I’m Really Tired Of Being Treated Like A Pariah



TRUMP IS FAR FROM PERFECT . . . He is a Blusterer, an Egotist, and a Chatterbox . . . BUT NO ONE IN THE OVAL OFFICE, in recent Modern History, has ever been MORE SYMPATICO with the REGULAR WORKING People of the United States of America than Donald J Trump.

AND I BELIEVE . . . After cutting through all the Media and LEFTIST BSEVEN & ESPECIALLY FROM THE RINOS – President Trump and the People who SUPPORT him will Prevail, and Show the Swamp Vermin for Who and What they Really Are.

BECAUSE IN THIS REALITY . . . the LEFT didn’t just Declare War on the President of the United States, but Rather, they DECLARED WAR on the American People . . . and are TOO STUPID & OR ARROGANT TO UNDERSTAND THE CONSEQUENCES.


I’ve been Sick As A Dog over the Past Few Days, actually, I couldn’t imagine my Beautiful Dog being this Sick, since it would destroy me. So, if this and yesterday’s Editorial are somewhat “Not What You’re Used To From Me”, that’s my excuse . . . and I’m sticking to it.


As a Matter of Fact, Anne and I were Invited as Personal Guests to Attend Canada’s National Prayer Supper in Ottawa this Wednesday (May 17, 2017), which we couldn’t go to . . . because of the way I Feel, I’d make the Canadian Capital Sicker and Less Productive than it Normally is, which would in itself be an Accomplishment and a Half.

Also – We were invited to enjoy a wonderful BBQ with Great Friends this Saturday in Montreal, which we also begged-out of, because I’m NOT certain if I’ll feel better by Saturday. And even if I do, I really don’t want to take the chance of making our Friends Sick.


Because of the Additional Costs this Past Month, with which we had to Sustain Galganov.com due to Internet Blacklisting Challenges, your Support has come at an Extremely Propitious Time.


SO . . . IN A SURLY MOOD, I’m writing about President Trump’s Pending Trip to Israel, and how SENIOR Trump Advisors are Playing Fast and Loose with Israel, as if Israel is a PARIAH STATE, much like OLIVER was Portrayed in Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist, as OLIVER Stood before the Entire Population in the Workers’ Hall, with his Empty Bowl . . . Asking In These Two Famous And Iconic Words . . . “MORE SIR”.

WELL – ISRAEL IS NOT A PARIAH STATE . . . And needs not stand in Front of the Entire World with an Empty Bowl in Hand, saying “PLEASE, SIR, I WANT SOME MORE”.

ISRAEL IS A SOCIO/POLITICAL MIRACLE OF THE 20TH CENTURY . . . An Infinitesimally Tiny Country, that after an Exile of some 2000-Years, RETURNED to its PROMISED LAND, to take its Rock, Dust, Weeds, Swamp, and Desert to Create nothing short of a Modern Garden of Eden.

Israel . . . with a Jewish Population (slightly less than 6.5-Million), almost the same Number as the Jewish Population was, whom the Nazis Massacred in the Holocaust, which is also a Smaller Population of People, than what is in most of the World’s Major Cities, has bequeathed Upon Humanity, REGARDLESS of Religion, Culture, Gender, Language and Race – Unfathomable GIFTS of Science, Technology, Agriculture, Health and Humanities . . . FAR GREATER THAN VIRTUALLY ANY AND ALL OTHER COUNTRIES ON THE PLANET.

And when taking into the Mix, the Juxtaposition between Israel, and the ENTIRE WORLD OF ISLAM . . . Islam’s Contributions outside of War, Hate, Destruction and TERROR, is like a Pimple of the ASS of an Elephant, while Israel is like the Elephant upon which the Islamist Mosquito Bites.

YET . . . Here is TINY Israel, Amidst an Army of BILLIONS of Jews-Haters, Standing with an Empty Cup In-Hand, asking America, who is supposedly Israel’s BEST FRIEND in the World . . . for “MORE PLEASE”.


Israel wants to have Jerusalem, which for Thousands Of Years . . . as Archeological History, the Torah, the Bible, and STANDING MONUMENTS have proven beyond any shadow of a doubt, was and is the Political and Spiritual Capital of the Jewish People, Recognized as Israel’s TRUE CAPITAL, and Capital of the Jewish People for more than 3000-Years, dating back to King David.

