Preaching To Evil


BEFORE ANYTHING . . . I will Continue to Support President Trump, because President Trump is Thus Far the Only Game In Town – BUT THAT DOESN’T MEAN THAT I’M NOT REALLY DISAPPOINTED AND PISSED-OFF.


EVERY PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES . . . since the REBIRTH of Israel, has for Political Purposes in one way or another, Stated their UNCONDITIONAL SUPPORT FOR ISRAEL using statements such as . . . there will NEVER be any Daylight between the USA and Israel. And that Israel will NEVER have a Better Friend in the White House than . . . Fill In The Blank. And that America will ALWAYS have Israel’s Back.

AND EVERY PRESIDENT . . . has also in one-way or another alluded to the PROMISE to move the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. AND EVERY PRESIDENT ABRUPTLY LIED UPON BEING ELECTED.

It’s like LUCY . . . always promising CHARLIE BROWN that she will NOT pull the Football out from under him THIS TIME, but when Charlie Brown Runs to take a Kick at the Ball, as always, he once again Falls Flat of his Ass, as Lucy Pulls the Ball out from Under Him, while in the process of Charlie Brown Taking his Kick.


I remember not that long ago, as I was watching former British Prime Minister Tony Blair giving a speech about Israel, as he said . . . that “Israel has No Better Friend Than Great Britain”, which I found incredible, coming from a man who led a Country that is and has always been essentially Anti-Semitic, which did everything it could to keep Israel from being REBORN, even after the Holocaust, to the Point of RENEGING on the Balfour Declaration (1917) and then on the Peel Commission (1937) . . . to Arming the Arabs to the Teeth, while keeping Jewish Immigration from entering Israel, and RESTRICTING the Rights for Jews to Own Guns . . . Right Up To The War of Independence (1948).

Not To Forget To Mention . . . that Tony Blair’s Wife was (is) an ALL-IN Advocate for the Palestinian and Arab Cause AGAINST Israel.


In Literally EVERY PRE-ELECTION TRUMP SPEECH . . . Donald Trump “PROMISED” that once he became President of the United States of America, he would MOVE THE AMERICAN EMBASSY TO JERUSALEM . . . “PROMISED”!

Not Only Did Candidate Trump “PROMISE” . . . he also said that he is “A Man Of His Word”, and that he ALWAYS KEEPS HIS WORD . . . And then came the Mealy Mouthed Bull-Shit Excuses for NOT Moving the Embassy “Just Yet”, which to me is Angering, Disappointing, and Extremely Disheartening . . . and even to some degree surprising, since Trump’s PROMISE was a MAJOR part of virtually every Campaign Address he made while Running for the Presidency.


I wrote in the May 17, 2017 Editorial, that I’m Fed-Up With Being Treated Like A Pariah. And as a Jewish Person – I know EXACTLY how it Feels to have my Culture/Religion Treated as if it is a Pariah. And if it wasn’t so CRITICAL to America and the Rest of the World for Trump to do well in the USA . . . he could take his Broken Promise AND SHOVE IT!


Forget the Pomp & Circumstance . . . because what we see on Television and read in Print Media, are well Crafted Produced Images designed EXCLUSIVELY to Support what the Politicians want People to Believe, OPPOSED to what might really be TRUE.

IF YOU REALLY WANT TO KNOW WHAT ISRAELIS ARE THINKING . . . Read the Insider Israeli Papers to Learn that MANY on the Conservative Side of the Israeli Cabinet, are so PISSED-OFF at Trump, that they DIDN’T want to Meet Air Force One on his Arrival.

Many Israelis, especially in the World of Defense are FURIOUS that the Saudi Arabians and Gulf Arab States, will receive MORE than $100-Billion worth of High Tech Military Items, much of which I’m certain, were developed and designed in Israel for joint use with the Americans.


1 – First . . . the “Excuse” for NOT living up to Trump’s Promise to MOVE The Embassy, was that THE ISRAELIS didn’t want it to happen just now, because it could cause Security Problems for Israeli Jews.

But even the DUMBEST SCHMUCK could see how Stupid this excuse was, without even thinking it through.

2 – Moving the Embassy was “Complicated” and needed time to work out.

Well . . . that didn’t FLY EITHER, since nothing could possibly be easier than Moving a Sign from one Building to another, which simply states . . . US EMBASSY.


