Smarter Than A Fifth Grader . . . Smarter Than The Press Corp


Do You Remember The Hit TV Show . . . Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?

Anne and I used to watch it from time to time, and Test ourselves against the Contestants and the Fifth Graders. It was kind of a dumb show, but entertaining nonetheless . . .


But why stop there, and why not throw in all the Press, including the Regular Media, who are so DUMB, that they focus on INCONSEQUENTIAL INNUENDOS, while President Trump is doing most of what he wants to be doing in Plain Sight, with Little Media Opposition or Oversight?

While the Media is so Focused on the WAY & TIMING of how President Trump Fired Former FBI Director James Comey, and who said this amongst his White House Staff, and who said that . . . and how the Democrats are running around Chattering like a Tribe of Rhesus Monkeys demanding Independent Enquiries to be Conducted by an Independent Council . . . President Donald Trump is already onto a Dozen new things which the Media barely Notice.

AND WHEN THE MEDIA GET A BIT TOO CLOSE . . . to something President Trump would prefer they should not pay too much attention to, all the President has to do, say, or hint at, is something Outlandish, and the Media Bites Like a School of Hungry Sucker-Fish.


How Comey got FIRED is MEANINGLESS. Who said what in Trump’s Press Team about why Comey got FIRED is MEANINGLESS, because, for every person like Comey, there’s an ARMY of other People like Comey to Replace him.


After about a YEAR of this Ridiculously UNPROVEN and Probably UNPROVABLE Distraction . . . The Media, the LEFT, and the Democrats prefer to Waste all their time and energy chasing Contrived Innuendos without Basis or Substance.

SO, WHILE THE LEFT IS POURING ITS GUTS INTO NONSENSE . . . President Trump is RELENTLESS in Pursuit of his Agenda.


The Media should know better than anyone . . . BUT THEY DON’T, that the Higher-Up you are on the Ladder, the Shakier the Ladder Becomes, and the Harder is the Fall for Whomever Hits the Ground.

AND WHY DOESN’T THE MEDIA SEEM TO KNOW THIS? . . . The media seems NOT to know this, because in their Cock ’N Bull World, no one in Positions of Public Authority ever really gets FIRED, they only move from one INCOMPETENCY TO ANOTHER.


IN THE REAL BUSINESS WORLD OF DONALD TRUMP . . . A World Which I Understand. When you’re FIRED, that’s it Amigo . . . YOU’RE GONE! Which is a concept that has LONG been Lost on our Entitled Twenty First Century Culture, where in the Public Sector, there’s ONLY Winners & Winners, which explains why our Societies are in such a mess.

In the Private Sector . . . If you don’t Produce and don’t do your Job – of what reason is there for you to get paid or even have a job? Of what reason is there for you to take the place of someone who can, and who will do your job better than you?

EXCEPT FROM THE TIME DURING MY MUCH YOUNGER DAYS . . . I have been an Employer; not just the Manager of Someone else’s Company, but rather, the Manager of my own Company, where I couldn’t get FIRED, but WORSE . . . if I Screwed-Up (which I did), the Consequences were SWIFT, BRUTAL & FATAL, which made me far more Cautious in how I did things, how Hard I Worked, and in whom I hired and placed my Trust . . . More Than Just Somewhat.


OVER MANY YEARS . . . Anne and I Employed HUNDREDS of People. And it was NEVER Lost on Either of us, that the People who worked for us DEPENDED Almost Entirely on the Success and Profitability of our Company for which they worked for their own Success. And if we Allowed Bad Actors to Manage our Companies, it would be just a matter of time until they would cause the LOSS of Employment and Revenue for Anne and Myself, and for all of our Employees.

And Not Only Would That Have Been Unfair . . . IT WOULD’VE BEEN UNCONSCIONABLE.


This Might Seem Picayune To Many People, But To Me . . . It’s Really Troubling.

I’M NOT AN AMERICAN . . . BUT – Three Years Ago, at the Hacienda RV Resort where Anne, Stryker, April The Cat and I spend our winters in Austin Texas, I was in their Pavilion, which is a relatively large room, where People at the RV Resort Gather for all manner of Social Events.

I was there that day, to watch a Championship NFL Playoff Game on their Giant Screen TV. And I was the ONLY Person in the room. So, at the very beginning of the Game, as the Players took to the Field, and the American National Anthem Began . . . even though I was the ONLY Person in the room, and that I am NOT an American, I still stood out of Respect.

And as I was standing, another person looked into the Pavilion to see what was happening, and as he heard the Anthem, he came in, respectfully uncovered his head, and like me, he also Stood in Respect.


To me . . . Pat Buchanan, and his sister Babe, are NOT great examples of what makes America Great. And they are not the kind of Poster People I want Promoting Conservatism.

MORE TO THE POINT . . . at every opportunity Buchannan gets to DENIGRATE & SLAP AROUND ISRAEL . . . HE TAKES, to which I have to assume, that Buchannan is an Anti-Semite To Boot.

Buchanan was the Guest of FOX News Host David Asman, who was on-air during the Warm-Up to the President’s Commencement Speech. And during the Warm-Up to the Trump Speech, Prayers were delivered, where Everyone Was In Respectful Silence . . .