ISRAEL WANTS TO LIVE IN PEACE . . . And not under the constant threat and Incitement of an Anti-Semitic World, with more than 1.5-BILLION Moslems, who in one way or another want Israel DESTROYED.


FIRST LET ME TELL YOU WHAT ISRAEL IS NOT ASKING FOR . . . Israel does NOT want American Troops Defending the Jewish State, as America Currently Defends much of Europe and Asia . . . including Japan and South Korea.

Israel is NOT asking America to sign a Mutual Military Defense Pact, which would State that an Attack on Israel, would be no different than an Attack AGAINST the USA, as America has signed with NATO.

TO THE VERY BEST OF MY KNOWLEDGE . . . All that Israel is asking of the United States of America . . . is RECOGNITION that Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel, and that the Americans Demonstrate this TRUTH, simply by Showing Respect to Israel and the Jewish People, by moving America’s Embassy to Jerusalem.

I AM A LOYAL CANADIAN – WHO IS JEWISH . . . I believe COMPLETELY in the US Constitution, and I believe in Israel’s RIGHT TO EXIST AS A JEWISH NATION.

I KNOW THE WORLD IS A CESSPOOL OF ANTI-SEMITISM, and I also know, that to much of the Rest of the World . . . NEVER AGAIN means “Don’t Fail Again In The Absolute Destruction Of The Jewish People”.

AND I KNOW THAT WHEN PUSH COMES TO SHOVE . . . In the Words of “Rabbi” Hillel of Jerusalem, ISRAEL’S CAPITAL at the time of King Herod, a Generation or so before The Second Temple was destroyed in 70-AD by the Romans, some 2,000 Years Ago – Hillel Said . . .

“If I am not for myself who is for me? And being for my own self, what am I? And if not now, when?”

. . . CRIES OUT TO ME . . . That the Passive History, Deceit within our Own, and Weaknesses of the Jewish People, who Have for several MILLENNIA, Suffered at the Appeasement of Elitists, which caused Pain, Suffering, and Loss on the Altar of Conciliation, instead of VICTORY upon the Battlefields of Righteousness.


Israel was NOT Reborn after a 2000-Year-Exile, from the Ashes of the Holocaust, as many Israel-Haters State, but Rather, Israel was REBORN from a 2000-Year-Old Pledge . . . delivered at the Conclusion of Every Passover Seder, and after All Major Events and Holidays for MORE than 2000-Years, with these Simple FOUR Words . . . NEXT YEAR IN JERUSALEM.

I am very disappointed that President Trump has NOT YET FOLLOWED THROUGH on his Campaign PLEDGE to Move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, which I regrettably believe will NOT happen, NOT Because President Trump does NOT want it to happen, but rather, because like everything else in Washington, the SWAMP IS EVERYWHERE.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Bravo Howard, you hit the nail right on the head. I recall even in Baghdad where I come from, how we used to be told to keep our heads down and not rock the boat. But after what happened to us in Europe and at the hands of the Muslim Arabs, we will not be silenced again. Our motto is ( Never Again )
    Steve Acre

  2. Awwww! You have my sincere sympathy, Howard. I hope you are better soon. Great blog (as usual) and I am anticipating your next one when you tell us why the left is getting their comeuppance!!!

  3. So the bug got all the way to Canada. Sorry to hear it caught you, as it did me. I am getting better and hope the next time you write you will be feeling better also. What a mess we are in now here. Hope the special council will uncover the truth wherever it may go to. We are all for Trump!
    I will try to send you a little help soon when I have some to spare.
    Get well soon. We look forward to your writing every day.

  4. Well done, Howard. Awaiting your next editorial about the Left. They deserve the worst of everything that life has to offer. And don’t forget the RINOS; they are just as bad! What they are doing to Trump and all of his supporters is evil.
    Be well!

