will not solve their problem. I would hope that in the private conversations Trump told that if they are not willing to take the offensive, that he USA would pull out all together and they could stand alone against Iran.

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