3 – Trump would NOT Visit the WAILING WALL (Western Wall) with Prime Minister Netanyahu, which would be akin to Trump REFUSING to visit somewhere in Saudi Arabia with the King of Saudi Arabia, because it might offend someone. How would that have played-out with the Arab Moslem World?

ALSO . . . There were several other Events which were PLANNED By Israel, which didn’t even include the President, which the American Trip Organizers Dismissed Outright, as if what the Israelis wanted to do was INCONSEQUENTIAL.

4 – Trump’s National Security Advisor McMaster WOULDN’T state that the Wailing Wall was part of Israel, which means that he doesn’t Believe Jerusalem is part of Israel Either, but instead, President Trump’s National Security Advisor says that it’s up for Discussion.

5 – When asked to explain this “Policy”, Trump’s Spokesperson Sean Spicer Hemmed, Hawed, and Further Added to the BS. Is Washington DC America’s Capital? Or should we consider it an Occupied Territory, since Native American Indians were there first?


I Watched The Trump Saudi Speech, which was to me . . . NOTHING SHORT of Speaking to Defilers of Humanity, with the President of the United States of America saying all the words one would say to a REAL Ally, opposed to a room filled with the MOST RACIST and MISOGYNIST Bastards on the Planet, which encompassed a room filled with Men who DEFILE Humanity as a Matter of Course, who Treat Women as Property, and SPREAD their Religious Sharia Cult of Hate Throughout the Planet.

And while I was watching these WRETCHED excuses for Humanity, who call themselves Kings and Princes, being spoken to by President Trump as if they were Human Beings of Character, Value and Conscience . . . all that was going through my mind was – WHAT DID TRUMP PROMISE THEM ABOUT ISRAEL TO GET THEIR ATTENTION?


Trump is Far from being Stupid. He’s Nowhere Close to being an Anti-Semite. And perhaps he’s even Further away from being as Naïve as the Mainstream Media wants everyone to Believe he is . . . so I’m REALLY Hoping that President Trump’s Plan is Machiavellian, to the Point where this Entire Trip Has Little to do with Strong-Arming Israel to take a Bad Deal with the Palestinian Arabs . . . and EVERYTHING to do with giving the Gulf Arabs a REASON to come to some form of CONCILIATION WITH ISRAEL.

AS I SEE IT . . . The Sunni Arab World has come to several Realizations . . . that it’s time for them accept Reality, and that it’s Time For Them to Fish or Cut Bait:


1 – Israel is in the Middle East to Stay. And Jerusalem is Israel’s ETERNAL CAPITAL!

2- Israel is Too Powerful and Advanced for the Arabs to Defeat in War.

3 – Israel has the Technologies in War & Peace, which are of Benefit to the Arabs.

4 – The Palestinian Arabs have lived beyond their point of Usefulness.

5 – The Sunni Arab World NEEDS Israel as an ALLY to Defeat Iran & the Shiites.

IN THIS MIDDLE EASTERN TRIP . . . President Trump has Garnered HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS, for the American Economy. He set the groundwork to create HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF JOBS in America. And he has sent an Unmistakable Message of Power to Russia and Russia’s Surrogates, and to all other American Antagonists.


I’m Hoping that President Trump will Make the Type of Offer to the Palestinian Arabs, which would give the Gulf Arabs ENOUGH Reason for them to open a Public Dialogue with Israel, without pushing Israel into a BAD DEAL.

But With President Donald Trump . . . who knows, which is much of the reason why and how he keeps the Opposition at Home and Abroad Off Balance.


Before we all get Happy to see how the Gulf Arabs, who have in the Space of a few Months, all of a sudden seem to have become like us . . . Remember – that World Moslem TERRORISM isn’t just the responsibility of Shiite Moslems, and that FIFTEEN of the NINETEEN 9/11 Hijackers which Took Down the Twin Towers, the Pentagon and Crashed in Shanksville PA were Saudi Arabians.

REMEMBER . . . That most of the World’s Madrassas (Islamic Schools), which Spread Sharia and Hate throughout the Planet are FUNDED BY SAUDI ARABIANS.

REMEMBER . . . That much of the TERROR that has been launched AGAINST Jews in Israel has been Financed by Saudi Money.

REMEMBER . . . Women in Saudi Arabia have ONLY the Rights Men Give them, and are Treated like CHATTEL to be used and abused by Men, even their Sons, Brothers and Male Relatives.

REMEMBER . . . Jews are PERSONA-NON-GRATA in the Land of “Islamic Peace & Welcomeness” unless you’re part of the Presidential Party. And Christians are Severely Punished for Publicly Practicing their Religion. And Murdered for Proselytizing.

