Comey, Comey, Comey – BS, BS, BS


HERE IS THE LEAST IMPORTANT NEWS OF THE WEEK . . . Comey got Fired, BIG DEAL, People get Fired Everyday . . . so what? The Real News is how the Media INCLUDING FOX News just Won’t Let It Go.

It doesn’t matter which Television Network you Tune To, or which show on FOX News . . . IT’S ALWAYS ABOUT COMEY.

BUT WAIT . . . Now It’s About Trump Selling-Out Spy-Stuff To The Russians.


THINK ABOUT THIS FOR A NANO-SECOND . . . All we’re hearing on Network News, on the Cable News Shows, the Weekend News Shows, the Morning Shows on all the Networks, is the Firing of James Comey – so, with this unfathomable DELUGE of “News” about the Firing of James Comey, what has anyone of us learned about James Comey, or the Firing of James Comey . . . that we didn’t know BEFORE Comey was Fired?


As I’ve written repeatedly . . . I am 100% onboard with President Trump Draining the Swamp as best he can, which under these HORRIFIC Circumstances, since the Swamp is so Deep, Wide, and Protected, it isn’t going to be nearly as efficient an enterprise as all of us Conservatives have hoped.

AND FOR THE SWAMP TO REALLY GET DRAINED . . . I believe, as I’ve also written in the past, that it will Take ARTICLE V To Call A CONVENTION OF STATES, to fully Utilize the RIGHTS of the 10TH AMENDMENT, where the US Constitution can be Amended to Reflect the WILL OF THE PEOPLE, which under these current Circumstances could very well be on the Horizon.

WHEN I READ, HEAR, AND WATCH . . . Real News about the EXCESS of Government throughout our Societies, which INVADES & ABUSES our Privacy, this is where I see REAL NEWS, and REAL Reason for REAL Concern.

WHEN I BEAR WITNESS . . . To Governments DECIDING what I and others like me CAN Write, and what I and others like me CANNOT Write, I see REAL REASON for Concern.

WHEN WE ALL BORE WITNESS . . . To how the IRS, under Barack Hussein Obama, Literally Attacked the FREEDOM of Conservative Activist Groups with TOTAL Impunity, we have REAL Reason For Concern.

When Journalists like James Rosen of FOX News were Spied-Upon by the POWERS of the Federal Government, THAT WAS REAL NEWS. But Swept Under the Carpet as no Big Deal.

And What About The NSA Spying On All American Citizens?


I DON’T Know what President Trump Had For Breakfast This Morning – So Let’s Call For A Special Prosecutor To Find Out.

Hillary, Bill & Chelsea Clinton, STOLE what could be BILLIONS of Dollars under the Purview of Crooked Hillary Being the Secretary of State . . . So how do the Media and LEFT Deal with this . . . Move Along. There’s Nothing Here To See.

Crooked Hillary LIED to Congress, LIED to the FBI, LIED to the Families of the Murdered Benghazi Heroes, and LIED to the American People.

Crooked Hillary “Sold” literally 20% of America’s Uranium Reserves to the Russians. Bill Clinton STOLE what could be a BILLION Dollars from the Haiti Relief Effort.

And because Bill Clinton’s Wife was the Secretary of State, Bill Clinton was paid MANY HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS per Speech that DIDN’T last more than an Hour each . . . to Big-Time Wall Street and Banking Firms, which Crooked Hillary Publicly RAILS AGAINST when she’s Speaking Down to the Little Stupid People who Support Her.


THE TRUTH IS . . . The Swamp is so Wide, Deep, Filthy and Protected – that they’re all CULPABLE in their Accumulated Guilt, from the Insiders on BOTH Sides of the Political Divide, the Bureaucrats, the Politicians, Academia, Entertainment and the Media . . . that NOTHING short of a REAL REVOLUTION, Peaceful, Akin to the Invocation of ARTICLE V, to Justice on the Streets can make a Difference.