. . . WHICH WAS FOLLOWED BY THE SINGING OF THE NATIONAL ANTHEM, which Buchannan and Asman SPOKE-OVER, as if the Anthem was NOTHING MORE than a Mere Interlude of Musical Entertainment, and a DISTRACTION & ANNOYANCE to their Conversation.

AFTER COMING BACK FROM A SUBSEQUENT COMMERCIAL BREAK . . . Asman Made a Point of Saying; Liberty University has a Fabulous Choir, and if they Break into Song at any Time, he will Interrupt his Conversation, so we could all Listen-In . . . WHICH TO ME SAID . . . Someone with a Brain in his or her Head, and a Modicum of CLASS and PATRIOTISM at the Studio, told this JERK TO SHOW SOME RESPECT & SHUT HIS FRIGGING MOUTH WHEN THE ANTHEM IS BEING PLAYED.

You Can’t Fix Stupid.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I couldn’t have said it better myself. I am a gentile who learnt about the holocaust by reading many books on the subject. Maybe many non Jews should do some reading on the matter. They might learn something. Ray Moscato

  2. Any time the Buchanan’s are on TV I turn them off,they are A holes. Any time worked for some one or company I did my job as if I i owned the company. The problem is that most want a pay check and they come first not the company.

  3. It reminds me of going to cinema in England. At the end of the film everyone rushed it. Then when the Queen was played I was usually alone, standing respectfully

  4. I am not sure it is fair to compare a normal 5th grader to an idiot adult working in the media, but your point is well taken of course. That said, I have to wonder if the inexplicable number of left wing miscreants in this country is a result of mass hysteria due to manipulation or the natural deterioration of the average IQ due to government subsidy. Quite possible a combination of the two. Keep up the good work Howard!

  5. Howard they are not quite as smart as shower curtain mildew either.

  6. Your attitude towards employees resonates with me. Like you, Howard, I have been self employed most of my life and during that time have hired and mentored hundreds of people. I almost never employed anyone based on their skills but rather on their attitude and enthusiasm. The mantra was that they were joining my team for life. We never, in 40 years had higher than a 2% turnover of staff!

  7. Mainstream Media is as radical a misnomer as calling the imbecils in the Marxist Media, & leftists like “Hillary” ELITISTS. Certainly ABSOLUTELY No One believes the lying “Marxist Media” even though they laughingly call them the Mainstream Media.

  8. My group of small companies, employing over 250 employees, is called The P Sub H Group, the “P Sub H” standing for the probability of happiness. Our aim is that we all live happily for as long as possible.

  9. Yep, distract the fishes – Then you can get lots of things done. Comey has even said that he serves at the President’s pleasure. These stupid media personnel simply don’t get it & never will. I found a conservative news network – One American News Network – & they are good. It’s like watching the news of yesteryear. I have been enjoying simple straight forward news. This is not a religious based news channel either. You can get them on cable/sat channels or – Check them out.

  10. I was always a union man during my working life as a lithographer. Once when a new contract was being negotiated my boss asked me in a very rude vicious voice WHAT we were going to demand this time in raises and holidays. And WHAT I personally wanted. I told him that I was quite happy with what I already had in salary, holidays and benefits and would be quite happy with just a “Thank You” now and then. He didn’t believe me and went storming off! But it was the honest to God truth.

  11. On the media- In one way I’m actually grateful the liberal MSM is not even trying to hold back their 3-4 Decades of bias anymore.
    That will mean one thing …. more and more American’s/Canadians are going to get sick of the MSM.
    And rightfully trust them less and less. Guess what happens to ratings then???
    We’re seeing it start to happen now. Loving it! Go Trump!! Keep Challenging the bias in the Media.
    Whether they like Trump or not, soon enough they’ll have to admit to this obvious bias!

  12. Do we now have a nation of “mostly 5th grade” mentalities (voting, plus reproducing ASAP)? BTW, thanks for letting us know where stay in Texas! Sadly, there are those who no longer respect the “National Anthem and want to tear down the Statue of Liberty! What’s going on is an effort to decrease both “nationalism” and “patriotism”! Thanks for supporting this nation, Howard! One of my relatives received her Master’s Degree from Liberty University today (she learned yesterday Trump would speak).

  13. You’re right, Howard, you can’t fix stupid. And that is exactly what worries me, because all we have to do is look back and see what has been done to this once great country. Let’s pray for Trump….less the Kushner’s input. Send them home!

  14. I’m glad you noticed that, Howard. It really infuriated me. I remember watching the Olympics last year when one of the gold medal winners, not an American, was talking to a reporter. In the background you could hear the start of our United States National anthem. The young man being interviewed shushed the reporter, and said, “Shh, it’s the National Anthem,” It was not HIS National Anthem, but A National Anthem nevertheless. He wanted to show respect. Beautiful!…..then there’s Pat Buchanon

  15. Unless they change, the media is a Black-hole, with no-way-out. And it proved it on the Colbert Show, when Comey got fired. And don’t forget, the lefts in government places and ?services? are in the same state. And now Comey, you are out! And with the corruptness of the Clinton Disfunction, you had better whatch who and where you go go with.

  16. Begin the Press Briefing with a salute to the Flag and that would get rid of 1/2 the liberals. I vote for the twice each month in a bigger room and the President does the Briefing. No standing and one question only. What we have presently has got out of hand. No hands, let the Speaker choose from a seating chart. Would be much more civil rather than a Town Meeting that we have now.

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