REMEMBER . . . Gays and Lesbians are MURDERED for being Gays and Lesbians.

AND REMEMBER THIS . . . Wahhabism Is A Strict Form Of Islam, Which Drives Saudi Arabia, AND THAT IS NOT GOING TO CHANGE – NOR WILL THE KORAN.

SO BEFORE WE ALL GET ATWITTER . . . with the Wonderful Welcome Accorded to President Trump at the Hands of the Saudi Arabians, the Saudis are SELF-SERVING, UNCHANGING, UNTRUSTWORTHY & UNRELIABLE.

SO I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO THINK . . . But Like The Israeli Doubters and the Show Me State Missourians – I’ll Believe It’s All-Good When I See It Happen.

In The Meantime, Who The Hell Knows With Donald J Trump?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. J-street and the rest of the leftist elite jews are the capos of the 21st century. There is no shortage of this mentality amongst the jewish community. I witnessed jewish quislings standing arm in arm with Hamas supporters during demonstrations against Israel’s defensive war this past summer. Words can not describe my feeling towards these reprobates.

  2. Trump isnt a lot of things we would like but sure beats having Hillary as President.

  3. Enjoyed reading your rather passionate expression of opinions, backed by an excellent knowledge of history and, Islamic ideology. My own attempts to alert Canadian “kuffars” that they are the foul and evil enemies of Allah. All of our must be converted, or killed by Jihadists, before Sharia rules a peaceful world.

  4. When Trump said he would move the Embassy I was shocked. I thought it was an excellent idea but it would no doubt start a war. I hope he will stick by his word. His son in law has ties to George Soros. Maybe he is being influenced By Jared in the worst possible way.

  5. Like you, i’ll believe it when it happens. And yes, it beats Hillary as President.

  6. HOW MACHIAVELLIAN IS DONALD TRUMP is a GREAT question!The EXTENT will be determined in the NEAR future!It’s known that 15 of the 19 Hijackers who took Down the Twin Towers were Saudi Arabians–a very good reason to LACK TRUST in them.America will be giving MORE than $100-Billion worth of High Tech Military Items to the Saudis.Let’s hope that a PROPER DEAL was made by Trump!Jerusalem’s becoming Israel’s capital will NOT be an EAST TASK, but will be ACCOMPLISHED, as MONEY TALKS! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  7. I agree with you about the “leaders” Trump addressed in Saudi Arabia, but he clearly told them to clean up their act, and was unafraid to say ” Islamist terror”. Trump is hoping they will be pragmatic enough to realize that if they don’t reform, then the Frankenstein they’ve created will become their own death warrant. It seems to me that Bibi’s body language and facial expression indicates that there is more going on favorably for Israel then meets the eye. Iran is shitting bricks now.

  8. The American Indians had said that the white man speaks with fork (snake) tong .Now Trump is acting like a politician,
    so watch out he may have out played his hand. Trump was never a favorite of mine before he ran for president but
    I voted for him rather then liar Hillary. His biggest problem is a big mouth like most New Yorkers and saying stupid remarks.
    Who knows what will happen with the special consul investigation ? I think he is in deep dodo.

  9. What we are seeing is all window dressing. A lot of necessary political BS, BUT underneath it all is a triangular plan. The kicker will be when he has to deal with the Palestinians and indirectly, Hammas. What should be NON-negotiable is….move your American Embassy to wherever you want it!! Chimo

  10. Well said Howard, and much to contemplate for sure. The history of the region speaks volumes. FOX Business News did show Trump at the Wailing Wall this morning, so I don’t know what happened on that one. And I definitely don’t know what it takes for someone, especially the leader of the free world, to say what he means then KEEP HIS WORD. It just is not reasonable to ask ….What is wrong with us that we don’t understand what’s happening?

  11. Howard, I am concerned about your rather venomous attack against President Trump. Granted, he is not perfect, but as others have said, better than Hillary. There has been a lot of “problems” (to put it mildly) over the years, but there is always hope for the future. President Trump is that hope. There has been a positive change in the attitude of Americans in general. One indicator is the downward spiral of firearms and ammunition sales. Under Obama it was way up.

  12. Trump’s game (I hope!) is to see the Saudi cards before he plays his. If the Saudis accept Trump’s dangled carrot and come onside for peace and harmony with Israel in exchange for delaying the embassy move, then no doubt that Israel will take that trade-off. No doubt Netanyahu is fully briefed and knows the game here too. In this case its Trump thats holding the football for the Saudis to kick.But he won’t pull it away for no reason. The art of the deal!