As I see it . . . The decision – in which the way the Looming Revolution will Head, will be decided by the LEFT, and NOT by the RIGHT. And thus far . . . It’s Not Looking Good For The LEFT.

THE GOOD NEWS FOR CONSERVATIVES . . . With Every Passing Day, the LEFT are Revealing themselves to be the CORRUPT, Incompetent, and Anti-Democratic Antagonists to FREEDOM . . . who they REALLY ARE, which is starting to leave a great many people, who were otherwise Believers of their LEFTIST BS, who are now Questioning Generations of their PHONY LEFTIST ORTHODOXY.

Most of America DOESN’T Like President Trump . . . But MORE People really DISLIKE the way Things have been, are, and can no longer continue to be, MORE than they dislike Trump.


Here’s The Short Answer . . . NO!

Civilization has been Battling Good Versus Evil, and Truth Versus Lies, for as long as we have been Recording History. Just read the Torah and the Bible. And to Wonder now, if it will End within our Lifetime, is Akin to wondering if the Sun will all of a Sudden Rise in the West and Set in the East.


In the past few Weeks, has been BLACKLISTED by ATT. So, everyone who “WAS” in the Directory with an ATT Email Address, including ATT Affiliates, which included,, and several others, WERE BLOCKED FROM RECEIVING GALGANOV.COM EDITORIAL EMAIL ALERTS.

These things happen from time to time, and are ALWAYS Easy for our IT Manager to resolve. BUT NOT THIS TIME. As it tuned out, ATT sent us a Wonderful Letter EXTOLLING the Virtues of FREE SPEECH, and that they would NEVER do anything to keep People from Sending Information, NOR from Receiving Information, for which they apologized.

BUT IN TRUTH . . . They Are LIARS, who have made correcting this CENSORSHIP mess of their own making an extremely EXPENSIVE and Complicated Endeavor, for which MOST BLOGS, which includes are ILL EQUIPPED to deal with, Financially and Technically.

I KNOW THIS IS THE TRUTH . . . Because After SPENDING well more than $1000 to try to Fix this Insult to Free Speech, so that EVERYONE who wishes to receive Editorials at their own FREE WILL, will be able to do so, after MORE Money Spent and Research, we soon discovered that was NOT the ONLY such VICTIM of ATT and their Affiliates.

WE TRIED EVERYTHING . . . from Professional Communications with ATT, to actually BUYING space on a Separate Server to avoid the ATT Blacklist, to purchasing a New IP Address for the same purpose. ALL TO NO AVAIL.


THERE WAS NO WAY, that I was going to allow ATT to Deprive Me or the People who want to Read what I Write, their RIGHT to Read it . . . and my RIGHT to Disseminate it. So, we gathered all the names, which out of thousands of Subscribers to, the names amounted to just 291, which we Compiled into a Separate Email Program, from where we sent each person THREE INDEPENDENT NOTICES (one per successive day), telling them why they No Longer Receive New Editorial Email Alerts.


Everyone can have a FREE Gmail and/or a FREE Hotmail Account, which does NOT interfere with their Regular Email. So, all the people who WERE PART OF THE ATT PROBLEM, who wanted to continue to Receive Regular New Editorial Alerts had to do, was to RE-REGISTER on the Directory using their Gmail or Hotmail Account, which are NEVER BLOCKED, and which I’m very pleased to say, many have already re-registered.


I think we can all agree that the Mainstream Media, including many on FOX News are not our Friends. And we know that Hollywood and the Entertainment Industry are really OUT TO GET US (Even Paranoids have Enemies).

We also know that the World of Academia, the Bureaucrats, the Politicians, the Something-For-Nothing Bunch, and Public Sector Workers are also very much the ENEMY FROM WITHIN.


I HAVE PLEDGED TO ALL OF YOU . . . that I will WRITE, SPEAK and remain being a Conservative ACTIVIST for as long as I have my Mental and Physical Health, which is a PLEDGE I did not take Lightly.