  5. Can you explain to me why so many Jewish people still vote and support the Liberal Democrat Party?

  6. ‘The Crud’ bad spring colds, whatever is called where you live – it’s here where we live too. and sorry for all now having it!
    As for your ‘other’ subject matter ‘in the last two days’ especially and in our cases here U.S.- we in the usually (I’ll just wait and see) – the laid back, timid & usually mum segment – WE HEAR YOU Howard, on all points! WHY, in the ranks of some ‘Conservative’ this timid & reserved thing exists & is so opposite the fervently vocal left – is a big damn mystery. Go fig

  7. Trump is in deep dodo and I am surprised that you, Howard , did not write about a special prosecutor to investigate
    Trump and russia,and tomy ,and lynch. No mater what the investigation brings forth this will damage the Donald and might bring about impeachment.

  8. Feel better, Howard! I happen to DISAGREE with the “Floridian” who just shared. I believe that President Trump will come out smelling like a ROSE! This is just part of the “swamp-draining” process. I like to focus on the positive & believe in his cabinet, etc. The RINOS & LIBS will get their due in God’s time, NOT man’s time. FOCUS on the POSITIVE, & PRAY, PRAY, PRAY! Prayer does work, my fellow Americans.

  9. Howard, refuah shlemah umehira – a full and speedy recovery for you – from Jerusalem, the eternal and undivided capital of Israel! May the G-d of Israel heal you from all illness and give you the strength to carry on with your work, which is more valuable and precious than you’ll ever know! Re being a pariah: As a very famous Rabbi once said: It is infinitely better to have an Israel that’s hated by the whole world – than an Auschwitz that’s loved by it!

  10. Get well soon, sir. I had the bug and it’s one of those lingering ones this year. Do you ever wonder WHY there is no legislation reaching Pres. Trump’s desk to sign? It’s because there isn’t any!! Google a blog called “The Last Refuge” by a person named “Sundance”. It explains how and WHY legislation begins. It made me sick to realize how WE THE PEOPLE have been played for fools. I may be able to Fwd it to you as I got it via email mail.

  11. As always, and excellent blog! And even tho’ you are Jewish, as am I, thank you for your strong support for Israel and for Yerushalyim being her capital. It’s disturbingly unbelievable how many Jews don’t care. Blessings to you for quick recovery from ‘the bug’! And also, thank you to Dina Moskowitz for her comments, particularly her last quote from thet famous Rabbi. I never heard it before, but I’ll never forget it. Keep up the fight, Howard!!!

  12. Howard, it comes down to what you believe. I believe our Nation was founded on Biblical principles. The ten Northern Tribes of Israel which were taken captive did migrate over the “Caucasus Mt’ns” into the European countries then to this United States and Canada. Our “Moral Standards” came along with them but we are forsaking the Eternal One now we face the consequences. Short story on His Story!

  13. HG, get better soon!Please don’t give up on Trump’s moving the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.His upcoming foreign trip will, no doubt, bring MANY SURPRISES!Again, he’s only been in office for 4 mos.We must not only view the NEGATIVES, but look at how Trump has given the people HOPE & a RETURN to PRIDE in America.His REFERENCE to GOD is also quite enouraging in that CHRISTIANITY is being CONSISTENTLY attacked.It appears that the word, CONSCIENCE, is NOT a POLITICALLY CORRECT word! AMEN!

  14. If US Embassy isn’t moved to Jerusalem during Trump’s administration, it never will be! Many of us are getting “emotional” over all the “political” things going on, so this effects our health! “Millions” in this world today are taught to lie, cheat, steal, (kill too)- that’s all they know! Those of us with a “conscience” left are wondering why all this is happening? I’ll tell you why- too many have turned away from God! We must turn back to find our “moral compass” to know “good” from “evil”!

  15. My heart goes out to little Israel which is surrounded by Piranhas. That damn swamp needs to be drained of all those who use us and abuse us; same here in Canada with a P.M.

  16. Good and true blog!!! Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel & has been since Israel became a nation on May 14, 1948! The Knesset buildings are in Jerusalem as well as other government buildings. Jerusalem should never be divided, either! I pray that this trip Trump is taking, will awaken in him – Exactly what NEEDS to be done for Israel & the USA. I would love to see the USA take the lead on moving our Embassy to Jerusalem & maybe motivate other countries to do the same!

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