  13. Refreshing to see the Classy Pres. & Wife representing us rather than the past couple. It is apparent our Allies agree. First flight Saudi to Israel, first visit to the “Wall” he sure is on a roll. It is easy to see how they viewed Oblama, a joke and looser. If all goes as it is, he will be a big winner. Hope he gives the Senate Dems an autographed video copy of his trip.

  14. Great article Mr. G. I will never understand why we even listen to those evil creeps in the middle east.

  15. I guess some of us weren’t sure that the “western wall” is the “wailing wall”. I had to confirm my thinking on he net. Great things are generally achieved in very small increments and in very logical order. This is the way Trump operates. WW2 was declared to be won after many smaller successes and set backs. There was the plan to win at all cost.

  16. Trump any day over Clinton. However this trip to the middle east and talking the peace he does could it possibly be the start to the vision John had in Rev. 11:2-5 and Daniel 12:1,7. He certainly could be the man used by God for this in the way he is perceived and communicating on this his 1st presidential trip. The other odd thing when researching for Trump being a mason prior election could find nothing, now the internet is crawling with info he most likely is, just look at his hand signals.

  17. Trump is a statesman after all. You can’t go to someone’s house asking for favors and insult them. In this case he wants Sunni help to fight Iran. He couldn’t call them misogynists, homophobes and other things and expect to get their help. One thing at a time. Next trip or phone call will be about the Arabs being more conciliatory toward Israel. He left no doubt that the Madrasas sponsored by Saudi Arabia and others are part of the problem. I got his message, hope others did, too.

  18. Howard. Back off a little. To make peace, each side has to give up something. Trump’s son-in-law, Jerrod, being a practicing Jew, knows about all the things you mentioned and he is advising POTUS. Trump does not want to anger either side so he walks the middle road for now. His No.1 priority NOW is to kill ISIS and stop IRAN’s nukes, not the things you mentioned. Aren’t these more important than where the capitol IS.? He will have 7 1/2 years to get to the finish line. Give him time.

  19. We don’t want to the refugees coming here and The Gulf Arabs have the resources, cash and the means to take them so that’s what Trump wants out of this. Selling arms to and getting work contracts will benefit the American people. Israel has 300 nuclear warheads and can develope many more and the can launch them from anywhere with their Dolphin submarines. Israel can destroy every country in the Middle East and the Arabs really can’t do a damn thing about it.

  20. Howard, I wish I had more space to answer you. As for me, that I was born and raised in Baghdad, until my escape from there in 1949. You started with the history of Britain and how they screwed us since 1918, I have no hope whatsoever that there will be peace between Israel and the so called Palestinians, because they said NO to 7 times when were asked to share the small territory for Jews. Now, suddenly they will accept Israel? Not on your life. Steve Acre, Canada

  21. HG, you were REALLY HARD ON PRES. TRUMP….I’m really disappointed in you! But you said what you needed to say, I GUESS! He sure as heck BEATS HILLARY, & the Clintons being back in the WH!!!!!!!!!! I have a GREAT DEAL OF FAITH, TRUST, & HOPE in OUR President Trump. I KNOW he will do the right thing for the AMERICAN PEOPLE, who elected him! He is a TRUE PATRIOT, so PLEASE DON’T SELL HIM SHORT, Howard. I love the “posts”, shared by your other readers, today.

  22. With our military and financial might, Muslim nations should have bowed to the West but instead we adopted their opposition to Israel and their submission to Islam. Some of the reasons in the past were the need for Arab oil and plain old anti-Semitism. But today it is more than that. The West has been beaten. They fear the tens of thousands of Manchurian candidates already here, waiting for the signal to kill. Trump now understands this so do not expect much from him. We have lost.

  23. “…Saudi Arabians and Gulf Arab States, will receive MORE than $100-Billion worth of High Tech Military Items…” THIS speaks volumes, and sounds more like the previous administration. Howard, what is this strategy?

  24. I don’t know about Trump. But I do know he’s better than any democrat/liberal leader that would freeze with inability, and then make excuses and justifications for a terrorist culture that sees fit to kill young teens on a night out.

  25. Where is our trust and faith? The Bible says, “Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God — Romans 1:1.” Also: “God is (a) Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth — John 4:24. Now the question comes in who am I to question God He knows what He is doing! Enjoy the ride!

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