I am ALWAYS GRATEFUL to the number of People who Help Support this BLOG Financially, BECAUSE WITHOUT YOUR HELP, and with ISSUES such as this Episode with ATT, it would be very Difficult For Me to Do What I Do Best.


But because of your Financial Support . . . I can INVEST my Time and Effort doing what I do BEST, which is to Research and Write the TRUTH . . . NOT only as I see it, BUT AS IT REALLY IS.

SO . . . AS I ASK ONCE A MONTH – Near the Middle of Every Month, if you can Help Support this BLOG, because you see it as VALUE & WORTHWHILE, PLEASE CLICK HERE TO SEE HOW.

As Always . . . Thank All Of You In Advance.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. DC scum want business as usual. The fat and happy alligators do not want the applecart upset and Trump is doing that with NO support whatsoever–no wonder he hired his kids–he has to have SOMEONE to trust!

  2. Thank you, Howard! As usual, right on! Your advice to independent email is also sound. Tying you email to your home internet provider is ill-advised as you may someday move or switch providers. It is much better to have an independent FREE email provider, such as gmail, hotmail, yahoo, etc. I use my email associated with my internet provider (cox) as a junk mail address; when you have to provide an address but aren’t really interested in what they offer.

  3. You go Howard!!!

    Thank you for battling for all of us who value freedom.
    Your insight into current events worldwide are much appreciated. I am eternally grateful to men and women like you who bravely stand for truth.

    Thank you so very much.

    Laurie Rigg

  4. The shock waves continue to ripple throughout the Jarrett directed Administration. They must really feel the heat from the leaders headed by Soros, they spent B$$ to get Hillary over the finish line so they continue to Bankrupt this Country and line their pockets. NEVER did they have any idea that they would lose and lose so big. It will be a long time before they come to grips with it. The name of the game is Lie, and more Lies.

  5. Wash. DC is it’s own government. All congress have advisors/consultants making hundreds of thousands a year doing NOTHING. They are relatives, friends, donors. The Muslim Brotherhood has deeply infiltrated our government – Obama and his Muslim Brotherhod and bowing to the King of Saudi Arabia, and all his help to the Arabs, not allies and Israel. With all their billions of oil money, George Soros’s billions, billions from Rockefellows and Rothchilds, we are in DEEP TROUBLE.

  6. We are tired and bored hearing about it too…We are thinking he deserved it and should have sooner than later!

    Back in the cool and greener NE compared to central FL.

    Janet Clement, North Chelmsford,MA

  7. THANK YOU HOWARD for saying what most of us can’t. You are much appreciated. The swamp is indeed deep and wide and Trump is doing what he can but has little backing behind him. So disgusted with the RNC and now FOX NEWS also. Sick of hearing all of the (experts) with their opinions. Keep telling it like it really is. Again THANKS!!

  8. I do not believe the Trump administration is as dumb as many believe. He has more smarts than the whole Congress together. My view, the Comey firing was right after the Asst. AG was confirmed with a near unanimous vote. He was Comey’s boss. Now a new FBI director will be able to start a new/or open the investigation into Hillary’s e mail scandal. Then it could initiate an investigation into the Clinton Foundation. We will see.

  9. When the News Media become the News because of their political bias …. Journalism in the West is done!!!

  10. And some people think there is no war going on…..and now that Trump is in office things are just fine…..and that a Convention of States is the same as a Constitutional Convention. You have said it before…..”YOU CAN’T FIX STUPID.” I don’t know how you maintain your sanity. Just writing your editorials is more than enough. Thanks, Howard!!!

  11. Evil (dark) does not like LIGHT (truth). When untruths, lies, enuendos, etc, etc are exposed and the truth be known the exposed somehow slink back into their lair too dream up some more crap……………

  12. Who was the first to report that Trump gave the Russian ambassador info regarding secrets ? Find out who was this person and where did they get this info since only 4 people were in the room at the white house,lets have a federal investigation
    and put this person in prison.

  13. SPOT ON!!! We the People are a lot smarter than our governments think we are! I don’t get it why AT&T is doing all of this B/S??? Makes absolutely NO sense to me. We are NOT the enemy, unless AT&T has become the “watchdogs” for anything that is NOT Liberal!!! Anyway, I am so glad Gmail & Hotmail can be used. I have found a newer news network called One American News Network. It is not a religious news network either. It can be watched on You Tube as well as some Cable Channels. I like it!

  14. If Trump doesn’t go after the swamp via article V and justice in the streets then the “Swamp” will go after the American people….and the bullies in the swamp are getting scared.
    When the media absolutely will not report on the President having a special tribute night to America’s police officers – the war is on, trenches are dug and Americans need to totally boycott the MSM. The shooting is going to start during the long hot summer.

  15. Like lots of folks, I spend some time each and every day looking at Facebook. But with every passing day, it becomes more and more evident that FB is gradually increasing their censorship of various posts. And, it is no surprise at all that the censored items more often than not are those of a conservative slant.
    Zuckerberg has a bonanza so what is the point of the defacto censorship? Sooner or later it will blow up in he smug face.

  16. The one thing the left does is focus on their goal and unite behind it. The Right; we cannot unite on anything. We are a half dozen divided teams fighting each other rather than are real enemy. That is a sure game plan to failure. Unless we unite around our team leader, we will continue letting the left roll us. If we have the wrong leader we can change that in 1.5 and 3.5 years.

  17. Howard, you are now a member of the club of blocked news sites, et cetera. Lots of conservative sites have been blocked, and Youtube, Google, and other sites have de-monetarised sites that exist due to click sponsorship. Now, who says that there isn’t a leftist plot to shut down free or contrary speech? You can say kill Jews and Christians and the site remains up, but say boo about Muslims and you are gone. Praise Trump and it is hate speech. Nice world we live in…

  18. Modern day communication via the internet etc. is what is causing the problems. Instantly anything that happens good or bad is passed on and most of the time with a twist so that truth is never exposed. Your blog is probably the closest that the ordinary person gets to the truth. The main stream medeia blocks the truth and twists the truth so that bad that you have to really search to see what is true and what is false. Keep on stiring the pot because the cream will come to the top Howard.

  19. We are, in fact, now engaged in Civil War II. It has not yet turned into a shooting war, and hopefully it will not. However, President Trump is finding that the “swamp” he wants to drain should more accurately be described as a cesspool. It well may be that our only real hope is an Article V convention. Not a really nice way to go, but nothing else is working and we cannot go on like this.

  20. Howard I haven’t commented in a while. Seems I have been waiting for you to hit this target for me. The liberals pretty much Own the media. President Trump is much more than aware of this. Mr. Trump I will refer to him as his life long personage has been Business. That is what he is about. But President Trump Knows he has to keep these Liberal Dem-0-RATS, in their Trash can busy digging their trash. While he is taking care of Business. Don’t worry about President Donald J.Trump. He “OWNS” them..

  21. “Take ARTICLE V To Call A CONVENTION OF STATES, to fully Utilize the RIGHTS of the 10TH AMENDMENT, where the US Constitution can be Amended to Reflect the WILL OF THE PEOPLE, which under these current Circumstances could very well be on the Horizon.”

    I used to think so but there’s so muck corruption and so many people have been filled with the propaganda of the liberal media that I would be afraid that staging a convention would be exactly what the left wants… So they can rewrite the Consti

  22. KUDOS to you, Howard!We knew that the LEFT FEARED a TRUMP PRESIDENCY, but we didn’t realize JUST HOW MUCH!It was because THEY knew HE would be DRAINING THE SWAMP!The LEFT’S SECRETS are being REVEALED slow but sure!I agree with Mr. Mendrala [above] that ‘Trump’s administration isn’t as dumb as many believe’.We only have to look back and realize his PAST SUCCESSES since he first became the WINNER of 17 PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES!He INHERITED a BIG MESS from HUSSEIN OBAMA!Let’s give him time! AMEN!

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